Since you made the final decision for you and your family to move to the Knightdale Station new home community, we have given you many suggestions for scenic beauty and outdoor activity. However, at some points of the year, as you can attest now being in your new home in Knightdale, the temperatures play more into the decision of what outdoor activities to do. A perfect example of this is as we head into the smoldering hot, “dog days” of summertime. There are not too many activities outdoors that won’t find you and your youngsters sweltering in the summer heat. However, these “summer scorchers” can be combated. Just make your plans to visit any of the following North Carolina Water Parks.

Now, don’t misunderstand, here. We don’t blame you one bit if your “summer splashing” is planned right in your neighborhood. The gorgeous pool at the YMCA Aquatics Center at Knightdale Station is the perfect spot to keep the kids cool and relax throughout the “red-hot” months of June, July, and August. Not to mention, it’s so close, why wouldn’t your whole family love it. But, on the occasions when you just want to get away, the ultimate in summertime and “wet and wild” activities await at the North Carolina Water Parks.

(This is the first of a two-post series documenting the best North Carolina Water Parks. In our follow up post, we will list several more spots to splash away this Summer.)

Keeping it Cool and Within a Two Hour Trip to North Carolina Water Parks

To be upfront, any or all of the North Carolina Water Parks we discuss are a bit of a drive from your new home in Knightdale. However, each of these does have either “at the park” or very nearby camping or hotel accommodations. Likewise, all of these make for a fabulous and affordable “summer vacation” of sorts to keep you and the whole family cool. Consequently, none of these are further than about a three-hour drive, thus could also be a well-planned day trip to give the kids a thrill while they beat the heat.

Lions Water Adventure, Kinston

The closest of the North Carolina Water Parks we will discuss today is Lions Water Adventure. This is a wonderful place for family members of all ages to enjoy. In addition to all types of “splashable” fun, this park has an animal theme that the kids will surely love. Take them through the lion and zebra water slides, the low-splash slide, and the Kiddie Lagoon for a sure smash hit of a day. Likewise, for those in. need of some exercise, while staying cool, there is an 8-lane, lap pool, that is perfect for just that.

Distance from Knightdale Station: 1 hour, 12 minutes, 79.9 miles

Wet N Wild Emerald Pointe, Greensboro

Just over 90 miles from Knightdale Station, Wet N Wild Emerald Pointe is one of the most popular North Carolina Water parks in the entire Southeast, let alone the state. This is the ultimate for water park lovers. Over 35 rides and attractions and over 3 million gallons of water for fun. This place has everything from the most daring, high altitude slides to the shallowest of kiddie slides. This is one you and the kids don’t want to miss.

Distance from Knightdale Station: 1 hour, 26 minutes, 92.5 miles

Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park, Wilmington

Just a bit outside of Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach is another fun-filled, summertime stop on our list of North Carolina Water Parks. Whereas “We N Wild” above was nothing but water rides, Jungle Rapids has some excellent “dry rides” as well. With go-karts, laser tag, and mini-golf, you are sure to heat up. But rest assured, there is plenty of spots to cool down, including a million-gallon wave pool, a half-pipe waterslide, and the Jungle Rapids Superbowl.

Distance from Knightdale Station: 2 hours, 6 minutes, 135.4 hours

North Carolina Water Parks: The Refreshment Continues

Our refreshing path of summertime relief will continue in our next post. The North Carolina Water Parks we will document in that final post of the series is slightly further from your new home in Knightdale, however, they are equally as wet, wild, and most importantly fun!

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Since you and your family selected your new home in Knightdale for its location at the Knightdale Station new home community, you know all about the neighborhood’s incredible on-site amenities. On such that provides a luxurious pool and of course ton of fun-filled activities for the kids. This “amenity” I speak of would be the YMCA Knightdale Station. Sure, there is a gorgeous pool for community members to cool off in on-site at the “Y.” But as yet another “return to normal” situation for Summer 2021 running weekly, Monday-Friday from weekly up until August 16 will be the “Explore Summer” camps. These offer fun for all ages, wanting to get involved and focusing on each child learning life skills they will need forever.

For the summer camps at YMCA Knightdale Station, the age range for those eligible is for those in grades K-8. The camps start at 7:00 a.m. and run Monday through Friday until 6:00 p.m. Each group divided up for the daily will be lead through that morning and afternoon’s activities. The wide array of fun-filled games, projects, and exercises each day at YMCA Knightdale Station “Explore Summer” camps are unique and different each day and session.  Some days, the campers will find themselves swimming, making arts and crafts, or taking on group projects. Yet, they may begin playing team sports such as kickball, basketball, or soccer on a different day. Still, on other days, popular games like “capture the flag” or “gaga ball” are played, and the two constants among them are the stressing of sportsmanship and teamwork and to have fun.

“Exploring” Values and Responsibility at YMCA Knightdale Station

One thing remains constant with the counselors working with campers during the “Explore Summer” camps. Whether the daily games take the children out and into the field or pool for archery and swimming at the YMCA Knightdale Station camps or working on art pieces or a team activity inside. All of these experiences, regardless, find the counselors trying to teach values through that given activity. 

Stressed are many valuable qualities that the youngsters can bring with them as they leave the camp and head back to school or mature into young adults. Some of these values taught are, caring for others, honesty, showing respect, learning responsibility for one’s actions. These daily lessons in life separate the YMCA Knightdale Station summer camps from the other camps and give the boys and girls these traits to bring home with them long after this summer is over.

“Virtually” the Best and Safest Camp for the Youngster in Your Family

Especially following the unexpected restrictions we all faced in the Summer of 2020, the YMCA Knightdale Station feels you children deserve a summer filled with fun for 2021. They pride themselves on “perfecting the art of summer camp.” But, despite the “return to normal,” the YMCA Knightdale Station is also well aware that there must be security for the parents to know all children attending are safe. Thus, at their website,, they walk step by step through the “hows” and “whys” of the YMCA Knightdale Station summer camps. Below is a brief description of a “typical day” and the safety training and methods the “Y” staff implemented.

“A Typical Day” and Keeping it Safe at YMCA Knightdale Station Camp

The “typical day” at the “Explore Summer” camps will find the children partaking in the following:

  • Morning “Huddle” Time 
  • Four to Five Activity Times
  • Lunch
  • Swim Time
  • Two Snack Breaks During the Day

Campers at YMCA Knightdale Station will be grouped in small groups. Each is referred to as “huddles.” Each of these consists of 10-12 campers. They are placed together based upon grade and age. For the youngest campers, the huddles are made even smaller. These younger huddles spend most of the day today.

The YMCA Knightdale Station plans to have a “device-free” summer for your kids. This, in a world where we all know the kids can always use a little more fresh air. So, they will spend as much time as possible doing outdoor activities. For safety purposes, all kids will have an assessment. They will be worked with based on skill level with lifeguards and counselors. This is to help them gain confidence in the pool. In addition, all counselors and staff at YMCA Knightdale Station undergo a minimum of 30 hours of training. This is in categories ranging from group management to first aid to the more recent CDC and NC DHHS guidelines surrounding COVID safety.

The YMCA Knightdale Station is located right in the Knightdale Station new home community at 494 Knightdale Station Run. There are two ways to contact about the upcoming weekly “Explore Summer” camps. You can go to the YMCA Knightdale Station link at or call 919-266-9622. For more information on all the great amenities and new homes in Knightdale at Knightdale station, visit


In an initial report from Raleigh’s WRAL News on May 7, it was announced that a new dining experience will be available in the town of Knightdale. Slated for a late Summer grand opening Craften, a New Knightdale Food Hall, will feature an array of selections and some convenient twists just a few minutes outside your front door at the Knightdale Station new home community. 

The announcement for this new excursion is one of two new Craften food hall’s planning to open in the area, with a second location slated for Clayton. The idea actually comes from the collective brain of NC Food and Beverage podcast host Max Trujillo and renowned entrepreneur Kip Downer. In a follow-up news article on May 14 by the News and Observer (N&O), the name Craften came simply from combining the words “craft “and “kitchen.” Thus, it seems fitting, as the actual restaurant itself is less your traditional restaurant and more a “food hall hybrid.”

Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

While Downer has a background in development, Trijullo is a longtime restaurant and food industry veteran. He co-hosts a podcast about area food and beverage establishments called the NC F&B podcast. Likewise, he has worked the front house of restaurants all across American, spanning from Los Angeles to Raleigh. He spoke on Craften, though being the first venture of his into ownership. “I figured it was time to put my money where my mouth is,” he began.

“We thought about not just what people want in a pandemic, but what people are longing for regarding the restaurant experience,” Trujillo continued explaining to the News and Observer. “It takes the best of food halls and restaurants. It fuses together the variety of a food hall and the hospitality of a restaurant.” 

The New Knightdale Food Hall is described in further detail at the operation’s new official website  In telling their brand’s story, they begin under a subheading titled, “Born out of our love for the local food scene, craft drinks, and the desire to bring communities together.” The story goes on to explain that “Craften is part cocktails, part craft kitchens, and a 100 percent space for all to enjoy.” 

Evolution and the New Knightdale Food Hall

The concept of their ideas for Craften were discussed with the N&O in a May 14 article. There, Trujillo said the following. “I’ve seen the chefs of new and opening establishments put most of their emphasis on the kitchen and the menu.” This often will lead to a lack of thought put into the front end of a restaurant. He also explained that he feels the typical food hall experience can also, at times, lack hospitality.

“I like the variety; friends have different eating habits and restrictions, and everyone wants what they want, and they don’t have to compromise.” He added, “We almost don’t want to identify as a food hall. It’s the evolution of the food hall and an expansion of a restaurant.”

Backing this train of thought on their website, it reads as follows. “Although some might call us a food hall, we hope you find Craften to be a little bit more. Offering a variety of options from carefully curated food concepts, the convenience goes beyond having options. No more are the days of splitting up to order food. Or jumping back in line to get a second round of fries or drinks.”

New Knightdale Food Hall Bringing Downtown to Your Neighborhood

The great success of two downtown Raleigh Food Halls, Morgan Street Food Hall and Transfer Co. Food Hall, began a trend in the area, indirectly leading to the New Knightdale Food Hall starting to be conceptualized between the two co-owners. With Craften, though, the two owners are looking to bring this concept from the bigger city downtown areas to the more suburban areas, hence the choices of Knightdale and Clayton. “All the things you think you need to drive downtown for, you can have in your own neighborhood,” Trujillo said.

The two are waiting to see the success of the first food hall venture. But, Trujillo explained these could be just thefirst two of many he brings to area suburbs. “We’re not completely reinventing the wheel,” he added. “There’s an opportunity and excitement to smaller towns…from doing the podcast. I know this place is growing and expanding.”

There are four restaurants slated to go at the Knightdale location. They are Poblanos Tacos, Fiori Trattoria, The Corner Venezuelan Food, and Fianca Burger. The new food hall will be located in Knightdale at 706 Money Court. Their second location in Clayton is under 20 minutes from Knightdale Station also. The Clayton location is set for opening by the end of 2021.

For further information on the Knightdale Station neighborhood, visit


As the COVID-19 pandemic took over the nation last March, the owner of Prime Barbecue, Chris Prieto, had a tough decision. The Texas native had been in planning stages leading up to opening his Knightdale BBQ Restaurant at 403 Knightdale Station Run at the front of the Knightdale station new home community. With nearly a year of preparation, the establishment first saw a late-March grand opening move back to mid-April. The sudden restrictions at that point led to many obstacles and decisions to be made on the fly. Prieto rose above the typical issues that many restaurants had to deal with. Thus, through hard work and vision, actually thrived and built a solid customer base. As restrictions were slowly being lessened, the combination of fantastic service and food saw Prieto’s local crowd grow. Prospering through the toughest of times and coming out the other side would be considered a significant victory for many. However, it seems par for the course for a man who has made multiple TV appearances based on his BB. These include “America’s BBQ Pitmasters,” “Fox and Friends,” and “Man Fire Food,” among others. In fact, things have been so good for Prieto that he will return to Food Network starting this week. He will be on the new season of “BBQ Brawl” Monday nights’s at 9:00 p.m.

Knightdale BBQ Restaurant Owner Looks to Become “Master”

The upcoming episode to feature the Knightdale BBQ Restaurant owner has twelve contestants. Each is vying for the title of Master of the ‘Cue. The popular series is hosted by chefs Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, and Eddie Jackson. The winner will earn a feature role on Food Network’s digital platform. The participants, Prieto included, will be broke up into three separate teams with one hosting chef per team. Each squad will take on BBQ challenges, and judges final scores will determine elimination.

Speaking with the Triangle Business Journal (TBJ), the Knightdale BBQ Restaurant owner, said the following. “The show creates a lot of adrenaline, but you don’t know what’s going to happen, so there’s so much honest reaction.” Prieto continued, “It takes you out of your comfort zone. This is better than any barbecue shows I’ve ever been on because it’s so complex” He adds, “You’re with iron chefs who are these really talented people.”

The Prime Barbecue Knightdale location features Prieto’s signature BBQ style. That style is a blend of North Carolina, Kansas City, and Texas BBQ. In somewhat of a tribute to his parents’ heritage, he incorporates a Puerto Rican flair as well. The Knightdale BBQ Restaurant owner also told TBJ that he has studied barbecuing his entire life. Through his studies of the science behind this, he has become an expert and an author on the subject.

Showing the World a “Special” Town Called Knightdale

Talking about his hopes in appearing on the upcoming June 14 Food Network episode, one major benefit he is hoping to see is bringing attention to the town of Knightdale. Talking with TBJ, he described Knightdale as “the most beautiful thing east of Raleigh.” The Knightdale BBQ Restaurant owner spoke glowingly with TBJ about the town that features the Knightdale Station new home community. “It’s a wonderful, quaint town,” he said. “Just to be able to go on a national level and represent North Carolina, in general, is really special.” He added, “I want to drive people to go to Knightdale to see how special it is as well.”

In conclusion, Prieto stressed the importance of the Food Network appearance and how he feels it could help the community. “Being an important part of a small town is a responsibility for a barbecue company because it’s usually the rising tide that raises all the boats in town,” he said. “It’s a place in the community where people can get together.”

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As you can see, we detail from time to time the fantastic options in food in the surrounding Raleigh area. Being that you and your family are now residents at Knightdale Station, these food options are one nearby and certainly ones you’ll want to try. With so many different specialties to choose in area dining and restaurants, we cover one type in our posts and this article is no different. Thus, below, we will help you to find the Beauty Raleigh Chicken Wings that are out there and waiting for you.

While everyone knows that the original of the chicken wing as we know it today is Buffalo. NY. But, different areas of the country also have become known as “wing stops,” too. Regardless of what you call it, Raleigh certainly has its share of great “chicken wing joints” and all of these listed falls within that distinction.

Just to be clear, we are not listing these Best Raleigh Chicken Wings in any type order, you can be the judge as to your own number one pick. However, we are extremely confident that any true wing lover will respect the choices made if they give each of our “wing stops” a taste.

Best Raleigh Chicken Wings in Local Breweries

Chicken Wings. Beer. Do any two things look more made for each other as they sit side by side than chicken wings and beer, do? I don’t think so. Thus, our first two entrants will be from local breweries, who even without the brews would’ve put these wings on the list.

Lynnwood Grill and Brewing Concern

Located in Raleigh at 4821 Grove Barton Road is the first entrant for our Best Raleigh Chicken Wings restaurants. Known obviously for having some of the city’s finest craft brews, Lynwood also brings their best with the wings. Locals always take advantage of their Monday night “half-priced wings” special. Likewise, there are so many delicious rubs and sauces to try, from classic Buffalo BBQ to Cajun Dry Rub, and all point between, you can’t go wrong with these wings.

Clouds Brewing

In the heart of downtown at 126 North West Street, we find the next stop for the Best Raleigh Chicken Wings. This may be a surprise to some who know of Clouds Brewing and their German-inspired brews and menu. However, that surprise we assure you will turn to delight if you give a chance to their scrumptious, crispy fried wings. Add on over 40 guest brew taps and a “self-pour” beer wall with 10 additional choices and you can wash down the deliciousness in style too.

What Satisfies a Hunger During the Big Game? The Best Raleigh Chicken Wings are Sure to Score!

Overtime Sports Pub

This is easily our entrant with the Best Chicken Wings in Raleigh that is located closest to your new home at Knightdale Station. Literally, just 5 miles away at 1030 North Rogers Lane, Overtime Sports Pub is just outside of Knightdale in Raleigh. This is the place you want to be for a cold beer or soda, all the games on multiple big TV’s and a great variety of delicious wings. So many choices in rubs and sauces that you may want an extra order to bring home!

Buffalo Brothers

The next restaurant to make our listing for Best Raleigh Chicken Wings actually has multiple locations in the area several of which are pretty close to Knightdale Station. With a name like Buffalo Brothers, right off the bat, you know they must have a great wing! But tasting is believing and they whether fried or grilled, this is one place that won’t disappoint. As is common among all those on our list, the sauces and rubs are many at Buffalo Brothers and all so good that you can’t really go wrong no matter your choice. The closest Buffalo Brothers to Knightdale is at 3111 Capital Raleigh, about 15 minutes away.

What Pairs with the Best Raleigh Chicken Wings? Well Pizza, of course!

As much as noted above how perfect beer goes with the Best Raleigh Chicken Wings, likewise, when one thinks of food alongside wings…it’s pizza. Thus, it comes as no surprise, or shouldn’t, that two of our restaurants on the list also specialize in some pretty impressive pies.

Chow Pizza Bar

Along with their unique, choose your own toppings, pizza bar feature they are famous for locally, Chow Pizza Bar also makes a very delicious wing. Located at 8311 Creedmoor Road in Raleigh, the difference here is that they either grill or smoke the wings at Chow. Unique and creative sauces add to their wing eating experience, and if for nothing but the different cooking style, Chow is a chicken wing you don’t want to miss.

San Marcos Pizza and Wings

Yes, wings are in the name, we know this. But San Marcos Pizza and wings, at 805 Peace Street the “pizza” part is listed first. Now we agree, they do have fantastic pizza, however, there is a strong case for the wings being the “star of this show.” One of the longest lists you will see anywhere of sauce and flavor options for chicken wings await at San Marcos. Ironically enough, many feel their best pizza is even “wing-related” as they rave for the Buffalo Chicken pizza.

Now that you and your family call Knightdale Station home, you get all the great amenities and perks of both the small, tight-knit community that is Knightdale and minutes away from the big city advantages of Raleigh. Whether great food, shopping, or entertainment, you get the best either way you choose. For more information on the Knightdale Station new home community, visit


The Raleigh and surrounding area are one of the country’s most desirable areas for relocation. Regardless of a young family, a college student, an early-career professional, or retiree, the allure is there. You know the reasons. They are the same that found you in a new home at Knightdale Station. There are great employment opportunities. Great schools and education opportunities are incredible as well. Another desirable factor in Raleigh would be there a vast array of choices for food and beverage. Restaurants for any style you desire. Arguably the country’s top for craft brewery selections. Likewise, there is certainly no shortage of great places for coffee. Below, we will look at the best Raleigh Area Coffee Shops, covering the entire surrounding area.

Any time of year is good, but especially in these cold months, these Raleigh Area Coffee Shops are a stop worth making. Not only the delicious, warming flavors are awaiting, but at these special places, the atmosphere is worth taking in as well. So, instead of hitting the “big chains,” enjoy the Best Raleigh Coffee Shops and support the local community. In addition, we think you may just fall in love with the beverages and the shops themselves.

(In this post, we take a look at our choices for the best coffee shops in the immediate surrounding area of Raleigh. Being there were so many fantastic options both inside and outside of city limits. Thus, in our next post we will look at the Best Coffee Shops actually in the city of Raleigh, too.)

Best Raleigh Area Coffee Shops: Coffee All Around the Capital

Thanks A Latte, 1118 Kentweorth Drive, Holly Springs

Ok, for our first stop along the top Raleigh Area Coffee Shops we head to the town of Holly Springs. With a catchy and creative name and operations being run all by one family, “Thanks A Latte” is the epitome of the “small town” or “mom and pop” coffee shop.

The mother and two daughters trio running this entry of our best Raleigh Area Coffee Shops have crafted the perfect spot for a pastry, tea, or of course, coffee. They also have a fantastic boutique with unique, handmade items. No wonder the website said of Thanks A Latte, “this place exemplifies Southern Charm at its finest.”

Full Bloom, Garner 141 West Main St, Garner

You will find moving through our selections for the best Raleigh Area Coffee Shops, there are a few constants. One is a “family feeling” between the owner, staff, and customers. This “feeling” is no more apparent than at Full Bloom in Garner.

This shop, which Visit Raleigh calls “truly a hidden treasure.” Full Bloom prides itself on being dedicated to the local farmers who supply the beans for the coffee. Likewise, they have that same dedication to their many loyal and regular customers. Whether there to try their unique specialty drinks, a bag of the aforementioned local grown beans, or just a cup of coffee and conversation, at Full Bloom the “family feeling” is strong.

Common Grounds Coffeehouse and Desserts, 219 North Salem Street, Apex

Common Grounds Coffee House in Apex claims, “There is nothing common about these grounds.” The locals and any visitor to this cafe for that matter, all seem to agree wholeheartedly. 

Common Grounds is known for their delicious homemade desserts, exceptional seasonal flavors on top of their great beverage selection. In addition, their handmade crafts, mugs, and signs may have you picking up a few gift items to bring home as well.

The Mill, 146 South Main Street, Fuquay Varina

A downtown favorite in Fuquay Varina whether morning for a coffee or evening for a craft beer. Not to once again speak of the family or “community feel.” But the Mill is as community-based as any shop on this or any other list.

Placing it among our Best Raleigh Area Coffee Shops, are all the great community events held here. With a dynamite coffee and tea selection and over 20 local beers on tap, the Mill has all hours of the day covered. Once you come and see, we are positive you will agree.

BREW Coffee Bar, Three Area Locations

Now this is one of our Raleigh Area Coffee Shops that not only has its location in Cary at the Cary Theatre but also has two other locations in the city of Raleigh. The Cary locale is at 122 East Chatham Street, while the two Raleigh shops find one at 2411 Crabtree Boulevard and the second at 2310 Bale Street.

BREW, fittingly for its name, and not unlike The Mill specializing in both coffee and craft beers. It is known that their handcrafted coffee and latte experiences may have slightly longer preparation time. However, they are fully worth the wait, as any local near whichever BREW location they call home will agree.

Best Raleigh Coffee Shops: Distance from …the Station

Any and all of the above entries are a fantastic stop for a “cup of joe.” The atmosphere of each is friendly and welcoming while maintaining the modern feel of what a great cafe should be. All of these are located within a very short and drivable distance from your new home in Knightdale at Knightdale Station. 

Distance from Knightdale Station to the Best Coffee Shops in Raleigh

  • Thanks A Latte (Holly Springs) – 41 minutes (32.2 miles)
  • Full Bloom (Garner)- 25 minutes (13.5 miles)
  • Common Grounds Coffee House and Desserts (Apex)- 33 minutes (26.5 miles)
  • The Mill (Fuquay-Varina)- 49 minutes (29.4 miles)
  • BREW Coffee Bar (Crabtree, Raleigh) -18 minutes (11.4 miles)
  • BREW Coffee Bar (Bale St., Raleigh) – 20 minutes, (12.4 miles)
  • BREW Coffee Bar (Cary)- 29 minutes (22.6 miles)

For more information on anything relating to the Knightdale Station new home community, visit

north-carolina-state-knightdale station

Many families have a great number of reasons which play into the ever-important decision of “where to move.” Regardless of their age, though, it is without question that a deciding factor in moving is the quality of education available to the children. The wide array of highly accredited, secondary education choices, the state of North Carolina boasts is without question a major reason why families with teenaged children are choosing the area. In this series of blog posts, we will focus on those secondary education schools, colleges, and universities. For this first entry, we will familiarize you with Raleigh’s North Carolina State (NCSU).

In many situations, we realize families’ are looking to move to a location that is close to where their child opts to attend college. Likewise, their son or daughter may already a given school and the parents are looking to relocate closer to them. Thus, in looking to relocate to the Knightdale Station new home community, North Carolina State makes a good initial article. Being only 20 minutes from the school’s campus, a new home in Knightdale puts you very close to your child’s location. Equally as important though, is the incredible education options your child is afforded in attending North Carolina State.

North Carolina State, a “Progessive Thinking School” from the Start.

If your child is considering or already attending North Carolina State, you are most likely aware of its impeccable credentials. However, for those of you not completely familiar with NCSU’s storied academic history, we will try to cover its vast assortment of programs and accolades both for the school and local area.

Founded in 1887, even 130-plus years ago, North Carolina State was a trendsetter, known for supporting ideals to take the field of higher learning into the future and to where it had never before imagined. One of the school’s initial main beliefs is one that it still adheres to today. This was one that supported all types of workers, farmers, mechanics, etc. having access to and an opportunity to receive higher education. The new generation of progressive thinkers actually founded NCSU via that method of thinking, originally naming the school, North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.

So Much More than Just Agriculture and Engineering

While throughout its existence, North Carolina State has remained ‘forward in their thinking, it is by no means just an agricultural and engineering school. As a matter of fact, NCSU has grown to become a “powerhouse,” in numerous areas of study with one of the best “Return on Investment” rates as far as graduating students into the workplace in the entire nation.

Don’t believe us? Just ask any of North Carolina State’s over 36,000 undergraduate and graduate students who have received degrees in areas of study including science, math, technology, education, textiles, business, and natural resources. These students enjoy the luxury of being connected through NCSU with employers and companies throughout the Raleigh and NC Triangle area. Thus, upon graduation, they are afforded a “head start” on their career paths, with a “foot in the door” already under many circumstances.

Raleigh, along with neighboring Durham and Chapel Hill are the anchors of what is known as the Research Triangle Area. This is the hottest, “high-tech” job hub in the country. IBM, SAS Institute, GlaxoSmithKline, and Cisco Systems all call the Research Triangle home. Consequently, they all are filling many new positions as they continue to grow and thrive in the Raleigh area.

Raleigh, the home of NCSU, and its National Recognition as One of the Country’s Most Desirable Locations

North Carolina State is located in one of the most popular “relocation” destinations in the United States, Raleigh. The city has emerged as a top spot for professionals in the tech industry and for employment seeking individuals as a whole. 

Many of the most respected publications in the U.S. have given Raleigh awards or accolades in recent years. Below, are some recent categories and distinctions the city has been honored for.

  • “Easiest City to Find a Job” by Forbes
  • U.S. Hot Spots for Tech Jobs” by Forbes
  • “Best City in the U.S. for Young Professionals” by Forbes
  • “Best Places to Live in NC” -U.S. News & World Report
  • “Named “Expansion City,” by Google Fiber
  • “Best Big City in the Southeast,” by Time 

North Carolina State: Make Your Family a Part of the Wolf Pack!

The “Wolf Pack” is the school’s nickname and also the name of all the NCSU sports and competition teams. This you probably already knew if your child is attending or plans to attend the school. Whether they will actually participate in any of those extra-curricular type activities or not is their choice. Regardless, they will no question at some point throw the hand gesture synonymous with “the Pack” in the air. Likewise, once part of the “Wolf Pack” they will cheer for the red and white for life.

North Carolina State competes in the Atlantic Coast Conference in these types of competitive areas. This allows for many great rivalries right in the Triangle NC area. Especially with the nearby University of North Carolina Tar Heels (Chapel Hill) and Duke University Blue Devils (Durham). 

130 Years …and Still Growing

Your move to be closer to your child is one that you can count on to be long term. This is due to many job opportunities straight from graduation at NC State. Likewise, with the overall youthfulness of the Raleigh community, many NCSU students simply put, never leave. 

Nearly 130 years ago upon its creation, North Carolina State stood for progressive thinking and learning. The school’s processes many would consider ahead of the curve. All this time later, these same methods of thinking are churning out career-ready graduates. As a result of those methods, these graduates are bringing a new passion and work ethic to their respective fields.

Most importantly for you, your child will be bringing those same passionate methods to their own careers. Likewise, they will be bringing that passion less than a half hour drive up the road from your new home at Knightdale Station. For more on NCSU, visit their official website at Also, to view the currently available homes at Knightdale Station, visit


Living in your new home in Knightdale NC, you are becoming more familiar with the perks of being so close to the “Capital City.” That of course would be Raleigh, where you have some of the top world-class entertainment, shopping, and so much more. One area that certainly would qualify as “world-class” is the amazing dining scene in and surrounding Raleigh and the Triangle area. Thus, with such a diverse selection of specialty restaurants in the area, we will focus on one that gives you many good options for. Consequently, below, are recent choices based on the readers of “Indy Week” for the Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants.

Now, sure, there are many choices in Raleigh to make a list, but by choosing the Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants, we get to cover a little more ground and give you listenings slightly further and even one closer to your home at Knightdale Station. Regardless of exactly where located, we are pretty sure of one thing. Any of these Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants will be worth the trip.

Best Triangle Seafood Restaurants in Raleigh

We will see a few entries from surrounding Triangle area towns here, but it is hard to deny that the city of Raleigh has some amazing restaurants. No matter what type of food you desire, Raleigh has got you covered. That being said, the first three of our Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants actually are within Raleigh city limits.

18 Seaboard 

 Boasting what Indy Week calls an “upscale Southern menu,” 18 Seaboard brings it “upscale” like maybe no other in town when talking seafood. Try any of the chef-owner, Jason Smith’s classic seafood dishes from Pamlico Sound shrimp, to Carolina Classics catfish, to N.C. Oysters. You don’t get fresher and you just can’t beat 18 Seaboard.

18 Seaboard is located at 18 Seaboard Avenue, in. Raleigh. According to Google Maps, it is just a 20-minute drive (15.0 miles) from your new home at Knightdale Station.

City Market Sushi

Of the many dining trends in the past decade or so, there may be none that has seen more of an increase than sushi. Being so close to Raleigh, where there are so many great sushi choices, is certainly a plus if you are a sushi fan. However, as with any restaurants, some are really good, and some make the Triangle Best Seafood and Sushi Restaurants list. Due to its always fresh and the creativity in their combinations, City Market Sushi makes our list for sure. 

Try the “Hamachi Volcano,” with crab, seasoned yellowtail, and eel sauce. Or maybe the “Spicy Tuna Dynamite,” with crab inside of a baked spicy tuna outside. Heck try them all, we haven’t yet found a roll we didn’t enjoy!

City Market Sushi is located in Raleigh at 315 Blake Street. According to Google Maps, is in only 22 minutes (10.6 miles) from your great new home in Knightdale.

The Cortez Seafood and Cocktail

Now, we could go on forever with just Raleigh entries in our Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants. However, to spread it around the area, we opted to list three. Thus, our final Raleigh restaurant in. the list lives up in every way to its lofty billing locally. 

The Cortez features plenty of NC-caught fish in their specialty plates, including seared big-eye tuna, while red snapper, and grilled swordfish. Likewise, don’t miss out on the legendary raw N. oysters on the half shell, or the always fresh ceviches with citrus and spice.

Located at 413 Glenwood Avenue in. Raleigh, The Cortez is just a 21-minute drive (15.2 miles,) according to Google Maps, from Knightdale Station.

Best Triangle Seafood Restaurants in Durham

When listing the Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants it would be impossible to not touch on a couple from the “Bull City,” at least. Well worth a drive, are both of these entries to our list, as in Durham, these two spots are known as the seafood “go-to.”

Saint James Seafood

Known throughout the Triangle for its iconic “raw bar,” Saint James is a Durham seafood classic. Putting them on our Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants list is that unmatched raw bar. With all manner of oysters, from mild or sweet to briny and fat, be sure to have a taste. 

Don’t forget though, when at Saint James their beautiful entrees with some of the best swordfish and lobster dishes made in the area.

Saint James Seafood is located at 806 West Main Street in Durham. Google Maps says that it is a 38-minute drive from “the Station,” setting 38.6 miles from the Knightdale neighborhood.

M Sushi

A simple name and we will use a simple description, directly from the Indy Weeblication top detail this next of our Best Triangle Seafood and. Sushi Restaurants.

“To put it simply, M Sushi is the best sushi spot in Durham, bar none.” The magazine’s description goes on. “Here, the fish is fresh, the rolls are artfully prepared, and the nigiri is to die for. What else do you want?”

M Sushi is located at 311 Holland Street in Durham. According to Google Maps, this puts the restaurant 39 minutes (38.1. miles) from Knightdale Station.

Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants…in Knightdale!!!

What, you didn’t think the “small town” could hang with the “big fish?” Hong you are, as located literally 3 minutes and just over one mile from Knightdale Station is one of our favorite seafood joints in the area.

A’Nets Katch

Known by all in Knightdale as the ultimate in fresh seafood. Whether you are ordering dinner or coming to the huge fresh seafood market counter to bring home something to cook yourself. Do not miss A’Nets Katch.

Known for their huge snow crab, oysters by the bushel, and almost any type of seafood you could desire getting delivered fresh regularly. If you are looking for the Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants, bet you didn’t expect one to be less than 5 minutes away!

Admittedly, there are so many great Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants that it is almost impossible to put six in an article alone. But whether you place our picks atop your list or not, we truly think if you “cast your line ” towards any of these we suggest that you will almost for sure walk away with a successful “fisherman’s tale.”

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This is the third and sadly, final post taking us from your new home in Knightdale at the Knightdale Station community to the various great North Carolina Kids Activities statewide. We have “gotten wet” in our first post and added some learning and history to our fun in post two. Herewith our final post, we will be kind of all over the place, but the constants will remain, these destinations all center around things that kids love to see and do.

As an example of these “things” that kids love to say or do, we will start this post with North Carolina Kids Activities that involve animals. Likewise, another will focus on trains. An amusement park which would always be welcome by the young-ins will wrap us up. Consequently, we could have listed dozens of more places for family fun, however, we know the ones below and before this post are ones all on board will be glad they experienced.

North Carolina Kids Activities that Include All the Animals!

Much like we have prefaced in basically every paragraph of this three-post series, there are just so many things that kids love! Near the top of that list has to be animals. Likewise, when put in a position to see or touch some of the amazing animals they have never actually seen in-person, this creates an exciting event for any child. So, our next two North Carolina Kids Activities give the children a close and personal look in some way at animals.

North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro

This one is another in the “no-brainer” column. If any North Carolina Kids Activities do not need an explanation, this one is it. Any zoo is a blast for the kids; however, the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro is the largest habitat zoo in the entire country. The facility divides into four separate areas, Africa, Aviary, Desert, and North America. Some of the other attractions on-site are the Giraffe Deck, the Prairie Geyser, and Cypress Swamp.

The Wild Horses at Shackleford Banks, Shackleford Banks

Now, think of the reaction of the kids when visiting the zoo or another North Carolina Kids Activity involving animals. Ok, multiply that several times over and this is the reaction you can expect when your kids see animals in the wild as they will at Shackleford Banks. This is the southernmost barrier island in Cape Lookout National Seashore. On top of that, for the past 500 years, there are more than 100 wild horses that roam free here. Guided tours are available and heck, I almost forgot that the kids get to take a ferry ride from the Crystal Coast Island. So a boat ride, and animals in the wild…pretty sure we have a winner here. 

A Day Full of Rides and Smiles for North Carolina Kids Activities

Ok, some places go without saying that any kids are going to be thrilled at the drop of the name. Just from the above subheading, “a day full of rides,” I think you know this one will be a hit. As any child loves to hear the magical two words “Amusement Park.” One of the most fun and greatest amusement parks in the land is here in Charlotte, NC, and it’s one the whole family will enjoy.

Carowinds, Charlotte

Of any entry in either of our three posts in this series, this may be the one road trip that North Carolina Kids Activities is used most loosely. This is because you as the parent/adult are going to have a blast at this place with the kids too. We are talking the ultimate in summertime fun here: wave pools, water slides, tube rides, and some of the fastest and most breathtaking roller coasters you’ll find anywhere in the world. A 3-acre “kids area” is directed at the youngsters specifically and also has rides and games galore to enjoy.

Chugging Along to the Final North Carolina Kids Activities Destination

Ok, so we are almost ready to pull back “into the station.” No, not you’re new neighborhood, Knightdale Station, but the station signifying we are almost to the last of our North Carolina Kids Activities. Well, maybe we had another tie in there, as of or final two stops, one is an iconic landmark, but the other involves trains. Both are stops that the kids will no doubt be excited for, but I guess we went slightly “off the tracks” in our description.

Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock

From the toy-sized to animated models, right up to the real thing. There’s just something about kids and trains. In Blowing Rock, our next North Carolina Kids Activities bring the child-like train fantasy out in all of us at the Tweetsie Railroad. Here, you literally join your kids on a three-mile train ride. This destination is more aimed at the toddle to elementary-aged kids, but then again, come on, who doesn’t get excited about a train ride!

North Carolina Kids Activities: They Certainly Don’t End Here

While this will conclude our three-post series on North Carolina Kids Activities, it certainly is not all there is to do with the children. With you and your family moving to a new home in Knightdale Station, there are also many great family-friendly activities right in your direct area too. However, when you do have some extra time and are able to make plans, the activities listed in our three-post series are true “bucket list” stops across NC for your little ones. (And the growing ones too!)

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For our second post in this three-part series on Children’s Activities in NC, we take you out of the water from the last post and bring you to some fun-filled areas that can also be a great learning experience. Just as you opted to move your family to the new homes in Knightdale at Knightdale Station, with education being a major factor, these fun trips are likewise, educational.

Just as we had foretold in our initial post, there are so many Children’s Activities in NC that would fall into this category that we could spend days informing you of them. Thus, we have decided to pick out a few from around North Carolina that are true “can’t miss” Children’s Activities in NC

Spreading Their Wings with Children’s Activities in NC

 To begin with our education, but fun Children’s Activities in NC we head up in the sky. There is quite an amazing history to be told as to the origins of flying in North Carolina. That being said, flying is something that all kids are amazed by and makes for young imaginations to run wild. So, without further hesitation, let’s get ready to take off.

The Wright Brothers National Memorial, Kill Devil Hills

What child does not have a fascination with flying? So why not begin our Children’s Activities in NC listings for this post with where it all began? On their trip to the Wright Brothers Memorial, your children will learn about the first-ever successful powered flights. In addition, they can fly kites and even take a short flight on these historic grounds.

The 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum, Fort Bragg

Again, flying is something that all children wonder about. Now add in the aspect of being right up close and personal with actual fighter planes? This may not be such a hard sell for Children’s Activities in NC after all. This is another free admission stop, too, and it is the only museum in the entire country to feature the planes’ histories from World War 1 all the way to the present and the 82nd Airborn Division.

Science is Fun at Children’s Activities in NC

If there is one area that is associated with learning that the kids do get excited for, science is the one. Between experiments, electricity, and interesting forms of life, what is there not for a child to love. Well, really nothing, so now let’s look at a few Children’s Activities in NC that are centered around science.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh

Ok, kids love dinosaurs. It’s undeniable. Forget that this amazing science museum, which is the largest of its kind in the entire Southeast has free admission. We are talking about Children’s Activities in NC and dinosaurs…enough said. But we won’t leave it at that. Here your kids can unlock some of the universes’ great mysteries. From the second they get out of the car and see the enormous three-story world globe, they will forget they are learning anything, and the fun factor takes over. The centerpiece of this stop is the 80,000 square-foot wing of the museum, the Nature Research Center. By the time many of the kids leave, they are sure that their career path will be in science.

Museum of Life and Science, Durham

We know, the word “museum” is not always making for the easiest “sell” when packing the kids up for a fun day. But just like the previous entry to our Children’s Activities in NC, once they get there, they won’t care what you call it! Plus, science is oftentimes fun, and many kids agree. At this site, they can run free among the 80 acres that include an outdoor playground, animal exhibits, and interactive activity stations where they conduct experiments and build things.

Two Children’s Activities in NC Honoring Heroes of Different Types

All kids have heroes. What type of hero they have is honestly up to their imagination to some extent? However, they can also look at the accomplishments and kindness of many adults and look to them as somewhat of a hero. When the two types of hero we are introducing though are sports and war heroes aboard an enormous ship, we think we will grab their attention.

The ACC Hall of Champions, Greensboro

A no-brainer. Who doesn’t grow up in North Carolina without seemingly having someone influencing their sports loyalty. Someone is gonna try and get them to route for Duke, NC State, or UNC-Chapel Hill? Whether football or especially basketball, this may be a surprise hit with the kids among our Children’s Activities in NC. All the great games, championships, moments, and players. All the memories from years gone by until today are on display or remembered in some fashion at the Hall of Champions.

Battleship North Carolina, Wilmington

Hey kids, want to go to the Battleship? This question I’d think from any child warrants a fast and easy yes. When visiting this massive vessel the kids get to climb right aboard! As if that’s not enough, they can “steer the ship” and “fire” the actual guns. We can guarantee you as the parent they won’t actually be steering or shooting anything, other than maybe after you leave, they might want you to steer the way back for another educational stop in our Children’s Activities in North Carolina.

Animals, Trains, and Rides are All That’s Left for our Children’s Activities in NC

This brings us to the conclusion of our second blog posts on Children’s Activities in NC. We will have one more post dedicated to the fine Children’s Activities in NC. This will focus on several items that kids love as well.To find out more about all the great things going on at the Knightdale Station new home neighborhood, visit