Fresh Paint by Garman HomesWith the hot summer months now upon us, the only thing hotter than the sun as we head toward August and the months beyond is the newest builder team as we announce with great excitement that Fresh Paint by Garman Homes will be bringing their #RageAgainstBuilderBeige campaign and two collections of single family floor plans for availability to Knightdale Station.

With homes described on their own website as “full of flair, detail, and color, designed by people who are tired of builder beige and excited about giving you a refreshing homebuilding experience,” the team at Fresh Paint by Garman Homes brings some of the most unique floor plans, color schemes, and overall design to Knightdale’s largest master planned community beginning this August as part of their “rage against builder beige” campaign

With an emphasis on delivering the dream home of each customer, Fresh Paint by Garman Homes asks, “Why settle for a home you don’t love or lacks the edge and color you crave?” One look through their homes, which range in price starting from the low $190’s, in either their Roshambo Collection or the Happy Go Lucky Collection  and the difference between Fresh Paint by Garman Homes and all other builders is clear.

If what you desire in a new home is personality and individuality like no other, the “curators” at Fresh Paint by Garman Homes and the hottest neighborhood in Knightdale, Knightdale Station, is the only choice for you. To check out all that the team at Fresh Paint has to offer and find out how to contact a member of their team about the plans to be offered at Knightdale Station to find a “cure for the bland house,” visit their website at …after all as they like to remind you, “You never forget your first time…”