When taking a look at Life in Knightdale NC, the one word constantly heard is growth. Of course, many things factor into this Eastern Wake County town seeing its young families grow and prosper. Likewise, it is no coincidence to see business and employment opportunities grow and prosper in Knightdale. In this series of blog posts, we will go in-depth in analyzing Life in Knightdale NC. We will look at the growth that has seen the town named among the most thriving and decorated state and even nation-wide.

Life in Knightdale NC

Consequently, we will take a detailed look at how the youthfulness, a low cost of living and safety in the town has played into its continued growth. Also, we will look at the recognition and accolades both on a state and national platform received by Knightdale.


A consistent flow of family-friendly events aimed at the younger demographic has made neighborhoods like the Knightdale Station new home community desirable to young families and professionals alike

Our goal is helping you to take an educated approach when looking at new homes for sale in Knightdale NC.  Maybe, you may even find a brand new place to actually call home t the Knightdale Station new home community.

Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina

Knightdale placed eighth among over 130 municipalities on the 2018 annual list of Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina. The poll analyzed NC cities with a minimum population of 5,000 using data from the US Census Bureau.

The experts at HomeSnacks cited an increase in residential neighborhoods like the Knightdale Station new home community for the high ranking. Likewise, it noted that Life in Knightdale NC saw an incredible 212.14 percent increase in population from 2010-2017. These facts coupled with a steady flow of new business to the community should see Knightdale continue climbing as one of the Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina.

Most Affordable Places in NC

A major aspect leading to the growth of Knightdale is the town’s overall reasonable cost of living. Given its low median resident’s age of 30.8 years old,  young families’ can take advantage of a burgeoning housing market. Thus, many of those in said age bracket are able to afford the new homes for sale in Knightdale NC like those at the Knightdale Station new home community.

Cost-effective housing in accordance with a more than comparable median household income is just a few of the areas which were listed as reasons why Knightdale was recently named number 3 overall by out of 83 municipalities with a minimum population of 10,000 on their annual list of the Most Affordable Places in NC.

Knightdale ranked at the top of the charts in all criteria used in naming the Most Affordable Places in NC. This included the following:

  • Adjusted Mean Income


    Located right on-site at the town’s first master-planned community, Knightdale Station, events such as ‘Food Truck Thursdays’ and the countless holiday gatherings at Knightdale Station Park have made the community alluring to a younger demographic

  • Unemployment Rank
  • Median Home Price
  • Utility Costs
  • Food Costs
  • Miscellaneous Costs

 Life in Knightdale NC: The State’s ‘Hippest City’

The same study noted, Knightdale’s ranking among Most Affordable Places in NC has coincided with a more youthful occupancy. “With a median age of 30, Knightdale is one of the youngest and arguably the hippest towns in the Raleigh metro area…and perhaps what makes this possible is the town’s affordability,” the article read.

The piece gave an analysis of Knightdale’s convenience and allure to more youthful residents. “Knightdale has one of the lowest unemployment rates in our top 10, just 7.5 percent, better still. Those employees make a median household income of $74,707, adjusted for the town’s overall cost of living of 104.” The post concludes, “This town ranked among the best for its miscellaneous cost. Things like restaurants, clothes, and entertainment…this is great news for young families.”

Ironically, those young families will be touched upon in our second blog post on Life in Knightdale NC. Likewise, we will help you make an educated selection on new homes for sale in Knightdale NC at Knightdale Station.

(Photos Credit: Town of Knightdale)

knightdale-nc-new-homes-for-sale-knightdale station

It is no secret that the Town of Knightdale is getting statewide recognition for the great things happening there. However, national accolades are also being given to the town. As a result, by choosing a home in Knightdale, you are choosing Knightdale NC Homes For Sale in one of the Best Places to Live in the US.

Knightdale Among Best Places to Live in the US

knightdale-nc-new-homes-for-sale-Knightdale Station

Knightdale NC new homes for sale at Knightdale Station are in demand especially for young families located in one of the Best Places to Live in the US

With the affordability and youthfulness among the tops in the state, the allure to search new homes in Knightdale NC  is already strong. However, with Knightdale’s listing by Time as one of the Best Places to Live in the US the allure is spreading nationwide. Relocation prospects from the Northeast, Midwest, even from the West Coast are becoming aware of the great things at the Knightdale Station neighborhood. Thus, Knightdale can also be counted among NC’s fastest growing towns. cites a strong economy and affordable Knightdale NC New Homes For Sale as reasons for its ranking. Quality of life is also a big factor in Knightdale being listed.

Statistics leading to Knightdale placing number 76 among Best Places to Live in the US are below.

  • Population- 14,868
  • Median Household Income- $63,158
  • Projected Job Growth Rate- 10.9 percent (annual projection for 2019)

Knightdale on Safest Cities in NC List Year After Year

safest-cities-in-nc-knightdale station

Youth Events at Knightdale Station like the annual “K-Fest” event (pictured) give the children a safe place to be and offer a variety of activities regularly to keep the neighborhood safe

When a young family begins looking for Knightdale NC New Homes For Sale, safety will be a factor. The town is near the top in every Safest Cities in NC rankings by Safewise since it began. Their latest poll from 2018 was no different, as the Safewise blog explains, “Young, vibrant, and affordable are just a few key words that describe this Raleigh metro area community. Packed with parks and greenways, Knightdale is committed to creating outdoor space that is bringing families out of their homes and helps them get to know their neighbors.”

The experts at Safewise endorse your search for Knightdale NC New Homes For Sale. “If you’re searching for an active family lifestyle at an affordable price, Knightdale is a sure bet.”The blog post continued, saying, “You’ll also appreciate its high marks for safety.”

The accolades keep pouring in, as a result, the time is now to search for New Homes For Sale in Knightdale NC. Consequently, most noteworthy among all neighborhoods in town is the Knightdale Station new home community. Finally, with affordable prices, the town’s first master-planned community can get your family in one of the Best Cities to Live in the US. For more information on the new homes available and the great amenities at Knightdale Station, visit here.