You have taken your time on this long and detailed search for where you and your loved ones were going to call home. Repeatedly as you did your research, one city and area continued to show up as the ideal. You are not alone in “discovering” the state capital of North Carolina and its surrounding Triangle area. As a matter of fact, by choosing a new home in Knightdale, you and your family are right in the middle of this popular family location. With your new house in the Knightdale Station new home community, you are only about 10 minutes from downtown Raleigh. Now, in this post, we will take a closer look at exactly why there are so many Families Moving to Raleigh NC?

Easy access to the beaches and mountains of NC from a centralized location? Sure, that’s a selling a point. Great schools and good home pricing? Those are both great reasons too. Large areas of green space, trails, and tons of outdoor recreation? These are all solid reasons. However, below you will see listed five reasons that are not only responsible for Families Moving to Raleigh NC, but they are fairly unique to the city as well.

Five Reasons Behind Families Moving to Raleigh NC

1)Raleigh Area is Unmatched for Great Healthcare

You have to admit this one is important and is something weighed in on by Families Moving to NC. The Raleigh “Triangle” area is an international epicenter for health care and research. They have staff and specialists at WakeMed, Duke University Medical, and University of NC hospitals respected and renowned worldwide. 

The hospitals mentioned rank among some of the best the U.S. has to offer and are regularly mentioned among the top medical facilities in the nation.

2) Families Moving to Raleigh NC for the Plentiful Job Market

There is the chance that with Families Moving to Raleigh NC everyone involved already has their employment lined up. However, in many other cases, one parent may have been moved for their company and a spouse will be looking for work. Regardless of the situation, the Raleigh area ranks nationally as one of the top places to start a business or find a job. 

The largest industries in the Raleigh area include education and health care, and the high -tech companies are also abundant too. Many career opportunities await in a vast array of fields of work. Also, if you are getting on the path to a new career, you are not alone among Families Moving to Raleigh NC, as you will see in our next entry.

3) Great Higher Education Options and Several of Nation’s Top Colleges Are in the Raleigh Area

As we mentioned above, Families Moving to Raleigh NC not only have a rich and bustling job market. They also have several of the finest colleges in the country either within minutes of Raleigh. Choices of study for you or your children are nearly endless with North Carolina State in Raleigh excelling in engineering, agriculture, and biology. Duke University in neighboring Durham is known for its school of medicine. Likewise, UNC-Chapel Hill offers business, government, law, and public health. With nearly 20 colleges, universities, or two-year schools in Raleigh, it makes for the highest concentration of Ph.D.’s in one area in the entire U.S.

4) “Hungry” Families Moving to Raleigh NC Will be Excited by the Fantastic Dining Options

You name the type of restaurant of food you are feeling like and there will be no disappointment in Raleigh. The city has some of the best dining options anywhere in the country. You can get any food you like, boasting all menu types, from straight Carolina BBQ to vegetarian and vegan fare. It could take Families Moving to Raleigh NC a literal lifetime to sample and try all of the incredible culinary choices in Raleigh…but hey you’re moving here right? Why not give it a try?

5) Play Ball! and Hockey…and Football…Basketball, Just About Everything, Actually!

The Raleigh area is central to some of the greatest sports action in the country, too. Given the aforementioned colleges, there are great rivalries both in basketball and football played at the college level. If Families Moving to Raleigh NC are hockey fans, they have again come to the. right place. The Carolina Hurricanes, National Hockey League franchise actually calls Raleigh its home. Several minor league baseball teams from Class A through Triple-A play in the Raleigh/Triangle area as well. Likewise, there are several pro soccer options for Families Moving to Raleigh NC also.

By making the choice to be in the Raleigh area, you can’t get closer than Knightdale Station. You are 10 minutes from downtown Raleigh at Knightdale Station. However, Families Moving to Raleigh NC  also get the small-town charm synonymous with the area. 

For more information on the Knightdale Station new home neighborhood, visit knightdalestation.com


Regardless of the season here in North Carolina, there are reasons to enjoy the weather in each of the four. Some of the most enjoyable activities in this area, likewise, are enjoyed for different reasons in different seasons. This is one of no doubt one of the reasons your family opted to relocate to the Knightdale Station neighborhood. With the great “four-season”weather in this area, a favorite outdoor weekend activity is the local farmer’s markets. At these outdoor markets, you get the best and freshest local products. But in doing so, you also support the farmers and businesses within your community when you visit any Raleigh NC Farmers Market. 

Always a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday, there are many area weekend markets that you may want to list as a Raleigh NC Farmers Market you need to stop in and check out. However, as any local residents can tell you, there is one Raleigh NC Farmers Market that is open year-round, and it’s for a good reason. We will detail this, the State Farmers Market in all its freshness and glory is that it is just a quick drive up the road from your new home in Knightdale

Raleigh NC Farmers Market: 30,000 Square Feet of Fresh, Unique, and Community-based Goodness.

When it comes to area farmers markets, it is a wise decision to ask, “Which one?” The reasoning here is that in just the city limits of Raleigh alone there are several great markets to choose from. Each one of these is fantastic and features its own unique twist on the Raleigh NC Farmers Market. Likewise, you can find some of the freshest and most delicious produce and meats. Also, locally handmade goods, crafts, and almost anything you can imagine are available at these outdoor shopping stops. At the bottom of this post, we will list several stops in Raleigh and the surrounding area to find another great Raleigh NC Farmers Market. However, for the purpose of this article, our main focus is on one.

State Farmers Market, Raleigh

Ok, if one of these is “can’t miss, you got it right here. Known not just locally, but the State Farmers Market is praised as one of the most modern farmers markets anywhere in the country. The specialty shops, produce stands, and restaurants on-site are amazing. You can get the best the area has to offer in fresh veggies, fruits, dairy products, plants…basically if it’s grown or raised on a farm, you aren’t finding better than this Raleigh NC Farmers Market. 

This 30,000 square foot Raleigh NC Farmers Market is open year-round and all week long. The hours are Monday- Saturday 5:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. and Sundays, 8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Raleigh NC Farmers Market: Looking for Something Specific? Oh, Yeah, They Got it!!!

With a huge array of vendors, restaurants, shops, and basically anything you need, this Raleigh NC Farmers Market truly has something for everyone. Below, we will give. a brief overview of each individual area at the State Farmers Market to better help you navigate toward what you’re looking for. 

Farmers Building

An incredible Farmers Market. 30,000 square feet covered by NC farmers selling fresh produce, plants, and other items from their individual farms. Plants usually are for sale beginning around March. Local vegetables and fruits are available throughout their respective growing seasons. No question the freshest and best selection of this type of product in the area.

Market Shoppes

Not quite as big as the Farmers Building, but still a large space at 15,600 square feet makes up this part of the Raleigh NC Farmers Market. This climate-controlled building allows for not only produce but the area’s best meats, cheeses, and bakery items too. Also in the Market Shoppes are old fashioned candy stores, gifts, soaps, lotions, wine, and more.

Truckers Building

The Truckers Building at the Raleigh NC Farmers Market is one for shoppers building in large volumes. This is another large facility at 15,400 square feet and features farmers selling high quantities of apples, tomatoes, peaches, watermelons, and cantaloupes from not only NC but from all across the globe.

Wholesale Terminal

Most of the produce sold in the Wholesale Terminal area of the Raleigh NC farmers Market is sold to restaurants, grocery stores, institutions, or other businesses that are planning to resell.

Market Imports

The last building we feature at the Raleigh NC Farmers Market is Market Imports. According to the market’s official website, this is “over two acres of unique architectural elements, fountains, pots, trellises, water features, furniture, ironwork, stone, teak, pottery, and other interesting items from around the world.”

Raleigh NC Farmers Market: Don’t Sleep on The Restaurants

In addition to the great products and produce at the Raleigh NC Farmers Market, there are also some incredible restaurants. Each has its own niche and any Raleigh resident will tell you that all three are worth the stop for their individual specialties.

Nancy Jo’s Deli – Open for breakfast and lunch. Either is exceptional and their salads and sandwiches are talked about city-wide!

N.C Seafood Restaurant- Fresh and delicious, N.C. Seafood Restaurant is a Farmers Market Classic. They also are open every day of the week.

State Farmers Market Restaurant– The restaurant bearing the name of this market truly does the event proud. Many will call this the best breakfast in Raleigh and for those who don’t I’m sure it isn’t far behind. Fantastic atmosphere a d true fresh, down-home country cooking.

Raleigh NC Farmers Market: Regulations Due to COVID-19

At the State Farmers Market, there are numerous different areas and buildings with just about any items you can imagine for purchase. During this time of social distancing and regulations never before seen, there are some areas of this Raleigh NC Farmers Market that are not open for on the usual schedule. So, real quickly what follows is an overview of these areas at the State Farmers Market and their hours of operation

  • Market Imports- Wed.- Sun., 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Nancy Jo’s Deli –  Wed.- Mon., 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
  • 321 Coffee- Thurs. and Fri., 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., Sat. 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m., Sun.9:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
  • NC Seafood Restaurant- 11:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. daily- Take Out and Outdoor eating only
  • Beck’s Cutlery- Open Wed. and Thur. only

Raleigh NC Farmers Market Areas Operating on Normal Hours

  • State Farmers Market Restaurant
  • Nahunta Pork Center

The State Farmers Market is only 21 minutes from your new home at Knightdale Station. (This is according to Google Maps, 16.2 miles). We realize that many people also like to shop at smaller and more localized markets. For example, the Knightdale Farmers Market takes place right at Knightdale Station Park. Thus, in our next post, we will detail other nearby outdoor markets that will allow you to still stay fresh and support local! For any further details on Knightdale station specifically, visit knightdalestation.com.


In our series of articles and posts on the “Best” things in Raleigh there are so many choices. This makes it impossible include all worthy mentions for any category. For example, our goal in this post is one that could be disputed. But regardless, we will show you just how close you are at your new home at Knightdale Station our top five Raleigh NC Golf Courses. 

Unfortunately, there are literally dozens of beautiful public courses for golfers in the area. However, even if you have a favorite you think deserves inclusion on this list, we are positive that once you play each of these that you’ll agree they are worthy of mention among the Best Raleigh NC Golf Courses regardless.

Back to School: Raleigh NC Golf Courses Take You on Campus

So many people when they think of the Raleigh area and North Carolina in general think of the great rivalries in NCAA college basketball. The legendary Duke (Durham) versus UNC (Chapel Hill) battles and the rivalry of both with the Wolfpack at NC State (Raleigh). We agree, the ACC hoops are fantastic. But another thing these three schools have in common is an incredible golf course. 

As a matter of fact, we will cover all three of these Raleigh NC Golf Courses below. Each of these as you will see is only a short distance from your new home in Knightdale. Thus, with just a short drive, you can be teeing up your first drive at the best Raleigh NC Golf Courses.

Lonnie Poole Golf Course at North Carolina State University (Raleigh)

For the record, our research for this post came from the most respected golf publication in the world, Golf Digest. The five Raleigh NC Golf Courses selected are not in any particular order or rank. 

This is the home of both the men and women’s golf teams at NC State. Designed by legendary PGA Hall of Famer, Arnold Palmer, this gorgeous entry among our Raleigh NC Golf Courses boasts a traditional Scottish accent. With its breathtaking, awesome views of the Raleigh skyline and great view of NC State’s Centennial Campus, this club is a local Raleigh favorite.

Distance from Knightdale Station: 22 minutes (17.1 miles)

Duke University Golf Club (Durham)

Just as the above Lonnie Poole course, this entry of our Best Raleigh NC Golf Courses features a historic college setting. Likewise, the layout was designed by a legend in the industry, Robert Trent Jones, and then later was revamped by his son Rees Jones. This is a very walkable course that has classic features including gracious tree-lined fairways and bunkers at greenside. This club also stands apart from the pack for its amazing practice facilities. This, in addition to the course, gives you access to a full driving range, as well as six separate putting and chipping greens. Also, in the practice area are seven practice sand bunkers and eight target greens.

Distance from Knightdale Station: 45 minutes (40.6 miles)

UNC Finley Golf Course (Chapel Hill)

Last but certainly not least among our top Raleigh NC Golf Courses “college tour,” is the UNC Finley Golf Course. Set right on campus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this is a “long ball hitters” course of sorts. The original design was by its namesake, local businessman, A.E Finley in 1949. But the current layout was completed when Tom Fazio did a full course revamp in 1999. Much like the course at Duke (these two are always competing somehow!) the Finley Course also has incredible practice facilities. The target greens, practice bunkers, chipping area, and large tiered practice greens are a great way to work on your game.

Distance from Knightdale Station: 22 minutes (17.1 miles)

Taking the Best Raleigh NC Golf Courses, a Little Outside the “Capital City”

There are many public Raleigh NC Golf Courses to choose from within the city. However, given the influx of those moving to the region we are focusing on Raleigh and surrounding area.” Thus, not all of the courses covered are directly in Raleigh. But, given your move to the Raleigh “area” and your new home at Knightdale Station, we can keep it close. Consequently, they are close and Golf Digest’s selections as the top five Raleigh courses..

Heritage Golf (Wake Forest)

Off-campus and now “here goes the neighborhood!” The next of our Raleigh NC Golf Courses is part of a beautiful neighborhood in Wake Forest, Heritage Golf Club. This is a “semi-private” club. However, they do allow non-members to play. It just requires you to book your tee time a week in advance. Well worth the planning ahead, this long and hilly professional course is one that locals love the challenge of. With pot bunkers strategically scattered throughout the gorgeous tree-lined fairways, this is surely a tough course, but very playable for all.

Distance from Knightdale Station: 25 minutes (13.2 miles)

Tobacco Road Golf Course (Sanford)

This is the furthest course from Knightdale in our Raleigh NC Golf Courses. However, it is one that is more than deserving of its inclusion. Likewise, trust us , take a day and make the hour drive from Knightdale to Sanford’s Tobacco Road Golf Course. It is well worth it. This is a course always included and praised as one of the finest across North Carolina. In actuality, it was recently named among the Top 60 courses in the entire country. Big hills, craters, blind shots, and surprises all identify Tobacco Road. So do majestic greens and one of the most spectacular landscapes you will ever see.

Distance from Knightdale Station: 59 minutes (59 miles)

For more on these Raleigh NC Golf Courses in Golf Digest, visit golfdigest.com. For any information on the Knightdale Station new home community, visit our site here.

meredith-college- knightdale station

Your child has made the big life decision of where to go to college. Many times this means you as the parent faces the prospect of relocation also. With your daughter’s choice of historic Meredith College, you have chosen Knightdale Station to live. This puts you just a short drive from your child.

When we say your new home in Knightdale is near the Meredith College campus, we are talking a 15-minute drive. As noted, your daughter has made an amazing choice to attend Meredith and, in the text, below, we will fill you in on the school’s rich history and traditions, as well as its many revered and coveted programs of study.

Meredith College: Their Third Century of Breaking Down Barriers

The year was 1891 and after years of planning and much hard work, Meredith College opened its doors with just 200 students. 120 years and counting later and with ten times the enrollment the first female university in the U.S. has consistently improved and changed with the times. to improve and garner accolades and respect as one of the top colleges both state and nationwide.

One of the biggest perks at Meredith College is its great staff to student ratio of 11 to 1. This accounts for much more of a personable learning experience between the staff and student body. Likewise, nearly 70 percent of classes at Meredith College contain less than 20 students. A big indicator of student satisfaction is the retention percentage of freshman students. This basically means, “what percent of a school’s freshman class returned the following year as a sophomore.” The Meredith College ranking of over 80 percent in this area shows that the student body very much enjoys the school.

For Hands-On and Experiential Learning, It’s “Academic” at Meredith

So, your daughter has opted to attend Raleigh’s prestigious and historic, Meredith College. Consequently, to be closer to them, you have found your dream house just 15 minutes up the road in your new home in Knightdale, seems all that left is for your “student” is to choose their program of study. Being that it’s a pretty safe bet they already have done this, it would be more accurate to say all that is left is to share the incredible academic opportunities and options your child can study at Meredith College. 

Those options of which we speak are plentiful at Meredith College. Meredith has more than 80 majors, minors, and academic programs. Thus, the school is very diverse when it comes to choosing what academic path best suits you. The five most popular majors at Meredith College that graduated just two years ago in 2018 were as follow.

  1. Psychology (General)
  2. Biology/Biological Sciences (General)
  3. Business Administration and Management (General)
  4. Interior Design
  5. Social Work

Experiential Learning: Learning Off-Campus and On the Job

Another part of the academic experience which we would be remiss to not explain are the Experiential Learning opportunities. Ever since its original inception, Meredith College put much emphasis on learning outside of the classroom. This is evidenced by the fact that nearly 98 percent of the school’s students participate in some form of experiential learning.

There are several other programs that students can also explore to get the more” hands-on” training or learning in the respective field they wish too. Each of these programs listed below can be seen in greater detail at the official website of Meredith College, meredith.edu.

Experiential Learning Opportunities/Programs at Meredith

  • Study Abroad
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Internships
  • Community-Based Learning

“Going Strong” Into 2021 at Meredith College

The school slogan is “Going Strong.” This is fitting on so many levels, it could be the perfect slogan for the university. In actuality, given your child attending Meredith and your new home in Knightdale, the slogan seems to fit you and your family as well!

For more information on Meredith College, visit meredith.edu. For any information on the Knightdale Station new home community, visit knightdalestation.com.


With the Fall weather always staying warm, you have countless options for outdoor activities in this area. As you have seen since moving to your new home at Knightdale Station, there are many parks and trails both in Knightdale and just up the road in Raleigh, too. Other outdoor activities gaining popularity in the area have been canoeing or Kayaking in Raleigh. In this post, we will look at five spots here locally that are ideal. to grab that canoe or jump in that kayak and go!

Now, during the current situations that we are all having to forge through, there are many local bodies of water that normally would offer canoe or kayak rentals. However, due to restrictions, there are some that are not offering these services currently. However, if it is paddling you seek, rest assured, you can still go Kayaking in Raleigh at the locations we list below.

Kayaking in Raleigh: Keeping it in the City

As with all of our recent posts on the incredible amenities in the city of Raleigh, sometimes “borders stretch. What we mean by this, is yes, the post is titled “Kayaking in Raleigh,” however we take a look at all spots in the surrounding Raleigh area as well. This way, we can find you, at your new home in Knightdale, the closest points to enjoy all the great tastes, sounds, and feels the Raleigh area offers.

Lake Raleigh

Accessible on the south side of the gorgeous Centennial Campus at NC State University, Lake Raleigh is a popular spot for Kayaking in Raleigh. This is a 75-acre lake that is surrounded by a protected forest, making the surrounding scenery incredible. There is a fishing pier and boat ramp at this location. Thus, any non-motorized craft is welcome including canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and kayaks.

Lake Crabtree County Park

An amazing place that we have covered for other incredible amenities they offer. Lake Crabtree County park was the first established county park in Wake County. This place is filled with outdoor activities and never disappoints. The 520-acre lake is where we focus for our Kayaking in Raleigh, just be sure to launch from the designated area. On a side note, and one that’s somewhat patriotic, if you are lucky, you might spot a bald eagle, as two have been verified as nesting here in years gone by.

Neuse River Canoe Trail

It seems that each of our entries for Kayaking in Raleigh has some unique quality to it. That’s because they do! The Neuse River Canoe Trail is no different as it is the longest river that is contained entirely within the state of North Carolina. This popular spot for canoeing and Kayaking in Raleigh actually has five access launch points along the 17 miles of the river. This allows you more choices in where you’d. like to start and finish for your day on the river.

Canoeing and Kayaking in Raleigh…Well, Close by Raleigh, Anyhow! 

Robertson Millpond Preserve

This is actually located even closer to your new home in Knightdale than most. It technically is not a spot for Kayaking in Raleigh. This is becauseas it is east of Raleigh in the Town of Wendell. This hidden 85-acre body of water is a sheer paradise for the nature lover under your roof. First made open to the public in 2015, this is the only bald cypress habitat in the entire Triangle area. This puts you in a forest-like setting for the entire time you’re here Kayaking in Raleigh. One main attraction here for canoe and kayak enthusiasts alike is its 1.15-mile loop paddling trail. Be sure you prepare, though, to come to Robertson Millpond Preserve prepared. There are no restrooms or drinking water. Also, with 12-foot-deep waters, you must wear a life jacket.

Harris Lake County Drive 

Just outside of Raleigh, Harris Lake County Park is a 680-acre park on a peninsula of the lake. This is not only a beautiful spot for Kayaking in Raleigh but also a fisherman’s delight. There is a fishing pier at this site that gets stocked with catfish once a month.

With these five great spots for Kayaking in Raleigh, you have even more to add to your outdoors “must do “list. For more on these and many other great things going on in and around Raleigh, see the visitraleigh.com blog. For more information on Knightdale Station’s new home community, visit our site here.

Photo Credit: Visit Raleigh


Since occupying your new home in Knightdale, the community spirit you’ve noticed locally is amazing. The neighborhood events at the Knightdale Station community alone are something every small town should be able to enjoy. This type of spirit and community support seems to be constant throughout town and cities in the surrounding area. In case you haven’t noticed, this spirit amplifies when we near a holiday. Thus, with Halloween just around the corner, below is a guide to Raleigh Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes that the whole family can enjoy in across the local area.

Fall in North Carolina is the season that many refer to as the “perfect weather.” The colors start to change. The temperature remains nice but cools somewhat…and Halloween is near. Whether it’s Halloween or the autumn season that you fell in love with, celebrate either with these local traditions and a visit to these Raleigh Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes.

Raleigh Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes: Fall Tradition with Fresh Options to Bring Home!

Ken’s Korny Corn Maze, Garner

The first stop on our Raleigh Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes tour brings us to Garner. This year marks the 22nd anniversary of Ken’s Korny Corn Maze, which has become a true staple of the season locally. Put on your thinking cap though, when you take on this 2.5-mile maze through the six-foot-high corn stalks. In addition to the maze, Ken’s has mini-golf, duck races, a pirate ship, food, and much more. Likewise, their produce center not only offers pumpkins but also the best in fresh local delicious fruits and veggies.

DJ’s Berry Patch and Farm Fresh Produce, Apex 

Next stop, Apex! This is another visit you will want to make with the entire family and make into a fall tradition. Pick away at fresh pumpkins and also pick you own spectacular fall mums at this family-operated farm. As we suggest above at Ken’s, a stop to the produce stand before leaving DJ’s is a must. Here you can find not only pre-picked decorative pumpkins but the area’s finest fresh Indian corn, sweet potatoes, apples, berries, and more.

Ragan and Holly’s Pumpkin Patch, Apex 

Must be something about the soil out in Apex. For the second entry in a row, we find ourselves in the town for Raleigh Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes. At Ragan and Holly’s Pumpkin Patch you have. a great selection of pumpkins, but like the others above, there is so. much more. Seasonal produce like tomatoes, peaches. and grapes bring customers from miles around. Likewise, to add to fall decor, check out the cornstalks, hay bales, and mums at Ragan and Holly’s. Oh, and don’t forget their famous homemade ice cream for a treat before you move along.

A-Maze-Ing Family Fun at More Raleigh Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes 

Tractor’s Corn Maze, Wake Forest

Much like Apex above, Wake Forest seems to have a recurring Fall theme that attracts families from all over. Beginning with Tractor’s Corn Maze, these both see a consistent stream of foot traffic for their incredible 8-acre corn maze. Whether at nighttime or during daylight, the “Corn Quest” is a must among Raleigh Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes. In addition, Tractor’s offers a wide array of cool colors in their pumpkins ranging from traditional orange to white, pink, blue, and more.

Crossroads Corn Maze, Wake Forest

Staying in Wake Forest, next of our Raleigh Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes is Crossroads Corn Maze. A very challenging 5-acre corn maze is the main attraction at this spot. Less of a challenge but equally enjoyable are the family-favorite hayrides, too. You can also pick your own pumpkins, take part in many games and activities, and try the maze at night if you have a flashlight and think you can find your way! 

Phillips Farm Corn Maze and Haunted Farm, Cary

The final of our Raleigh Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes takes us to another area classic. Located in Cary, Phillips Farm Corn Maze and Haunted Farm has thrilled area families for over 100 years! With their classic corn maze turning into the Haunted Farm at nighttime, this is maybe the most iconic of any Raleigh Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes, bar none. After all, it’s tough to beat a century of thrills and chills provided.

There are many other Raleigh Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes across the area surrounding you at Knightdale Station. Though we are certain your family will delight in any you visit, the ones above might become a tradition. For more information on the new homes in Knightdale at Knightdale Station, visit knightdalestation.com


As we enter the fall season in North Carolina, many things come to mind. The beautiful landscapes and colors of the new season. The crisp air as families go apple or pumpkin picking. Football…enough said there, whether college or professional, fall equals football. However, for many “scream” enthusiasts the fall season may as well be call Halloween season. There are literally dozens of destinations and activities across the state to “give you a scare.” Your choice to call a new home in Knightdale at the Knightdale Station neighborhood home, actually puts you in a great location to enjoy any or all of these attractions. Thus, for your convenience, below, we list what we feel to be the best NC Haunted Houses and Trails.

Now, we realize, there are other spooky stops across North Carolina that you may enjoy, too. We are in no way claiming to have been through every single one of the NC Haunted Houses and Trails. However, we do feel that the spots we suggest above will no doubt get you in the “Halloween spirit.”

The Best NC Haunted Houses and Trails Closest to Knightdale

On our list of the Best NC haunted Houses and Trails, we will start you off with some of those most near to your new home. These are all a 90 minute or less drive form Knightdale Station. Likewise, whether you are horror fanatic or not, all of these initial entrants are a very reasonable drive away and will surely provide a scare.

Haunted Forest at Panic Point, Youngsville, NC

This is one the Knightdale locals may have told you about actually! Located less than a half hour drive from Knightdale Station is the Haunted Forest at Panic Point. 

Many scary Halloween-themed activities await on this trip. Choose from the haunted hayride, dark trail, corn maze, carny crypt, or check out everyone while there! Many consider this the top “scare spot” in the Raleigh/Durham and surrounding area.

Stoney Point Trail of Terror, Fayetteville, NC

A little bit further away, this Fayetteville area Halloween tradition is also well worth the drive. In addition, it’s for a great cause, as the Stoney Point Trail of Terror is actually used as a fund raiser the local fire department hosts. But that’s where the charitable behavior ends…

Just because it’s for a good cause, do not underestimate the “terror factor” at Stoney Point. A walk through the frightening halls of the haunted house will remind you of this in a hurry. Consequently, you never know what type of scary being or sights you will encounter in the haunted forest. However, you can be sure of one thing and that’s you won’t want to be too slow when passing through there.

Close Enough for a Drive…If You Dare! NC Haunted Houses and Trails Rank Among Top in U.S.

Sure, the following two NC haunted Houses and Trails are just a little further from your new home at Knightdale Station. But with both basically set right around 90 minutes from your new hometown, these are two Halloween-time favorites that have been recognized by attendees as giving some of the best scares around

Kersey Valley Spookywoods, Archdale, NC

Similar to the above “Woods of Terror,” these “Spooky Woods” will take you right around an hour and a half up the road from Knightdale. Another similarity though is that this “haunt spot” has been not only a constant on the tops in NC Haunted Houses and Trails, but also is in the USA Today as one of the Top 13 Haunted Houses in the entire United States.

This Archdale Halloween tradition is one you will want to make sure and get tickets to early. This is because it literally sells out at different times each season. Whether the Creepy Circus Land, terrifying maze, bloody asylum, or any other features on sight, this is the one among NC Haunted Houses and Trails that you truly don’t want to skip. Unless of course your scared…

These NC Haunted Houses and Trails are great outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy. All are very easily made into a one-day trip from your new home in Knightdale. So, if you don’t mind a good time that may give you a scare, each of these are worth visiting.

For more information on your location and all other things at the Knightdale Station new home community, visit knightdalestation.com.

burger-joints-in-raleigh-knightdale station

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Well, in moving to your new home in Knightdale, at Knightdale Station, finding a good burger is an easy job. Being that you are just minutes outside of Raleigh, you have the luxury of some of the finest specialty restaurants in the entire state. Consequently, it was difficult to limit this list to only three, luckily for you, you can try each of these and explore the “burger situation” over time and decide on your own. However, the way we see it, these (in no particular order) are the three Top Burger Joints in Raleigh.

Top Burger Joints in Raleigh

1) Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

A burger with a little bit of attitude awaits you at the first entry among our Top Burger Joints in Raleigh. Located at 111 Seaboard Ave., if an incredible selection of tastes is what you crave, Big Daddy’s is the place. Get the toppings you like on an array of chef-inspired types of burgers. Some of the house favorites include the “Pittsburgh Burger” or the home special, “Bad Ass Burger.” Of course, Bad daddy’s has more than just meat, however, as they also boast an impressive lineup of all the local craft beer favorites.

2) MoJoe’s Burger Joint

Your classic throwback “burger joint” choice has got to be MoJoe’s. On top of the handmade patties being fresh every single day, MoJoe’s also uses only 100 percent Angus choice beef. Located at 620 Glenwood Avenue this entry in our Top Burger Joints in Raleigh makes sure to customize your burger size accordingly. Choose from either a six or ten-ounce patty or go for the “Hall of Fame” size and try this massive one-pounder. Whatever size or toppings you choose, you can’t go wrong at MoJoe’s. 

3) The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

From “Lafayette Village,” we next head to Raleigh’s North Hills section. 4208 Six Forks Road to be exact, which is the home to the least conventional of our Top Burger Joints in Raleigh entries. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar, despite taking the “burger joint” to a more modern place let’s say, is undeniably just as delicious as the rest. Here we will get a little more daring than most burger places as Cowfish strives to offer the best burger and the best sushi. The innovative yet hearty burgers burst with bold and fresh flavors. Plus, they have a bite of sushi on top.

Distance from Knightdale Station to the Best Burger Joints in Raleigh (according to Google Maps)

  • Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar- 19 minutes (12.8 miles)
  • MoJoe’s- 23 minutes (13.8 miles)
  • Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar- 23 minutes (14.1)

Of Course if You’re Staying Local…Here’s the Best Burger in Knightdale (Or so we hear !!!)

Now, of course with our five Raleigh establishments spoken for, we have to give you a “hometown” burger option. Sometimes, you just don’t have that 15-20 minutes. Sometimes you just need that delicious, juicy made-to-order burger and its got to be close by. Trust us, we know the feeling and to give a Knightdale burger choice we turn to you…the public.

The Sports Page Bar and Grill

Using the rankings and reviews on Google, we deciphered that the biggest and best burger according to residents is at the Sports Page Bar and Grill. The Sports Page his located at 835 North Smithfield Road in Knightdale. In backing up the decision to go with the Sports Page, we will turn to a reviewer on Google who ironically is not a Knightdale resident. He actually travels to get the delicious Sports Page burgers. Regardless, his glowing comments represent their inclusion to our Best Burger Joints in Raleigh.

“If you order a burger here, make sure you’re hungry,” he begins. “They are awesome, but they are huge!” Touting the overall atmosphere at Sports Page, he added, “A small group of us met here to celebrate a co-worker’s anniversary and we had a great time. The staff took good care of us (that’s sometimes tough with a group).” The reviewer continues, “The appetizers were perfect, the beer was cold and the live entertainment was a perfect compliment.” The visitor concludes, “The Sports Page is a bit far from where I live to be a regular stop, but I will definitely come back!”

The entertainment and incredible dining options that are just minutes from you in Raleigh are countless. With your new location at Knightdale Station’s new home community, you are not only this close to the Best Burger Joints in Raleigh, but you are also this close to the peace of mind and small-town comfort in your new home in Knightdale. For more on the Knightdale Station neighborhood, visit knightdalestation.com

Upon the governor’s announcement a few weeks back, many things we have been missing were able to finally return. Sure, maybe in a smaller capacity for the time being, but the entertainment and culture synonymous with Raleigh is a welcome return. Thus, your decision to move to a new home in Knightdale…at the Station, puts you in a prime location to enjoy this culture. In addition, you also can bask in the history of the area and the state just minutes from the Knightdale Station neighborhood. All of these things await you and your family for a fun-filled, yet educational day at the Raleigh NC Museums.

While there are seemingly countless museums to see in the Raleigh and surrounding areas, we will focus this post on four popular ones in particular. Each of these represents the statewide history or some type of art or culture and its relevance across North Carolina. None of these Raleigh NC Museums are too far from your new home in Knightdale, so we hope you will take advantage of their re-opening, (at 50 percent capacity, with proper social distancing guidelines) have some fun, and learn a thing or two along the way.

Raleigh NC Museums: Feel and Relive the History

Out of the three Raleigh NC Museums we will detail in this post, the first focuses on history. While one of the two gives the history of the state’s railways, the other covers the entire spectrum of the “Tar Heel State” for the past 14,000 years. 

The North Carolina Museum of History

Located right in the heart of downtown, the NC Museum of History is first of our “must-see” Raleigh NC Museums. There are astounding 150,000-plus artifacts to marvel at in this first of the Raleigh NC Museums. Likewise, over 14,000 years’ worth of North Carolina heritage, pride, and history is awaiting your arrival.

From Blackbeard the pirate to the Wright Brothers “Flyer,” to a special section just for the kids. This is the ultimate among Raleigh NC Museums for those interested in the rich past of this state. There is even a “museum in a museum” of sorts here, as the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame features items from Richard Petty, Coach “K,” and countless UNC Tarheel greats just to name a few.

The North Carolina Museum of History is only 20 minutes from your new home at Knightdale Station according to Google Maps. (10.6 miles) The physical address is 5 East Edenton Street.

From Antique to Modern Day: the North Carolina Museum of Art will Amaze You

We began this post with usage of the word culture. Well, when. you list the Raleigh NC Museums in any fashion, regardless of which you speak of, when culture comes up, this museum is “must-discuss.” 

The North Carolina Museum of Art

To call this next of our feature Raleigh NC Museums just a “museum” almost seems unfair. But that being said, and to avoid unnecessary confusion we will just tell you of all its other amazing features, while still calling it by name. The North Carolina Museum of Art is made up of two buildings actually. The original, “East” building with educational programs and exhibits that rotate throughout the year is one. While the second building, the more recently completed “West” building showcases amazing pieces and works of art from across the entire world and from all periods in time.

On top of these two buildings, which makes this entrant unique among our Raleigh NC Museums is a pair of outdoor attractions. First of these, is Ann and Jim Goodnight Park, with 164-acres of trails and public art monuments that must truly be seen. The second outdoor feature is the Museum’s amphitheater. This is the largest live music concert venue at any art museum in the entire country. Consequently, most summer’s, you can find nationally renowned bands, singers, and artists thrilling the Raleigh crowd with their live musical performances.

The North Carolina Museum of Art is only 23 minutes from your new home at Knightdale Station according to Google Maps. (16.3 miles) The physical address is 2110 Blue Ridge Road.

Our Final of Three Raleigh NC Museums is the Largest Natural History Museum in the Southeast!

Two down and one to go in our “tour” of the Raleigh NC Museums we are covering in this post. The third and final entry of our Raleigh NC Museums, as we note above is the largest of its type in the whole Southeast. It is the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. This museum is iconic in Raleigh for its building with the huge globe out front as well as for the wonders that lie within.

The NC Museum of Natural Sciences is four floors of incredible exhibits with both the Nature Exploration Center and the Nature Research Center both being huge favorites. This is not just the most visited of our three Raleigh NC Museums. It is the most visited museum in the entire state of North Carolina. Consequently, to put in perspective the high regard this museum is held in, it is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute.

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is only 20 minutes from your new home at Knightdale Station according to Google Maps. (16.3 miles) The physical address is 2110 Blue Ridge Road.

Enjoy the History of Our State at Raleigh NC Museums, and Barely Leave Home

All three of these fantastic attractions are less than 17 miles away from the Knightdale Station new home neighborhood. Your new home in Knightdale still affords you the tight-knit, small-town community feel of your new neighborhood. Likewise, you are just minutes from some of the most amazing places statewide, like these Raleigh NC Museums.

For more information on all things relative to Knightdale’s first master-planned community, Knightdale Station, visit our official site here.

Photo Credit: Visit Raleigh

There are not many residents at the Knightdale Station new home community that don’t look forward to Summer. For that matter, nearly anyone residing across the state of North Carolina enjoys the warm and sunny weather of the season. Under normal circumstances the options for “what to do” in Knightdale and across NC on a summer’s day are plentiful. However, we all can agree that the Summer of 2020 has seen anything but “normal circumstances.” These circumstances are obviously due to the continued threat of the coronavirus across both the U.S. and the world as a whole. Thus, in this post, we will look at options in Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID that you can still enjoy without worry.

Sure, many of us have for sure had our patience tested with all the regulations and restrictions put in place during this time. Opinions certainly vary on the severity of what exactly is going on as well. This post will discuss why outdoor activities should be a part of you and your family’s schedule. Likewise, we will look at which Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID are available right here in your new hometown of Knightdale.

Many Safe Outdoor Activities are Nearby Knightdale Station.

The items from the paragraph above are pretty common knowledge through the current situation. However, there are still many Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID that you can enjoy. Likewise, luckily for you, the choice was made to live in Knightdale. Thus, your new residence at Knightdale Station puts you in close proximity to countless outdoor, fun, family activities.

What Would be Considered Low-Risk Activities and Ways for Me to Move?

When you are thinking Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID, always remember the basic guidelines. Doing this will often lead you to the safest and lowest risk things to do. We all have been made well aware of the social distancing and six feet of separation. These are very easy regulations to follow given the vast amount of greenspace, parks, trails, and other options here in Knightdale.

Thus, whether in your neighborhood, at a park, or wherever, just keep that in mind. Several of the most popular ways to get around in summer can still be done even with social distancing. Many, you already were a good distance from other, actually. For example, each of the following are Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID.

  • Walking, running and hiking
  • Rollerblading and biking
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Golfing
  • Kayaking, boating and sailing
  • Fitness classes, held outside, that allow distance

Those are all activities that from a “distance” will get you “up and moving.” Below, are actual social activities that are pretty low risk if done responsibly.

Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID

Picnics- Whether you order take out or make and pack food from home this is an easy one to stay safe. Set out blankets, head to your favorite park, get your space and soak in the day.

Drive-In Movies-This concept may take on forms other than movies as the pandemic continues. Very easy to keep your distance, and on top of the safety factor, a cool, throwback to when drive-ins were all the rage to see a movie at.

Farmers Markets- Given the booths and close proximity to vendors in this setting, a mask would be advisable. However, this is another great “normal” summer activity that with the simple addition of a mask makes it even safer.

House Party or Gatherings with Friends- Keep the handshakes and “hugs” to a minimum and give each other your 6 feet. Plan out some fun games or activities that you can play from a distance. Friends are another thing a lot of people miss during this pandemic. Never underestimate the power of a conversation with a true friend. It can lift the spirits and even help in the most difficult of times. Just remember to keep that 6-foot distance!

Many of these great summer activities can be enjoyed right here on site at Knightdale Station. Between the activities scheduled at Knightdale Station park and all the green space to enjoy on your own the possibilities await. For more information on the parks, and more a Knightdale Station, visit knightdalestation.com.

Photo Credit: Town of Knightdale