List of Happiest Cities in North Carolina finds Knightdale at Number Six

Happiest Cities in North Carolina

With its countless, vibrant outdoor living options combined with great affordability and its continued growth especially among the younger family demographic it is really no surprise that Knightdale was recently included at number six on the highly accredited real estate website, Home Snacks, among its annual listing of the Happiest Cities in North Carolina.

In determining the Happiest Cities in North Carolina, Home Snacks blogger, Nick Johnson explained that they first “had to determine what criteria makes people happy.” Things such as average salary, which leads to a lesser stress level, a stable home life, and the weather all were items which they felt were pertinent in the decision making process before listing the Happiest Cities in North Carolina.

Going further to explain exactly how they “crunched the numbers” before compiling the final Happiest Cities in North Carolina rankings, Johnson further detailed the process. “We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible. Using FBI crime data, the government census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Sperling’s Best Places, and Twitter.” The eight major areas they decide to “crunch” were, percentage of residents with a college degree, employment rates, cost of living, crime rates, percentage of residents that were married, percentage of residents that are home owners, average commute times, and number of sunny days annually.

In the table shown at giving the final list of Happiest Cities in North Carolina, it showed that Knightdale can boast that nearly 62 percent of the town’s residents are happily married. A respectably low 40.5 percent crime ranking, which also has led to Knightdale’s inclusion on recent “Safest Cities in NC” listings also weighed heavily in being name sixth among the Happiest Cities in North Carolina. Likewise, Knightdale’s 217 sunny days out of 365 annually would be sure to put a smile on the faces of most residents.

No question that with all of the incredible happenings both at the on-site Knightdale Station Park, and with the spectacular new homes being built in the Knightdale Station new home community, the choice to relocate and build at Knightdale’s largest master-planned community is one that has made many residents happy. For more information on Knightdale Station and the new homes and lots that are available there, visit