Your Active Lifestyle Waits With Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC

Outdoor-Living-in-Knightdale-NC-Mingo Creek- Knightdale Station

Our next series of posts will focus on active lifestyle options and amenities in the Town of Knightdale. In each of our first two articles of this series, we will look at Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC.  To start us on our journey Achieving the active lifestyle you desire is easy, and yet another reason supporting your decision to seek out new homes in Knightdale NC.

In opting for the new homes at Knightdale Station, you will be centralized around five, great Knightdale NC parks. We will look at each of the following, as you become more familiar with the town’s outdoor living options.

Knightdale NC Parks and Trails = Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC


An overhead look at the beautiful, new Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC amenities at Harper Park.

Harper Park and Trails
207 Main Street, Knightdale

Harper Park was originally named in honor of Eugene Harper, Knightdale’s longest-serving mayor of all time. Living in Knightdale NC at Knightdale Station puts you just up the street from this beautiful park also.

This four-acre neighborhood park features a children’s playground, restrooms, two tennis courts, covered and uncovered picnic shelters. Just added this summer were brand new renovations to the tennis courts. Likewise, the park added new pickleball courts as well.. Adding to your Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC, Harper Park also boasts more than two acres of shaded woods and trails.


Youth activities and athletics combine and connect with scenic trails at Community Park.

Knightdale Community Park and Trails
1137 Old Knight Road, Knightdale

Knightdale Community Park plays year-round host to special athletic, High School, and other sporting events. The complex includes 4 lighted ball fields, concession stand, and children’s playground.

The Knightdale Community Park is located right beside Knightdale High School. The park hours are dawn until dusk and the scenic trails truly offer a serene and beautiful setting for a walk.

Environmental Park and Trails
1388 North Smithfield Road, Knightdale

Located in the “center of town,” Environmental Park is symbolic of the youth sports and activities that epitomize Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC. Featuring public art and paved walking trail, this park features entrances at both Town Hall and East Wake Regional Library.

In addition, this Knightdale NC park features a boardwalk around a pond with benches, overlooks, and two picnic shelters.


The stage at Knightdale Station Park is just one of the many amenities at the location.

Knightdale Station Park
810 North First Avenue, Knightdale

The 76-acre municipal park right here on-site at the Knightdale Station new home community. This park features two miles of paved trails, a dog park, athletic fields, and a playground that has to be seen to be believed.

The extensive farm and train-themed play area is a reminder of Knightdale’s railroad and agricultural past. An outdoor amphitheater, several open-air structures, and a new Splash Park just added this summer are just a few of the great things going on …at the Station!

Mingo Creek Park and Trails
100 Parkside Commons Drive, Knightdale

The Mingo Creek Trail (pictured at top of article)  gives you 3.5 miles of scenic beauty to explore in and around Knightdale’s spectacular wetlands and hardwood forests. The trail includes a wooden boardwalk and paved asphalt sections.

Mingo Creek Park sets on an 8.2-acre site. Presently, the park features two (2) half-court basketball goals and an entry point to the Mingo Creek Trail.

Walkers, runners, or riders do not have to end their route in Knightdale, as they connect to t the City of Raleigh’s Neuse River Greenway Trail at a pedestrian bridge near Anderson Point Park (map, directions). From there, fitness enthusiasts have access to some 30 miles of greenway.

The Knightdale NC parks and trails are just the beginning of the active lifestyle opportunities for you in the town. Your choice to seek out new homes in Knightdale NC has put you in a great spot for Outdoor Living in Knightdale NC at the Knightdale Station neighborhood.

To see new homes available now in the Knightdale Station master-planned community, go to the “New Homes” page at

BBQ and Bluegrass Festival Returns to Oak City Brewing Company for a 4th Year


What began as a trial event with a few area BBQ competitors has turned into an annual tasting and listening bonanza. On Saturday, October 12, that “bonanza” returns, bigger and better than ever, at Oak City Brewing Company’s BBQ and Bluegrass Festival, “Oak and Smoke.”

This years’ BBQ and Bluegrass Festival will be the 4th annual Oak and Smoke event held at the Knightdale brewery. Located adjacent to Knightdale Station Park at 616 North First Avenue in Knightdale, Oak City Brewing is Knightdale’s first craft brewery. This years’ BBQ and Bluegrass festival begins at 12:00 p.m. and runs until 8:00 p.m.


The BBQ Cookoff at this years’ Oak and smoke Festival features pulled pork and pork loin.

You be the Judge: “Pigging Out” Times Two at 2019 Oak and Smoke

The portion of the BBQ and Bluegrass Festival that puts the “Smoke” in “Oak and Smoke” is the annual BBQ cookoff. For the very first time in the event’s four-year history, there will be two separate BBQ competitions. The best part of the BBQ cookoff though is the judging, which is done by YOU!

Each “cookoff” will consist of 10 competitors, with the first round of “smoking” featuring pork loin. The second competition will also have up to 10 competitors making delicious pulled pork to be judged by those in attendance. Up to 250 free samples in each of these categories will be given out and winners are announced two hours after this.

“Oak and Smoke” BBQ and Bluegrass Festival “Cookoff” Schedule

  • 1:00 p.m.– Pork Loin BBQ Cookoff Sample Tickets Passed Out
  • 3:00 p.m.– Pork Loin BBQ Cookoff Winner Announced
  • 5:00 p.m.– Pulled Pork BBQ Cookoff Sample Tickets Passed Out
  • 7:00 p.m.– Pork Loin BBQ Cookoff Winner Announced

From “Smokin'” to “Pickin'”: A Day of Great Eats and Catchy Beats

BBQ-and-Bluegrass-Festival-Oak and Smoke Fest

The sweet sounds of bluegrass will again be the backdrop all day long at the Oak and smoke Festival

On top of the delicious BBQ, there is also some “tasty” music for all to enjoy on October 12 at Oak City Brewing Co. You are welcomed to bring a blanket or chairs to sit on the lawn, as you enjoy the sweet, bluegrass sounds of some of the most talented musicians in the area.

The music starts at noon, and just in case anyone throughout the days’ events gets hungry, there will also be several food trucks on hand as well.

“Oak and Smoke” BBQ and Bluegrass Festival Music Schedule

  • 12:00-2:00 p.m.– Into the Fog
  • 2:30- 4:30 p.m. – Cumberland County Line Bluegrass
  • 5:00- 7:00 p.m.– Buckshot Betty

“Oak and Smoke” BBQ and Bluegrass Festival Food Truck Lineup and Schedule

  • 12:00-8:00 p.m– BBQ Proper
  • 12:00-8:00 p.m– Not Just Icing, Inc.
  • 4:00 – 9:00 p.m.– Wandering Moose
BBQ-and-Bluegrass-Festival-Food Trucks

The Wandering Moose will be one of several food trucks on hand for this event.

In addition to all of these great events, of course Oak City Brewing Company will be serving an impressive array of brews throughout the event. With over 20 different brews to choose from, the indoor Tap House and the outdoor Brew House are serving all day.

The Oak City Brewing Company has many great events much like the Oak and Smoke Festival throughout the calendar year. Being located literaly “on top” of the Knightdale Station new home community, it is a perfect spot to enjoy friends and fun close to home.

For more information on upcoming events at Oak City Brewing Co., visit their website here. Likewise, for all the latest on events at Knightdale Station go to

Stylin’ and Smilin’: Knightdale Near the Top of Listings for Happiest City in NC


Whether it’s a sunny day and a stroll through the nearby park or walking trails. It could be all the great family events, social gatherings or restaurant options. Likewise, it might just be how much you love your new home in Knightdale at the Knightdale Station neighborhood. Regardless, it is hard to deny a  look around at residents seems to see one constant, a big smile. Thus, it is as no surprise to residents in town that Knightdale is in the Top 10 rankings for Happiest City in NC.

Happiest-City-in-NC-Knightdale Station

The warm, sunny weather and beautiful scenery at spots like Mingo Creek Trail factor into Knightdale being a “Happy City.”

Who Decides the Happiest City in NC?

The experts at have been compiling rankings and studies such as this one for the past seven years. At their official site, they describe themselves as follow. HomeSnacks combines recent data from the Census, FBI, OpenStreetMaps, and dozens of other sources into studies to help you understand what it’s like to live in different communities across the country. “We have been professionally ranking cities, neighborhoods, counties, and states across America for over seven years.” They continue, “Our research takes into account the unique aspects of what it means to live in a particular location.” Concluding, the article states, “We crunch a complicated set of data points to rank cities in fun and interesting ways.”

A high percentage of happily married couples was another of the criteria which Knightdale scores highly in.

What Makes Somewhere the Happiest City in NC?

In the analysis process by, there is set criteria to research and calculate for each of their study. “To rank the happiest places in North Carolina,” Homesnack blogger, Nick Johnson explains. “We had to determine what criteria makes people happy.”  “It isn’t a stretch to assume that happy people earn great salaries, are relatively stress free,” Johnson continues. “They have a stable home life and live where the weather is nice.” Johnson added, “So we scraped the internet for those criteria, and it spit out the answer.”

“We threw a lot of criteria at this one to get the best, most complete results possible.” Johnson goes on, “Using FBI crime data, the government census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Sperling’s Best Places, and Twitter, this is the criteria we used.” (See below)

  • Percentage of residents with a college degree
  • Average commute times
  • Employment rates
  • Cost of living
  • Percent of homeowners
  • Sunny days
  • Percent of married couples
  • Crime rate

The high percentage of homeowners at Knightdale Station and across town also factor into the overall happiness.

Why Exactly is Knightdale so “Happy?”

In the Homesnacks detailed research, it shows all municipalities and their rank in all of the above areas. Incredibly, with nearly 100 cities and towns ranked, Knightdale place in the upper 50 percent in every single category. Even more amazing is that in six of the nine areas judges, Knightdale was in the top twenty.

These areas that played a major factor in Knightdale placing as sixth Happiest City in NC are as follows. The town’s low cost of living and coupled high average median household income is sure residents happy. Likewise, a very low unemployment and divorce rate both scored high for Knightdale in the poll. Another area Knightdale scored well in was “sunny days,” as according to official statistics the sun shines brightly over 65 percent of the time in Knightdale.

With all of the incredible amenities and events at the Knightdale Station new home neighborhood, it is easy to be happy. To see more on the Happiest Cities in NC listings, visit For information on the great new homes available at the “happiest” community in town, Knightdale Station, visit











3rd Annual Knightdale Mumkin Fest Returning …at the Station

Knightdale-Mumkin-Fest-Knightdale Station

The Town of Knightdale has “done it again!” It is safe to say that in a town “full of traditions,” they have created yet another. This one epitomizes the brisk air and the warm colors of the Fall for the third consecutive year. Of course, the setting is Knightdale Station Park, and the event we speak of is the Knightdale Mumkin Fest.


The whole family can come out to pick a pumpkin at the annual Knightdale Mumkin Fest event.

Back by popular demand, Mumkin Fest activities kick-off at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 28. The days’ festivities at Knightdale Station Park will run through until 2:00 p.m.

Fall, Food, Fun, and Family 

This years’ third installment of Knightdale Mumkin Fest will follow suit with an array of activities for the whole family. There will be live music to get the crowds on their feet, as some of the area’s finest talent will take the stage throughout. Adding “tradition to a tradition,” the always popular food trucks will also be on hand at Mumkin Fest. If you are planning to sit and enjoy the music all day, it is encouraged that you bring lawn chairs or some type of seating.

Knightdale Mumkin Fest: A Little Something for Everyone

Whether an adult or child, there is a bit of something that everyone will enjoy at the 3rd annual Knightdale Mumkin Fest. The kids always can have some fun bouncing around on the inflatables at the park. Likewise, children and parents alike can enjoy the return of the hayrides to Knightdale Station Park on September 28. There also will be plenty of local vendors and an on-site beer garden too.


The kids can look forward to many fun activities at Mumkin Fest, including the inflatables that will be on site.

Obviously, hence the name, the “feature” attraction is once again the Mum and Pumpkin patch. The whole family can pick out their pumpkins or mums together at the event. Consequently, there will be several pumpkin and mum themed activities throughout the day at Knightdale Mumkin Fest also.

Events/Attractions Scheduled for Mumkin Fest

  • Live Musical Performances
  • Vendors and Food Trucks
  • Mum and Pumpkin Patch
  • Inflatables
  • Hayrides
  • On-Site Beer Garden

For further information on the 3rd annual Knightdale Mumkin Fest and all the other great stuff coming up …at the Station, be sure to check the official Town of Knightdale website at Likewise, if you would like to see the beuatiful new homes in Knightdale available at Knightdale Station, visit


Preston Development Company to Sponsor the Return of Knightdale Arts and Education Fest


On Saturday, September 14, another annual tradition returns to Knightdale Station Park. However, this year, this event that is themed for the children, introduces a second “session.” Starting at 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., will be the Knightdale Arts and Education Fest. This years’ event is sponsored by Preston Development Company and consequently, the festival then will continue for a live concert, also at Knightdale Station Park. This second “Session” will begin at 5:30 p.m. and wrap up at 9:00 p.m.

Knightdale-Arts-and-Education-Fest-Knightdale Station

The Festival on Sept. 14 will feature the popular food trucks returning to Knightdale Station Park.

All About the Kids at Knightdale Arts and Education Festival

The 10 o’clock start for the Knightdale Arts and Education Fest will see “business as usual” for the event once called “K-Fest.”

This will include many of the events and features synonymous with the Knightdale Arts and Education Fest. Among the activities, the children (and adults), will enjoy will be the following.

  • Local Vendors
  • Food Trucks
  • Inflatables
  • Student Art Displays
  • Interactive Art
  • Live Local Performers
  • School Supplies for the Kids

All About Collaborating at Knightdale Arts and Education Fest


As depicted on the child’s backpack, the event formerly known as K-Fest lives on. It will continue the tradition on September 14 with educational fun and school supplies for the kids.

As in the years’ previous, the Knightdale Arts and Education Fest is focused on an interactive, learning experience for the children. The vendors on hand will have different educational, fun activities and exercises for them to partake in. Likewise, the children’s personal artwork will be on display and in a tradition of the event, there will be school supplies for the kids to take with them for the new 2019-20 school year ahead.

The mission statement of the annual festival remains the same as it was with prior festivals. It is as follows.

“Understanding that education is the pathway to success, the mission of the Knightdale Education Fest is to connect community members with local non-profits, educational, wellness and cultural arts opportunities they may not otherwise be exposed to. This collaborative effort of community partners plays an important role in strengthening the educational component in Knightdale and Eastern Wake County.”


The evening portion of the Festival will feature members of Rick James’ Original Stone City Band.

Its All About the Music at “Session Two” with Rick James’ Stone City Band

In a new twist, this years’ festival will have a “second act” that kicks off at 5:30 p.m. in Knightdale Station Park. It will feature two live musical performances that are sure to have the crowd on their feet and dancing.

The opening act will be Slave featuring Elivs and Cynthia Jones, however, the headliner is one sure to have those in attendance “super freaky” and excited.

That’s right, the headlining band for the Festival; will be Rick James’ Stone City Band. This is the original backing band of the legendary, rock star who passed away in September of 2004. The Stone City Band were the force behind such  70’s and 80’s classics as ” You and I,” and “Super Freak.”

The Knightdale Arts and Education Fest will as always take place at Knightdale Station Park.  In addition to Preston Development Company, the event has several other sponsors. These include Parkway Properties, Duke Energy, and UNC Rex Health Care. For more information on the event, visit


Photo Credit: Town of Knightdale

Knightdale Ranks in Top 5 Best Places for Golfers to Live in US

The town of Knightdale has received accolades and awards in recent years too plentiful to list. Many of these honors have put the town among the top spots in the entire state of North Carolina. Consequently, several have also put Knightdale among the top spots in the entire country as well. This national recognition is from They named Knightdale as number four on their list of absolute Best Places for Golfers to Live in the US.

Best-Golf-Cities-in-US-Knightdale Station

The Lonnie Poole Golf Course (pictured) is on the campus of NC State University in Raleigh. It is only 15 miles from Knightdale.

Location Lands Knightdale “On the Green” Among Golfers in the US

There may not be one particular course in Knightdale putting it on this list. Consequently, location is the reason Knightdale is one of the Best Places for Golfers to Live in the US.

This was explained in the article placing Knightdale at number four. In placing Knightdale as the highest on the list from the “Tar Heel State,” the article explains its reasoning.

“Raleigh suburbs such as Knightdale,” the article begins, “reap the benefits from the proximate business and cultural attractions of the Research Triangle Park.”

Continuing it says, “A temperate climate and a nearby trio of outstanding public-access university courses at Duke, North Carolina State (Lonnie Poole) and the University of North Carolina (Finley) are added enticements.”

The explanation of Knightdale being among Best Places for Golfers to Live in the US ends explaining its proximity to one of the most desirable courses in America. “It’s also within an easy 75-minute drive to Pinehurst.”

Best Public Courses Surround the Best Places for Golfers to Live in the US.


Sanford’s Tobacco Road Golf Course is listed among Golf Digest’s Top 100 Public Courses in the US.

Knightdale, as with others atop the Best Places for Golfers to Live in the US, is surrounded by great courses. Golf Digest ran a series of articles recently detailing the best public golf courses in different places across the U.S.

In its piece covering the Raleigh, N.C. area it names five different courses and as can be seen below, none are further than 60 miles from Knightdale.

Distance of Golf Digest’s Top 5 Raleigh Area Courses from Knightdale Station New Home Community

  • Heritage Golf Course, Wake Forest, NC- 12.8 miles
  • Lonnie Poole Golf Course, Raleigh, NC- 15.2 miles
  • UNC Finley Golf Course, Chapel Hill, NC- 38.9 miles
  • Duke University Golf Club, Durham, NC- 39.8 miles
  • Tobacco Road Golf Course, Sanford, NC- 59.9 miles

Knightdale Station is a “Hole-in-One” in the Best Places for Golfers to Live in the US


UNC Finley Golf Course in Durham is also under 40 miles away from the Knightdale Station new home community.

If golfing is your passion, or even a hobby you enjoy, the proximity of Knightdale to such great courses makes it a great choice for relocation.

Thus, you don’t want to settle for a home that is “par for the course” in Knightdale. Thus, you may as well “drive the green” and set yourself up for “birdie”…at the Station.

Knightdale Station is the town’s first master-planned community. It features the best builder teams in the area and unmatched amenities. To see the homes available at Knightdale Station, visit the “New Homes” section here.

Knightdale Has Become the Fastest Growing City in NC

Fastest-Growing-City-in-NC- Knightdale NC Station

The town of Knightdale came in as the third Fastest Growing City in NC last year (2018). This would seem to leave little room for improvement upon the release of the 2019 numbers considering the consistent growth of many other NC municipalities. That coupled with the vast growth a town sees in ranking as high as number three, didn’t seem that it would give Knightdale a chance to move up. However, last month when these numbers were made public, it did show improvement for Knightdale. Thus, the town is listed for 2019 as the number one Fastest Growing City in NC.


Knightdale Mayor, James Roberson (pictured) spoke with Wake Weekly about the town being teh Fastest Growing City in NC.

How to Go From a “Small Town” to the Fastest Growing City in NC

Although some of the newer relocators to Knightdale would not recall, it was not too long ago when the town boasted under a thousand people as residents. Long-time residents, however, such as Mayor James Roberson certainly recall those days and have watched as the “small town” continued to grow.

In an article for the newspaper, “Wake Weekly,” they spoke with the current Knightdale Mayor. Specifically, he addressed the town being the Fastest Growing City in NC. In the Wake Weekly piece, Roberson recalls moving to Knightdale 25 years ago and the population at the time being at 980 people. He also gave his outlook on where he sees the town’s growth moving forward, taking into account the 980 figure against the most recently released 17,400 population of the town on July 1, 2018.

Where Does a Town Go From Being the “Fastest Growing?”

As for where Mayor Roberson sees the town heading moving forward, he is optimistic that continued growth will be steady.

“I can see Knightdale in the next 15 and 20 years being one of these municipalities of 30,000 or more people,” Roberson said.
“Thousands of people have considerably large needs, water and electricity, police and fire coverage, health care, restaurants, and functioning roads, to name a few.”


Knightdale’s mayor cited transportation projects making the town more accessible as a key factor in growth through the years.

How Did Knightdale Become the Popular Destination it Has?

Roberson continued, giving his explanation as to what has changed to allow Knightdale such growth without much inconvenience.

“You no longer have to drive 25 minutes to see a doctor,” Roberson said. “You have it right here.” He added, “The cost of living is also lower than in Raleigh, and as other suburbs fill up, Knightdale is able to offer new construction homes.”

The Mayor concluded that transportation has also changed which plays a role also. “Transportation projects like the Knightdale Bypass and the future Interstate 87 make living in Knightdale or Zebulon and working in Raleigh more feasible.”

Consequently, though, he does not feel all transportation issues are exactly where they need to be at present time. “Transportation projects have to include more than just larger roads. Knightdale needs pedestrian and bike paths and transit systems as well.”


With the growth in town, events such as the “Fourth on First” have seen record crowds annually.

Who is to “thank” for Knightdale becoming the Fastest Growing City in NC?

In this Wake Weekly article by reporter, Shawn Taylor, it speaks of several Eastern Wake County towns. Specifically, Taylor discusses these towns pointing to initiatives of their own to explain the growth. “The towns themselves are also quick to cite their own economic development initiatives for the spur in growth, ” Taylor relayed.

Whereas, true to the reporters’ explanation, Mayor Roberson did cite the vision of expansion from the town in leading to more residents. “By courting apartment homes, restaurant chains, and doctor offices,” he said. “Knightdale has pulled in new residents looking to start a business or raise a family. ”

Exactly How Much Growth Placed Knightdale on “Top of the Heap?”

In just one year, Knightdale saw a ten percent overall population increase between 2017 and 2018. In that same time frame, according to the Census numbers, Knightdale added about 6,000 residents.

Looking ahead to the future, the census numbers would support the earlier sentiments of Mr. Roberson as in the coming years it is estimated that tens of thousands more will “head into town.”

More Growth in Town Equals More Great Stuff…at the Station

With optimism shown by Mayor Roberson and the title of Fastest Growing Cities in NC continued growth seems imminent.

Having the moniker of being Knightdale’s First Master-Planned community, Knightdale Station is the town’s premier new home community. Thus, with this continued growth in town, the most spectacular new home community is a perfect fit for relocation prospects. Likewise, current Knightdale residents are familiar with the neighborhood and park should view the beautiful new homes.  In actuality, Knightdale Station Park has become the unofficial”center of town.” The park hosts many social events throughout the year on holidays and even weekly gatherings with live music, great food and beverage, etc. With an incredible team of builders, unmatched amenities, and the right price your new homes in Knightdale await now…at the Station.

For a look at all of the great new homes in Knightdale available at Knightdale Station, see the new homes section at

Photo Credits: Town of Knightdale

New Amenities Revealed at Recent Knightdale Grand Openings

Knightdale-Grand-Openings-Knightdale Station

Knightdale Station boasts some of the most intriguing on-site amenities of any new home community in the area. Regardless of age from children to seniors, the Town of Knightdale also continues to give residents great new options too. This has been very evident of late, given several Knightdale Grand Openings in recent weeks.

Knightdale-Grand-Openings-Harper Park

The new tennis and pickle ball courts opened last week at Harper Park in Knightdale. In addition, a new concessions and restrooms facility is now open as well.

Knightdale Grand Openings at Harper Park: Tennis or Pickleball Anyone???

Initially proposed in July of 2018, this past week saw the Knightdale Grand Openings of both new tennis and pickleball courts at Harper Park. Located at 209 Main Street in Knightdale, the Harper Park improvements are being met with great enthusiasm by town residents.

In addition to the new courts, there are several other new upgrades at the park.

All New Facilities and Improvements Completed and Opened at last weeks Knightdale Grand Openings.

  • Two new regulation-size tennis courts
  • Two resurfaced regulation-sized tennis courts
  • Two new pickleball courts
  • An asphalt extension to the existing parking lot
  • A new concessions and restrooms building
  • All new lighting for all the new and resurfaced courts
Knightdale-Grand-Openings-Knightdale Splash Park

Pictured is an overhead shot of the new Knightdale Splash Park at Knightdale Station Park.

A New Way to Beat the Summer Heat…at the Station

In addition to the Knightdale Grand Openings at Harper Park, children and adults alike were more than ready to cool off at the new Splash Park.

An idea first touched upon in 2016 and finally put into motion in the Fall of 2018, the Splash Park is located in Knightdale Station Park. This was a highly anticipated opening and with the temperatures above 90 degrees, residents came out in force to cool off at “the Station’s” newest amenity.

What is Next For The Town That Keeps Climbing

It is undeniable that both the town of Knightdale and Knightdale Station community offers up incredible amenities to its residents. With these recent additions being the latest in an array of outdoor living options, it would seem safe to say this may only just be the beginning of the town’s continued active lifestyle improvements.

For more information on the new facilities at Harper Park, visit To see in detail the history of the new Knightdale Splash Park, visit

Photo Credit: Town of Knightdale

Best Raleigh Suburbs List for 2019 Sees Knightdale Continue to Climb

Fastest-Growing-City-in -NC-Knightdale Station

The accolades continue to pour in, and actually, support Knightdale as one of the state’s fastest-growing towns. Likewise, the experts at incudes the town among their 2019 Top Ten Best Raleigh Suburbs


Family friendly community events at Knightdale Station help make the town one of the Best Raleigh Suburbs

Inching Up the List of Best Raleigh Suburbs

In the final Home Snacks ranking for 2019, Knightdale moved up a spot from 10 to 9, continuing an upward trend. The town was listed just outside the Top 10 at 14, for 2017’s poll of Best Raleigh Suburbs.

Home snacks use many factors in deciding their final list of Best Raleigh Suburbs. Knightdale continuing to move up in rank is a direct result of their high scores in all major areas.

This is noted in the article on the 2019 Best Raleigh Suburbs, praising Knightdale in many areas. Those categories which Knightdale was at or near the top include employment, housing, safety, schools, amenities, and affordability.

Youth, Growth, and Opportunity Equals a Desirable Location

Consequently, Home Snacks also pointed to the continuing growth of Knightdale supporting its lofty placement. It is noted that the town is the second-fastest-growing municipality of all researched during their analysis period.

Similarly, low poverty and unemployment rates factor heavily into making the Best Raleigh Suburbs list. Another key statistic adding to its desirability is Knightdale’s low median age of under 31 years old. Likewise, nearly 50 percent of residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher adds to its allure.


The great parks, green space, and active lifestyle options make Knightdale a desirable location. (Pictured is Mingo Creek Walking Trail)

Knightdale Key Statistics in Breaking the “Top Ten.”

In its “Snackability” ratings, Home Snack gave numbers in several areas that help Knightdale being one of the Best Raleigh Suburbs.

Those statistics are below.

  • Population- 14,363
  • Unemployment Rate- 4.5 percent
  • Poverty Rate -5.2 percent
  • Median Home Value- $176, 600
  • Median Income- $70, 540

The Best Master Planned Community In One of Raleigh’s Best Suburbs

With all of these factors showing Knightdale as one of 2019’s Best Raleigh Suburbs, there is just one place to look for new homes in Knightdale. Certainly, the town’s first master-planned community, Knightdale Station, encompasses all things making Knightdale so desirable.

Access to an on-site, highly acclaimed school and amenities like to YMCA. Homes built by the finest teams in the Raleigh area. Easy commute to work in town or in Raleigh and the safety you desire while raising a family. You get all of these things and more…at the Station

To see the available Knightdale NC homes for sale in Knightdale Station, go to

New Homes in Knightdale… at the Station: Why McKee Homes is a “SMART” Buy

From the onset of the Knightdale Station community, it was obvious that Preston Development Company had a vision. They sought this to be a neighborhood like no other in the area. Hence, before ground could be broken on these New Homes in Knightdale, the search was on.

New-Homes-in-Knightdale-Knightdale Station

The spacious and creative layouts of McKee floor plans like the Potter (shown) are very popular.

In this our final post of the “builders series,” we will look at McKee Homes.  As the most honored and trusted names in Raleigh home builders were analyzed, there were initially three companies selected. Anyone familiar with Raleigh area home builders would find this selection as no surprise. This selection we speak of to build New Homes in Knightdale is McKee Homes.

A “Unique Team” to Build New Homes in Knightdale…at the Station

At, this builder of New Homes in Knightdale explains their company in detail. Hence, several of the McKee Homes building experience get explained. In the breakdown, they begin to describe themselves.

“McKee Homes has highly skilled team members,” it begins. “That are dedicated to creating the best home building and buying experience possible.

A “Trusted Partner” at the Station


The flow of the Harris floor plan from McKees is another that many have opted for in choosing New Homes in Knightdale

The first area highlighted in their self-description refers to the McKee team as a “Trusted Partner.” They go on to explain their labeling of themselves his, saying the following.

“At McKee Homes, we are solution experts who live our core values with an unwavering commitment to giving our customers a unique and incredible home buying experience.”

“Social Engagement” at McKee’s New Homes in Knightdale

As part of their “Trusted Partnerships,” the McKee team prides themselves on supporting the local communities.

In their own words, they referred to their actions as becoming “socially engaged.” ” We are active in every community we build in.” They continue the explanation, “A percentage of every home sold supports key charities and help to find a cure for Alzheimer’s through our Joe McKee Memorial Alzheimer’s Fund.”

McKee-Homes-New Homes-in-Knightdale

A true ranch style home, is the Caldwell by McKee Homes. Available at Knightdale Station, this has features such as a desirable first-floor master suite.

An “Established Reputation” You Can Always Count On

Due to the extensive initial search by Preston Development, this trait of McKee Homes is almost a given. Consequently, since their humble Eastern North Carolina beginning in 2010, McKee Homes has built a reputation and forged individual customer relationships through quality work and trust like no other.

The “established reputation” of McKee Homes in the crafting of New Homes in Knightdale and all their other locations has even begun to garner them national recognition. Most noteworthy in supporting that statement would be their inclusion to the “Next 100” list by Builder Magazine.

The Builder’s “Top 100” list sees homebuilders nationwide ranked on total closings and gross revenues. However, relationships and customer trust is certainly another area that factors in. Mckee Homes is in the “Next 100” list for 2019. This showcases companies on the rise and ready to break into the “Builder 100” in upcoming years.

Summarizing the “established reputation” they’ve earned in the past decade, the McKee website explains as follows. “We give our customers peace of mind through our financial strength and our commitment to them.”

The SMART Choice for New Homes in Knightdale Station

New-Homes-in-Knightdale-McKee Homes

McKee Homes always stay ahead of the curve and utilize the newest technology and trends. Highlighted in this photo are all the SMART features they offer.

The future in home building has arrived. Furthermore, McKee Homes is right on top of the latest trends and practices. Thus, a “SMART home” for your family by Mckee can help your future to arrive.. Lower utility costs, mobile controls of security and lighting features, and warrantied work are just a few ways a McKee Home is a great investment for you.

At, they break their SMART homes down into three areas.

  • Energy SMART: “Our homes lower your utility and maintenance costs while helping to preserve our precious resources.”
  • SMART Living: Our homes provide a healthier environment for your family with technology upgrades that let you control your home’s security, lighting, and environment from your mobile device.
  • SMART Investment: “With our 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® and all the benefits of owning a new home, including lower home maintenance costs, as well as McKee Homes’ commitment to giving back, our new homes are a great investment for your family’s future and your community.”

McKee Homes has built over a thousand single-family homes in just under a decade across Eastern NC. Thus, their experience also makes them a great choice when searching for New Homes in Knightdale. Their talented team is waiting to show you they are a “trusted partner” and help you make a “SMART” home choice.

To see the great houses at Knightdale Station from McKee Homes and all the other members of our “exclusive” builder teams, visit