Knightdale Station Park has become the “center of town,” hosting countless annual events, however, none are more anticipated than the Knightdale July 4th Celebration. This is the sixth consecutive year that residents have filled the park to celebrate Independence Day.

Knightdale July 4th Celebration at the station Turns 6!!!


Record crowds are expected at the upcoming Knightdale Independence Day Celebration …at the Station.

The 6th Annual Independence Day event at Knightdale Station Park will take place this year on Thursday, July 4. It begins at 5:00 pm on the Soccer Fields at Knightdale Station. The “main event” of the Knightdale July 4th Celebration, the spectacular fireworks, will commence at approximately 9:15 p.m.

Known over the years as “4th on 1st” due to the parks 1st Avenue location, the official Town of Knightdale website has posted a list of “Do’s and Don’t’s” for attendees.

“Fourth on First”- “Do’s”

  • Have Fun
  • Bring Picnic Blankets and Chairs
  • Pop-Up Tents are also encouraged and ok to bring
  • Bring Water and Liquids to Stay Hydrated
  • Pay Attention to in Case of Venue Changes

The popular local band, The Embers will be performing again at the July 4 event.

“Fourth of First “- “Don’t’s”

  • Bring any Fireworks or Sparklers of Your Own
  • Bring and Alcoholic Beverages or Glass Containers
  • While Pets are Allowed, It is Discouraged to Bring Them
  • Go into any Construction Areas Near the Event
  • Enter any Marked Off Areas
  • Park in Nearby Yards
  • Bring a Drone

Food Trucks, Vendors, Music, and More


A staple at Knightdale Station Park events, food trucks will be out in full force for Independence Day.

As always, there will be local vendors, food trucks, and children’s activities at this event. Popular local act, the Embers will also return for their fun-filled brand of music. Of note, it is expected that the attendance will reach a record high this year, so please plan accordingly

There are shuttles running to and from Knightdale Station Park from various spots in town beginning at 4:00 p.m. on July 4. For more information on the shuttle pickups, a festival map, and all details on this event visit

When developing Knightdale’s first ever master-planned community, the Preston Development team looked for nothing but the best. Therefore, the New Homes for sale in Knightdale at Knightdale Station needed to be built by the best in the Triangle area.

This article continues with our introduction to the extremely talented builders at Knightdale Station, we will begin taking a look at the incredibly talented builder teams at Knightdale Station. In this four-part series, we will cover the talented builders behind the New Homes for sale in Knightdale…at the Station. In the first piece, we look at Caviness & Cates. Fresh Paint by Garman Homes is the second incredible builder. Similarly, our third and fourth articles will introduce you and the great craftsmen at H&H Homes and McKee Homes.

Preston Calls on the Best to Build Their New Homes for sale in Knightdale

Upon the announcement of the Knightdale Station community, it was obvious that the Preston Development Company sought this to be a neighborhood like no other in the area. Hence, the search was on for the builders of the New Homes for sale in Knightdale…at the Station.

Seeking the most honored and trusted names in Raleigh home builders, Preston first selects three companies. Not long after ground was broke at Knightdale Station, a fourth builder team was agreed upon and the “perfect team” is assembled.

Caviness & Cates: From the Beach to the “Top 100” to the Station

One of the Raleigh area’s most trusted names in home builders, that has become synonymous with customer service is Caviness & Cates. Founded in 1999, the Caviness team started from smaller beginnings and has risen to become one of the elite builder teams across the entire United States.

Consequently, from their opening twenty years ago in Wilmington, NC, the Caviness & Cates brand has grown to national acclaim. They are currently among the prestigious “Top 100 Builders” nationwide list. Thus, as the search for an artist to paint the canvas that is Knightdale Station begins, and Caviness & Cates is handed a brush.

Caviness Plus the Customer: The Perfect Relationship

At, they credit their success in the building field to another type of building…relationships. “Caviness & Cates’ homeowners are our foundation,” the website explains. “A home is most likely the largest purchase in life. Tied to this investment is more than a dollar figure; there are opinions, beliefs, and emotions.”

They continue this explanation about their customer relationships. “There is a sense that we, as the builder, will treat their home as a priority, and that the voices of our customers will be heard and respected.” It concludes, “Our business depends on our homeowners’ happiness and our foundation is based on that guarantee.”

Caviness & Cates New homes for sale in Knightdale…at the Station

The following are the available home plans from Caviness & Cates in the Central Station neighborhood at Knightdale Station. Follow the links below to view the plans.

The incredible focus on detail and an emphasis on customer and builder trust is the Caviness & Cates way. Their spectacular New homes for sale in Knightdale at Knightdale station has helped set a new standard in Eastern Wake County.

To see all of the New homes for sale in Knightdale…at the Station, visit the “New Homes” section at

Best-Places-to-Raise-a-Family-in-NC- Knightdale Station

The foremost authority on “helping you understand what it’s like to live in different places across America,” at have released their poll of the Best Places to Raise a Family for 2019 and the Town of Knightdale was once again near the top of their listing, landing among the top 15 municipalities in the state.

In the site’s blogpost by Chris Kolmar, detailing the 2019 Best Places to Raise a Family in NC, he gives a basic overview and methodology of how the results are figured out, in addition to a brief recollection of questions the average family, such as yous that has just found your new dream home at Knightdale Station,  may ask which their analysis can help you too arrive an easier and educated answer.

“According to the United States Census,” Kolmar started, “the number of American families who move is trending downwards Why is that? Perhaps it has to do with the ‘safety net’ factor: We get comfortable where we live, and we’re afraid to try a new move. What if the schools are bad? What if it’s dangerous?”

Following these rhetorical questions, he later in the blogpost explained more exactly how they compile the annual Best Places to Raise a Family in NC, saying, “We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible.” Kolmar continued, “Using U.S. Census data produced for the state of North Carolina, we looked at every single city in the state. We paid particular attention to:

  • Crime (Both violent and property)
  • Quality of local schools
  • Distance to a major city without necessarily being in it
  • % of households with children
  • Family-friendly amenities nearby (museums, libraries and colleges)

Utilizing all of the information explained above, the experts at HomeSnacks then give each of the 60 municipalities a “family score,” whereas, obviously, the higher the score the higher the ranking on the final list of Best Places to Raise a Family in NC.

The Town of Knightdale finished in the final listing of Best Places to raise a Family in NC at number 14, with an overall amenities score of 58. Its  overall score in the ever important categories of safety, education, and affordability were both a solid 8 out of 10, to help wityh its lofty position on the list.

To read more on the 2019 Best Places to Raise a Family in NC visit