Continuing to haul in the awards and accolades as one of the state’s fastest rising towns, and following in lead of the cost efficient, yet luxurious living options offered at the Knightdale Station new home neighborhood, the town of Knightdale was recently ranked number three out of all municipalities state wide on’s annual list of the Most Affordable Places in NC. blog writer, Natalie Grigson explained the website’s analysis process in her article documenting the top 10 Most Affordable Places in NC, explaining, “In order to come up with our list, we use the U.S. Census to find all of the places (towns, villages, cities, and Census Designated Places) within North Carolina with populations over 10,000 people. This left us with a total of 83 places.

Continuing to detail the ranking process, Grigson said, “We ranked each of these 83 places across the following criteria, using data from the US Census…here are the six criteria that got it there: food costs, utility costs, miscellaneous costs, median home price, unemployment rank, and adjusted median income.”

Speaking very complimentary of the town of Knightdale’s lofty number three ranking among the Most Affordable Places in NC, the Movoto blogger added, “With a median age of 30, Knightdale is one of the youngest and arguably the hippest towns in the Raleigh metro area…and perhaps what makes this possible is the town’s affordability.”

“Knightdale has one of the lowest unemployment rates in our top 10, just 7.5 percent, and better still, those employees make a median household income of $74,707, adjusted for the town’s overall cost of living of 104.” She continued to load on the compliments about the number three Most Affordable Place in NC, noting, “This town ranked among the best for its miscellaneous costs; things like restaurants, clothes, and entertainment…this is great news for young families.”

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Photo Credit: Town of Knightdale

Knightdale is ranked among the best places in the country to live and residents at the town’s first master planned community, Knightdale Station and across the entire town are not surprised. “Knightdale was an awesome place to grow up,” said on resident, and according to Money magazine, it still is as Knightdale was rated one of their Best Places to Live in U.S. Money, based on healthy economy, affordable homes and a high quality of life.

Money looked at places with populations between 10,000 and 100,000 and eliminated any place that had more than double the national crime risk, less than 85% of its state’s median household income or a lack of ethnic diversity. This pared the list to 2,400 places. Data on economic health, cost of living, public education, crime, ease of living and amenities along with data on housing market costs and growth was used to rank each municipality.

Next, reporters conducted research by interviewing residents, checking out neighborhoods and searching for intangible factors that don’t show up in the statistics to whittle the list down to the Top 100. To ensure a geographically diverse set, the list was limited to no more than four places per state and two per county. The top 15 includes only one entity per state.

Knightdale, population 14,868 with a median household income of $63,158 and a projected job growth rate of 10.9%, was one of three entries from North Carolina, coming in at number 76 on the list. Concord made the list at number 38 while Morrisville showed up at number 90. describes Knightdale as having a “welcoming, youthful culture.” Tagged as an “emerging city with a magnetic energy fueled by the optimism and brain power of a young population,” Knightdale is one of the fastest-growing towns in NC and the Triangle. Just nine miles from downtown Raleigh, Knightdale residents are the youngest in the Raleigh metro area with a median age of 31.