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The next stop on our “blogging journey” to an Active Lifestyle in Knightdale again takes us outdoors. The Town of Knightdale promotes several events throughout the calendar year that promote a healthy lifestyle. Likewise, these events, held at Knightdale Station Park, give residents some healthy holiday traditions each February and November.

Active-Lifestyle-in-Knightdale-Turkey Leg 5K-Knightdale Station

The Turkey Leg 5K promotes Active Lifestyle in Knightdale every Thanksgiving morning.

Enjoying the Outdoors in  Knightdale with a Beautiful Backdrop

One look at the first article in our Outdoor Living and Active Lifestyle in Knightdale series and you know of the town’s natural beauty. Whether at one of the town parks or the many serene nature trails, a walk or run can be enjoyed with spectacular scenery.

While there are many different Active Lifestyle in Knightdale options to keep fit, it is a natural fit that many choose to enjoy the fresh air and aforementioned scenery when getting their exercise. 

Active-Lifestyle-in-Knightdale-Knightdale Station Park

It is not uncommon for the whole family to come out and dress in holiday theme at the Turkey Leg 5K.

Traditional Knightdale Holiday Events Promoting Active Lifestyle 

Once again, anyone familiar the Parks and Recreation Department in Knightdale can attest that they have created many holiday-themed traditions. These events are usually centered around Knightdale Station Park and bring out and bring together the community in celebration. However, two specific holiday-themed events each year  promote a healthy lifestyle.

“Give Thanks” with Friends and Family at the Turkey Leg 5K

Every year on Thanksgiving, the town gives residents the chance to come together and start the holiday a healthy way. Starting at Knightdale Station Park, the “Turkey Leg 5K” event sees runners, walkers, and families come together for a fun way to enjoy their Active Lifestyle in Knightdale.

Many participants in the 5K event dress in a Thanksgiving theme. Likewise,  some residents even bring their baby stroller or dogs to join them in the race.

This year will see the Turkey Leg 5K return to Knightdale Station Park on Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, November 28. 

Active-Lifestyle-in-Knightdale-Knightdale Station-Cupid Run

Similarly to the Turkey Leg 5K, many families enjoy the Cupid Run event and dress in Valentine’s Day theme.

“Showing Some Love” at Active Lifestyle Valentine’s Event

The other holiday in which the town promotes a similar Active Lifestyle in Knightdale 5K event is Valentine’s Day. Known as a holiday about love, residents each February take part in the “Cupid Run.”

Much like the “Turkey Leg 5K,” the “Cupid Run” sees many runners or walkers donning red or pink and hearts in the spirit of the holiday. It usually takes place on the Saturday morning proceeding Valentine’s Day each year. This year’s Cupid Run will be on February 8.

Knightdale Station is the Perfect Spot to Achieve Your Active Lifestyle 

Events promoted by the town at Knightdale Station Park are another reason to search for new homes at Knightdale Station. 

Knightdale Station features gorgeous, natural amenities and spectacular new homes in the community. Both of the aforementioned events take place at Knightdale Station Park among countless other outdoor activities.

For all the outdoor living options and amenities Knightdale amenities and for a look at homes currently available in Knightdale Station, visit

Photo Credits: Town of Knightdale

Knightdale-Halloween-Events- Knightdale Station

On Friday, October 25, yet another fun-filled holiday gathering comes to Knightdale Station Park. With a touch of a “scare in the air,” the fun will begin at 5:30 p.m. First will be the “Trunk or Treat” portion of the Knightdale Halloween Events. Then to cap the night off at 7:00 p.m. will be an outdoor showing of “Hotel Transylvania.”

Enter Your Car, Hand Out Treats, and Be the “Best in Show” at Knightdale Halloween Events


The Knightdale Halloween Events kick off at 5:30 p.m. with the “Trunk or Treat.”

The kick-off of the evenings Knightdale Halloween Events will be the “Trunk or Treat.” This gives the youngsters a chance to show off their costumes and get some “loot,” with those on hand giving out treats.

The “Trunk or Treat” does also allow some of those giving out the treats a chance to grab their own “loot,” too. The prizes awarded will be for those decorating their vehicles, as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for “Best in Show” will be awarded.

Knightdale Halloween Events: Open to Many Tastes!

Knightdale-Halloween-Events- Food-Truck

The delicious lobster rolls from Cousins Maine Lobster (shown) will be one of many food truck options.

It seems there are no events at Knightdale Station Park that doesn’t have the popular (and delicious) food trucks. Well, for the “foodies” out there that want a bit more than the Halloween candy, you are in luck.

The Knightdale Halloween Events on October 25 are no exception to the “food truck rule.” On hand for both the “Trunk or Treat” and movie portion of the night will be four of the areas most popular trucks.

Food Trucks at Knightdale Station Park on October 25

End the Night at “Hotel Transylvania”


The hit, animated “Hotel Transylvania” will be shown at 7:00 p.m.

At 7:00 p.m., following “Trunk or Treat,” Knightdale Station park will transform into a “Drive In” style movie theater! Once the big screen is blown up, staying in theme with the Knightdale Halloween Events, “Hotel Transylvania” will be shown for the audience.

A Fall of 2012 animated, box-office smash hit, “Hotel Transylvania,” was a Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures animation production. The fun-filled tale features the voices of such huge mega-stars as, Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Fran Drescher, Kevin James, Molly Shannon, Steve Buschemi, and more.

Whether “Trunk or Treat,” or “Trick or Treat” the Place to Be and Be Safe is…at the Station!

The Knightdale Halloween Events on Saturday, October 25 are a perfect example of these, family friendly fun events at Knightdale Station Park. However, for a holiday like Halloween, where the kids walk the neighborhoods to “Trick-or-Treat,” there is no safer, family friendly place than the Knightdale Station community.

The first master planned community in town, the safe streets and friendly neighbors that lead to a worry free “Halloween” for parents epitomize Knightdale Station. Not only is it a safe neighborhood or hood, but it also boasts the most beautiful new homes in Knightdale.

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Outdoor-Living-in-Knightdale-NC-Mingo Creek- Knightdale Station

Our next series of posts will focus on active lifestyle options and amenities in the Town of Knightdale. In each of our first two articles of this series, we will look at Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC.  To start us on our journey Achieving the active lifestyle you desire is easy, and yet another reason supporting your decision to seek out new homes in Knightdale NC.

In opting for the new homes at Knightdale Station, you will be centralized around five, great Knightdale NC parks. We will look at each of the following, as you become more familiar with the town’s outdoor living options.

Knightdale NC Parks and Trails = Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC


An overhead look at the beautiful, new Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC amenities at Harper Park.

Harper Park and Trails
207 Main Street, Knightdale

Harper Park was originally named in honor of Eugene Harper, Knightdale’s longest-serving mayor of all time. Living in Knightdale NC at Knightdale Station puts you just up the street from this beautiful park also.

This four-acre neighborhood park features a children’s playground, restrooms, two tennis courts, covered and uncovered picnic shelters. Just added this summer were brand new renovations to the tennis courts. Likewise, the park added new pickleball courts as well.. Adding to your Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC, Harper Park also boasts more than two acres of shaded woods and trails.


Youth activities and athletics combine and connect with scenic trails at Community Park.

Knightdale Community Park and Trails
1137 Old Knight Road, Knightdale

Knightdale Community Park plays year-round host to special athletic, High School, and other sporting events. The complex includes 4 lighted ball fields, concession stand, and children’s playground.

The Knightdale Community Park is located right beside Knightdale High School. The park hours are dawn until dusk and the scenic trails truly offer a serene and beautiful setting for a walk.

Environmental Park and Trails
1388 North Smithfield Road, Knightdale

Located in the “center of town,” Environmental Park is symbolic of the youth sports and activities that epitomize Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC. Featuring public art and paved walking trail, this park features entrances at both Town Hall and East Wake Regional Library.

In addition, this Knightdale NC park features a boardwalk around a pond with benches, overlooks, and two picnic shelters.


The stage at Knightdale Station Park is just one of the many amenities at the location.

Knightdale Station Park
810 North First Avenue, Knightdale

The 76-acre municipal park right here on-site at the Knightdale Station new home community. This park features two miles of paved trails, a dog park, athletic fields, and a playground that has to be seen to be believed.

The extensive farm and train-themed play area is a reminder of Knightdale’s railroad and agricultural past. An outdoor amphitheater, several open-air structures, and a new Splash Park just added this summer are just a few of the great things going on …at the Station!

Mingo Creek Park and Trails
100 Parkside Commons Drive, Knightdale

The Mingo Creek Trail (pictured at top of article)  gives you 3.5 miles of scenic beauty to explore in and around Knightdale’s spectacular wetlands and hardwood forests. The trail includes a wooden boardwalk and paved asphalt sections.

Mingo Creek Park sets on an 8.2-acre site. Presently, the park features two (2) half-court basketball goals and an entry point to the Mingo Creek Trail.

Walkers, runners, or riders do not have to end their route in Knightdale, as they connect to t the City of Raleigh’s Neuse River Greenway Trail at a pedestrian bridge near Anderson Point Park (map, directions). From there, fitness enthusiasts have access to some 30 miles of greenway.

The Knightdale NC parks and trails are just the beginning of the active lifestyle opportunities for you in the town. Your choice to seek out new homes in Knightdale NC has put you in a great spot for Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC at the Knightdale Station neighborhood.

To see new homes available now in the Knightdale Station master-planned community, go to the “New Homes” page at