Knightdale named as Most Affordable Town in NC

Most Affordable Town in NC

The financial experts at Smart Asset have released their annual rankings both nationwide and across the state of North Carolina, adding even more allure to the prospect of relocating to the Knightdale Station new home community, naming the town of Knightdale as the Most Affordable Town in NC for the second consecutive year.

Rank City/Town Affordability Index
1. Knightdale 91.75
2. Stokesdale 91.02
3. Indian Trail 90.79
4. Lewisville 90.69
5. Trinity 90.65
6. Holly Springs 90.40
7. Harrisburg 90.25
8. Gibsonville 90.03
9. King 89.96
10 Cherryville 89.94

In compiling their top ten listings for the Most Affordable Town in NC, Smart Asset used five separate categories to arrive at a final “affordability index.” Each of these five areas were compared against the state average in deciphering which would be named the Most Affordable Town in NC, the first of which being the average closing costs on a new home, which in Knightdale is a more than reasonable, $3,172.

Where Knightdale began to separate itself from the pack, especially amongst towns and cities of comparable or larger size in earning its Most Affordable Town in NC title, were the next few categories starting with annual property tax. Knightdale’s low rate of $1,659 combined with a likewise low average Annual Homeowner’s Insurance of just $1,003 certainly aided in the town’s topping of this list.

Additionally, a low $7,842 average annual mortgage payment in the town of Knightdale ($653.50 per month) coupled with a median household income of $72, 591 heavily weighed into their listing as Most Affordable Town in NC. Edging out the number two and three towns in the listings ( Stokesdale and Indian Trail) by almost a full point in the affordability index, Knightdale’s 91.75 ranking made them the clear cut number one Most Affordable Town in NC.

Speaking to the town’s ranking in the Smart Asset survey, Knightdale mayor, James Roberson said , “This ranking is another indication that our community and its growth are managed well.” He added, “Many places can claim to be cheaper than Knightdale, but we believe we’ve found a middle ground where the quality of life is high and costs are competitive.”

To see the entire top ten rankings of Most Affordable Towns in NC, visit smartasset.com. For more information  on the Knightdale Station new home community, including lot and home prices, as well as available floor plans and upcoming events, visit knightdalestation.com.