When initial plans were set into place for the groundbreaking at Knightdale Station, Preston Development Company sought out the most trusted names in the home builder field. When their search was completed they came up with three of the most respected and innovative teams in the area. One of these teams is McKee Homes, who are currently celebrating their 10th anniversary. Consequently, if you planned to build or buy a new home, now is the perfect time to do so. This is because you can take advantage of the McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion at Knightdale Station.

There are many beautiful Mckee Homes that are “ready-to-move-in” at Knightdale Station.

10 Years of McKee Homes: Building Trust, Relationships and Quality Homes

Since first opening their doors a decade ago, McKee Homes has focused on the same mission statement to deliver the highest quality homes, while giving the client a hands-on and enjoyable experience throughout the building process. According to, that mission statement reads as follows. ” McKee Homes has highly skilled team members dedicated to creating the best home building and buying experience possible in Eastern North Carolina. 

One of the many things that have kept McKee Homes as one of the most desired home builders in the Triangle area has been their attention to detail, no matter how big or small. Keeping the customer abreast of each of these details and every single step of their building and construction has helped them form an unmatched bond between builder and client. Thus, it comes as no surprise that in celebrating a decade of McKee they would introduce the Knightdale Station 10th Anniversary Promotion.

Thinking of Taking Advantage of the Knightdale Station 10th Anniversary Promotion from McKee? Don’t Take Our Word for It…

As part of their 10th anniversary promotion, Mckee Homes is giving buyers new Whirlpool appliances.

The builder and customer relationship we speak of is no question the main factor in offering the Knightdale Station 10th Anniversary Promotion. But, rather than us tell you how the customer feels about working with the McKee team, we figured that we could let them tell you instead. An actual McKee homeowner, speaks of the working relationship between builder and buyer. She speaks very highly of her experience.

“We picked our floor plan, color scheme, and upgrades,” the customer stated. “We had a special request for certain out of the norm options (outlet in the ceiling for projector). They worked hard and finished our house almost 3 months ahead of schedule.”

In conclusion to summarize her “McKee experience,” this client continued. “McKee Homes has been very easy to work with. Any issue that has risen they have addressed, and either resolved or are in the process of resolving.” She adds, “They value their homebuyers’ opinions and try to make building/buying a home as easy as possible.”

“Building Life-Changing Moments,” to Celebrate a Decade of Unmatched Quality

This is another gorgeous McKee-built home…at the Station.

As discussed earlier, McKee Homes opened for business and began changing the game in the Raleigh home builder market in 2010. Fast forward to the present and they continue to deliver “life-changing moments.” The most recent way they are doing so is with the McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion. 

The promotion is a way of thanking the loyal McKee customer. Thus, for the remainder of March and all of April, the company will be offering the McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion. So, now is a perfect time for building or buying a McKee home at Knightdale Station.

The McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion at Knightdale Station includes the following.

  • Up to $5,000 towards your closing costs
  • A “Move-In Package” that includes the following brand-new Whirlpool appliances
  • Refrigerator (WRS315SDHM)
  • Washer (WTW4855HW)
  • Dryer (WED4950HW)

Sign up today at to find out more about this promotion. Also check their to see which available homes at Knightdale Station can save you the most money. The McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion ends on April 30, 2020. All homes must be contracted on or before this date for eligibility. To see the ready-to-move-in-McKee Homes currently available at Knightdale station, visit

Bonus-Room-Choices-Knightdale Station

In this the final installment of our three-part series on Bonus Room Choices, we will take a look at four more possibilities to fill that empty space in your new dream home at Knightdale Station. We have detailed eight possible uses for your bonus room in the first two articles of this series and as noted above, will touch on four more Bonus Room Choices in this piece as well. 

To view the previous two bonus room posts, follow the links below.

Bonus Room Ideas: Plenty of Options for Your Extra Space– Knightdale Station Blog- Feb. 6, 2020

A Little Imagination and Creativity Goes a Long Way with Bonus Room Options– Knightdale Station Blog- Feb. 21, 2020

Now that you have reviewed and are thinking of all those great possibilities: here are four more!!! To start, we will look to appeal to the “creative one (s)” under your roof.

The library, or personal study is a bonus room option that can help for quiet reading, research, and studying.

Bonus Room Choices for the “Rock Star” in Your Home!

In our “bonus room” series, we’ve discussed options for exercise, art, the children, and even a kitchenette. However, the next of our Bonus Room Choices will appeal to the resident musician under your roof. Yes, this suggestion is to turn that space into a “Music Room.”

The possibilities for this are practically endless, depending on what type of musician you are. Fill the room with instruments, music stands, amplifiers, speakers, and stereo equipment and you are on your way. Adding some music-themed decor and some “sound absorbing” items to the room to keep the sound from reverberating throughout the house can complete the room, and now all that awaits is the sweet sounds that will no doubt come from within the room.

Shhhh! Keep it “Quiet” with your own Library/Reading Room

A bonus bedroom, if done correctly can make a visitor feel right at home.

We move from the amplified and “rockin'” sounds of a music room to an area of silence and serenity in the next of our “Bonus Room Choices.” It’s always a good idea to encourage your young ones to read, and especially coupling this with a member of the family who is enthusiastic about their books, turning your extra space into a reading room or library is another great suggestion from the folks at Nader’s. 

Making this a comfortable and quiet space can be accomplished quite simply actually. Seating can be whatever is your preferred method. Maybe include some fun, comfortable seats for the kids such as bean bag chairs? Add in bright lighting to go along with your book and magazine collection, and you are on your way to “home librarian” status.

Are you Ready for It? An Actual Bonus “Bedroom!”

I would have to say that when someone first begins the process of building a new home or makes a purchase and there is a bonus room that this would be the most common thought for its usage. A spare bedroom. The reasons for this choice are obvious. Visiting family, friends, your children’s friends for “sleep-overs.” All great reasons to choose this from our Bonus Room Choices and make it an extra bedroom.

A nice, comfortable bed with clean sheets and blankets are a must for the spare bedroom. Likewise, in this clean and tidy space, we have detailed the “make them feel at home” in previous blogs, so maybe a small table and some type of seating as well. The guest or extra bedroom can be a big stress reliever whether you have planned visitors or last-minute surprise guests.

What’s More Important than Your Work? A Home Office Can Keep you on Top of Your Game.

The “rock-n-roller” in the house would no doubt love a Music Room.

This is our final suggestion in our three-part series on Bonus Room Choices. (In no particular order of importance, the choice is ALL yours!) But when it comes to the importance of “what you do” in everyday life, the thought of turning that extra room into a home office seems to make a lot of sense. Whether it is a place that you can get work done at home or simply a quiet area to pay your bills and such, a home office is a space that most can benefit from having.

The addition of a computer and desk can bring this option from our Bonus Room Choices to the “next level.” Filing cabinets to keep your records, a bookshelf, and a comfortable desk chair and you are on your way to a great home workspace. Don’t forget to stock up on pens and paper and to “clock in and out” when you arrive and leave (Just kidding about clocking in…this is your home, remember!!!)

All Bonus Room Choices Aside…the Choice is All Yours!

While we have used some suggestions from the experts at Nader’s and combined their thoughts with ours, the usage of your bonus room is a choice that is really all up to you. With the 12 different Bonus Room Choices we have offered up, we aim to give you some ideas to expand upon. 

However, once you’ve found your ideal home plan (or home) at the Knightdale Station new home community, what you use a bonus room for is one that you can address as quickly as you like or take your time with. For more information on new homes available at Knightdale Station, visit


The Town of Knightdale has built upon several holiday traditions since the opening of Knightdale Station Park. Each of these has grown to become highly anticipated gatherings that the entire family looks forward to. With three different age groups for an Easter egg hunt and a variety of other activities, the Knightdale Easter Event to be held on Wednesday, April 8 has become one of these traditional holiday events.

An “Eggstraordinary” Time…at the Station

The annual Easter egg hunts at Knightdale Station Park have 3 separate age groups. This way all the kids can get their fair share of goodies.

The official name of the annual Knightdale Easter Event is the Knightdale Spring Sprouts Easter Eggstraordinaire. As stated above, this years’ Knightdale Easter Event will again take place at Knightdale Station Park for the seventh consecutive year. The event was moved from the Knightdale Recreation Center for the 2014 Knightdale Easter Event to its current location following the opening of Knightdale Station.

This years’ Knightdale Easter Event will be on a Wednesday evening (April 8), starting at 6:00 p.m. The Easter Egg Hunt, always a favorite of the kids, will once again be held on Soccer Field 1 at Knightdale Station. There will once again be three separate age groups for the “hunt.” These will be ages 0-5, 4-5, and 6-8. There will also be a seperate designated area for an egg hunt for special needs chidren too.

Knightdale Easter Event is Much More Than Just an Egg Hunt

A variety of food trucks have become yet another tradition at Knightdale Station Park events. The trucks will again be on hand for this April 8 event.

On top of the youngsters seeking out Easter eggs, there will be a host of other activities to take part in at this event. One of the most fun activities for the kids is getting to meet and get a picture with the Easter Bunny.

in addition to the Easter Bunny “meet and greet,”there will be several other fun-filled family friendly activities between the 6:00 p.m. start time and the 7:30 finish. These will of course include what is know a staple in Knightdale Station Park events, food trucks. Likewise, their will be several inflatable for the kids top “bounce” in at this Knightdale Easter Event. The remainder of activities will include a live children’s musical performance and train rides through the park among others.

Big Bang Boom: “…Music as Much for the Parents as for the Kids”

The “children’s live music act” of Big Bang Boom has become a huge favorite among kids and parents across North Carolina.

The aforementioned live musical children’s performance at the Knightdale Easter Event will be by Big Bang Boom. For those unfamiliar with the band, they are probably best described in the following words at their official website.

“Big Bang Boom’s live show is high energy and both parents and children find it hard to stay in their seats. From calling the kids on stage for the “Spongebob Chorus” to the “Parents vs. the Kids Hokey-Pokey Challenge,” BigBang Boom has made certain that there is no sitting down at this fun and energetic show.” Their “About the Band” section concludes explaning the following. “Playing covers (with a twist) combined with their hard-rockin’ funky original music has made Big Bang Boom the highest demanded children’s act in North Carolina.”

All Scheduled Activities for the Knightdale Knightdale Spring Sprouts Easter Eggstraordinaire

  • 3 Easter Egg Hunts (Ages 0-3, 4-5, and 6-8)
  • Seperate Area Special Needs Children Easter Egg Hunt
  • Easter Bunny “Meet and Greet” with Photo Ops
  • Live Music by Big Bang Boom
  • Train Rides through the Park
  • Inflatables
  • Food Trucks
The Town of Knightdale reminds each child to bring an Easter basket for the Easter egg hunts.

All activities other than the Easter Egg hunts will take place in the grassy areas at the park. These are located at the amphitheater, the stage, and under the pavillions. Each seperate area will be designated by signs accordingly. The Town of Knightdale reminds you to have each child bring an Easter basket for the egg hunts. This Knightdale Easter Event is a rain or shine activity and will go on regardless of cold weather.

For more information on this and all other upcoming Town of Knightdale events, visit To see all upcoming events taking place at Knightdale Station Park, visit the “Events” section at

Photo Credits: Town of Knightdale