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In what has certainly become a continuing trend as the Town of Knightdale’s growth, prosperity, and overall ‘”family friendly” yet opportunistic expansion continues, the municipality has been named by, and more importantly by actual consumer reviews as one of the Top 10 Best Suburbs to Live in Raleigh Area.

Receiving high grades for their great public schools and an overall “A” grade from the experts at niche, Knightdale has been a constant in the Top 10 Best Suburbs to Live in the Raleigh Area for several years running. The biggest three factors that are listed as placing Knightdale among the Top 10 Best Suburbs to Live in Raleigh Area is the rich housing market, as earlier stated, the family friendly atmosphere for young families, and the top factor was diversity.

Some of the reviews form actual residents of Knightdale support its ranking among the Top 10 Best Suburbs to Live in the Raleigh Area. One such “5 Star” review given by a member of the community stated, “I love Knightdale! This community is hands down the best! It has great shopping and plenty of community events. The sense of community is very strong in this town. We have a very active town government and a wonderful interactive police department.”

As if that glowing review was not enough, the resident continued in gushing over Knightdale, saying, “We also have a very active community Facebook page to help keep everyone up on town business as well as sharing ideas for the town, welcoming new neighbors and meeting people. Knightdale has that small town feel while being very close to Raleigh. It’s convenient to 540, 440, and 495/264. We wouldn’t think of living anywhere else!”

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Taking a look at over 130 North Carolina municipalities that have a population of at least 5,000 people, recently released their poll of the Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina, with the Town of Knightdale cracking the top ten and coming in at number 8.

In figuring ot the Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina, Home Snacks noted on their website that they used information gathered through the American Community Survey that is put out annually by the U.S. Census Bureau. They then basically compared the population from 2010 up against the most recent numbers available in calculating the number of people in each of these cities and towns to arrive at a final percentage that they used to compile their final list.

With the continued growth in commercial properties and interest in businesses to come and call Knightdale home, in addition to the obvious upswing in residential neighborhoods and homes in the town, it comes as little surprise that Knightdale sat so prominently on the list of Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina.

The ranking of eighth for Knightdale was based upon their overall growth rate that saw a 212.14 percent population rise since 2010. To read more on the ranking, or any of the other Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina, visit

Adding to the allure of building or buying a new house at the Knightdale Station new home community, renknowned BBQ master, Chris Prieto recently broke ground on site “at the Station” for the building and opening of his Prime Barbecue restaurant, which will feature all the famous BBQ flavors synonomous with North Carolina and as they have noted, “ribs three ways: spare, baby back, and beef.”

The ground breaking, which took place in early May, and in speaking with the Raleigh publication, the News and Observer, Prieto explained that he hopes it will be the “next great North Carolina barbecue joint.” He explained further that the Prime Barbecue in Knightdale location will be unique in many ways as opposed to what people have become accustomed to in a “BBQ joint.” Detailing this, Prieto said, “No plates, no hushpuppies, not corn sticks.” He continued, “We’re not a region. We’re the craft of barbecue. We’re a new grade of barbecue. I didn’t invent it, I’m just out to perfect it.”

Originally from the state of Texas, before moving to North Carolina and spending the past two decades in the Tar Heel State, Prieto is familiar with the famous BBQ styles in both areas that are so well known for that type of fare, and does not “choose favorites” when comparing the two styles.

“”It’s something in my DNA; I’ve been infatuated with barbecue since I was a kid,” Prieto said. “I was called to barbecue; it’s more of a calling than something you fall into.”

In addition to serving up delicious whole hog and beef brisket, the three styles of aforementioned ribs and other delicious smoked meats, along with a variety of unique mouth -watering sides, the Prime Barbecue in Knightdale location will hopefully see its doors open to the public this fall and will boast live smoke pits right in the dining room to give patrons a chance to see up close the art of BBQ first hand.

Prieto also teaches BBQ classes, which is where he was introduced to former mayor of Knightdale Russell Killen, who first planted the idea of bringing Prime Barbecue in Knightdale to town in his head. Speaking of the former mayor’s pitch to him and the beauty of Knightdale Station which eventually was key in him deciding on the location, he said, “He showed me farmland that was being cleared. It was going to be soccer fields and parks and running trails. It was all very Norman Rockwell kind of atmosphere.”

Again noting in the N&O article that the restaurant, which will be located at 403 Knightdale Station Run, is nearing its grand opening to the public, Prieto concluded, “Everything is 100 percent ready to go,” he said. “I know how many paper towels we’ll need on day one.”