New Trends for Summer Home Décor

Bright and breezy are the new spring and summer themes of home décor. Colors and furnishings have an airy quality, encouraging an ambiance of life and oxygen. If you’re about to decorate your home, think pure ozone, greenery, and freshness, and you can’t go wrong. Not your style? Don’t fret, there’s also a vintage theme, incorporating the idea of making use of furniture handed down through the family.

Picture your home filled with reflective, sky-like surfaces, along with muted gray and azure blue. Imagine inhaling clarity, and you’ll know your mind is on track to one of the latest décor trends. Shiny, mirrored surfaces, and low-key cloud colored furnishings imbue the atmosphere with freshness.

Greenery is another hot trend for the coming seasons. Colors are inspired by nature and evoke vitality. Moss and olive green are popular paint color choices. You don’t have to revamp your entire home to be on trend, though, as you could simply add luscious green splashback tiles in your kitchen, and lime green cushions and throws in living rooms.

If you prefer a touch of spring and summer warmth, mustard yellow is considered stylish when teamed with subdued brown leather or wooden surfaces. Also, you can happily get any recycled ornamentation and furniture back out of the loft and put it on display. Making use of what you have is hip now. Prefer a dash more heat as a color scheme? Flame orange is emerging as a must-have color for those who feel daring.

Whether you want to breathe in the brilliance of a clear day or lounge among the vivacity of nature, there are plenty of new ideas to incorporate into your home. Likewise, you can decorate with grannies old furniture and warm tones to be on trend.

Just Married? How to Buy a House as a Recently Wed Couple

One of the main goals of many newly married couples is to find a new home to share and start a family. However, because buying a house together is going to be one of the biggest purchases they ever make, it’s important they don’t rush into the homebuying process too quickly. If you and your new spouse are looking to buy a home, then be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Determine what you can afford

    One of the biggest mistakes newly married couples make is to overestimate what they can afford. Don’t assume you can simply add what you and your spouse make together, and use that figure to determine your budget. You need to sit down with your spouse in order to identify not only what you make, but also what debts each of you has. You may even not be aware of your spouse’s debt, and vice versa. Go over each other’s credit card debt, student loan debt and other financial obligations to get a better idea of where you stand financially as a couple.It’s also important that you take into account all of the costs associated with owning a home, besides just the monthly mortgage rates. This includes utility costs, property tax, HOA fees, homeowner’s insurance, maintenance fees and possible repair work. First-time homebuyers often neglect to consider these costs, which can lead to serious financial trouble down the road.

  1. Go over both credit reports

    In addition to going over one another’s debts and income, you should also obtain a credit report for both you and your spouse. If one of you has an excellent credit score but the other has a poor credit score, that poor credit score could hinder your ability to qualify for a mortgage. Even if you do, you may not qualify for the best terms. Before you even meet with a lender, you should begin working on improving both credit scores. You can do this by checking for errors in the credit reports, paying off debts and paying down credit cards.

    Improving your credit scores may require some patience for newly married couples who want to start their lives off in a brand-new home; however, it’s worth waiting until your credit scores are in good shape so that you can qualify for lower interest rates and better terms. You don’t want to be paying thousands of dollars more in interest over the course of 30 years just because you couldn’t wait a little longer to buy a house.

  1. Save money

    Even if your credit scores are good, you may want to hold off on buying a house until you’ve saved some money. If possible, you should save enough to put a 20 percent down payment on a new home. If you can’t put down 20 percent or more, then you’ll end up having to pay mortgage insurance every month, which is an additional financial burden you won’t want. Additionally, you’ll want to have some money left in savings to pay for financial emergencies that might come up. Moving into a new home without a cent to your name is never a good idea.

  1. Obtain a mortgage pre-approval

    If you and your spouse have money in savings, and your credit scores are in good shape, then you’ll want to go get pre-approved for a mortgage before you begin your search for a new home. Not only does a mortgage pre-approval ensure that you will be able to qualify (thereby avoiding wasting your time looking at houses if you don’t), but it will give you a good idea of how much you’ll qualify for, which gives you a budget to work with. Keep in mind that even if you qualify for a large amount, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy a house that costs that much. Your budget can be less than the amount you’ve qualified for.

  1. Put together a wants and needs list

    After you’ve obtained a mortgage pre-approval, sit down with your spouse and go over what you want from your new house. Many couples assume that they are on the same page, which leads to a lot of arguments over the course of the house hunt. There’s no point in wasting your time looking at houses if it doesn’t meet all of your needs, after all. Sit down and prioritize your wants and your needs so that you’ll be on the same page when looking at houses and so that it will be easier to make compromises if it comes to that.

  1. Speak with a real estate agent

    A real estate agent will find listings based on your wants and needs while keeping your budget in mind. In addition to identifying houses that are for sale in the area you are looking, they can tell you if your list of wants and needs is realistic for the budget you have, help you identify good deals and bad deals, help schedule showings and help with the negotiations. Not only can a real estate agent help you find a home, they can help you save time and money.

  1. Compare lenders

    Just because you got a mortgage pre-approval from one lender doesn’t mean you have to use them for your actual mortgage. Go to several different lenders once you’ve found a home that you’re interested in and compare the terms that they offer. You can always fall back on the original lender who pre-approved your mortgage, but you may find someone that offers better terms, which could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.Couples who are recently wed are often excited to get on with their new life together. However, when it comes to buying a house, it’s important to take a step back instead of rushing headlong into a home purchase. Take your time and follow these steps to ensure that you end up in a house that meets both your needs at a cost that you can actually afford.


Why New Construction Might Be the Right Choice for You

You have worked hard, sacrificed, saved your money and now you are ready to buy a home. There are so many factors to consider and tough decisions to make. The whole idea of buying a home is exhilarating and sometimes daunting at the same time. One of the critical decisions you will have to make is whether to buy an older home in an established community or new construction in an up and coming area. There are pros and cons to each, of course. In the end, your decision may come down to personal taste. While you are thinking it over, consider a few of these undeniable advantages inherent in a newly-constructed home..


Contemporary Floor Plans

Today’s buyers are almost unanimous in their desire to live in homes with “open concept” floor plans and they are more than willing to grab a sledgehammer and knock down walls to achieve the open look and feel. Assuming they are not load-bearing, knocking down walls is fairly cheap and a great way to let off a little steam.The expenses start rising quickly, however, when you go to refinish the space and pull it all together visually with matching materials.With new construction, this will not be a problem.Almost all builders today are constructing new homes in line with modern sensibilities and preferences.That equates to open spaces with tons of natural light and combined great rooms/kitchens that allow for comfortable entertaining and the ability to keep a watchful eye on children while preparing meals.

A Blank Slate for Your Vision

A newly-built home allows you to summon your inner decorator and go to work in decorating the home of your dreams. With new construction, there is no need to spend endless hours tearing off old wallpaper, ripping up wall-to-wall carpeting and wondering when you will ever get enough money together for updated kitchens and bathrooms. What the average price of a simple kitchen remodel in North Carolina is over $20,000, and bathrooms run at least $10,000.It takes most homeowners years to put together this much extra money.Why not start your life as an owner with brand new kitchens and bathrooms that will look good for decades?Save your money for the finishing touches that will help make your house a home.


Cost-Saving Energy Efficiency

There is simply no comparing the built-in energy efficiency in new homes vs. older homes. Even a house built in the 1990s or early 2000s cannot stand up to the energy-efficient features in today’s new construction.Much older homes often cost a small fortune to heat and cool.In new construction, everything from appliances to windows, insulation, roofs, HVAC systems, and lighting take advantage of the latest technologies to create energy-efficient homes with reduced utility expenses.

Low Maintenance

New construction shines, glistens and gleams and comes packaged in a pretty new bow. Older homes come with an extensive list of deferred maintenance items in need of attention.Seemingly minor repair and maintenance tasks often unearth hidden problems inherent in an aging structure and, before you know it, your dream home has morphed into a big money pit.If you prefer to hold onto your money and spend your free time with family and friends pursuing other activities and interests, then new construction might be your best bet.


Home Owner Warranty Programs

What is a homeowner to do if that beautiful home you bought is springing leaks every time it rains? If you purchased an older home, you probably took title to the property “as is” which means you have no recourse and better figure out a way to pay for a new roof – and soon. Owners of new construction have protection against defects in workmanship and materials through Home Owner Warranty Programs paid for by the builder. They also have the peace of mind that comes in having that protection.

Older homes can be charming and a welcome challenge for a buyer who can handle the added expense and responsibility of owning an older home. If you are not that person or lack the cash reserves, resources, talent, and motivation to become that person, consider the advantages of buying new construction and take the first steps toward a stress-free, low-maintenance lifestyle that will leave you with the extra time and money to pursue all your dreams.

A Brief Look at Securing a Mortgage

Whether you are buying your first home or a vacation house, you must have cash on hand to make the purchase or finance the deal through a home loan. Most home buyers obtain a first or second mortgage to cover this type of expense. You might wonder how you to qualify for such a large loan, especially if you don’t have the financial means to make the purchase in the first place. Here’s a look at the key factors you need to know about securing a mortgage for your home purchase.

Putting up Collateral

Borrowers must provide collateral in order to obtain a mortgage. It provides security for the lenders offering to loan money through a loan. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can seize the collateral to recoup his financial loss.

What Can You Use as Collateral?

Lenders accept several items as collateral against a home loan, including:

  • Value of the land, home, and accompanying outbuildings, such as pool cabanas, sheds, and in-law suites
  • Home equity created by your down payment
  • Personal savings in the form of bonds, stocks, and retirement accounts
  • Expensive possessions such as antiques and jewelry

Additional Factors Affecting Your Ability to Get a Loan

In addition to putting up collateral, borrowers must be able to show a steady source of income, such as employment, validating their ability to pay back the debt. They should also have a good-to-excellent credit score.

Acquiring a home is an exciting yet stressful process from beginning to end. From running around to look at dozens of homes to the need to find the money to purchase it with, home buyers are faced with a wide variety of necessary tasks. Fortunately, securing the loan is one of the simpler tasks, particularly if you have good credit, a job, and personal savings.

Spring is in the Air and Knightdale Food Truck Thursdays are Back…at the Station

Knightdale Food Truck Thursdays

With the overwhelming popularity of the same eventslast Fall, when they expanded to serving both dinner and lunch, Knightdale Food Truck Thursdays return to Knightdale Station Park starting on Thursday, April 6, with a variety of tastes available each week .

Building on the initial success of the once weekly events held at Knightdale Station in its first go around, in the Spring 0f 2016, the Knightdale Food Truck Thursdays expanded to have trucks both during lunch hours and a completely different truck on site for dinner hours. With the great response from members of the community in both the Spring and Fall 2016 seasons, Knightdale Food Truck Thursdays, will keep this same schedule for 2017,with the lunch hours each week being from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and the dinner hours will be from 5:00-8:00 p.m.

The schedule for the Knightdale Fall Food Truck Thursdays will feature:

April 6

  • Lunch- Gonza Tacos
  • Dinner- Cousins Maine Lobster, Cock a Doodle Moo, Jay’s Italian Ice, Redd Waggin Pet Treat Truck


April 13

  • Lunch- MoonRunners
  • Dinner- Havana Dave’s Cuban Sandwiches and more


April 20

  • Lunch- Baguettaboutit
  • Dinner- Chirba Chirba, Will and Pops, Jam Soft Serve Ice Cream


April 27

  • Lunch- Virgil’s Jamaica
  • Dinner- The Wandering Moose and Captain Cookie

May 4

  • Lunch- Zeke’s Meats
  • Dinner- Morfa Empanadas and Captain Cookie


May 11

  • Lunch- Bam Pow Chow
  • Dinner- Qspresso and Captain Cookie


May 18

  • Lunch- Oak City Fish and Chips
  • Dinner- Thai Box Zing , Gonza Tacos, and Not Just Icing


May 25

  • Lunch- Bulkogi
  • Dinner- Mama Voula’s and Jam Soft Serve Ice Cream


June 1

  • Lunch- Charlie’s Kabob Grill on Wheels
  • Dinner- Baozi and Captain Cookie



June 8

  • Lunch- The Wandering Moose
  • Dinner- Soom Soom Pita Pockets and Chez Moi Bakery


June 15

  • Lunch- Cock a Doodle Moo
  • Dinner-King’s Authentic Philly Cheesesteak and Frostbites

Hot “Dog”: Upcoming Knightdale Holiday Events Include a Day of Easter Fun

Knightdale Holiday Events

On Saturday, April 8…at the Station, the always fun, traditional Knightdale Holiday Events calendar moves into the Spring, bringing family members young and old, as well as the pets of the community together for a great time for all ages, this when Knightdale Station Park will play host to Paws in the Park and Easter Eggstraordinaire.

Hosted by the Knightdale Parks and Recreation Department, the Easter Eggstraordinaire has become an annual tradition among Knightdale Holiday events, that takes place on the Saturday prior to Good Friday each year. This fun filled day of Easter-themed activities for the kids will offer up egg hunts for three different groups, with the age ranges being from 0-3 years, 4-5 year olds, and also 6-8 year olds.

The egg hunts as part of the Knightdale NC Events this Saturday will take place in the beautiful grassy area near Knightdale Station Park Amphitheatre and signs will be up to help direct each age group to their respective areas. In addition to the egg hunt, there will also be an appearance by the Easter Bunny for photo ops as well as many other activities and music for the entire family to enjoy throughout the festivities. The Easter Eggstraordinaire will begin at 10:00 a.m., with the egg hunts starting at 11:00.

New to this years’ Easter-themed Knightdale Holiday Events will be an area that East Wake Community Church is hosting specifically for special needs children to enjoy the day, and serving up an entirely different type of “dog” than the ‘Paws in the Park’ event, Radiant Church will be on hand serving up 1,500 free hot dogs.

The children will not be the only members of the family enjoying the Knightdale Holiday Events this Saturday, as “Paws in the Park” will also be taking place, giving your pets a “day for the dogs.” “Paws in the Park” will kick off at 9:30 a.m. at the Ashley Wilder Dog Park at Knightdale Station Park and the first 120 dogs registered will receive both a Frisbee and a goody bag filled with treats. All dogs must be kept on a leash, non-aggressive, and have up to date rabies tags or a certificate to register for the “Paws in the Park” activities.

For more information on these and other great upcoming Knightdale NC Events, visit the town’s website at To get more information on all the great things going on at Knightdale Station, including new homes and lot pricing, visit

Town Council Announces Plans For Knightdale Station Park Stage And Veterans Memorial

KNIGHTDALE, NC – The Knightdale Town Council and Staff announced the design of a new permanent stage for Knightdale Station Park Amphitheater on Saturday February 18th at the council’s annual Winter Retreat.  The announcement included a presentation of renderings of the stage created by architect Tony Johnson, who is a native of the Knightdale area.

The renderings show the main stage facing the amphitheater field, as well as a smaller stage facing Whistle Post Way.  The smaller stage will also include a memorial plaza featuring a star inlayed with brick pavers.  Flags representing the five branches of the military will be displayed at each of the five points of the star.

“We want to include a space at Knightdale Station Park that reflects our support of the military.  The memorial offers our residents a place to gather and reminds us of the sacrifice of our soldiers.  Soldiers provide us with the freedoms we enjoy in Knightdale and the rest of the country.  It is important we recognize and reflect that in the heart of Knightdale.”

Pete MangumTown Councilor Town of Knightdale

With the addition of the new stage will come opportunities for larger performances and many activities the town currently does not offer.  Parks, Recreation and Cultural Programs Director, Robbie Worrell is energized about these opportunities. He said “The Knightdale Parks, Recreation and Cultural Programs team is excited to be a part of the new stage and plaza project coming to our town. We are diligently working to “Start Something for everyone” by creating programming for all ages and cultures in this beautiful focal point of our park. We are also looking forward to partnerships with cultural partners such as the Raleigh Little Theatre and the Cultural Resources team from Holly Springs. Our plan is to bring great musical entertainment, comedy programs, health and wellness, youth programming as well as a program to honor our local veterans. Partnering with our local Two Green Thumbs Garden club is also very high on our list. The Knightdale Parks Recreation and Cultural Programs Team is eager to bring all of this to Knightdale residents and visitors!”

Plans currently call for construction to begin just after the 2017 4th of July celebrations. More information on the stage and memorial will be available as timelines are solidified.  Keep an eye out on the Knightdale website as well as the Knightdale NC Facebook page and follow @KdaleNC on Twitter for updates on the progress of this project.

Knightdale is one of the fastest growing towns in North Carolina.  Set 10 miles east of Raleigh, Knightdale has a population of 15,000, and with a median age of 34, Knightdale is a young, vibrant town.  It is truly a great place to “start something.”

Jonas Silver, Town of Knightdale PIO

New Knightdale Commercial Development Emphasizing Village Feel at Knightdale Station Park

KNIGHTDALE, NC – On Saturday, February 18th, in addition to announcing the design of a new stage and veterans memorial in Knightdale Station Park at their Winter Retreat, the Knightdale Town Council announced plans for the development of a piece of property in Knightdale Station Park which will become a village style commercial development.

Plans presented by CLH Design, pa, a landscape architecture and civil engineering firm specializing in sustainable site design and natural learning environments showed that Knightdale Station Park is planned to have 7 new parcels between, and around a 20 ft. promenade and First Avenue. This is to make room for restaurants, local stores, and other shops that will make Knightdale Station a destination point for local residents and visitors alike.  Knightdale wants residents and visitors to be able to park in one of the 160+ additional parking spaces being added and be able to make a whole day of the visit, shopping, eating, playing and enjoying top tier entertainment in Knightdale Station Park. Construction should begin for these projects in the summer of 2017, with completion date to be determined.

With over 800 homes being built currently in and around Knightdale Station, Knightdale is a great place to “start something”.  Knightdale is one of the fastest growing towns in North Carolina.  Set 10 miles east of Raleigh, Knightdale has a population of 15,000, and with a median age of 34, Knightdale is a young, vibrant  and family oriented town.

Jonas Silver, Town of Knightdale PIO


2017 Knightdale Holiday Events Schedule Kicks off with Cupid Run…at the Station

Knightdale Holiday Events

In the same vein as the numerous Knightdale Holiday Events held at Knightdale Station that have become tradition, the town’s parks and recreation department will be hosting their second annual Valentine’s Day themed, five kilometer “Cupid Run,” this upcoming Saturday, February 11.

Based upon the fantastic response and turnout from the community at the inaugural Cupid Run event in 2016, it was some what of a no-brainer for it to be included amongst the calendar of Knightdale Holiday Events for a second straight year. Joining another of the successful Knightdale Holiday Events that has now become an annual tradition in the community, the Turkey Leg 5K, which takes place around Thanksgiving, these “fun runs” not only to give the community another way enjoy a great day of family fun, but they also promote a healthy lifestyle and outdoor living in the local community.

The Cupid Run will kick off at 9:30 a.m. and start in Knightdale Station Park. Registration for the event is on going right now and in addition to taking part in the newest tradition among the Knightdale Holiday Events, by signing up, you will also get a winter hat, a medal for finishing the 5K and a timing bib. In addition to the finisher medals there will also be medals given out to the first, second, and third place male and female finishers. Keeping in the festive and fun feel of all Knightdale Holiday Events, there will also be medals awarded for the “Best Dressed” in accordance with the Valentine’s Day theme, much as they do in November’s “Turkey Leg” event.

There will be refreshments on hand as well at the Cupid Run, as Brown Bag Bagels will be serving up some delicious options out of their food truck, and to keep all plenty hydrated, there will be a “Water Table” sponsored by Zaxby’s of Knightdale and Triangle Dental Assisting.

If you have signed up for the 2017 Cupid Run, you can pick up your information packet on the event either at registration on race day at Knightdale Station Park, or at Town Hall, 950 Steeple Square Court in Knightdale on the first floor on Friday, February 10 between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.

For registration information on the 2017 Cupid Run, other upcoming Knightdale Holiday Events, or any of the fun and exciting programs being offered through the Town of Knightdale, contact Megan Thornton.

Photo Credit: Town of Knightdale

Pillar Awards: Duo’s drive reflects Triangle’s relentless growth

Tim Smith, half of the duo that has built Cary-based Preston Development Co. into one of the most influential real estate development companies in the Triangle and eastern North Carolina, likes to joke that he has been “married” to his business partner, Julian “Bubba” Rawl, for about as long as Rawl has been married to his wife, Barbara.

The newly wed Rawls were on their honeymoon in Europe when Smith tracked the couple down – in pre-cell phone-era 1983 – to ask about a piece of land he wanted to buy from Rawl for a new auto dealership coming to Cary.


Tim Smith, left, and Julian “Bubba” Rawl, right, of Preston Development Co. PHOTO BY CHARIS

Smith and Rawl never ended up building that dealership, but the pair have since collaborated on so many real estate deals, business ventures and misadventures that they can just about finish each other’s sentences.

“I guess we’ve spent about half our entire life together now,” Rawl laughs.

Ticking through a list of early commercial and residential development projects they can remember, there’s the MacGregor West neighborhood and nearby Cary Auto Mall, Preston and nearly all of its neighborhoods, office and retail centers in Cary, Magnolia Woods, Wakefield, Wessex and Weston Estates. There’s also Landfall, The Arboretum, Camden Forest, Shiloh Crossing, Wade, Southlakes and Knightdale Station. To date, Preston Development’s staff of about 10 people is managing properties and investments entwined in 21 limited liability corporations.

“I can’t remember them all,” Smith says. “You’ll have to get Vanessa to help you put together that list,” referring to their longtime assistant and now executive vice president of the company, Vanessa Jenkins, who’s been by their side pretty much since starting the company in 1991.

And, of course, there’s Chatham Park, the nearly 8,000-acre assemblage of land near Pittsboro in Chatham County that Smith and Rawl have been acquiring in pieces since 2006. An approved development plan for Chatham Park includes land for 22,000 new housing units, or enough room for about 60,000 new residents, as well as nearly 2,000 acres of parks and open spaces and 22 million square feet of commercial buildings. Pittsboro has a current population of about 3,800 people.

Construction of Chatham Park’s first buildings, a medical office building and a hospice house managed by UNC Health Care, broke ground in 2015, and additional plans are underway for several small office buildings, a retail center, hotel, apartment building and a Thales Academy. Rawl says construction of the first housing development will begin in late summer 2017.

“We want to change the landscape in Chatham County and do the live-work-play model, which isn’t really implemented anywhere in this region,” Rawl says. He says the rivers, lake and natural setting provide “a unique situation that nobody else has got. … We really like being part of Pittsboro and the village-y feel there for what we feel is the right combination.”

“There’s a lot of pent-up demand in Pittsboro that a lot of people didn’t realize,” Smith adds. “We’re seeking to create a sense of place – something that’s never been done before.”

Smith, 67, grew up in Salisbury and moved to Raleigh to study civil engineering at N.C. State University before starting his own engineering firm in Cary. His father was Wilson Smith, a founder of the Food Town grocery store chain that would later become Food Lion.

Rawl, 64, studied business at East Carolina University, following his father Ed Rawl’s footsteps, a prominent Greenville businessman who was also the first president of the Pirate Club. Bubba Rawl owned a sportswear business that he sold to Nike in 1981 before starting to make investments in real estate and opening the Jellybeans roller skating rinks in Cary and Raleigh.

The duo are also ownership partners with Rick Hendrick in the Toyota of Wilmington and Jeff Gordon Chevrolet auto dealerships in Wilmington, as well as the Southport Marina in Southport and numerous other businesses and investments between the Triangle and the North Carolina coast.

Much of it, though, likely wouldn’t have happened without a fortuitous encounter in 1979. Another N.C. State alum, SAS co-founder Jim Goodnight, had approached Smith about buying a two-acre office lot next to Smith’s engineering firm at the intersection of I-40 and Harrison Avenue for a new office building, which Smith sold to him for $50,000, according to county records.

“He eventually bought two more acres, and two more and eventually bought us out,” Smith said, foreshadowing the more than 1,000 acres that Goodnight and SAS would eventually buy for the SAS headquarters campus in Cary with close to 5,600 employees.

“I eventually sold my engineering company, and over the years we just kept in touch with each other,” Smith says. When the land that would become Prestonwood Country Club came available, Smith approached Goodnight about partnering in the purchase. “I thought it would be a good asset for his employees, and it was good for the town of Cary and citizens of Cary to have a strong person behind the area’s premier country club,” he says. Smith says after they were successful in their sales at Preston, Goodnight backed Smith and Rawl in many of their other real estate projects. “We’re very thankful for his involvement with us,” he says. “We would not be where we are today without Jim Goodnight.”

About the only hard, fast rule Smith and Rawl say they put on each other for projects to pursue is that the property be within a 30-minute ride of their home or office in Cary. Of course, that rule was bent a bit when they started buying into properties in Wilmington, New Bern, Southport and Beaufort, but even those could be justified when they had homes and boats they were keeping at the coast.

“Normally our projects last about three years,” Smith says. “I think with Chatham Park, it’ll be about 40 years. Hopefully we’ll still be here.”

Amanda Hoyle Staff Writer Triangle Business Journal