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In this the final installment of our three-part series on Bonus Room Choices, we will take a look at four more possibilities to fill that empty space in your new dream home at Knightdale Station. We have detailed eight possible uses for your bonus room in the first two articles of this series and as noted above, will touch on four more Bonus Room Choices in this piece as well. 

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Now that you have reviewed and are thinking of all those great possibilities: here are four more!!! To start, we will look to appeal to the “creative one (s)” under your roof.

The library, or personal study is a bonus room option that can help for quiet reading, research, and studying.

Bonus Room Choices for the “Rock Star” in Your Home!

In our “bonus room” series, we’ve discussed options for exercise, art, the children, and even a kitchenette. However, the next of our Bonus Room Choices will appeal to the resident musician under your roof. Yes, this suggestion is to turn that space into a “Music Room.”

The possibilities for this are practically endless, depending on what type of musician you are. Fill the room with instruments, music stands, amplifiers, speakers, and stereo equipment and you are on your way. Adding some music-themed decor and some “sound absorbing” items to the room to keep the sound from reverberating throughout the house can complete the room, and now all that awaits is the sweet sounds that will no doubt come from within the room.

Shhhh! Keep it “Quiet” with your own Library/Reading Room

A bonus bedroom, if done correctly can make a visitor feel right at home.

We move from the amplified and “rockin'” sounds of a music room to an area of silence and serenity in the next of our “Bonus Room Choices.” It’s always a good idea to encourage your young ones to read, and especially coupling this with a member of the family who is enthusiastic about their books, turning your extra space into a reading room or library is another great suggestion from the folks at Nader’s. 

Making this a comfortable and quiet space can be accomplished quite simply actually. Seating can be whatever is your preferred method. Maybe include some fun, comfortable seats for the kids such as bean bag chairs? Add in bright lighting to go along with your book and magazine collection, and you are on your way to “home librarian” status.

Are you Ready for It? An Actual Bonus “Bedroom!”

I would have to say that when someone first begins the process of building a new home or makes a purchase and there is a bonus room that this would be the most common thought for its usage. A spare bedroom. The reasons for this choice are obvious. Visiting family, friends, your children’s friends for “sleep-overs.” All great reasons to choose this from our Bonus Room Choices and make it an extra bedroom.

A nice, comfortable bed with clean sheets and blankets are a must for the spare bedroom. Likewise, in this clean and tidy space, we have detailed the “make them feel at home” in previous blogs, so maybe a small table and some type of seating as well. The guest or extra bedroom can be a big stress reliever whether you have planned visitors or last-minute surprise guests.

What’s More Important than Your Work? A Home Office Can Keep you on Top of Your Game.

The “rock-n-roller” in the house would no doubt love a Music Room.

This is our final suggestion in our three-part series on Bonus Room Choices. (In no particular order of importance, the choice is ALL yours!) But when it comes to the importance of “what you do” in everyday life, the thought of turning that extra room into a home office seems to make a lot of sense. Whether it is a place that you can get work done at home or simply a quiet area to pay your bills and such, a home office is a space that most can benefit from having.

The addition of a computer and desk can bring this option from our Bonus Room Choices to the “next level.” Filing cabinets to keep your records, a bookshelf, and a comfortable desk chair and you are on your way to a great home workspace. Don’t forget to stock up on pens and paper and to “clock in and out” when you arrive and leave (Just kidding about clocking in…this is your home, remember!!!)

All Bonus Room Choices Aside…the Choice is All Yours!

While we have used some suggestions from the experts at Nader’s and combined their thoughts with ours, the usage of your bonus room is a choice that is really all up to you. With the 12 different Bonus Room Choices we have offered up, we aim to give you some ideas to expand upon. 

However, once you’ve found your ideal home plan (or home) at the Knightdale Station new home community, what you use a bonus room for is one that you can address as quickly as you like or take your time with. For more information on new homes available at Knightdale Station, visit

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Continuing on with the second of our three-part series on Bonus Room Options, we look at four more possibilities to turn that extra space in your home into one of the best rooms in the house. We again utilize suggestions from the experts at and will look at four more ways that you can add a specific area to explore your personal interests…no matter what those may be. Following this article, we will look at our final four Bonus Room Options, in the next posting to our blog.

No Excuses: Bonus Room Options to Increase Strength and Stamina Right at Home

Strength and stamina through whatever type workout equipment you like in you “home gym” bonus room.

How many of us are always thinking, “I’ve got to get myself in shape?” It sure is easy to find an excuse, however, to not go to the local gym. Am I right? Well, with the next of our Bonus Room Options, there are no more excuses about commuting or not liking to work out at the gym. This is because next on our Bonus Room Options is a home gym.

Now, no one expects a “state-of-the-art” professional athletics team workout facility in your spare room. By a home gym, this idea from our Bonus Room Options can cater to your needs. You may opt for a treadmill or some type of cardio machine. Possibly you would include weights. Other ideas may include mats for yoga. Regardless, whatever you choose, your home gym can be as much or little as you choose. The addition of a mirror on the wall, a television, and a fan or two to keep it cool in your “home gym,” is all you need to get that exercise and put your bonus space to great use, too.

From a “Work” Out to “Play” Time: Bonus Room Options for the Kids!

A little creativity as shown in this and the photo at top, can lead to a great “Play Room” for the kids.

Ok, so the next of our Bonus Room Options is one that could solve a problem that any young family can relate to. That problem would be clutter…and not just any clutter. Toys, stuffed animals, games, books, and so on…are you following me yet? That’s right, this option is for the little ones, and with a little creativity, your bonus room can be their fun, new playroom.

It is certainly not strange for families with young children to have a designated room for toys and such. As a matter of fact, just ask anyone who has repeatedly stepped on a LEGO their thoughts on this! For one, you keep the clutter that came from your kids in just one room here. Plus, you can also make them a pretty fun room to reflect the things they enjoy most with the decoration here. Most importantly is in when having company over, you can simply keep the door shut. Thus, that mess of toys that you dread picking up again is out of sight.

Color and Creativity Await with the Next Option

A few pieces to hang on the wall, an easel and supplies can turn the room into a studio

Time to let those “creative juices” flow with our next entry from the Bonus Room Options. This can be a room that is enjoyed by all ages of members of your household, as you turn the room into an art studio. Again, like the “home gym” spoken of earlier, you can go as “in” or as simple as you’d like on this one…the choice is yours!

That being said, with the addition of a few easels, some storage-type units to store art supplies that can be used in the “studio.” Now, an art studio is going to have its “messy moments,” so one option is to replace the floor with a linoleum or vinyl type that looks good and cleans easy. Once again, the possibilities are endless with this project for our Bonus Room Options and would be used not only for leisurely painting or art you work on, but also for the kids’ school projects and the like, too.

A “Twist” on the Bonus Room idea Takes a “Dirty” Turn

This next of our Bonus Room Options is one I’d recommend in a space that there either is or could be a sink, as it could be used in many helpful ways. As a gesture to your resident “green thumb,” or if you simply have an interest in plants or gardening, this option would be a “green” or “gardening” room.

What is a “green” or “gardening” room you ask? Well, it is what it sounds like. It’s a place to complete gardening tasks. Its a room to repot your plants without the need for transporting them for spot to spot. Keep all your gardening tools (soil, pots, spades, etc.) on hand in this room as well. Likewise, utilize that sink to rinse fresh fruits and veggies you pick or to make a centerpiece with your fresh-grown flowers.

Whether You opt to Rest Up, Get Loud, or Just Get Some Work Done. We’ve Got More Ideas From Which You can Choose!

Our next blog post will be the final one in this series on Bonus Room Options. In that piece, we will discuss and detail our final four Bonus Room options. Much like those in this article, there are an array of different choices depending on personal tastes. In our third and final piece, we will look at ideas for a musician, a “book worm, “ or a visitor!

To see more of our Bonus Room Options, you can visit the previous article from our blog at Likewise take a detailed look at these bonus room suggestions and more, visit


You’ve just decided to build your new dream home in the Knightdale Station new home community. You have ideas and design plans, for your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and all points throughout. However, you may still be unsure of what to make that fantastic extra space with the unfinished room you have. Luckily for you, the experts at recently released a helpful list of Bonus Room Ideas that may help you choose what you’d like to do with that space. 

A walk-in closet space is a popular “bonus room idea” that can always be helpful for extra space.

Bonus Room Ideas: Games, Food, or a Movie Anyone???

The possibilities may not be endless, but with a decent sized bonus room, they may be pretty close. Naders, the popular California-based furniture experts, name 12 Bonus Room Ideas for you to ponder as you decide what to do with your space.

Get Ready with Plenty of Space and Storage

Starting on the top Bonus Room Ideas listing is a walk-in closet. At, they explain the reasoning and perks on turning this space into such and area. “If you are the kind of person that always seems to have more clothes and shoes than closet space.” It goes on to finish saying, “you might love the idea of turning your spare room into a giant walk-in closet.”

Moving on to suggest what to include as part of these, the article continues. “Add a few clothes racks, a vanity table with a mirror, and lots of shelves and drawers. You will soon turn your wasted space into the perfect place to get ready for school, work, or a night out.”

A game room or “man cave” is certainly an option that many choose to use their bonus room space for.

Sit Back and Relax in a Home Theater

The next idea that is detailed for Bonus Room Ideas is a Home Theater. Do not get drawn in and worried thinking this idea is only doable by spending outrageous amounts of money… because that is certainly not the case. While you may splurge if you like, this can also be an inexpensive method if you’d rather.

Just as long as your family likes to relax, whether for movies, sports, or a favorite TV program, the Bonus Room Ideas to make this a Home Theatre is a great one. Again, Nader’s offers up how to approach the Home Theater room and different ways you may set it up. “If you want to go big or go home, you can add in a row of recliners with built-in cup holders and a large, flat-screen TV. Other, more cost-conscious families might opt for an older TV and a well-loved sofa, recliner, or a few beanbag chairs. Pair your seating area with blankets, pillows, and popcorn and you will have the perfect place to relax and unwind.”

Cards? Billiards? Bonus Room Ideas for a Game Room

Sticking with the entertainment theme, our next listing of Bonus Room Ideas is a Game Room. This like the previous idea could be done in either simple of grand fashion. The Nader’s team touch on a few ways to approach the game room idea.

“Combine a pool table or a poker table with a cozy lounge area,” it begins. “You will be well on your way to hosting a relaxed group of friends or neighbors. You could upgrade the game room by including a built-in bar, complete with a mini-fridge full of cold drinks and maybe even a wine rack.”

A kitchenette or area for drinks and snacks has been an increasingly popular way to utilize a bonus room in recent times.

Snacks and Refreshments: Bring a Bit of the Kitchen to Your Bonus Room Ideas

The top Bonus Room Ideas for 2020 continue, and our next entry is a kitchenette. “Keeping a few snacks and cold drinks in a kitchenette can be extremely convenient for busy families.” Nader’s continues explain, “especially those with larger houses.”

“This works particularly well for spare rooms that are located in the basement or on the home’s upper floors.” It concludes, “Grab a snack between activities or a cold drink to keep you going during a long day.”

Creativity, Health and the Kids: More Bonus Room Ideas Discussion is Ahead.

In our next post in this series, we will look at several more creative and practical Bonus Room Ideas. This will take us to places that the whole family can enjoy, whether they want to use their creativity, muscles, or just have fun.

To see more of Bonus Room Ideas at Nader’s, visit Likewise, for more information on the builders or new homes at Knightdale Station, go to