Knightdale Station Amenities: Captavation…at the Station!

You’ve followed our series of posts in support of you and your family searching for new homes in Knightdale NC. That search would obviously lead to the spectacular new homes at the Knightdale Station community. However, in this post, we will introduce you to the incredible, on-site, Knightdale Station Amenities. We think you’ll agree that between the beautiful new homes at Knightdale Station and the Knightdale Station Amenities that for you and your family…”Life is waitin’..at the Station!”

Knightdale Station Park: The Ultimate of Knightdale Station Amenities

food-truck-thursdays-knightdale station

Food Truck Thursdays are held once monthly on Thursdays at both lunch and dinner time between mid-April and October at Knightdale Station Park

Much more than just a “community recreation center” or “playground,” the ultimate of Knightdale Station Amenities is Knightdale Station Park. In addition to being host to community residents functions, Knightdale Station Park also is host to an array of fantastic Town of Knightdale activities throughout the year.

In the warmer months, Knightdale Station Park hosts the popular “Food Truck Thursdays” events which are set to begin for the 2019 season on April 18. Holiday-themed family events are also scheduled year-round at the ‘ultimate’ in Knightdale Station Amenities. New to Knightdale Station Park this Spring will also be the new Knightdale Splash Park. This brand new addition to the Knightdale Station Amenities will surely keep the kids cool all summer long.

knightdale-station-park-knightdale station

New to Knightdale Station Park starting in 2019, the Knightdale Splash Park is another of the great on-site Knightdale Station Amenities for families to enjoy

Family Fun All Year Long…at the Station

Below is just a sampling of the Town of Knightdale events hosted throughout the year at Knightdale Station Park.

YMCA Aquatics Center at Knightdale Station: Programs for all ages to “Keep You Cool”

knightdale-station-amenities-Knightdale Station

A hot, sunny, summer day… at the Station?! No problem when you can take advantage of the great Knightdale Station Amenities like the pool at the YMCA Aquatics Center

The YMCA and Aquatics Center at Knightdale Station offers a wide variety of programs and services that help us nurture the potential of kids, help you live healthier, and allow us to support our neighbors who need us most. In addition to the outdoor pool, the Aquatics Center complex includes a pool house with offices, space for lifeguards and restrooms for swimmers, plus a Kid’s Camp building with separate restrooms for younger swimmers.

The pool and deck area comprises 23,000 square feet and the entirety of the Aquatics Center and  YMCA facility will sit on about eight acres of land when completed.

The YMCA at Knightdale Station hours of operation are as follows:

  • Mon. – Fri. : 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Sat.: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Sun.: 1 – 7 p.m.

For a full listing of programs offered for both youth and adults, visit the YMCA at Knightdale Station website here.

Our look at the incredible Knightdale Station Amenities will continue in our next blog entry. There we will continue to showcase why searching for a new home in Knightdale NC, is the way to go for you and your family. That being said the only place you want to search is the new homes for sale at Knightdale Station that can be seen here.



Knightdale NC New Homes For Sale in One of the Best Places to Live in the US

It is no secret that the Town of Knightdale is getting statewide recognition for the great things happening there. However, national accolades are also being given to the town. As a result, by choosing a home in Knightdale, you are choosing Knightdale NC Homes For Sale in one of the Best Places to Live in the US.

Knightdale Among Best Places to Live in the US

knightdale-nc-new-homes-for-sale-Knightdale Station

Knightdale NC new homes for sale at Knightdale Station are in demand especially for young families located in one of the Best Places to Live in the US

With the affordability and youthfulness among the tops in the state, the allure to search new homes in Knightdale NC  is already strong. However, with Knightdale’s listing by Time as one of the Best Places to Live in the US the allure is spreading nationwide. Relocation prospects from the Northeast, Midwest, even from the West Coast are becoming aware of the great things at the Knightdale Station neighborhood. Thus, Knightdale can also be counted among NC’s fastest growing towns.

Time.com cites a strong economy and affordable Knightdale NC New Homes For Sale as reasons for its ranking. Quality of life is also a big factor in Knightdale being listed.

Statistics leading to Knightdale placing number 76 among Best Places to Live in the US are below.

  • Population- 14,868
  • Median Household Income- $63,158
  • Projected Job Growth Rate- 10.9 percent (annual projection for 2019)

Knightdale on Safest Cities in NC List Year After Year

safest-cities-in-nc-knightdale station

Youth Events at Knightdale Station like the annual “K-Fest” event (pictured) give the children a safe place to be and offer a variety of activities regularly to keep the neighborhood safe

When a young family begins looking for Knightdale NC New Homes For Sale, safety will be a factor. The town is near the top in every Safest Cities in NC rankings by Safewise since it began. This year is no different, as the Safewise blog explains, “Young, vibrant, and affordable are just a few key words that describe this Raleigh metro area community. Packed with parks and greenways, Knightdale is committed to creating outdoor space that is bringing families out of their homes and helps them get to know their neighbors.”

The experts at Safewise endorse your search for Knightdale NC New Homes For Sale. “If you’re searching for an active family lifestyle at an affordable price, Knightdale is a sure bet.”The blog post continued, saying, “You’ll also appreciate its high marks for safety.”

The areas of analysis placing Knightdale in the top twenty Safest Cities in NC are violent and non-violent crimes. More specifically each area breaks down as follows:

Violent Crime

safest-cities-in-nc-Knightdale Station

The friendliness and great relationship between the Town of Knightdale Police and the residents plays heavily into being named one of the Safest Cities in NC

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated assault

(Knightdale scores well below state and national average with only 1.41 out of 1,000 people experiencing these.)

Non-Violent Crimes

  • Property Crimes
  • Non-Violent/Physical Theft
  • Other crimes where no harm is done to the victim

(Knightdale scores well below state and national average with only 21.24 out of 1,000 people experiencing these.)

Total Crime

  • Non-Violent- 93.35 percent
  • Violent- 6.65 percent

The accolades keep pouring in, as a result, the time is now to search for New Homes For Sale in Knightdale NC. Consequently, most noteworthy among all neighborhoods in town is the Knightdale Station new home community. Finally, with affordable prices, the town’s first master-planned community can get your family in one of the Best Cities to Live in the US. For more information on the new homes available and the great amenities at Knightdale Station, visit here.

Why Young Families are Searching for New Homes in Knightdale NC

Continuing our series in support of your search for New Homes in Knightdale NC, we will focus on family. With countless great events hosted on-site weekly, the Knightdale Station new home community is a perfect “family fit.” Thus, it was no big surprise that Knightdale was named by homesnacks.net recently as one of the Best Places in NC to Raise a Family.

Knightdale Ranks among Best Places in NC to Raise a Family

best-places-to-raise-a-family-in-nc-knightdale station

Year round family and youth-themed events at Knightdale Station Park, like the “Tree City USA” project shown, have made Knightdale on of the Best Places in NC to Raise a Family

The annual poll by the experts at Homesnacks certainly supports your choice to seek New Homes in Knightdale NC. In landing among the top 15 Best Places in NC to Raise a Family, Knightdale scored high in several key areas. This included a strong 8 out of 10 scores in safety, education, and affordability. Knightdale’s overall amenities score of 58 placed it 14th out of all municipalities ranked for Best Places in NC to Raise a Family.

Every city and town statewide was analyzed in the following categories to determine the Best Places to Raise a Family in NC.

  • Crime (Both violent and property)
  • Quality of local schools
  • Distance to a major city without necessarily being in it
  • Percentage of households with children
  • Family-friendly amenities nearby (museums, libraries, and colleges)

Family Events at Knightdale Station

family-events-in-knightdale-nc-knightdale station

On Saturday, April 13, the Knightdale Easter Eggstraordinaire event at Knightdale Station Park is one of the most highly anticipated Family Events in Knightdale NC on the calendar

More support for looking for New Homes in Knightdale NC is the great variety of Family Events in Knightdale Station. Whether holiday-themed or just one of the town’s own creations, the Family Events at Knightdale Station offer variety and occur often.

Next on the schedule among Family Events at Knightdale Station will be Saturday, April 13, the Knightdale Easter Eggstraordinaire. This is an annual tradition of the Family Events at Knightdale Station, with 3 separate Easter Egg hunts according to age group. The fun will kick off at 10:00 a.m. at Knightdale Station Park and run until 2:00 p.m.

There will be an array of activities at the Knightdale Easter Eggstraordinaire that include the following.

  • Easter Egg Hunts at Soccer Field #1 (Age groups are 0-3,4-5, and 6-8)
  • Separate Egg Hunt for Special Needs Children
  • Photos with the Easter Bunny
  • Train Rides through Knightdale Station Park
  • Inflatables and Bounce Houses
  • Live “Kids Show” Performance by Big Bang Boom
  • Food Trucks

Year-Round, Youth Events in Knightdale

knightdale-station-park-knightdale station

Knightdale Station Park, which sits right in the Knightdale Station new home community, not only hosts countless youth and family events but also has a great train-themed playground and countless other features for residents

Knightdale Station Park is situated directly in the Knightdale Station new home community. The park hosts Youth Events in Knightdale throughout the year. Much like the Knightdale Easter Eggstraordinaire, many are holiday-based, while some are just for fun!

The traditions that have been built with the annual Youth Events in Knightdale include:

With all of these great things happening right on site at Knightdale Station, it’s no wonder you’ve opted to search New Homes in Knightdale NC for your family. In our next article, we will continue to look at the many reasons that so many young families are moving to Knightdale. For more information on New Homes in Knightdale NC at Knightdale Station, visit knightdalestation.com.

(Photo Credit- Town of Knightdale)

Youth and Affordability Equals Growth : Life in Knightdale NC


When taking a look at Life in Knightdale NC, the one word constantly heard is growth. Of course, many things factor into this Eastern Wake County town seeing its young families grow and prosper. Likewise, it is no coincidence to see business and employment opportunities grow and prosper in Knightdale. In this series of blog posts, we will go in-depth in analyzing Life in Knightdale NC. We will look at the growth that has seen the town named among the most thriving and decorated state and even nation-wide.

Life in Knightdale NC

Consequently, we will take a detailed look at how the youthfulness, a low cost of living and safety in the town has played into its continued growth. Also, we will look at the recognition and accolades both on a state and national platform received by Knightdale.


A consistent flow of family-friendly events aimed at the younger demographic has made neighborhoods like the Knightdale Station new home community desirable to young families and professionals alike

Our goal is helping you to take an educated approach when looking at new homes for sale in Knightdale NC.  Maybe, you may even find a brand new place to actually call home t the Knightdale Station new home community.

Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina

Knightdale placed eighth among over 130 municipalities on the 2018 annual list of Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina. The HomeSnacks.com poll analyzed NC cities with a minimum population of 5,000 using data from the US Census Bureau.

The experts at HomeSnacks cited an increase in residential neighborhoods like the Knightdale Station new home community for the high ranking. Likewise, it noted that Life in Knightdale NC saw an incredible 212.14 percent increase in population from 2010-2017. These facts coupled with a steady flow of new business to the community should see Knightdale continue climbing as one of the Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina.

Most Affordable Places in NC

A major aspect leading to the growth of Knightdale is the town’s overall reasonable cost of living. Given its low median resident’s age of 30.8 years old,  young families’ can take advantage of a burgeoning housing market. Thus, many of those in said age bracket are able to afford the new homes for sale in Knightdale NC like those at the Knightdale Station new home community.

Cost-effective housing in accordance with a more than comparable median household income is just a few of the areas which were listed as reasons why Knightdale was recently named number 3 overall by movoto.com out of 83 municipalities with a minimum population of 10,000 on their annual list of the Most Affordable Places in NC.

Knightdale ranked at the top of the charts in all criteria used in naming the Most Affordable Places in NC. This included the following:

  • Adjusted Mean Income


    Located right on-site at the town’s first master-planned community, Knightdale Station, events such as ‘Food Truck Thursdays’ and the countless holiday gatherings at Knightdale Station Park have made the community alluring to a younger demographic

  • Unemployment Rank
  • Median Home Price
  • Utility Costs
  • Food Costs
  • Miscellaneous Costs

 Life in Knightdale NC: The State’s ‘Hippest City’

The same movoto.com study noted, Knightdale’s ranking among Most Affordable Places in NC has coincided with a more youthful occupancy. “With a median age of 30, Knightdale is one of the youngest and arguably the hippest towns in the Raleigh metro area…and perhaps what makes this possible is the town’s affordability,” the article read.

The piece gave an analysis of Knightdale’s convenience and allure to more youthful residents. “Knightdale has one of the lowest unemployment rates in our top 10, just 7.5 percent, better still. Those employees make a median household income of $74,707, adjusted for the town’s overall cost of living of 104.” The post concludes, “This town ranked among the best for its miscellaneous cost. Things like restaurants, clothes, and entertainment…this is great news for young families.”

Ironically, those young families will be touched upon in our second blog post on Life in Knightdale NC. Likewise, we will help you make an educated selection on new homes for sale in Knightdale NC at Knightdale Station.

(Photos Credit: Town of Knightdale)


Knightdale Among 2019 Best Places to Raise a Family in NC

Best-Places-to-Raise-a-Family-in-NC- Knightdale Station

The foremost authority on “helping you understand what it’s like to live in different places across America,” at homesnacks.net have released their poll of the Best Places to Raise a Family for 2019 and the Town of Knightdale was once again near the top of their listing, landing among the top 15 municipalities in the state.

In the site’s blogpost by Chris Kolmar, detailing the 2019 Best Places to Raise a Family in NC, he gives a basic overview and methodology of how the results are figured out, in addition to a brief recollection of questions the average family, such as yous that has just found your new dream home at Knightdale Station,  may ask which their analysis can help you too arrive an easier and educated answer.

“According to the United States Census,” Kolmar started, “the number of American families who move is trending downwards Why is that? Perhaps it has to do with the ‘safety net’ factor: We get comfortable where we live, and we’re afraid to try a new move. What if the schools are bad? What if it’s dangerous?”

Following these rhetorical questions, he later in the blogpost explained more exactly how they compile the annual Best Places to Raise a Family in NC, saying, “We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible.” Kolmar continued, “Using U.S. Census data produced for the state of North Carolina, we looked at every single city in the state. We paid particular attention to:

  • Crime (Both violent and property)
  • Quality of local schools
  • Distance to a major city without necessarily being in it
  • % of households with children
  • Family-friendly amenities nearby (museums, libraries and colleges)

Utilizing all of the information explained above, the experts at HomeSnacks then give each of the 60 municipalities a “family score,” whereas, obviously, the higher the score the higher the ranking on the final list of Best Places to Raise a Family in NC.

The Town of Knightdale finished in the final listing of Best Places to raise a Family in NC at number 14, with an overall amenities score of 58. Its  overall score in the ever important categories of safety, education, and affordability were both a solid 8 out of 10, to help wityh its lofty position on the list.

To read more on the 2019 Best Places to Raise a Family in NC visit homesnacks.net.


Food Truck Thursdays Returning for a Fourth Year…at the Station

Food-Truck-Thursdays-Knightdale Station

First introduced in the Spring of 2016, just a short walk from your new dream home at Knightdale Station, one of the sure signs of the changing of seasons and a precursor to warmer summer weather start up for a fourth year with the return of Food Truck Thursdays at Knightdale Station Park on April 18.

Continuing to ride the wave of popularity garnered through the wide array of tastes available, Food Truck Thursdays will be a monthly happening, with different trucks on site from 11:30 am- 1:30 pm for lunch and again for dinner hours from 6:00-8:00 pm. There will be multiple trucks on hand each month for the dinner hours at Food Truck Thursdays. This year there will also be live music each Thursday at Knightdale Station Park Amphitheater during the 6-8 pm dinner time period.

The initial Food Truck Thursdays event…at the Station this season will kick off with Mel’s Many Minis during lunch and then Baozi, Spanglish, and JAM Ice Cream on hand for the dinner hours. Food Truck Thursdays will take place on the third Thursday of each month starting in April and running through October, with the season’s final event on October 17.

The scheduled food trucks on the 2019 Food Truck Thursdays lunch schedule (11:30 am- 1:30 pm) are:

The scheduled food trucks on the 2019 Food Truck Thursdays dinner schedule (6:00 pm- 8:00 pm) are:

With almost 30 vendors already slated to offer up the most variety we have ever had in a season of Food Truck Thursdays, this Spring and Summertime tradition at Knightdale Station Park figures to once again be a tasty and delicious hit all season long. For more information on Food Truck Thursdays and all the great upcoming Town of Knightdale events, visit knightdalenc.gov

“Shamrock Shuck” Returns for 4th Consecutive Year at Oak City Brewing Company

oak-city-brewing-company-Knightdale Station

Located adjacent to Knightdale Station Park, just minutes from your home at the Knightdale Station new home community, Oak City Brewing Company will for the fourth consecutive year again be celebrating the “luck of the Irish,” as part of their annual Shamrock  Shuck event on Saturday, March 16.

The 4thannual Oak City Brewing Company Shamrock Shuck will begin at 12:00 p.m. and continue through the day until 10:00 pm. The outside beer tent at the event closes at 8:00 pm, while the brew houses ceases operation at 10 pm.

As has become normal at Oak City Brewing Company holiday celebrations, there is a little something for everyone to “bring out your green” in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, as their will be live music throughout the day at the Shamrock Shuck in addition to traditional bagpipers, getting all in the spirit of the day.

For those not eating oysters, Havana Dave’s food truck will be on hand at the event from 12:00- 9:00 pm. However, the much-anticipated annual oyster roast, will see oysters served from 12:00-6:00 pm. It is noted that all “shamrock shuckers” (oyster eaters) should purchase tickets in advance, and they are able to do that online or in person at Oak City Brewing Company.

The special “Shamrock Shucker Ticket” for this event is priced very reasonably at $38 per person and includes the following:

  • 1 peck of steamed oysters (about 2 dozen)
  • 1 beer (pint)
  • 1 customized “Shamrock Shuck” oyster shucker
  • 1 Shamrock Shuck Koozie

In addition to all the great entertainment, food, and beverages, there once again are tent spaces available for rental for private use during the event, with each available space measuring 10×10. This does not include a tent, as renters must provide their own, and space is limited. These spaces are not for vendors and can only be rented at Oak City Brewing Company for $40 a space.

The actual admission to the 4thAnnual Shamrock Shuck at Oak City Brewing Company is free and the first 150 customers to arrive will receive a free Shamrock Shuck koozie. Oak City Brewing Company is located at 616 North First Avenue in Knightdale. For more information on the Shamrock Shuck and all the great upcoming events at Oak City Brewing Company, visit their website at oakcitybrewingcompany.com.

‘Get Hooked’ on the Freshest Seafood in Knightdale at A’Nets Katch

Freshest-Seafood-in-Knightdale-Knightdale Station

The Freshest Seafood in Knightdale is located only minutes from your new dream home at the Knightdale Station master planned community, at A’Net’s Katch, where you can eat in or take home and cook.

After growing up on the North Carolina coast, where she was exposed to and learned from her father how to crab, shrimp, oyster, and fish, it would seem a foregone conclusion that she would eventually be something that she could be both passionate and successful at. Fast forward to the Fall of 2011 and the buzz around A’Net’s Katch and the Freshest Seafood in Knightdale had grown to the point that it was a necessity to open a kitchen on site. Since that point, featuring an always creative and evolving menu, the Knightdale and surrounding area has been “hooked.”

Describing her passion and dedication to each meal and dish prepared at A’Net’s Katch, it notes on their website that, “Annette infuses every dish she creates with her knowledge and passion for perfection. Once word of these tasty signature dishes got out,such as the Sloppy crab sandwich, Grilled Mako Shark, Low Country Boils, Calamari, Soft shell crabs, Gator bites and much much more it did not take long to become the best little hidden secret in Knightdale.” Going further to explain their innovative entrees, the site concluded, “We even invented , the Famous Deep Fried Lobster tails, that hopefully land us a spot in the N.C. State fair in the near future.”

The freshest Seafood in Knightdale is available from an incredible selection of over 75 items in the ‘take home’ display case. The options for ‘take home’ range from crab legs to oysters to fresh filets and whole fish. In addition, A’Net’s Katch offers all the amenities one would need to prepare these delicious items, including, Seafood breaders, cajun boils, cocktail and tarter sauces, and so much more.

On top of all of these items, Annette also has her own line of products that can be purchased and include their famous Bang Sauce, Bull Sauce, Bay Sauce, low fat tarter sauce, made from scratch cocktail and tarter sauces, 12 blend seasoning and A’Net’s secret recipe batters that were created right in their very own kitchen.

A’ Nets Katch, featuring the Freshest Seafood in Knightdale is located at 2009 Village Park Drive. According to their official website, which can be visited here,  “The owners, Annette Brown and Greg Knish are Knightdale natives with a passion for guest service and outstanding fresh seafood.” Again referring to their website, they explain there overall view and business model, saying, “We have had this concept in mind for years and decided to take a leap of faith and provide the community we live in and loves so much with exactly what it needs…. convenience, great value and one stop shopping.”

To find out more about stopping in to try, or bringing home some of the Freshest Seafood in Knightdale at A’Nets Katch, visit anetskatch.com.


Thales Academy Knightdale Open House and 2019-20 Registration…at the Station!!!

Thales-Academy-Knightdale-Knightdale Station

Located right in the heart of the  Knightdale Station new home community and preparing for another banner year of growth and prosperity among our student base for the upcoming 2019-20 school year, Thales Academy Knightdale will host an open house for grades Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade.

The 2019-20 Registration/Open House at Thales Academy Knightdale will begin at 8:15 a.m. and run until 11:15 a.m. and will allow parents and prospective students alike a preview of what they can expect in the upcoming school year at the facility. Utilizing a rigorous curriculum and placing a focus on proven, innovative learning methods that include helping the children to develop real world skills, using technology integration, and character development, Thales Academy is known across the area to provide students with the highest quality learning experiences and education.

Thales Academy Knightdale is located in the Knightdale Station new home community at 525 Carolinian Avenue. For more information on the school or to apply online, go to thalesacademy.org.

Cupid Run Returning to Kick Off Knightdale Holiday Events for 2019…at the Station

Knighdale-Holiday-Events-Knightdale Station

In the same vein as the numerous Knightdale Holiday Events held at Knightdale Station that have become tradition, the town’s parks and recreation department will be hosting their second annual Valentine’s Day themed, five kilometer “Cupid Run,”  Saturday, February 9.

Based upon the fantastic response and turnout from the community at the inaugural Cupid Run event in 2016, and for each year since thereafter, it  included amongst the calendar of Knightdale Holiday Events for a second straight year. Joining another of the successful Knightdale Holiday Events that has now become an annual tradition in the community, the Turkey Leg 5K, which takes place around Thanksgiving, these “fun runs” not only to give the community another way enjoy a great day of family fun, but they also promote a healthy lifestyle and outdoor living in the local community.

The Cupid Run will kick off at 9:30 a.m. and start in Knightdale Station Park. Registration for the event is on going right now and in addition to taking part in the newest tradition among the Knightdale Holiday Events, by signing up, you will also get a winter hat, a medal for finishing the 5K and a timing bib. In addition to the finisher medals there will also be medals given out to the first, second, and third place male and female finishers. Keeping in the festive and fun feel of all Knightdale Holiday Events, there will also be medals awarded for the “Best Dressed” in accordance with the Valentine’s Day theme, much as they do in November’s “Turkey Leg” event.

For more information on the 2019 Knightdale Parks and Recreation Department’s “Cupid Run,” or any of the great upcoming Knightdale Holiday Events, visit knightdalenc.gov.

Photo Credit: Town of Knightdale