Living in your new home in Knightdale NC, you are becoming more familiar with the perks of being so close to the “Capital City.” That of course would be Raleigh, where you have some of the top world-class entertainment, shopping, and so much more. One area that certainly would qualify as “world-class” is the amazing dining scene in and surrounding Raleigh and the Triangle area. Thus, with such a diverse selection of specialty restaurants in the area, we will focus on one that gives you many good options for. Consequently, below, are recent choices based on the readers of “Indy Week” for the Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants.

Now, sure, there are many choices in Raleigh to make a list, but by choosing the Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants, we get to cover a little more ground and give you listenings slightly further and even one closer to your home at Knightdale Station. Regardless of exactly where located, we are pretty sure of one thing. Any of these Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants will be worth the trip.

Best Triangle Seafood Restaurants in Raleigh

We will see a few entries from surrounding Triangle area towns here, but it is hard to deny that the city of Raleigh has some amazing restaurants. No matter what type of food you desire, Raleigh has got you covered. That being said, the first three of our Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants actually are within Raleigh city limits.

18 Seaboard 

 Boasting what Indy Week calls an “upscale Southern menu,” 18 Seaboard brings it “upscale” like maybe no other in town when talking seafood. Try any of the chef-owner, Jason Smith’s classic seafood dishes from Pamlico Sound shrimp, to Carolina Classics catfish, to N.C. Oysters. You don’t get fresher and you just can’t beat 18 Seaboard.

18 Seaboard is located at 18 Seaboard Avenue, in. Raleigh. According to Google Maps, it is just a 20-minute drive (15.0 miles) from your new home at Knightdale Station.

City Market Sushi

Of the many dining trends in the past decade or so, there may be none that has seen more of an increase than sushi. Being so close to Raleigh, where there are so many great sushi choices, is certainly a plus if you are a sushi fan. However, as with any restaurants, some are really good, and some make the Triangle Best Seafood and Sushi Restaurants list. Due to its always fresh and the creativity in their combinations, City Market Sushi makes our list for sure. 

Try the “Hamachi Volcano,” with crab, seasoned yellowtail, and eel sauce. Or maybe the “Spicy Tuna Dynamite,” with crab inside of a baked spicy tuna outside. Heck try them all, we haven’t yet found a roll we didn’t enjoy!

City Market Sushi is located in Raleigh at 315 Blake Street. According to Google Maps, is in only 22 minutes (10.6 miles) from your great new home in Knightdale.

The Cortez Seafood and Cocktail

Now, we could go on forever with just Raleigh entries in our Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants. However, to spread it around the area, we opted to list three. Thus, our final Raleigh restaurant in. the list lives up in every way to its lofty billing locally. 

The Cortez features plenty of NC-caught fish in their specialty plates, including seared big-eye tuna, while red snapper, and grilled swordfish. Likewise, don’t miss out on the legendary raw N. oysters on the half shell, or the always fresh ceviches with citrus and spice.

Located at 413 Glenwood Avenue in. Raleigh, The Cortez is just a 21-minute drive (15.2 miles,) according to Google Maps, from Knightdale Station.

Best Triangle Seafood Restaurants in Durham

When listing the Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants it would be impossible to not touch on a couple from the “Bull City,” at least. Well worth a drive, are both of these entries to our list, as in Durham, these two spots are known as the seafood “go-to.”

Saint James Seafood

Known throughout the Triangle for its iconic “raw bar,” Saint James is a Durham seafood classic. Putting them on our Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants list is that unmatched raw bar. With all manner of oysters, from mild or sweet to briny and fat, be sure to have a taste. 

Don’t forget though, when at Saint James their beautiful entrees with some of the best swordfish and lobster dishes made in the area.

Saint James Seafood is located at 806 West Main Street in Durham. Google Maps says that it is a 38-minute drive from “the Station,” setting 38.6 miles from the Knightdale neighborhood.

M Sushi

A simple name and we will use a simple description, directly from the Indy Weeblication top detail this next of our Best Triangle Seafood and. Sushi Restaurants.

“To put it simply, M Sushi is the best sushi spot in Durham, bar none.” The magazine’s description goes on. “Here, the fish is fresh, the rolls are artfully prepared, and the nigiri is to die for. What else do you want?”

M Sushi is located at 311 Holland Street in Durham. According to Google Maps, this puts the restaurant 39 minutes (38.1. miles) from Knightdale Station.

Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants…in Knightdale!!!

What, you didn’t think the “small town” could hang with the “big fish?” Hong you are, as located literally 3 minutes and just over one mile from Knightdale Station is one of our favorite seafood joints in the area.

A’Nets Katch

Known by all in Knightdale as the ultimate in fresh seafood. Whether you are ordering dinner or coming to the huge fresh seafood market counter to bring home something to cook yourself. Do not miss A’Nets Katch.

Known for their huge snow crab, oysters by the bushel, and almost any type of seafood you could desire getting delivered fresh regularly. If you are looking for the Best Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants, bet you didn’t expect one to be less than 5 minutes away!

Admittedly, there are so many great Triangle Seafood and Sushi Restaurants that it is almost impossible to put six in an article alone. But whether you place our picks atop your list or not, we truly think if you “cast your line ” towards any of these we suggest that you will almost for sure walk away with a successful “fisherman’s tale.”

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This is the third and sadly, final post taking us from your new home in Knightdale at the Knightdale Station community to the various great North Carolina Kids Activities statewide. We have “gotten wet” in our first post and added some learning and history to our fun in post two. Herewith our final post, we will be kind of all over the place, but the constants will remain, these destinations all center around things that kids love to see and do.

As an example of these “things” that kids love to say or do, we will start this post with North Carolina Kids Activities that involve animals. Likewise, another will focus on trains. An amusement park which would always be welcome by the young-ins will wrap us up. Consequently, we could have listed dozens of more places for family fun, however, we know the ones below and before this post are ones all on board will be glad they experienced.

North Carolina Kids Activities that Include All the Animals!

Much like we have prefaced in basically every paragraph of this three-post series, there are just so many things that kids love! Near the top of that list has to be animals. Likewise, when put in a position to see or touch some of the amazing animals they have never actually seen in-person, this creates an exciting event for any child. So, our next two North Carolina Kids Activities give the children a close and personal look in some way at animals.

North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro

This one is another in the “no-brainer” column. If any North Carolina Kids Activities do not need an explanation, this one is it. Any zoo is a blast for the kids; however, the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro is the largest habitat zoo in the entire country. The facility divides into four separate areas, Africa, Aviary, Desert, and North America. Some of the other attractions on-site are the Giraffe Deck, the Prairie Geyser, and Cypress Swamp.

The Wild Horses at Shackleford Banks, Shackleford Banks

Now, think of the reaction of the kids when visiting the zoo or another North Carolina Kids Activity involving animals. Ok, multiply that several times over and this is the reaction you can expect when your kids see animals in the wild as they will at Shackleford Banks. This is the southernmost barrier island in Cape Lookout National Seashore. On top of that, for the past 500 years, there are more than 100 wild horses that roam free here. Guided tours are available and heck, I almost forgot that the kids get to take a ferry ride from the Crystal Coast Island. So a boat ride, and animals in the wild…pretty sure we have a winner here. 

A Day Full of Rides and Smiles for North Carolina Kids Activities

Ok, some places go without saying that any kids are going to be thrilled at the drop of the name. Just from the above subheading, “a day full of rides,” I think you know this one will be a hit. As any child loves to hear the magical two words “Amusement Park.” One of the most fun and greatest amusement parks in the land is here in Charlotte, NC, and it’s one the whole family will enjoy.

Carowinds, Charlotte

Of any entry in either of our three posts in this series, this may be the one road trip that North Carolina Kids Activities is used most loosely. This is because you as the parent/adult are going to have a blast at this place with the kids too. We are talking the ultimate in summertime fun here: wave pools, water slides, tube rides, and some of the fastest and most breathtaking roller coasters you’ll find anywhere in the world. A 3-acre “kids area” is directed at the youngsters specifically and also has rides and games galore to enjoy.

Chugging Along to the Final North Carolina Kids Activities Destination

Ok, so we are almost ready to pull back “into the station.” No, not you’re new neighborhood, Knightdale Station, but the station signifying we are almost to the last of our North Carolina Kids Activities. Well, maybe we had another tie in there, as of or final two stops, one is an iconic landmark, but the other involves trains. Both are stops that the kids will no doubt be excited for, but I guess we went slightly “off the tracks” in our description.

Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock

From the toy-sized to animated models, right up to the real thing. There’s just something about kids and trains. In Blowing Rock, our next North Carolina Kids Activities bring the child-like train fantasy out in all of us at the Tweetsie Railroad. Here, you literally join your kids on a three-mile train ride. This destination is more aimed at the toddle to elementary-aged kids, but then again, come on, who doesn’t get excited about a train ride!

North Carolina Kids Activities: They Certainly Don’t End Here

While this will conclude our three-post series on North Carolina Kids Activities, it certainly is not all there is to do with the children. With you and your family moving to a new home in Knightdale Station, there are also many great family-friendly activities right in your direct area too. However, when you do have some extra time and are able to make plans, the activities listed in our three-post series are true “bucket list” stops across NC for your little ones. (And the growing ones too!)

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For our second post in this three-part series on Children’s Activities in NC, we take you out of the water from the last post and bring you to some fun-filled areas that can also be a great learning experience. Just as you opted to move your family to the new homes in Knightdale at Knightdale Station, with education being a major factor, these fun trips are likewise, educational.

Just as we had foretold in our initial post, there are so many Children’s Activities in NC that would fall into this category that we could spend days informing you of them. Thus, we have decided to pick out a few from around North Carolina that are true “can’t miss” Children’s Activities in NC

Spreading Their Wings with Children’s Activities in NC

 To begin with our education, but fun Children’s Activities in NC we head up in the sky. There is quite an amazing history to be told as to the origins of flying in North Carolina. That being said, flying is something that all kids are amazed by and makes for young imaginations to run wild. So, without further hesitation, let’s get ready to take off.

The Wright Brothers National Memorial, Kill Devil Hills

What child does not have a fascination with flying? So why not begin our Children’s Activities in NC listings for this post with where it all began? On their trip to the Wright Brothers Memorial, your children will learn about the first-ever successful powered flights. In addition, they can fly kites and even take a short flight on these historic grounds.

The 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum, Fort Bragg

Again, flying is something that all children wonder about. Now add in the aspect of being right up close and personal with actual fighter planes? This may not be such a hard sell for Children’s Activities in NC after all. This is another free admission stop, too, and it is the only museum in the entire country to feature the planes’ histories from World War 1 all the way to the present and the 82nd Airborn Division.

Science is Fun at Children’s Activities in NC

If there is one area that is associated with learning that the kids do get excited for, science is the one. Between experiments, electricity, and interesting forms of life, what is there not for a child to love. Well, really nothing, so now let’s look at a few Children’s Activities in NC that are centered around science.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh

Ok, kids love dinosaurs. It’s undeniable. Forget that this amazing science museum, which is the largest of its kind in the entire Southeast has free admission. We are talking about Children’s Activities in NC and dinosaurs…enough said. But we won’t leave it at that. Here your kids can unlock some of the universes’ great mysteries. From the second they get out of the car and see the enormous three-story world globe, they will forget they are learning anything, and the fun factor takes over. The centerpiece of this stop is the 80,000 square-foot wing of the museum, the Nature Research Center. By the time many of the kids leave, they are sure that their career path will be in science.

Museum of Life and Science, Durham

We know, the word “museum” is not always making for the easiest “sell” when packing the kids up for a fun day. But just like the previous entry to our Children’s Activities in NC, once they get there, they won’t care what you call it! Plus, science is oftentimes fun, and many kids agree. At this site, they can run free among the 80 acres that include an outdoor playground, animal exhibits, and interactive activity stations where they conduct experiments and build things.

Two Children’s Activities in NC Honoring Heroes of Different Types

All kids have heroes. What type of hero they have is honestly up to their imagination to some extent? However, they can also look at the accomplishments and kindness of many adults and look to them as somewhat of a hero. When the two types of hero we are introducing though are sports and war heroes aboard an enormous ship, we think we will grab their attention.

The ACC Hall of Champions, Greensboro

A no-brainer. Who doesn’t grow up in North Carolina without seemingly having someone influencing their sports loyalty. Someone is gonna try and get them to route for Duke, NC State, or UNC-Chapel Hill? Whether football or especially basketball, this may be a surprise hit with the kids among our Children’s Activities in NC. All the great games, championships, moments, and players. All the memories from years gone by until today are on display or remembered in some fashion at the Hall of Champions.

Battleship North Carolina, Wilmington

Hey kids, want to go to the Battleship? This question I’d think from any child warrants a fast and easy yes. When visiting this massive vessel the kids get to climb right aboard! As if that’s not enough, they can “steer the ship” and “fire” the actual guns. We can guarantee you as the parent they won’t actually be steering or shooting anything, other than maybe after you leave, they might want you to steer the way back for another educational stop in our Children’s Activities in North Carolina.

Animals, Trains, and Rides are All That’s Left for our Children’s Activities in NC

This brings us to the conclusion of our second blog posts on Children’s Activities in NC. We will have one more post dedicated to the fine Children’s Activities in NC. This will focus on several items that kids love as well.To find out more about all the great things going on at the Knightdale Station new home neighborhood, visit  


Now that title isn’t meant to put unneeded pressure on any of you parents out there! We know that in making the long and important decision to move to the Knightdale Station new home community that family obviously comes first in your world. Like many of the young families that are opting for new homes in Knightdale, they came to Knightdale Station for a safe and friendly community to raise their kids. In doing so, you have made a great choice, not only in Knightdale and the surrounding community, but there may be no state better than North Carolina in the whole country for kids to grow up in. On top of all the safety and learning opportunities statewide for all ages of children, there are also so many fun places to visit and NC Kids Activities to do.

Now to list all the great activities for kids in the entire state would not be possible, we would need an endless blog for that,. However, we just narrowed it down to several in some different categories that you can easily take a look through and decide which would be of most interest to the youngsters in your home. 

NC Kids Activities to Keep Them Wet and Wild Near the Water

For the first several of our great NC Kids Activities, we will go to points across the state with fin-filled water activities. Again, these are ones to enjoy in the warmer months for the most part, but by the time we have finished our series of posts, trust us, you and the kids will have plenty of places on your “bucket list” to eventually make the trek to.

Whitewater Rafting on the Nantahala River, Bryson City

For the “daredevils” or just those seeking a rush, this is one of the most fun ways to “get wet” in any of our NC Kids Activities. With the teamwork involved in this, the whole family gets a true bonding experience. The Nantahala Outdoor Center, as well as other local outfitters, offer half-day or full-day options for these trips. 

Canoeing in the Dismal Swamp, South Mills

This activity is one gaining popularity with the rise of people kayaking in recent years. It is suggested for this entry of our NC Kids Activities that they’re in the “tween” age range and up. Much like the rafting activity above, this gives you and the kids a sense of working together to accomplish a greater goal. The park at the Dismal Swamp offers both kayak and canoe rentals. In the case you have a long day planned or want to stay dry, there are also bike rentals available on site.

Sliding Rock and the Land of Waterfalls, Brevard

To put the water fun here into perspective, this is like nature’s equivalent to the “slip and slide.” The looks on the children’s faces alone will be worth the trip for these NC Kids activities alone. This amazing all-natural waterslide will have the kids ready to go, but they will want to wear shorts and sneakers on their way down before they plunge into the seven-foot deep swimming hole. For safety purposes, yes there are lifeguards on duty.

Lineville Caverns, Linville Falls, and Gorge, and Grandfather Mountain, Marion, and Linville

The first time you bring the children out to a cavern, the look of astonishment is as we noted above, “worth the price of admission itself.” (Even though there is no actual admission fee.) The awe-inspiring natural beauty of this site is truly a unique experience in itself. On just this one trip, you can visit several stops including Linville Caverns, Linville Falls and Gorge, and Grandfather Mountain.

Fishing at Lake Mattamuskeet, Swan Quarter

Just because your child loves being in the water doesn’t mean they need to be actually in the water. Fishing is actually a rite of passage for many families. As a bonus, Lake Mattamuskeet doubles as a national wildlife refuge and is NC’s largest natural lake. With no speed boats or jet skis allowed you as a parent can relax during these NC kids Activities, and maybe drop a line in with the youngsters and see what you can catch on a serene, peaceful day on the water. 

Uwharrie National Forest, Troy 

Okay, so our final listing for NC Kids Activities for this opening post in our series finds us at Uwharrie National Forest. While technically, we were back and forth on this being a “water” activity, we decided that with opportunities for boating, swimming, river and stream fishing, and a lake and pond otherwise on-site, that it was wet enough to include. Sure, on top of those great water options, you and the kids can also camp at this location and even try some horseback riding too, if they so desire.

We are Just Getting Started with Our NC Kids Activities

These NC Kids Activities all across the state are just the beginning of our fun-filled family trips. In the second post of our series here, we will look at some fun, but educational and even historic stops in the Tar Heel State. So, the “educational” part, we can keep between us until the kiddos realize how much of a great time they are having, even if they learn a thing or two.

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Sure, everyone these days, and especially under current circumstances finds it pretty easy to shop for almost anything online. However, there are certain items that there is much to be said for the in-person experience associated with buying. Some may be related to a certain hobby or sport you play. Others possibly a boutique or unique clothing or shoe store. Or in the case of our article here today, musical instruments. In choosing your new home at Knightdale Station, you are minutes away from some of the most personable experiences one could ask for. Likewise, whether it’s a new guitar, drums, or a more classical instrument you seek, take a step back in time and enjoy the purchasing process at these locally-owned Raleigh Music Shops.

Speaking to the loyalty of customers at these Raleigh Music Shops is that they are doing business amid recent restrictions. Sure, they will have social distancing and safety regulations to follow. The hours and availability may be slightly different, but they may not be as well. Either way, these independent music shops are the lifeblood of what makes a musician special. Whether you need an instrument or just some accessories. The in-person experience, no question, makes your purchase more personal as well.

Raleigh Music Shops: Support Your Local Musicians While Purchasing an Amazing Guitar

Of our four Raleigh Music Shops that we will discuss in this post, the first two share a common main ingredient, the guitar. As any musician focused on their one individual instrument can tell you, each is its own special “breed.” 

Maybe none of these particular “breeds” are more prominent than the guitar player. Thus, bullet-pointed below are our two locally owned Raleigh Music Shops with a description accompanying each.

Harry’s Guitar Shop

56 Pylon Drive, Raleigh

A Raleigh independent music icon in guitar sales since the mid-1980s is the first of our Raleigh Music Shops. For many years Harry’s Guitar Shop was located on Glenwood Avenue,. near Peace Street in Raleigh. However, with a need for a larger space came their move in 2015 to its current location near the NC State Fairgrounds.

Regardless of location, this Raleigh Music Shop is synonymous with the exact experience we spoke of in our introduction. Proprietor and namesake of this iconic Raleigh Music Shop, Harry Tueting spoke with about their business succeeding despite the current pandemic. “A lot of people are working at home and realizing they should get back to their guitar.” 

He adds, “So we’ve been doing a lot of repair work on guitars coming out from closets or from under the bed. Just people rekindling things they can do at home, and music is one of those things—unlike football, it’s something you can go back to when you’re 44. It’s weird times but heartening that so many people have come into music again.” 

Distance from Knightdale Station

 to Harry’s Guitar Shop: 25 minutes (19.1 miles) 

Guru Guitars

5211 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh

Just a short way up the road from the campus of North Carolina State University is another favorite locally-operated Raleigh Music Shop, Guru Guitars. First opening to the public in 2007, the same year that Harry’s moved from its Glenwood location, Guru Guitars would also relocate to its current Hillsborough Street locale.

While service and repairs have always made up a large portion of the business for Guru, co-owner Howard Critcher also told of their relationship and allure to the local music community. “It’s a place where people come in and know they’re talking to someone who knows a lot about guitars and how they work.”

Critcher continues, “Our service side is what people get a good feeling about, along with us having unusual old items around that you don’t usually see. It’s an interpersonal relationship when you work on someone’s guitar and have a back and forth about their playing style and the sound they’re trying to produce.” He concludes, “We’ll go out of our way to get that right.”

Distance from Knightdale Station to Guru Guitars: 25 minutes (17.3 miles)

Raleigh Music Shops to Find the “Beat” or Another Type of Strings

While guitar shops are many times the more well-known places that the local music scene surrounds, among the Raleigh Music Shops these next two stores also have maintained a loyal and enthusiastic customer base over their time in business. So, whether you “bang the skins” or prefer a more classical approach to “strings,” either of these Raleigh staples can deliver that same local feeling we refer to in our intro.

2112 Percussion

1003 East Whitaker Mill Road, Raleigh

Known and billed as North Carolina’s largest drum specialty store is 2112 Percussion. Named after the 1976 progressive rock album of the same name by the always drum-heavy Canadian supergroup, Rush, this Raleigh Music Shop originated in a storage shed in nearby Zebulon, NC.

The store now calls the area just north of downtown Raleigh home. However, co-owners, Tony Williams and Chris Henderson try to keep alive the spirit of original owner Steve Johnson. ““We try to keep the same vibe that Steve had back in the day,” says Henderson. “The general vibe is an old-school neighborhood place.”

In closing, Henderson referred to his partners likening of the shop to the bar on the classic TV sitcom Cheers. “Like Tony says, we try to be the ‘Cheers’ of drum shops and offer what the other guys don’t—knowing your name, service, doing a lot of repairs.” He concludes, “So there’s an element of trust. People want to hear your opinion when you really use the gear and know what you’re talking about.”

Distance from Knightdale Station to 2112 Percussion: 20 minutes (10.5 miles) 

John Montgomery Violins

509 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh

Since 1986, John Montgomery and his violin sales and repair shop has occupied space just a few blocks to the west of the NC Capitol Building in Raleigh. In this time, Montgomery has seen the music culture in the “Capital City” grow beyond his imagination.

Montgomery also spoke with the folks at visitraleigh, explaining, “”We start and end with bowed strings,” He continues, “No guitars, just violin, viola, and cello, and we do every kind of music played on those three instruments. I’m trained and experienced in period performance practice and setup, but there’s also the bluegrass and old-time crowd, and even a few jazz and rock players thrown in. 

He concludes adding to his thoughts on Raleigh’s ties to bluegrass and the overall spike in that genre’s popularity. “With World of Bluegrass being in Raleigh now, it seems like bluegrass and old-time is more popular than ever here. But it’s popular all over, everywhere.”

Distance from Knightdale Station to John Montgomery Violins:  21 minutes (14.1 miles)

All of these iconic Raleigh Music Shops are well under a half hour from your front door at tKnightdale Station. So whether you need repairs, a new instrument, or are learning to play. All of these well-known contributors to the local music scene are nearby and ready to help you rock.

For more information on the Knightdale Station new home neighborhood, visit

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Whether you have got yourself down due to travel restrictions. Or, whether you just did not think there was anywhere in the vicinity of your new home in Knightdale at Knightdale Station that would make for a good destination on your time off this Spring, rest assured. You don’t need to go to the tropics, and you need not look further South. Below is our “guide” to these four “can’t miss” spots for an amazing North Carolina Spring Break.

Now, we know when we say North Carolina Spring Break that this can mean different things to different people, especially depending on what age that person is. Regardless of if it’s the whole family packing up. Or, if you’re looking for a romantic break for just two. We got all bases covered for you, and all that you have left to do is make some reservations and start packing for your North Carolina Spring Break.

Pack Up the Family “Truckster,” it’s a North Carolina Spring Break Vacation

For many, this North Carolina Spring Break will fall on the week or two that your children get off from school in either March or April. Just to get the kids, not to mention the parents, too, out of the homestead and in a fun and relaxing setting. is usually the goal of these family vacations. Now, one of these destinations, you may have even already thought about, but the other once you let it sink in is a perfect vacation spot, too. Either way, you choose, below are two North Carolina Spring Break locations that will guarantee memories made and smiles on faces.

Carolina Beach

Well, our first suggestion for the whole family on their North Carolina Spring Break is also probably the most obvious. Carolina Beach, with one of the few remaining beach-town boardwalks anywhere you go, is a perfect fit for this vacation. Whether opting for a beach cottage, an oceanfront condo, or a hotel, you’ll love the picture-esque views as you stroll out the 700-foot scenic pier. You have your classic beach town and thus, classic beach activities. Sure, there is the aforementioned boardwalk, the Ferris Wheel, an old-time arcade, tons of unique shops, restaurants, and attractions. All of these just add to the perfect Spring Break family trip. Making it even more perfect is just being a short drive from home.

Lake Norman and the “Queen City”

Ok, so now, we move on to our second North Carolina Spring Break destination for the whole family. While the beach and our first suggestion are a no brainer, we next move to a spot that will bring us both the serenity of vacation and some gorgeous nature thrown in as well. For starters, Charlotte or the “Queen City,” will give you and the family more options than you will ever know what to do with. Fun stops such as Carowinds amusement park or one of the nation’s top interactive museums, Discovery Place are perfect for the kids. with the world-class entertainment and restaurants, in Charlotte they also have the adults covered. 

Now, with Charlotte being the North Carolina Spring Break destination you choose, you get the “big city” fun, no question. However, what makes Charlotte a cut above your average “big city, vacation wise is its access to the outdoor fun you’d expect from a smaller area. Just 30 minutes from Charlotte is Lake Norman. This is the largest lake in all of NC and they have boat rentals. Likewise can rent .kayaks or canoes. In addition to the gorgeous lake, you can also take the family on “safari” at Lake Norman at the Zootastic Park and Lazy 5 Ranch.

The “Just for Two” North Carolina Sprig Break Destinations

Sure, the family Spring Break is a nice vacation. However, many of you may not have children yet. Or you might just be looking for a special place to have a fun or romantic type stay with just you and your partner. We understand every couple needs that special alone time, and location can make all the difference. In the next two North Carolina Spring Break destinations, we have got just the places for a wonderful trip for two.

Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head

Now the Outer Banks are certainly no secret among North Carolina Spring break seekers, as it has become one of the more popular destinations in the southeast. However, whether as a solo couple or with a group of couples, the accommodations, beauty, and nightlife of Kill Devil Hills are perfect. You can rent off-road vehicles and take a cruise through the sand and the beaches, go parasailing or hang gliding, you can even book a cruise and soak in the gorgeous view of the island chain from out on the Atlantic.


Be ready to be blown away by the amazing views and settings in the neighboring NC mountain towns of Highlands and Cashiers. Yes, you will have some of the most unique and special settings in this area for dining, that goes without saying. But it’s the other options that can truly this North Carolina Spring Beak the perfect couple’s vacation. Take romantic waterfall hikes, pamper yourself with the retreat and spa options and even book your stay at the luxurious cabin suites at half Mile Farm or the beautiful Colonial Pines In Bed and Breakfast. Gorgeous sunsets, amazing rolling hills, and scenery, now all that is missing is you and your special someone.

North Carolina Spring Break: No Matter the Size of Your Group, Memories Await

So, regardless of restriction, travel, or any other excuse, there is no reason you can’t squeeze in. some much-needed vacation time right here in your home state. No matter if it’s with the kids and the whole extended family, or just the two of you, these North Carolina Spring Break options are full of memories that are waiting for you to come and make them.

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We have been through five amazing restaurants in our first two posts of this series. If you have not seen those, the fine establishments we are ranking are the Top Steakhouses in Raleigh. Each of our entries has a prime location for you in the Knightdale Station neighborhood. Consequently, none of these in our top three should take you more than 25 minutes to get to.

Don’t misunderstand that last sentence though, the location is very nice as relates to your new home in Knightdale. But no matter where these op Steakhouses in Raleigh were located, they would be at the “head of their class.”

The Three Top Steakhouses in Raleigh and What You are Saying About Them!

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

4325 Glenwood Avenue, Ste. 5004

None of these three entrants should be of even minor surprise to anyone who’s eaten there. Fleming’s is another on this list that is the perfect spot for a big, fat, juicy steak, with a delicious glass of wine or a cocktail. Yes, we are aware there are other Fleming’s locations, but this one located at Crabtree Valley Mall has not only impressed, but it’s become a thing of tradition for many Raleigh steak lovers.

For example, let’s take a listen to this man who was thoroughly impressed by his Fleming’s experience. “The service we received tonight was simply outstanding in every way, shape, and form from the moment we entered.” After that solid start, he went on to talk about his food and the occasion. “Celebrating a milestone birthday, four of us ordered three different types of steaks cooked to four different specifications. One of us ordered a well-done filet mignon. It is not a simple task to cook a well-done filet mignon that is juicy on the inside and soft as butter.” 

That all being said, I think he summarized what many thinks when they think Fleming’s. As he concludes, “Each steak was cooked perfectly. “

Distance to Knightdale Station:

13.6 miles (23 minutes)

The Capital Grille

4242 Six Forks Road

An experience. This is how many describe their first and actually every visit to the Capital Grille. Even on their own official website they refer to this, stating in describing themselves to the public. “From the moment you step into The Capital Grille, the experience is one of comfortable elegance. African mahogany paneling and Art Deco chandeliers provide a warm, stately setting for our nationally renowned dry-aged steaks, fresh seafood, and acclaimed world-class wines.” They concluded, “With service as gracious as it is attentive, we look forward to impressing you.”

So, they look forward to impressing, and we are impressed. We did rank them number two among the Top Steakhouses in Raleigh. But let’s see what the customer has to say. Well, he starts saying this. “We visited this restaurant for the first time just recently. I cannot believe we have not been there before. We will certainly be going there again many times.” Promising, but then he goes on. “The ambiance was terrific. The food was extremely good and very ample. The food presentation was incredible. However, what made the evening even more enjoyable was the top-class service we received. The level of service was second-to-none – absolutely incredible.”

In closing, you’ll never guess what the customer referred to his visit as. Well, yeah you probably will. “I highly recommend this establishment. It is an incredible and immaculate experience!”

Distance to Knightdale Station:

11.4 miles (19 minutes)

The Angus Barn

9401 Glenwood Avenue

A classic. Any way you slice it, I don’t even want to hear otherwise, the Angus Barn is Raleigh. Likewise, it is a true classic. The atmosphere, the food, the drink, the service…this is one of those places that a city has that you have just got to try. Oh, and since we are talking the Top Steakhouses in Raleigh and this one sits at number one, get a steak when you go there. You won’t be sorry. If you are on the fence with that (not sure why you would be) let’s hear what an out of state visitor had to say after a visit to the legendary Angus Barn during its spectacularly decorated holiday months.

“What a treat and unexpected surprise! We had a fabulous meal of perfection. ” He then echoes my sentiment about getting a steak. “The steaks were absolutely delicious, and the shrimp and lobster were a perfect complement to the beef. Excellent wine list and the waitress knew how to pair a variety of wines with our meal.” This now fan of the “Barn” finishes saying. “What’s most surprising; the prices were entirely reasonable. Oh, the entire establishment is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights. I don’t think I have ever seen more lighting. Job well done!”

Job well done, indeed…well, we take ours medium rare but as we will not below again, to each their own!

Distance to Knightdale Station:

23.3 miles (25 minutes)

The Top Steakhouses in Raleigh: Argue the Order…Maybe…But Never the Entrants

Ok, so maybe one person may have a preference of one of the eight Top Steakhouses in Raleigh that we looked at in this three-post series. We understand, and to each their own. However, it is impossible that anyone being a frequent visitor at any of these fantastic options could argue any of their inclusions among this list. Don’t believe us? Grab a fork, a steak knife and tuck that napkin in and let us know…we think you’ll agree.

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We are sure the three restaurants we spoke of in our first post must have you “hungry” for more. So, in this second of a three-post series, we will continue with our suggestions to help you find the perfect steak. Luckily you made your decision on a new home in Knightdale at Knightdale Station. This puts you within about 20 minutes or less distance from every one of the amazing restaurants we will cover. Since you are so close, and there truly are so many great restaurants, below we continue with the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses.

Just as we did the last post in compiling our list of Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses, we use the input you for the final list. We looked at all the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses with at least 100 reviews on Trip Advisor in deciding. Likewise, we will continue this post to allow the actual words of real customers to do the talking for each of these popular destinations.

Moving into the Top Five Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses As Rated by… well, You!

Our initial three Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses from the first post are staples of the Raleigh food community. All three have a history of being independently operated and have roots right in the “Capital City.” While only one of the three fantastic restaurants we look at in this post is “Raleigh-born,” we think you’ll agree that the other two are likewise very popular and revered within the local community

Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse

8551 Brier Creek Parkway

Well, this ends any dramatics as to which of the next three of our Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses was Raleigh born and bred. Known as “the Triangle’s Only Authentic Brazilian Steakhouse, Brasa has become a local favorite known for its delicious menu top to bottom. Likewise, while technically a “steakhouse,” their unique offerings somewhat set this entrant apart from the pack.

In explaining those differences, we need to look no further than the official Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse website. Here it explains of this member of our Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses list the following. “Brazil is known for its tradition of handsome gauchos riding the vast pampas herding beef cattle.” They go on to tell of the unique methods of the traditional Brazilian steakhouse. “The churrascarias, or steakhouses, feature rodízio service. This is a unique style featuring roasted meats served by passadores (meat servers).” They finish their explanation saying as follows. “The passadores visit the table with skewers of various kinds of meat. These meats include beef, pork, filet mignon, lamb, chicken, sausage, and even pineapple.

All that being said, we once again turn to our voice of reason in naming the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses. That voice of course is you, the public. One thrilled visitor to Brasa had the following kind words to say under their title of “Fantastic!” This female diner was visiting the restaurant with friends and had the following compliments to say.

“This was such a great night for us,” she begins. “From start to finish, our experience was fantastic. The waitstaff made this a very personable experience.” Speaking to the food itself, she went on. “The meat was just incredible, and it was a great opportunity to try new things. There really is not enough adjectives to describe how great of a time we had.”

Distance to Knightdale Station: 24.4 miles (26 minutes)

Sullivan’s Steakhouse

410 Glenwood Avenue Ste. 100

Now, we realize that there are Sullivan’s Steakhouse restaurants in 12 other locations across the U.S. That being said, first, that is not very many for the entire country. Second, we should see that as a blessing, because since day one of opening its Raleigh location it has been a huge hit. Oh, what really matters to make our Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses, they certainly have covered. An amazing steak.

Just as we said regarding Brasa above, Sullivan’s is truly unique from all others on our Best Raleigh BNC Steakhouses listing. For one, they offer private dining options. Whether for a party, business meeting, or just an extremely large group, this is a great feature. Rooms with dining table seating for anywhere from 25-80 are available and many of the reviews we read gushed over the party or gathering they had using one of these areas.

There’s another popular feature at Sullivan’s, leading to it placing fourth among the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses. This is the “Sure Thing” feature on their menu. This is a fixed price menu, giving the customer an amazing experience and meal for a very reasonable price that they are aware of even prior to ordering. Likewise, the “Sullivan’s Marketplace” has been a hit since opening. This allows a customer to buy hand-cut premium steaks to bring home and experience Sullivan’s at their own kitchen table. 

All these things we are sure have been enough to lure you over for a delicious steak at Sullivan’s. However, we again turn to the words of an experienced Sullivan’s diner to conclude. They start referring to the experience as follows. “Excellent service and outstanding ingredients combined with cooking perfection.” The happy customer goes on. “The service we received tonight was simply outstanding in every way, shape, and form from the moment we entered. Four of us ordered three different types of steaks cooked to four different specifications. One of us ordered a well-done filet mignon. It is not a simple task to cook a well-done filet mignon that is juicy on the inside and soft as butter. Each steak was cooked perfectly. “

In conclusion this reviewer adds the comment below. “For various reasons, some people go to a restaurant for a steak, and they pay for it. If you want to do that, then I think that you’re going to be pleased with the food and service at this location.

Distance to Knightdale Station: 12.6 miles (23 miles)

Five Down and the Top 3 Remain in the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses Countdown

Between this and our first post on the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses, we have no doubt that you have got to be full by now. The amazing restaurants we have already detailed all being so close to your new home in Knightdale gives you many options for that “perfect steak. But, if you think our entrants to this point are incredible, remember one thing. We ranked them by customer feedback and reviews. 

Thus, according to you the public, the two remaining are, dare I say, the best of the best? In our final post of this three-part series, we will visit each of these classic Raleigh restaurants. While they are not in any way going to be a surprise, they still will serve up the most succulent cuts of beef in the area regardless.

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We cover a lot of ground in keeping you “up” on the happenings and places to see in the Raleigh area. Due to your move into a new home in Knightdale at Knightdale Station, these places are only minutes down the road from you. We often showcase places to visit with your children. Sometimes we may look at destinations statewide for possible vacation or weekend trips. Many times we suggest great places in the area to eat. This is exactly what the focus of this and the accompanying post will cover. Consequently, once you’ve read through you will have no problem finding the most mouthwatering cuts of meat in Triangle area restaurants. This is because we’re looking to help you find the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh.

We have taken a look at many different foods and the best places to go for each. We’ve led the way to the top Seafood, burgers, BBQ, and even chicken wing joints around. But, for many of us, nothing quite beats a fantastic steak. So, in this post and the two to follow, we search for the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh.

Best Steakhouses in Raleigh According to…well, You!

As you have probably grown accustomed to with our restaurant posts, we list nothing but the best. However, we don’t just pick and choose our personal favorites. In searching for the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh. In actuality, we sort of letting you, the customer hungry for a delicious steak do that! By using the customer reviews at Trip Advisor and limiting our rankings to places with at least 100 reviews is where the list comes about. 

So, the public has spoken. Time for you to head out to enjoy the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh!

The Peddler Steakhouse

6505 Glenwood Avenue

Our first entrant is a Raleigh classic! Independently owned and operated since first opening up in 1969 is the Peddler Steakhouse. Their slogan is that everything at the Peddler is “aged to perfection.” Apparently, customers agree, ranking it among the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh. 

With the option of having your steak cut to your liking right at the table, the Peddler is famous for its customer service. Likewise, it goes without saying that some feel they have the top steak in town. The following is from an actual customer, who seems to be impressed.

He begins with two quick statements in summation. “One of Raleigh’s best. A Classic American Steakhouse. Not frilly or overpriced, but exceptionally good.” The reviewer goes on, “An open floor with steaks grilled on open coals. If you are looking for a tiny little salad, dishes that you can’t pronounce, snobby staff, overpriced everything, and pretentious fellow-diners, then avoid The Peddler. “

The customer finishes the glowing endorsement for the Peddler being among the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh. “…Bring your date, family, or business partners and enjoy a fat steak with old school atmosphere and southern hospitality at a reasonable price.”

Distance from Knightdale Station: 16.6 miles (24 minutes)

Rey’s Restaurant

1130 Buck Jones Road

For the past fifteen-plus years, Rey’s Restaurant has earned a top reputation for its dining experience. This entry to our Best Steakhouses in Raleigh was founded by owner A. Rey Arias in 2004. Arias explains on their official website his initial vision and how he’s carried it out. 

“I thought that if we never compromised the quality of our food, ” he begins. “And served meals in a comfortable, relaxed surrounding with friendly service…people would keep coming back.” He summarizes, “It worked, and we’ve never changed our vision.” In addition to their scrumptious steaks, Rey’s also serves New Orleans, French Quarter-Inspired meals. 

Another factor for landing among the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh is the unique atmosphere of their “Voodoo Lounge.” This fun and inviting setting has a fireplace, plush leather chairs and couches, and screams of a good time.

Back to the steaks, however, one recent and apparent longtime customer added a recent review to be sure and give Rey’s its full 5 stars. “Out of the last 6-8 times that I have been to dinner at Rey’s it is a five-star experience all the way.” He adds, “The food is always excellent, and the service was a level that exceeds and higher experience restaurant where I have eaten.” He concludes, “From San Francisco to Raleigh, Rey’s is the best. I will continue to enjoy wonderful dining experiences… at Rey’s.”

Distance for Knightdale Station: 20.1 miles (25 minutes)

Vinnie’s Steak House and Tavern

7440 Six Forks Road

Moving right along with our Best Steakhouses in Raleigh, we head over to Six Forks Road and Vinnie’s. This was chosen in September 2019 in a reader poll of “The Best Steakhouse in Every State,” as tops in NC. As is a running theme here, Vinnie’s has long been a favorite in the “Capital City.” The Vinnie’s opening was in 1987 and they have been independently owned and operated since day one.

For their three-plus decades of tantalizing the tastebuds of Triangle area diners, they are known for a few great tastes. First, they serve nothing but the best certified angus beef in all cuts and sizes. Dry-aged ribeye’s, prime New York strips, and bone-in filets exclusive to Vinnie’s put them a “cut” above. 

As with many of our Best Steakhouses in Raleigh, Vinnie’s has got way more than just beef. Some of the area’s freshest seafood including the house favorite jumbo cold water lobster tails. Authentic, classic Italian fare. Nothing but the freshest, local, Farmers’ Market veggies. An incredible selection from the in-house wine cellar and homemade from scratch desserts. After a visit here, you may do as they say on their own website. “Let Vinnie’s Steak House & Tavern become a tradition with you.”

We refer again to a happy customer for this final entry of Best Steakhouses in Raleigh. “The best steakhouse in the Triangle,” gushes this reviewer starting to describe Vinnie’s. “This is a real steakhouse in both its atmosphere (not snobby or stuffy) but also in its offerings and service.” He continues, “They always cook steaks perfectly to order with a nice variety of sides. Good wine list and selection of mixed drinks and liquors.” In closing he adds, “This has been a favorite for many years, and we will return often.”

Distance from Knightdale Station: 15.9 miles (24 minutes)

More of the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh are Ahead

Raleigh’s amazing and diverse food scene is sitting just minutes from your new home at Knightdale Station. With so many incredible options, the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh cannot just be a list of three. Thus, in the follow up post in this series, we will give our take and that of the public. Either way, the winner will be you and the prize? The biggest and juiciest steaks around.

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You and your young family have been a perfect fit since opting for your new home in Knightdale at the Knightdale Station new home community. Since your relocation, things have not been as usual locally, as there have been restrictions and seemingly endless guidelines for reasons beyond any of our control. Thus, we have often been focusing our blog on activities nearby in Raleigh, or some beautiful suggestions for a day trip across the state. That being said, there certainly are many fantastic Things to do in Knightdale.

Whether restrictions are lifted or not, the town of Knightdale has become one of the fastest rising towns in all of NC. With its youthful residents and the seemingly endless outdoor activities and destinations, Knightdale has a community that stays busy, stays entertained, and does so while supporting each other. So, are there Things to do in Knightdale? You better believe it; way more than I could even begin to list.

Three Words to Sum Up Things to do in Knightdale…Parks, Parks, and Parks!

Knowing that one of Knightdale’s calling cards is that its lower median age shows that they have many successful young families in town. More youth equals more energy, at least in theory. Well, just like most up and coming NC towns, outdoor activities and space have become the rage. Thus, to start our things to do, we head outdoors and in a few of the beautiful local parks.

Knightdale Station Park

Well, come on now, where else would we start?!? All joking aside, this is not our first park listed in Things to do in Knightdale because you live in this neighborhood and we host their website. It is however first because when the restrictions and outdoor social gatherings and events return, you will see. Basically, this park is the host of almost all social events in. town. Add to this, it’s amazing trails, facilities, playgrounds, and all other things considered. If you’re truly looking for some fun stuff to do in Knightdale, you don’t even need to leave the neighborhood, and a lot of times, residents don’t.

Mingo Creek Park and Trails

For those not familiar, Mingo Creek Park is located at 100 Parkside Commons in Knightdale. Just as with Knightdale Station Park, when it comes to Things to do in Knightdale, each town park we include has its own unique reasons. It’s as though each is its own unique experience. As for the Mingo Creek experience, the park is an 8.2-acre site. The trail follows along the Neuse River and parallels with its greenway trail, giving you access far beyond just Knightdale.

Knightdale Environmental Education Park

Ok, so this is our third and final park in our Things to do in Knightdale listings. So, Knightdale Station Park is known for its great social gatherings and Mingo Creek its greenway. But, the Environmental Education Park also boasts its own unique reasoning for making this list. Sure, this park, located right behind Knightdale Town Hall has a great walking trail, is perfect for a picnic, etc. But it’s the onsite learning areas and overlooks here that truly make this park one-of-a-kind.

Other Things to do in Knightdale? Let’s Keep it Around the Station!

Again, not to toot the hypothetical horn of the amazing Knightdale Station new home community, but this neighborhood is not just like no other in town. It is not an exaggeration when we say the park and surrounding areas at Knightdale Station truly are the “heart and soul” of the town socially. Thus, we will finish up our Things to do in Knightdale with two businesses that have both sprung up in the after steps of Knightdale Station. Both businesses actually sit adjacent to or on Knightdale Station grounds. Consequently, both are serving up in their respective fields exactly what the local public wants.

Oak City Brewing Company

One of our first “neighbors.” Oak City Brewing Company actually runs adjacent to the 76-acre field at Knightdale Station Park and is always host to great events. This dog and pet friendly, family and friend run be brewery has been a hit with locals since opening its doors and will more than likely continue to do so.

Prime Barbecue

Timing isn’t everything, but sometimes timing can really throw you for a loop. Take for example the story of Prime BBQ, another successful business that has opened in the “shadow” of Knightdale Station. Unfortunately for Prime, just a s the buzz hit town for their new BBQ joint, the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. Thus, opening was officially delayed, and the restaurant has still been selling out of their product daily since grand opening in the early parts of the COVID confusion. With sellout crowds during a pandemic, we are thinking Prime BBQ, and Oak City for that matter are set to be great neighbors for a long time to come. And by the way, imagine how busy Prime would’ve been if they hadn’t had the COVID restrictions to deal with.

There are So Many More Great Things To Do

Yes, I’m pretty sure that there are many more great Things to do in Knightdale. Ironically, we managed in this list to stay at and around your new home. This gets no argument here, as they are going to choose venues and times for Things to do in Knightdale as they see fit. Likewise, if you already have a home at Knightdale Station, you got plenty that is built right in.

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