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Active Lifestyle in NC awaits in Wake County’s youngest town, Knightdale

Active Lifestyle in NC

Boasting the youngest median age in Wake County, with an average resident age of 30.7 years old, the consistent growth in Knightdale is in large part due to the town’s many outdoor living options. The beautiful walking trails right on site at the Knightdale Station new home community as well as the near by Mingo Creek Trail, which links to the more extensive Neuse River Trail, provide its youthful residents a link to the Active Lifestyle in NC they so desire.

The scenic on site trails for biking, running, or walking at the Knightdale Station new home community give residents of all ages a chance to “stay on the move” and discover an Active Lifestyle in NC with the convenience of being right in their own neighborhood. The YMCA at Knightdale Station is another way to achieve an Active Lifestyle in NC, with all of the amenities that are synonymous with the “Y” name to help keep you and your children both active and fit, including a spectacular new swimming pool that opened in early July. Speaking to the excitement of the arrival of the YMCA at Knightdale Station to the town’s youthful residents, Mayor Russell Killen noted, “The Y is an extremely good match for us.  Just like the Knightdale Station Park that has been full since we opened it in 2013, the YMCA is exactly what the community was looking for.” He added, “We have a young community with an average age of 30.7 years old. That means young, growing families. These are the people who need the Y.”

In addition to these ways to achieve an Active Lifestyle in NC at Knightdale Station with in the new home community, there also are many near by options including the Mingo Creek Trail, which opened to the public in the spring of 2014 and connects Knightdale to Raleigh’s more extensive Neuse River Trail. Walking distance from Knightdale Station, the Mingo Creek Trail, is a 2.5-mile greenway that was patterned after the Neuse River Trail, made partially of asphalt and partially boardwalk for local runners, cyclists, and walkers. It also connects Knightdale directly to the Neuse River Trail, allowing them to actually travel the trails as far North as the Falls Lake in North Raleigh and to the south as far as Clayton. The 10-foot wide trail has plenty of space for anyone whether a cyclist or a parent pushing a stroller.

Hitting the trails…at the Station!

Hitting the trails…at the Station!

With the continued growth in the “youngest town in Wake County,” Knightdale has made a concerted attempt to assist in providing the Active Lifestyle in NC desired by its residents, as explained by the town’s Park and Recreation Director, Tina Cheek, who said, “Knightdale has grown very quickly in recent years, and it looks like that will continue for a while. With lots of new families, we’re seeing a renewed appreciation for outdoor amenities.” She concluded that the trails and a focus on these type amenities are “…part of a comprehensive plan to provide an atmosphere that encourages physical activity.”

(Photo credits to Megan Thornton and the Town of Knightdale)