By John Ashbery

A problem neighbor can be a huge aggravation, and that aggravation can continue as long as you live at that location. The problem might involve excessive noise, annoying pets, troublesome children, or property-line transgressions.

While it is not possible to satisfactorily resolve all neighborhood disputes, there are certain steps you can take to reduce or alleviate such squabbles. Here are seven tips for dealing with a problem neighbor.

  1. Make an effort to get to know all your neighbors. This is something you should do before any problems develop. From the moment you move into a house, you should consciously work to develop at least a minimal relationship with each of your neighbors. This can consist of as little as a smile or a nod, or as much as an invitation to a backyard barbeque. If you do this, you’ll have a basis for discussing and amicably resolving any problem that arises.
  1. Take a deep breath before you complain. Whether the problem is a raucous party, a barking dog, or some other annoyance, don’t respond aggressively or with intense anger. Instead, wait until you’re calm and then take action.
  1. Try talking. Unless there is a history of unresolved problems and enmity with the particular neighbor, the first step is always to talk to them. Approach the neighbor calmly and respectfully, and explain your concerns. Avoid escalating the problem at this stage. If the neighbor’s response is not helpful, simply end the conversation politely and return to your home. If their response is constructive, try to find common ground and then agree to a resolution.
  1. If you think the neighbor’s conduct might contravene municipal ordinances, do research. Rules on noise and other matters vary from city to city. Do your homework to determine whether there is a legal basis for your complaint in your own city.
  1. Document the dispute. If the problem is not resolved in your initial conversation with the neighbor (step 3 above), start writing an account of the dispute. Include dates, times, summaries of conversations, and other pertinent information. If the matter is eventually reported to the police or otherwise becomes the basis of a legal dispute, this documentation will be invaluable.
  1. Call police. If the problem continues and the neighbor shows no willingness to resolve it, and your research indicates a local law may have been broken, call police. Be aware, however, that the police are usually reluctant to get involved in neighbor disputes unless the disagreement escalates to violence or vandalism.
  1. Hire a lawyer. If all else fails, and you believe your neighbor has violated municipal ordinances, you can hire a lawyer. The lawyer will then launch a legal action. This is definitely the last resort. Even if you win some sort of victory in court, your victory is not completely satisfying – because you must continue to live beside the neighbor who was defeatet, and who is probably quite angry about that!

Disputes between neighbors can become quite unsettling. The transgression is usually not serious; most neighborhood disputes don’t involve murder or armed robbery. However, the proximity of the other party can result in elevated antagonism. The best advice is precautionary: strive to maintain good relations with those who live nearby.

Active Lifestyle in Knightdale NC

The Town of Knightdale Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Programs Department received a grant earlier this month from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina to “transform a public area into an imaginative space for families to play and be active outdoors,” which will see “PlayPrints” installed at Knightdale Station Park, promoting an Active Lifestyle in Knightdale NC for residents of all ages.

According to a press release from the Town of Knightdale’s website, “PlayPrints are ground markings, or colorful shapes and games that are painted on existing pavement. The bright colors and interactive designs are meant to encourage visitors to take part in more physical activity.”

Through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield grant initaives, which all North Carolina community agencies were invited to apply for, the PlayPrints will be surfacing at open play spaces as part of the organization’s “Get Outside North Carolina! (GO NC!) program. GO NC has been responsible for building healthy outdoor living habits across the state by helping with the advancement of greenway systems, increasing access for publc bicyclists, and overall promotion of outdoor activity, much as they are doing at Knightdale Station Park to help encourage a more Active Lifestyle in Knightdale NC.

With options at Knightdale Station Park for a better Active Lifestyle in Knightdale NC already including numerous walking trails, a dog park, athletic fields, and the YMCA at Knightdale Station’s summer camps, the addition of PlayPrints figures to offer another feature that the whole family can use together and have some fun while engaging in various physical activities.

Speaking on the grant received that will add even more options for an Active Lifestyle in Knightdale NC, Parks , Recreation, and Cultural Programs Director, Tina Cheek, said, “Receiving a PlayPrints grant at Knightdale Station Park is a helpful step as we continue to grow healthy and active opportunities in our community.” She concluded, “Park visitors will have new creative ways to engage with our public space and have fun participating in physical activity outdoors.”

To read more on the PlayPrints grant and information on all the other great ways you can achieve a more Active Lifestyle in Knightdale NC visit the Town of Knightdale website at For more on all the great amenities and new homes and lots for sale at Knightdale Station, visit

(Photo is courtesy of Megan Thornton and the Town of Knightdale)

Active Lifestyle in NC

Boasting the youngest median age in Wake County, with an average resident age of 30.7 years old, the consistent growth in Knightdale is in large part due to the town’s many outdoor living options. The beautiful walking trails right on site at the Knightdale Station new home community as well as the near by Mingo Creek Trail, which links to the more extensive Neuse River Trail, provide its youthful residents a link to the Active Lifestyle in NC they so desire.

The scenic on site trails for biking, running, or walking at the Knightdale Station new home community give residents of all ages a chance to “stay on the move” and discover an Active Lifestyle in NC with the convenience of being right in their own neighborhood. The YMCA at Knightdale Station is another way to achieve an Active Lifestyle in NC, with all of the amenities that are synonymous with the “Y” name to help keep you and your children both active and fit, including a spectacular new swimming pool that opened in early July. Speaking to the excitement of the arrival of the YMCA at Knightdale Station to the town’s youthful residents, Mayor Russell Killen noted, “The Y is an extremely good match for us.  Just like the Knightdale Station Park that has been full since we opened it in 2013, the YMCA is exactly what the community was looking for.” He added, “We have a young community with an average age of 30.7 years old. That means young, growing families. These are the people who need the Y.”

In addition to these ways to achieve an Active Lifestyle in NC at Knightdale Station with in the new home community, there also are many near by options including the Mingo Creek Trail, which opened to the public in the spring of 2014 and connects Knightdale to Raleigh’s more extensive Neuse River Trail. Walking distance from Knightdale Station, the Mingo Creek Trail, is a 2.5-mile greenway that was patterned after the Neuse River Trail, made partially of asphalt and partially boardwalk for local runners, cyclists, and walkers. It also connects Knightdale directly to the Neuse River Trail, allowing them to actually travel the trails as far North as the Falls Lake in North Raleigh and to the south as far as Clayton. The 10-foot wide trail has plenty of space for anyone whether a cyclist or a parent pushing a stroller.

Hitting the trails…at the Station!

Hitting the trails…at the Station!

With the continued growth in the “youngest town in Wake County,” Knightdale has made a concerted attempt to assist in providing the Active Lifestyle in NC desired by its residents, as explained by the town’s Park and Recreation Director, Tina Cheek, who said, “Knightdale has grown very quickly in recent years, and it looks like that will continue for a while. With lots of new families, we’re seeing a renewed appreciation for outdoor amenities.” She concluded that the trails and a focus on these type amenities are “…part of a comprehensive plan to provide an atmosphere that encourages physical activity.”

(Photo credits to Megan Thornton and the Town of Knightdale)