Living in Knightdale NC: Where Outdoor Living is as easy as a ‘Walk in the Park”

Continuing our series on Living in Knightdale NC, this installment will focus on “Outdoor Living.” We will ‘walk’ through each of the Knightdale NC parks and trails. Achieving the active lifestyle you desire is easy, and yet another reason supporting your decision to seek out new homes in Knightdale NC.

In opting for the new homes at Knightdale Station, you will be centralized around five, great Knightdale NC parks. We will look at each of the following, as you become more familiar with the town’s outdoor living options.

Knightdale NC Parks = Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC

Harper Park and Trails
207 Main Street, Knightdale

Knightdale-Harper-Park-Knightdale Station

Harper Park (pictured) is named for ex-Knightdale Mayor, Eugene Harper.

Harper Park was originally named in honor of Eugene Harper, Knightdale’s longest-serving mayor of all time. Living in Knightdale NC at Knightdale Station puts you just up the street from this beautiful park also.

This four-acre neighborhood park features a children’s playground, restrooms, two tennis courts, covered and uncovered picnic shelters. Adding to your outdoor Living in Knightdale NC, Harper Park also boasts more than two acres of shaded woods and trails.

Knightdale Community Park and Trails
1137 Old Knight Road, Knightdale

Knightdale-Community-Park-Knightdale Statiom

Community Park has athletic fields for high school and youth athletics

Knightdale Community Park plays year-round host to special athletic, High School, and other sporting events. The complex includes 4 lighted ball fields, concession stand, and children’s playground.

The Knightdale Community Park is located right beside Knightdale High School. The park hours are dawn until dusk and the scenic trails truly offer a serene and beautiful setting for a walk.

Environmental Park and Trails
1388 North Smithfield Road, Knightdale

knightdale-environmental-park-Knightdale Station

The wooded area and trails off Environmental Park is like a true breath of fresh air

Located in the “center of town,” Environmental Park is symbolic of the youth and outdoor Living in Knightdale NC. Featuring public art and paved walking trail, this park features entrances at both Town Hall and East Wake Regional Library.

In addition, this Knightdale NC park features a boardwalk around a pond with benches, overlooks, and two picnic shelters.

Knightdale Station Park
810 North First Avenue, Knightdale

The 76-acre municipal park right here on-site at the Knightdale Station new home community. This park features two miles of paved trails, a dog park, athletic fields, and a playground that has to be seen to be believed.

The extensive farm and train-themed play area is a reminder of Knightdale’s railroad and agricultural past. An outdoor amphitheater, several open-air structures, and a soon to be implemented Splash Park are just a few of the great things going on …at the Station!

Mingo Creek Park and Trails
100 Parkside Commons Drive, Knightdale

Knightdale-NC-parks-Knightdale StationThe Mingo Creek Trail (pictured at top of article) will give you,3.5 miles of new places to explore in and around Knightdale’s scenic wetlands and hardwood forests. The trail includes a wooden boardwalk and paved asphalt sections.

Mingo Creek Park sets on an 8.2-acre site. Presently, the park features two (2) half-court basketball goals and an entry point to the Mingo Creek Trail.

Walkers, runners, or riders do not have to end their route in Knightdale, as they connect to t the City of Raleigh’s Neuse River Greenway Trail at a pedestrian bridge near Anderson Point Park (map, directions). From there, fitness enthusiasts have access to some 30 miles of greenway.

The Knightdale NC parks and trails are just the beginning of the active lifestyle opportunities for you in the town. Your choice to seek out new homes in Knightdale NC has put you in a great spot for outdoor living at the Knightdale Station neighborhood.

To see new homes available now in the Knightdale Station master-planned community, go to the “New Homes” page at knightdalestation.com.


Knightdale Station Amenities: Captavation…at the Station!

You’ve followed our series of posts in support of you and your family searching for new homes in Knightdale NC. That search would obviously lead to the spectacular new homes at the Knightdale Station community. However, in this post, we will introduce you to the incredible, on-site, Knightdale Station Amenities. We think you’ll agree that between the beautiful new homes at Knightdale Station and the Knightdale Station Amenities that for you and your family…”Life is waitin’..at the Station!”

Knightdale Station Park: The Ultimate of Knightdale Station Amenities

food-truck-thursdays-knightdale station

Food Truck Thursdays are held once monthly on Thursdays at both lunch and dinner time between mid-April and October at Knightdale Station Park

Much more than just a “community recreation center” or “playground,” the ultimate of Knightdale Station Amenities is Knightdale Station Park. In addition to being host to community residents functions, Knightdale Station Park also is host to an array of fantastic Town of Knightdale activities throughout the year.

In the warmer months, Knightdale Station Park hosts the popular “Food Truck Thursdays” events which are set to begin for the 2019 season on April 18. Holiday-themed family events are also scheduled year-round at the ‘ultimate’ in Knightdale Station Amenities. New to Knightdale Station Park this Spring will also be the new Knightdale Splash Park. This brand new addition to the Knightdale Station Amenities will surely keep the kids cool all summer long.

knightdale-station-park-knightdale station

New to Knightdale Station Park starting in 2019, the Knightdale Splash Park is another of the great on-site Knightdale Station Amenities for families to enjoy

Family Fun All Year Long…at the Station

Below is just a sampling of the Town of Knightdale events hosted throughout the year at Knightdale Station Park.

YMCA Aquatics Center at Knightdale Station: Programs for all ages to “Keep You Cool”

knightdale-station-amenities-Knightdale Station

A hot, sunny, summer day… at the Station?! No problem when you can take advantage of the great Knightdale Station Amenities like the pool at the YMCA Aquatics Center

The YMCA and Aquatics Center at Knightdale Station offers a wide variety of programs and services that help us nurture the potential of kids, help you live healthier, and allow us to support our neighbors who need us most. In addition to the outdoor pool, the Aquatics Center complex includes a pool house with offices, space for lifeguards and restrooms for swimmers, plus a Kid’s Camp building with separate restrooms for younger swimmers.

The pool and deck area comprises 23,000 square feet and the entirety of the Aquatics Center and  YMCA facility will sit on about eight acres of land when completed.

The YMCA at Knightdale Station hours of operation are as follows:

  • Mon. – Fri. : 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Sat.: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Sun.: 1 – 7 p.m.

For a full listing of programs offered for both youth and adults, visit the YMCA at Knightdale Station website here.

Our look at the incredible Knightdale Station Amenities will continue in our next blog entry. There we will continue to showcase why searching for a new home in Knightdale NC, is the way to go for you and your family. That being said the only place you want to search is the new homes for sale at Knightdale Station that can be seen here.



Knightdale NC New Homes For Sale in One of the Best Places to Live in the US

knightdale-nc-new-homes-for-sale-knightdale station

It is no secret that the Town of Knightdale is getting statewide recognition for the great things happening there. However, national accolades are also being given to the town. As a result, by choosing a home in Knightdale, you are choosing Knightdale NC Homes For Sale in one of the Best Places to Live in the US.

Knightdale Among Best Places to Live in the US

knightdale-nc-new-homes-for-sale-Knightdale Station

Knightdale NC new homes for sale at Knightdale Station are in demand especially for young families located in one of the Best Places to Live in the US

With the affordability and youthfulness among the tops in the state, the allure to search new homes in Knightdale NC  is already strong. However, with Knightdale’s listing by Time as one of the Best Places to Live in the US the allure is spreading nationwide. Relocation prospects from the Northeast, Midwest, even from the West Coast are becoming aware of the great things at the Knightdale Station neighborhood. Thus, Knightdale can also be counted among NC’s fastest growing towns.

Time.com cites a strong economy and affordable Knightdale NC New Homes For Sale as reasons for its ranking. Quality of life is also a big factor in Knightdale being listed.

Statistics leading to Knightdale placing number 76 among Best Places to Live in the US are below.

  • Population- 14,868
  • Median Household Income- $63,158
  • Projected Job Growth Rate- 10.9 percent (annual projection for 2019)

Knightdale on Safest Cities in NC List Year After Year

safest-cities-in-nc-knightdale station

Youth Events at Knightdale Station like the annual “K-Fest” event (pictured) give the children a safe place to be and offer a variety of activities regularly to keep the neighborhood safe

When a young family begins looking for Knightdale NC New Homes For Sale, safety will be a factor. The town is near the top in every Safest Cities in NC rankings by Safewise since it began. Their latest poll from 2018 was no different, as the Safewise blog explains, “Young, vibrant, and affordable are just a few key words that describe this Raleigh metro area community. Packed with parks and greenways, Knightdale is committed to creating outdoor space that is bringing families out of their homes and helps them get to know their neighbors.”

The experts at Safewise endorse your search for Knightdale NC New Homes For Sale. “If you’re searching for an active family lifestyle at an affordable price, Knightdale is a sure bet.”The blog post continued, saying, “You’ll also appreciate its high marks for safety.”

The accolades keep pouring in, as a result, the time is now to search for New Homes For Sale in Knightdale NC. Consequently, most noteworthy among all neighborhoods in town is the Knightdale Station new home community. Finally, with affordable prices, the town’s first master-planned community can get your family in one of the Best Cities to Live in the US. For more information on the new homes available and the great amenities at Knightdale Station, visit here.