Simply because it is not your own bedroom to lay in, this does not mean anyone else cares to be uncomfortable either. That’s right, our next series of articles “around the house,” will take us through Extra Bedroom Ideas. 

The addition of some unique artwork as pictured can make a statement in turning a spare room into a comfortable living space for guests.

To be more specific, in this the first post of this series, we will detail different Extra Bedroom Ideas to maximize space and create a cozy extra room. In the upcoming posts to follow, we will be more specific in ways to not only turn an extra bedroom in a comfortable spot for guests. In these, we will actually look at multiple options and usages for a “bonus room.”

Giving Guests Comfort with Extra Bedroom Ideas

Whether family or friend that is visiting, it is always nice to feel “at home,” even when one is not. Your Extra Bedroom Ideas should keep this in mind. Things we will discuss in this article and series will hopefully give you new insight and inspiration for your extra space!

Make a Statement in Your Extra Bedroom 

Just because you don’t lay your head to rest there every night doesn’t mean the guest bedroom shouldn’t be up to par design-wise. You can make a statement that is not only inviting and comfortable but stylish too.

Yes, you want a guest to feel at home, but this can be done in your particular comfort zone. Maybe some unique art on the walls of lighting can give this space the feel you are seeking. A headboard or accessory to the bed such as something to sit on could also be “statements” made among Extra Bedroom Ideas.

Transforming your attic into an extra bedroom can give that “home away from home” feel you desire if done tastefully.

Extra Bedroom Ideas: Transforming your Attic 

Maybe you don’t have the conventional “spare bedroom.” The “bonus room” is a feature offered in many newer floor plans. However, if you don’t have a “bonus” room, your creativity can still allow for Extra Bedroom Ideas.

But how, one may ask is this possible if If all the rooms in your home are occupied? What if you don’t have said “room” per se, but for whatever reason, you need to set up a bedroom? This is when we suggest looking at your attic space.

There can certainly be challenges to transforming attic space. However, as we will see in this series when done properly this can turn out incredible.

Making a Guest “Feel at Home” in Your Home

The inclusion of extra seating/an area to enjoy a little private time outside of the living room in an extra bedroom is a very welcoming touch.

Yes, when a guest visits, we obviously know they are not at home. However, with a little extra thought they can at least be made to feel at home.

The effort to have some type of comfortable seating beside the bed, can really help in this. Of our Extra Bedroom Ideas, this is one that allows them to sort of “be at home” in your home. Just a place to unwind where they can feel able to enjoy a few moments of privacy can be a very nice touch. Likewise, a dresser and personal storage with in the room can also provide them with the same “home away from home” type feeling.

No Need to Break the Bank: Utilizing Your Resources Can be Surprisingly Effective 

If the space has limits, simply use what you have and be creative.

A chair can look nice as a side table if utilized correctly for example. Color choice in the room can also come into play here. A happy or welcoming color scheme can certainly go along way in helping to complete an extra bedroom.

This concludes our first article focusing on Extra Bedroom Ideas. In our next post in this series, we will begin looking at more specific ideas. These are ideas the whole family can enjoy, and show uses “beyond a guest room.”

The builders at Knightdale Station can work with you through the building process, including ideas for your “bonus” room. To take a look at some of the floor plans available with a bonus room, visit knightdalestation.com


On the heels of our “Youth Athletics and Activities” articles, we bring yet another fun and active option. This one is located right inside of the Knightdale Station new home community and gives children a chance to improve strength, coordination, and overall confidence. Located at 405 Knightdale Station Run, this option is the highly acclaimed studio, Heathers Dance Knightdale.

The girls’ at Heathers Dance build confidence…and strength as shown in this group exercise.

Why Choose Dance? Heathers Dance Knightdale has Plenty of Reasons!

Referring to heathersdanceinc.com, they explain the many ways that taking classes with Heathers Dance Knightdale can boost the confidence and spirits of your child. Detailed in the company’s “Mission Statement,”they explain the following.

“Heathers Dance was created for young dancers with the desire to improve their strength, coordination, and grace through dance.” They continue, “This is a studio where creativity, individuality, and self-expression are encouraged.” 

Later in the same statement, Heathers Dance Knightdale further explains their philosophy and how it positively affects the students. “The atmosphere at Heathers Dance is one of energy and excitement and is fully devoted to providing dancers of all ages an encouraging environment where they are given the opportunity to grow and excel in their dance education. We place special emphasis on building self-confidence.”

Mrs. Heather is very hands on in helping the youngsters to learn and feel comfortable in their performing.

How Old is Too Old? And How Young is Too Young to Start my Dancing Journey?

Many kids or parents may wonder “what ages is too early or late to start” when deciding on dance. At Heathers Dance Knightdale, that choice is really up to you and your child. They offer classes for as young as 3 year olds, all the way up to 12th graders.

The classes are broken into respective age groups as necessary. However, outside of a few classes aimed specifically to the 3-5 year olds, most are open for all ages.

Heathers Dance Inc. Knightdale: The “Princess Academy,” More for the “Young-Ins,” and For All Ages

The array of classes available at Heathers Dance Knightdale are almost all comprehendable and offered to all ages other than a few. These would be for the younger dancers (age 3-5) and is called the “The Princess Academy.” 

Both the “Princess Academy,” and the other 3-5 year old exclusive class are explained in detail at the company website. These give an explanation of the class and what the youngsters will take away from each. Below are the official age groups, and specific class descriptions quoted directly from heathersdanceinc.com.

“Individuality and self-expression are both encouraged” at Heathers Dance Inc.

Princess Academy (3-5 year olds)

The Princess Academy is a program for young dancers. This program engages dancers to learn appropriate terminology in a fun and creative way. Princess Academy classes include “Tutu Cuties” (ages 3-4) and “Fairytale Dance” (ages 4-5).

Dancers will receive an introduction to beginning ballet and tap movement. Likewise, students will develop basic fundamental skills, dance terminology, creative movement, and gain flexibility. 

Princess Academy classes are a great way for dancers to try multiple styles while meeting new friends and having fun. A graduation ceremony and personalized certificate will conclude this season. 

Classes from all age groups at Heathers Dance get their critique and individually work with instructors on getting “recital ready.”

Tumble and Twirl (3-5 year olds)

Your dancer will learn tumbling skills on a mat in a safe, structured environment. This class will help your dancer increase strength and flexibility while working on their motor skills from a different perspective!

Ballet Class (Kindergarten- Grade 12)

As the foundation of all dance, Ballet emphasizes precision, balance and strong technique. Ballet helps to develop poise, grace, proper alignment and posture, technique, control, and flexibility. Ballet class will include stretching, barre work, class etiquette, ballet technique and ballet choreography.

Tap Class (Kindergarten- Grade 12)

Tap is an American dance form. The focus of this dance is energetic rhythm, musicality and strength. This form of dance helps develop coordination in the ankles and feet. Our Tap Classes incorporate “Broadway” and “Rhythm” style tap dancing.

Jazz Class (Kindergarten- Grade 12)

We provide our students with all different forms of jazz. These classes are popular with all ages. Jazz focuses on isolations, flexibility, rhythm, leaps, and turns. Emphasis will focus on proper technique, alignment, and posture. Jazz students benefit from the knowledge of ballet, and we strongly encourage our students to incorporate ballet into their dance schedule.

Ballet, Jazz, and Tap are just a few of the class offerings at Heathers.

Lyrical/Contemporary (Grade 2-Grade 12)

Lyrical/Contemporary is a form of dance that gives students the opportunity for self-expression, while finding a connection to music and choreography. The dancer will explore movement, space, rhythm, and creativity. Dancers will grow their technique as well using their creativity.

Hip-Hop (Grade 3- Grade 12)

Hip-Hop is an upbeat and high-energy class. We encourage beginners and dancers with experience to join! The studio will choose age appropriate music selections for each level. It is a very energetic form of dance that can be choreographed or improvised.

Tumbling (Ages 4 and up)

Tumbling is comprehensive gymnastics training from beginners to advanced, in all aspects of floor tumbling. This includes cartwheels, round-offs, walkovers, handsprings, intricate passes, aerials, and much more. Tumbling classes are great for improving motor skills, flexibility, strength, fitness, and self-esteem.

Boosting confidence and self-esteem through dance is one of the main goals at Heathers Dance Inc.

Progressive Program (Grade 4 and Up)

At Heather’s Dance we strive to nurture and cultivate the next generations’ artist through dance of all genres. The Progressive Program is an invitation only program for those dancers who show desire, ability and commitment and passion in their dance practice. Progressive Program classes meet multiple times a week, require year around training, and our instructors do evaluations are several times a year. This program includes all different styles of dance.

Share in Our Vision and Our Purpose

The Heather’s website also explains the importance of their vision. Not only the importance it carries to them, but alos to you and your child once becoming a part of the Heathers Dance,Inc. Knightdale family.

 “It is important to us at Heathers Dance that all members of our team members share our vision, our purpose and beliefs that encompasses everything we do both in and outside of our classes.” 

It continues to say the following. “Mrs. Heather shares her visions with our instructors, and our office staff members at our studio and it is the driving force behind every interaction with our students and their families.”

They conclude, “We care and love each one of our dancers. We value and appreciate each one of our dancers and their families.”

Knightdale-Youth-Athletics-Knightdale Station

In this article, we will continue with all the great offerings the Town of Knightdale has for the youngsters in town to enjoy. That being said, we would be remiss to not discuss the Knightdale Youth Athletics programs.

Teamwork is taught and lifelong memories and friends are made!

In our previous post, both Tennis and Volleyball were discussed as new offerings from the town. However, the Knightdale Youth Athletics do include baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer. These programs are all thriving and not only offer fun and active ways for the kids to get involved but are also some of the more successful in the area.

Whether Spring or Fall, the Knightdale Youth Athletics action is Hot on the Diamond.

With two full “seasons” of action each year, the youth baseball and softball programs in Knightdale keep the kids “on the bases” almost all year round. With a Spring session for the boys and girls starting practices in mid-March and running through early-June, you know the season has changed to Summer once the kids “take the field” in Knightdale.

The Knightdale girls’ softball program has produced a number great teams that have had great success in year end tournament play.

Both the baseball and softball programs have a dedicated group of coaches and administration that stress safety, sportsmanship, and fair play. Consequently, that dedication has seen Knightdale ball teams of all ages compete both regionally and state-wide for championships on almost an annual basis.

In addition to “heating” up the Spring and Summer, the ball fields remain full of Knightdale Youth Athletics well into the next season as well. This is because of the town’s Fall Baseball and Softball schedules. Play starts up for this autumn tradition among Knightdale Youth Athletics in mid-August and games run until the middle of October.

For those interested in this years’ upcoming Spring baseball or softball seasons, registration is open until February 15.

“Kick Into the Fun” of the East Wake Soccer Association

Youth basketball runs nearly year-round in Knightdale for both boys and girls.

Another of popular choice in Knightdale Youth Athletics offers both a Spring and Fall season for girls and boys. The local soccer programs offer fun for all ages. Like those above, however, they too are highly successful.

Much of the Spring and Fall soccer seasons are played right at Knightdale Station Park. The soccer programs are offered by the East Wake Soccer Association (EWSA). EWSA offers the sport for Knightdale, Wendell, and Zebulon residents ages 4-18. The EWSA lists their own mission statement on the official Town of Knightdale website and it is as follows.

“Children playing soccer in a positive atmosphere of sportsmanship and learning will always be our mission. 100% volunteer-driven since 1981, we remain devoted to the youth of our communities here in eastern Wake County. “

Boys and girls of all ages can play in either the Spring and Fall soccer leagues offered in Knightdale.

If Two Seasons Isn’t Enough, “Go to the Hoop” for Three with the Knightdale Youth Athletics Basketball Programs

The Knightdale Youth Athletics programs usually have a Summer and Fall season. But, the boys and girls basketball programs in Knightdale also have a Winter season. The longest of the three seasons is the Winter program. This runs from November – February.

Both the Fall and Summer Knightdale Youth Athletics basketball programs go for about two months. The Fall program runs from mid-September until mid-November, while Summer starts in May and ends in July.

Each of the Knightdale Youth Athletics basketball programs usually sees one or two practices and games per week. Occasionally, they also have a Saturday afternoon game on occasion.

The Knightdale Youth Athletic programs are a great way for the kids to stay active and have fun. For more information on the baseball, softball, and basketball programs, visit knightdalenc.gov. For more on the soccer programs, visit eastwakesoccer.org.