Crime Rate in Knightdale NC shows Significant Drop in 2015

Crime Rate in Knightdale NC

The Knightdale Police Department recently released a survey, giving you yet another reason to feel more safe and sound than ever in your new home at Knightdale Station, showing a significant drop off from 2014 to 2015 in the overall Crime Rate in Knightdale NC.

With a friendly and trusted team at the Knightdale Police Department that is always involved in not only protecting, but also lending a hand throughout the year in major community events, it comes as no surprise to local resident that their was a decline in 2015 in the Crime Rate in Knightdale NC.

One major area that families are always concerned with is “Violent Crime.” This was the most significant drop off seen in the study, as the Crime Rate in Knightdale NC study shows a 24 percent drop in this area, as only 19 violent crimes were committed in 2015, as opposed to 25 in the previous calendar year.

Another big decline that was seen in Crime Rate in Knightdale NC this past year was in burglaries. Down from 55 reported in 2014 to just 44 in 2015, the town saw a 20 percent decline in this area as well. Overall, the staff at Knightdale Police Department will continue to strive to see the town become even more safe in 2016, looking to build upon the drop off they help to see in 2015, where they had just 1,017 total cases as opposed to 1,043 the year before.

To see more on the Knightdale Police Department and to read about some of their ideas and goals for the upcoming year and beyond, and even the department’s mission statement, visit their page at the Town of Knightdale’s website at