This past Monday, December 3, the Wake County Board of Commissioners (WCBOC) met and approved the awarding of over $550,000 in construction contracts, as well as giving their approval on all project funding in  what will certainly help the children in the area to “stay cool” all summer long, as construction will begin next month with a tentative opening date of Spring 2019 on an all- new Knightdale Splash Park to be located at Knightdale Station Park.

The plan for the Knightdale Splash Park (rendering pictured above) has been in the works since the initial plans were drawn up for the Knightdale Station community in 2016, as evidenced by the “Project Location Map” which was shown at Monday’s meeting, detailing all of the projects that have been completed and those that were planned to be implemented at some point when the town’s “first master planned community” was still just in its planning stages.

The wheels on the Knightdale Splash Pad were then set into motion first at the July 17, 2017 WCBOC meeting when the “Housing and Community Revitalization Action Plan” was approved. This plan saw the allocation of $330,000 through a Community Development Block Grant go toward the project, with the Town of Knightdale being responsible for matching some of these funds, which they did, appropriating $245,000 to go toward the Knightdale Splash Park, which according to the “Item Summary” attached to the official minutes of the 12/3/18 WCBOD meeting explains, “will provide recreation and cooling relief from the summer heat for…children in  the immediate neighborhoods as well as the greater community.”

A slight hitch in the process occurred when the Knightdale Splash Pad project was put out for bidding, and once received on October 10, 2018, it was discovered that all the bids received came in significantly higher than the projected $575,000 budget. Not to be deferred and keeping the kids across the community in mind, the design of the Knightdale Splash Park was slightly altered and there was a re-bid that included a cost request for the design and separate pricing for anything that may be considered an “add-on” to the project.

So, with the bids coming in at considerably lower than the first time around (and eventually awarded to Jackson Builders of Goldsboro), the ball was left in the court of the town of Knightdale, who would be responsible, as written in the initial plan for the Knightdale Splash Park, for any funding above the original allotted amount needed for construction. Stepping up to the plate to “keep the kids cool” in the blistering summer heat, the town approved the extra funding necessary at their own November 5, 2018 meeting and the WCBOC voted at this past Monday’s meeting to accept said funds and move forward with their awarding of $553,132.41 for the construction of the Knightdale Splash Pad, which will begin in January 2019 so that once Spring rolls around and the temperature begins to rise, the new addition…at the Station, will be ready to help the youngsters “beat the heat.”

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knightdale-outdoor-festival-knightdale Station

On Saturday, April 14, the newest Knightdale Outdoor Festival to be added to the already incredible lineup of fun filled family events will take place, as Knightdale Station Park will play host to you ringing in the season as part of the Spring Sprouts Fest.

At the official Town of Knightdale website, they describe what can be expected at the new Knightdale Outdoor Festival, stating, “Knightdale, Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Programs will host the first annual Spring Sprout Fest. Bring the family for a fun-filled free event, to welcome in Spring, and enjoy fun activities that will definitely melt away the winter blues.”

Kicking things off at the new Knightdale Outdoor Festival will be the “Two Green Thumbs Plant sale,” where you can purchase some beautiful new plants for your home, or items in which you can begin growing some at your residence. This commences at 7:00 am and runs throughout the day until 2:00 pm.

This day will not only play as host to the new Knightdale Outdoor Festival celebrating the dawning of the new season, but it will also mark the kickoff of another weekly event synonymous with Spring in Knightdale, as the opening of the season for the “Market at Knightdale Station” kicks off at 10:00 am, and also runs until the event finishes at 2 pm.

Additionally, for the younger members of the family, the always popular inflatables will be on hand, as will the “Touch a Truck” portion of this Knightdale Outdoor Festival, when the little ones can see and explore a variety of different vehicles.

Live music will serve as the backdrop for the event, as the popular sounds of local favorites, the “Gen X Band” will no doubt have the crowd dancing and swaying from 11:30 am when they begin until 1:30 pm. This Knightdale Outdoor Festival is not different from so many of the others, as there will be a variety of food trucks on hand, offering up delicious food and beverages for all to enjoy.

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