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Continuing on with the second of our three-part series on Bonus Room Options, we look at four more possibilities to turn that extra space in your home into one of the best rooms in the house. We again utilize suggestions from the experts at and will look at four more ways that you can add a specific area to explore your personal interests…no matter what those may be. Following this article, we will look at our final four Bonus Room Options, in the next posting to our blog.

No Excuses: Bonus Room Options to Increase Strength and Stamina Right at Home

Strength and stamina through whatever type workout equipment you like in you “home gym” bonus room.

How many of us are always thinking, “I’ve got to get myself in shape?” It sure is easy to find an excuse, however, to not go to the local gym. Am I right? Well, with the next of our Bonus Room Options, there are no more excuses about commuting or not liking to work out at the gym. This is because next on our Bonus Room Options is a home gym.

Now, no one expects a “state-of-the-art” professional athletics team workout facility in your spare room. By a home gym, this idea from our Bonus Room Options can cater to your needs. You may opt for a treadmill or some type of cardio machine. Possibly you would include weights. Other ideas may include mats for yoga. Regardless, whatever you choose, your home gym can be as much or little as you choose. The addition of a mirror on the wall, a television, and a fan or two to keep it cool in your “home gym,” is all you need to get that exercise and put your bonus space to great use, too.

From a “Work” Out to “Play” Time: Bonus Room Options for the Kids!

A little creativity as shown in this and the photo at top, can lead to a great “Play Room” for the kids.

Ok, so the next of our Bonus Room Options is one that could solve a problem that any young family can relate to. That problem would be clutter…and not just any clutter. Toys, stuffed animals, games, books, and so on…are you following me yet? That’s right, this option is for the little ones, and with a little creativity, your bonus room can be their fun, new playroom.

It is certainly not strange for families with young children to have a designated room for toys and such. As a matter of fact, just ask anyone who has repeatedly stepped on a LEGO their thoughts on this! For one, you keep the clutter that came from your kids in just one room here. Plus, you can also make them a pretty fun room to reflect the things they enjoy most with the decoration here. Most importantly is in when having company over, you can simply keep the door shut. Thus, that mess of toys that you dread picking up again is out of sight.

Color and Creativity Await with the Next Option

A few pieces to hang on the wall, an easel and supplies can turn the room into a studio

Time to let those “creative juices” flow with our next entry from the Bonus Room Options. This can be a room that is enjoyed by all ages of members of your household, as you turn the room into an art studio. Again, like the “home gym” spoken of earlier, you can go as “in” or as simple as you’d like on this one…the choice is yours!

That being said, with the addition of a few easels, some storage-type units to store art supplies that can be used in the “studio.” Now, an art studio is going to have its “messy moments,” so one option is to replace the floor with a linoleum or vinyl type that looks good and cleans easy. Once again, the possibilities are endless with this project for our Bonus Room Options and would be used not only for leisurely painting or art you work on, but also for the kids’ school projects and the like, too.

A “Twist” on the Bonus Room idea Takes a “Dirty” Turn

This next of our Bonus Room Options is one I’d recommend in a space that there either is or could be a sink, as it could be used in many helpful ways. As a gesture to your resident “green thumb,” or if you simply have an interest in plants or gardening, this option would be a “green” or “gardening” room.

What is a “green” or “gardening” room you ask? Well, it is what it sounds like. It’s a place to complete gardening tasks. Its a room to repot your plants without the need for transporting them for spot to spot. Keep all your gardening tools (soil, pots, spades, etc.) on hand in this room as well. Likewise, utilize that sink to rinse fresh fruits and veggies you pick or to make a centerpiece with your fresh-grown flowers.

Whether You opt to Rest Up, Get Loud, or Just Get Some Work Done. We’ve Got More Ideas From Which You can Choose!

Our next blog post will be the final one in this series on Bonus Room Options. In that piece, we will discuss and detail our final four Bonus Room options. Much like those in this article, there are an array of different choices depending on personal tastes. In our third and final piece, we will look at ideas for a musician, a “book worm, “ or a visitor!

To see more of our Bonus Room Options, you can visit the previous article from our blog at Likewise take a detailed look at these bonus room suggestions and more, visit


Whether it’s a sunny day and a stroll through the nearby park or walking trails. It could be all the great family events, social gatherings or restaurant options. Likewise, it might just be how much you love your new home in Knightdale at the Knightdale Station neighborhood. Regardless, it is hard to deny a  look around at residents seems to see one constant, a big smile. Thus, it is as no surprise to residents in town that Knightdale is in the Top 10 rankings for Happiest City in NC.

Happiest-City-in-NC-Knightdale Station

The warm, sunny weather and beautiful scenery at spots like Mingo Creek Trail factor into Knightdale being a “Happy City.”

Who Decides the Happiest City in NC?

The experts at have been compiling rankings and studies such as this one for the past seven years. At their official site, they describe themselves as follow. HomeSnacks combines recent data from the Census, FBI, OpenStreetMaps, and dozens of other sources into studies to help you understand what it’s like to live in different communities across the country. “We have been professionally ranking cities, neighborhoods, counties, and states across America for over seven years.” They continue, “Our research takes into account the unique aspects of what it means to live in a particular location.” Concluding, the article states, “We crunch a complicated set of data points to rank cities in fun and interesting ways.”

A high percentage of happily married couples was another of the criteria which Knightdale scores highly in.

What Makes Somewhere the Happiest City in NC?

In the analysis process by, there is set criteria to research and calculate for each of their study. “To rank the happiest places in North Carolina,” Homesnack blogger, Nick Johnson explains. “We had to determine what criteria makes people happy.”  “It isn’t a stretch to assume that happy people earn great salaries, are relatively stress free,” Johnson continues. “They have a stable home life and live where the weather is nice.” Johnson added, “So we scraped the internet for those criteria, and it spit out the answer.”

“We threw a lot of criteria at this one to get the best, most complete results possible.” Johnson goes on, “Using FBI crime data, the government census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Sperling’s Best Places, and Twitter, this is the criteria we used.” (See below)

  • Percentage of residents with a college degree
  • Average commute times
  • Employment rates
  • Cost of living
  • Percent of homeowners
  • Sunny days
  • Percent of married couples
  • Crime rate


The high percentage of homeowners at Knightdale Station and across town also factor into the overall happiness.

Why Exactly is Knightdale so “Happy?”

In the Homesnacks detailed research, it shows all municipalities and their rank in all of the above areas. Incredibly, with nearly 100 cities and towns ranked, Knightdale place in the upper 50 percent in every single category. Even more amazing is that in six of the nine areas judges, Knightdale was in the top twenty.

These areas that played a major factor in Knightdale placing as sixth Happiest City in NC are as follows. The town’s low cost of living and coupled high average median household income is sure residents happy. Likewise, a very low unemployment and divorce rate both scored high for Knightdale in the poll. Another area Knightdale scored well in was “sunny days,” as according to official statistics the sun shines brightly over 65 percent of the time in Knightdale.

With all of the incredible amenities and events at the Knightdale Station new home neighborhood, it is easy to be happy. To see more on the Happiest Cities in NC listings, visit For information on the great new homes available at the “happiest” community in town, Knightdale Station, visit












The Town of Knightdale has built upon several holiday traditions since the opening of Knightdale Station Park. Each of these has grown to become highly anticipated gatherings that the entire family looks forward to. With three different age groups for an Easter egg hunt and a variety of other activities, the Knightdale Easter Event to be held on Wednesday, April 8 has become one of these traditional holiday events.

An “Eggstraordinary” Time…at the Station

The annual Easter egg hunts at Knightdale Station Park have 3 separate age groups. This way all the kids can get their fair share of goodies.

The official name of the annual Knightdale Easter Event is the Knightdale Spring Sprouts Easter Eggstraordinaire. As stated above, this years’ Knightdale Easter Event will again take place at Knightdale Station Park for the seventh consecutive year. The event was moved from the Knightdale Recreation Center for the 2014 Knightdale Easter Event to its current location following the opening of Knightdale Station.

This years’ Knightdale Easter Event will be on a Wednesday evening (April 8), starting at 6:00 p.m. The Easter Egg Hunt, always a favorite of the kids, will once again be held on Soccer Field 1 at Knightdale Station. There will once again be three separate age groups for the “hunt.” These will be ages 0-5, 4-5, and 6-8. There will also be a seperate designated area for an egg hunt for special needs chidren too.

Knightdale Easter Event is Much More Than Just an Egg Hunt

A variety of food trucks have become yet another tradition at Knightdale Station Park events. The trucks will again be on hand for this April 8 event.

On top of the youngsters seeking out Easter eggs, there will be a host of other activities to take part in at this event. One of the most fun activities for the kids is getting to meet and get a picture with the Easter Bunny.

in addition to the Easter Bunny “meet and greet,”there will be several other fun-filled family friendly activities between the 6:00 p.m. start time and the 7:30 finish. These will of course include what is know a staple in Knightdale Station Park events, food trucks. Likewise, their will be several inflatable for the kids top “bounce” in at this Knightdale Easter Event. The remainder of activities will include a live children’s musical performance and train rides through the park among others.

Big Bang Boom: “…Music as Much for the Parents as for the Kids”

The “children’s live music act” of Big Bang Boom has become a huge favorite among kids and parents across North Carolina.

The aforementioned live musical children’s performance at the Knightdale Easter Event will be by Big Bang Boom. For those unfamiliar with the band, they are probably best described in the following words at their official website.

“Big Bang Boom’s live show is high energy and both parents and children find it hard to stay in their seats. From calling the kids on stage for the “Spongebob Chorus” to the “Parents vs. the Kids Hokey-Pokey Challenge,” BigBang Boom has made certain that there is no sitting down at this fun and energetic show.” Their “About the Band” section concludes explaning the following. “Playing covers (with a twist) combined with their hard-rockin’ funky original music has made Big Bang Boom the highest demanded children’s act in North Carolina.”

All Scheduled Activities for the Knightdale Knightdale Spring Sprouts Easter Eggstraordinaire

  • 3 Easter Egg Hunts (Ages 0-3, 4-5, and 6-8)
  • Seperate Area Special Needs Children Easter Egg Hunt
  • Easter Bunny “Meet and Greet” with Photo Ops
  • Live Music by Big Bang Boom
  • Train Rides through the Park
  • Inflatables
  • Food Trucks
The Town of Knightdale reminds each child to bring an Easter basket for the Easter egg hunts.

All activities other than the Easter Egg hunts will take place in the grassy areas at the park. These are located at the amphitheater, the stage, and under the pavillions. Each seperate area will be designated by signs accordingly. The Town of Knightdale reminds you to have each child bring an Easter basket for the egg hunts. This Knightdale Easter Event is a rain or shine activity and will go on regardless of cold weather.

For more information on this and all other upcoming Town of Knightdale events, visit To see all upcoming events taking place at Knightdale Station Park, visit the “Events” section at

Photo Credits: Town of Knightdale