We are sure the three restaurants we spoke of in our first post must have you “hungry” for more. So, in this second of a three-post series, we will continue with our suggestions to help you find the perfect steak. Luckily you made your decision on a new home in Knightdale at Knightdale Station. This puts you within about 20 minutes or less distance from every one of the amazing restaurants we will cover. Since you are so close, and there truly are so many great restaurants, below we continue with the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses.

Just as we did the last post in compiling our list of Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses, we use the input you for the final list. We looked at all the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses with at least 100 reviews on Trip Advisor in deciding. Likewise, we will continue this post to allow the actual words of real customers to do the talking for each of these popular destinations.

Moving into the Top Five Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses As Rated by… well, You!

Our initial three Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses from the first post are staples of the Raleigh food community. All three have a history of being independently operated and have roots right in the “Capital City.” While only one of the three fantastic restaurants we look at in this post is “Raleigh-born,” we think you’ll agree that the other two are likewise very popular and revered within the local community

Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse

8551 Brier Creek Parkway

Well, this ends any dramatics as to which of the next three of our Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses was Raleigh born and bred. Known as “the Triangle’s Only Authentic Brazilian Steakhouse, Brasa has become a local favorite known for its delicious menu top to bottom. Likewise, while technically a “steakhouse,” their unique offerings somewhat set this entrant apart from the pack.

In explaining those differences, we need to look no further than the official Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse website. Here it explains of this member of our Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses list the following. “Brazil is known for its tradition of handsome gauchos riding the vast pampas herding beef cattle.” They go on to tell of the unique methods of the traditional Brazilian steakhouse. “The churrascarias, or steakhouses, feature rodízio service. This is a unique style featuring roasted meats served by passadores (meat servers).” They finish their explanation saying as follows. “The passadores visit the table with skewers of various kinds of meat. These meats include beef, pork, filet mignon, lamb, chicken, sausage, and even pineapple.

All that being said, we once again turn to our voice of reason in naming the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses. That voice of course is you, the public. One thrilled visitor to Brasa had the following kind words to say under their title of “Fantastic!” This female diner was visiting the restaurant with friends and had the following compliments to say.

“This was such a great night for us,” she begins. “From start to finish, our experience was fantastic. The waitstaff made this a very personable experience.” Speaking to the food itself, she went on. “The meat was just incredible, and it was a great opportunity to try new things. There really is not enough adjectives to describe how great of a time we had.”

Distance to Knightdale Station: 24.4 miles (26 minutes)

Sullivan’s Steakhouse

410 Glenwood Avenue Ste. 100

Now, we realize that there are Sullivan’s Steakhouse restaurants in 12 other locations across the U.S. That being said, first, that is not very many for the entire country. Second, we should see that as a blessing, because since day one of opening its Raleigh location it has been a huge hit. Oh, what really matters to make our Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses, they certainly have covered. An amazing steak.

Just as we said regarding Brasa above, Sullivan’s is truly unique from all others on our Best Raleigh BNC Steakhouses listing. For one, they offer private dining options. Whether for a party, business meeting, or just an extremely large group, this is a great feature. Rooms with dining table seating for anywhere from 25-80 are available and many of the reviews we read gushed over the party or gathering they had using one of these areas.

There’s another popular feature at Sullivan’s, leading to it placing fourth among the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses. This is the “Sure Thing” feature on their menu. This is a fixed price menu, giving the customer an amazing experience and meal for a very reasonable price that they are aware of even prior to ordering. Likewise, the “Sullivan’s Marketplace” has been a hit since opening. This allows a customer to buy hand-cut premium steaks to bring home and experience Sullivan’s at their own kitchen table. 

All these things we are sure have been enough to lure you over for a delicious steak at Sullivan’s. However, we again turn to the words of an experienced Sullivan’s diner to conclude. They start referring to the experience as follows. “Excellent service and outstanding ingredients combined with cooking perfection.” The happy customer goes on. “The service we received tonight was simply outstanding in every way, shape, and form from the moment we entered. Four of us ordered three different types of steaks cooked to four different specifications. One of us ordered a well-done filet mignon. It is not a simple task to cook a well-done filet mignon that is juicy on the inside and soft as butter. Each steak was cooked perfectly. “

In conclusion this reviewer adds the comment below. “For various reasons, some people go to a restaurant for a steak, and they pay for it. If you want to do that, then I think that you’re going to be pleased with the food and service at this location.

Distance to Knightdale Station: 12.6 miles (23 miles)

Five Down and the Top 3 Remain in the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses Countdown

Between this and our first post on the Best Raleigh NC Steakhouses, we have no doubt that you have got to be full by now. The amazing restaurants we have already detailed all being so close to your new home in Knightdale gives you many options for that “perfect steak. But, if you think our entrants to this point are incredible, remember one thing. We ranked them by customer feedback and reviews. 

Thus, according to you the public, the two remaining are, dare I say, the best of the best? In our final post of this three-part series, we will visit each of these classic Raleigh restaurants. While they are not in any way going to be a surprise, they still will serve up the most succulent cuts of beef in the area regardless.

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We cover a lot of ground in keeping you “up” on the happenings and places to see in the Raleigh area. Due to your move into a new home in Knightdale at Knightdale Station, these places are only minutes down the road from you. We often showcase places to visit with your children. Sometimes we may look at destinations statewide for possible vacation or weekend trips. Many times we suggest great places in the area to eat. This is exactly what the focus of this and the accompanying post will cover. Consequently, once you’ve read through you will have no problem finding the most mouthwatering cuts of meat in Triangle area restaurants. This is because we’re looking to help you find the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh.

We have taken a look at many different foods and the best places to go for each. We’ve led the way to the top Seafood, burgers, BBQ, and even chicken wing joints around. But, for many of us, nothing quite beats a fantastic steak. So, in this post and the two to follow, we search for the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh.

Best Steakhouses in Raleigh According to…well, You!

As you have probably grown accustomed to with our restaurant posts, we list nothing but the best. However, we don’t just pick and choose our personal favorites. In searching for the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh. In actuality, we sort of letting you, the customer hungry for a delicious steak do that! By using the customer reviews at Trip Advisor and limiting our rankings to places with at least 100 reviews is where the list comes about. 

So, the public has spoken. Time for you to head out to enjoy the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh!

The Peddler Steakhouse

6505 Glenwood Avenue

Our first entrant is a Raleigh classic! Independently owned and operated since first opening up in 1969 is the Peddler Steakhouse. Their slogan is that everything at the Peddler is “aged to perfection.” Apparently, customers agree, ranking it among the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh. 

With the option of having your steak cut to your liking right at the table, the Peddler is famous for its customer service. Likewise, it goes without saying that some feel they have the top steak in town. The following is from an actual customer, who seems to be impressed.

He begins with two quick statements in summation. “One of Raleigh’s best. A Classic American Steakhouse. Not frilly or overpriced, but exceptionally good.” The reviewer goes on, “An open floor with steaks grilled on open coals. If you are looking for a tiny little salad, dishes that you can’t pronounce, snobby staff, overpriced everything, and pretentious fellow-diners, then avoid The Peddler. “

The customer finishes the glowing endorsement for the Peddler being among the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh. “…Bring your date, family, or business partners and enjoy a fat steak with old school atmosphere and southern hospitality at a reasonable price.”

Distance from Knightdale Station: 16.6 miles (24 minutes)

Rey’s Restaurant

1130 Buck Jones Road

For the past fifteen-plus years, Rey’s Restaurant has earned a top reputation for its dining experience. This entry to our Best Steakhouses in Raleigh was founded by owner A. Rey Arias in 2004. Arias explains on their official website his initial vision and how he’s carried it out. 

“I thought that if we never compromised the quality of our food, ” he begins. “And served meals in a comfortable, relaxed surrounding with friendly service…people would keep coming back.” He summarizes, “It worked, and we’ve never changed our vision.” In addition to their scrumptious steaks, Rey’s also serves New Orleans, French Quarter-Inspired meals. 

Another factor for landing among the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh is the unique atmosphere of their “Voodoo Lounge.” This fun and inviting setting has a fireplace, plush leather chairs and couches, and screams of a good time.

Back to the steaks, however, one recent and apparent longtime customer added a recent review to be sure and give Rey’s its full 5 stars. “Out of the last 6-8 times that I have been to dinner at Rey’s it is a five-star experience all the way.” He adds, “The food is always excellent, and the service was a level that exceeds and higher experience restaurant where I have eaten.” He concludes, “From San Francisco to Raleigh, Rey’s is the best. I will continue to enjoy wonderful dining experiences… at Rey’s.”

Distance for Knightdale Station: 20.1 miles (25 minutes)

Vinnie’s Steak House and Tavern

7440 Six Forks Road

Moving right along with our Best Steakhouses in Raleigh, we head over to Six Forks Road and Vinnie’s. This was chosen in September 2019 in a reader poll of “The Best Steakhouse in Every State,” as tops in NC. As is a running theme here, Vinnie’s has long been a favorite in the “Capital City.” The Vinnie’s opening was in 1987 and they have been independently owned and operated since day one.

For their three-plus decades of tantalizing the tastebuds of Triangle area diners, they are known for a few great tastes. First, they serve nothing but the best certified angus beef in all cuts and sizes. Dry-aged ribeye’s, prime New York strips, and bone-in filets exclusive to Vinnie’s put them a “cut” above. 

As with many of our Best Steakhouses in Raleigh, Vinnie’s has got way more than just beef. Some of the area’s freshest seafood including the house favorite jumbo cold water lobster tails. Authentic, classic Italian fare. Nothing but the freshest, local, Farmers’ Market veggies. An incredible selection from the in-house wine cellar and homemade from scratch desserts. After a visit here, you may do as they say on their own website. “Let Vinnie’s Steak House & Tavern become a tradition with you.”

We refer again to a happy customer for this final entry of Best Steakhouses in Raleigh. “The best steakhouse in the Triangle,” gushes this reviewer starting to describe Vinnie’s. “This is a real steakhouse in both its atmosphere (not snobby or stuffy) but also in its offerings and service.” He continues, “They always cook steaks perfectly to order with a nice variety of sides. Good wine list and selection of mixed drinks and liquors.” In closing he adds, “This has been a favorite for many years, and we will return often.”

Distance from Knightdale Station: 15.9 miles (24 minutes)

More of the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh are Ahead

Raleigh’s amazing and diverse food scene is sitting just minutes from your new home at Knightdale Station. With so many incredible options, the Best Steakhouses in Raleigh cannot just be a list of three. Thus, in the follow up post in this series, we will give our take and that of the public. Either way, the winner will be you and the prize? The biggest and juiciest steaks around.

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You and your young family have been a perfect fit since opting for your new home in Knightdale at the Knightdale Station new home community. Since your relocation, things have not been as usual locally, as there have been restrictions and seemingly endless guidelines for reasons beyond any of our control. Thus, we have often been focusing our blog on activities nearby in Raleigh, or some beautiful suggestions for a day trip across the state. That being said, there certainly are many fantastic Things to do in Knightdale.

Whether restrictions are lifted or not, the town of Knightdale has become one of the fastest rising towns in all of NC. With its youthful residents and the seemingly endless outdoor activities and destinations, Knightdale has a community that stays busy, stays entertained, and does so while supporting each other. So, are there Things to do in Knightdale? You better believe it; way more than I could even begin to list.

Three Words to Sum Up Things to do in Knightdale…Parks, Parks, and Parks!

Knowing that one of Knightdale’s calling cards is that its lower median age shows that they have many successful young families in town. More youth equals more energy, at least in theory. Well, just like most up and coming NC towns, outdoor activities and space have become the rage. Thus, to start our things to do, we head outdoors and in a few of the beautiful local parks.

Knightdale Station Park

Well, come on now, where else would we start?!? All joking aside, this is not our first park listed in Things to do in Knightdale because you live in this neighborhood and we host their website. It is however first because when the restrictions and outdoor social gatherings and events return, you will see. Basically, this park is the host of almost all social events in. town. Add to this, it’s amazing trails, facilities, playgrounds, and all other things considered. If you’re truly looking for some fun stuff to do in Knightdale, you don’t even need to leave the neighborhood, and a lot of times, residents don’t.

Mingo Creek Park and Trails

For those not familiar, Mingo Creek Park is located at 100 Parkside Commons in Knightdale. Just as with Knightdale Station Park, when it comes to Things to do in Knightdale, each town park we include has its own unique reasons. It’s as though each is its own unique experience. As for the Mingo Creek experience, the park is an 8.2-acre site. The trail follows along the Neuse River and parallels with its greenway trail, giving you access far beyond just Knightdale.

Knightdale Environmental Education Park

Ok, so this is our third and final park in our Things to do in Knightdale listings. So, Knightdale Station Park is known for its great social gatherings and Mingo Creek its greenway. But, the Environmental Education Park also boasts its own unique reasoning for making this list. Sure, this park, located right behind Knightdale Town Hall has a great walking trail, is perfect for a picnic, etc. But it’s the onsite learning areas and overlooks here that truly make this park one-of-a-kind.

Other Things to do in Knightdale? Let’s Keep it Around the Station!

Again, not to toot the hypothetical horn of the amazing Knightdale Station new home community, but this neighborhood is not just like no other in town. It is not an exaggeration when we say the park and surrounding areas at Knightdale Station truly are the “heart and soul” of the town socially. Thus, we will finish up our Things to do in Knightdale with two businesses that have both sprung up in the after steps of Knightdale Station. Both businesses actually sit adjacent to or on Knightdale Station grounds. Consequently, both are serving up in their respective fields exactly what the local public wants.

Oak City Brewing Company

One of our first “neighbors.” Oak City Brewing Company actually runs adjacent to the 76-acre field at Knightdale Station Park and is always host to great events. This dog and pet friendly, family and friend run be brewery has been a hit with locals since opening its doors and will more than likely continue to do so.

Prime Barbecue

Timing isn’t everything, but sometimes timing can really throw you for a loop. Take for example the story of Prime BBQ, another successful business that has opened in the “shadow” of Knightdale Station. Unfortunately for Prime, just a s the buzz hit town for their new BBQ joint, the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. Thus, opening was officially delayed, and the restaurant has still been selling out of their product daily since grand opening in the early parts of the COVID confusion. With sellout crowds during a pandemic, we are thinking Prime BBQ, and Oak City for that matter are set to be great neighbors for a long time to come. And by the way, imagine how busy Prime would’ve been if they hadn’t had the COVID restrictions to deal with.

There are So Many More Great Things To Do

Yes, I’m pretty sure that there are many more great Things to do in Knightdale. Ironically, we managed in this list to stay at and around your new home. This gets no argument here, as they are going to choose venues and times for Things to do in Knightdale as they see fit. Likewise, if you already have a home at Knightdale Station, you got plenty that is built right in.

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shopping-in-raleigh-nc-knightdale station

The long process of deciding on first which area to live and then choosing a new home is finally over. With the great schools, local tight-knit community, and safety of your new neighborhood, the decision was made. Now that you are in your new home in Knightdale at the Knightdale Station neighborhood, you certainly have all those great small-town perks and more! However, you also have a short drive from your neighborhood to all the big city amenities of Raleigh, too. Restaurants, entertainment, sporting events, you name it, and Raleigh has got it all. One of the greatest selections the “Capital City” has though that you want to surely check out though is the unmatched amount of great Shopping in Raleigh, NC.

Even being a bigger city, there are numerous choices for Shopping in Raleigh NC that will make you feel you’re in a small-town setting. Likewise, there are some great malls and “big city” type places to shop as well. Below, we will point out several “can’t miss” stops you will want to check out while Shopping in Raleigh, NC.

Shopping in Raleigh NC: Shopping Areas with a Smaller Town Feel

There are countless areas across Raleigh that can bring you back to the “downtown” shopping feeling. At each of these three spot, you will get the best of both worlds when Shopping in Raleigh NC. Smaller and more quaint shops with a bigger city setting, atmosphere, and selection!

North Hills

This is an amazing area for Shopping in Raleigh NC. The North Hills Mall originally opened in 1960. It would seven years later go from an outdoor mall to be the city’s first enclosed mall in 1967. This has always been a favorite area for locals. Whether featuring their favorite little shops or dining choices, this was always a must in Shopping in Raleigh NC.

North Hills has grown considerably over the years. Set in Midtown Raleigh, the open-air, walkable shopping district now offers over 130 shops, restaurants, bars, a theatre, spas, music venue, and even more. In addition to local, unique boutiques and eateries, North Hills also features some of the biggest and well-known name stores for Shopping in Raleigh NC as well. A sample of some of the bigger name shops is bullet-pointed below. 

  • Target
  • JC Penney
  • Ethan Allen Furniture
  • REI
  • Fink’s Jewelers

Cameron Village

Featuring some of the most stylish clothing shops for Shopping in Raleigh, another favorite stop is Cameron Village. Much like North Hills, this too is an open-air area with over 100 distinctive stores, shops, cafes, restaurants, and more. 

A sprawling and scenic six, city block area for Shopping in Raleigh NC, Cameron Village first opened in 1949. For over a half-century since then, the area has been woven into residents’ lives and become a traditional weekend shopping stop. Again, the similarities to North Hills find Cameron Village boasting many “one-of-a-kind” stores. Consequently, the area also has many big-name and highly sought-after clothing stores and more, too. Below are a few of the larger name shops and stores at Cameron Village.

  • Talbots
  • Palm Avenue
  • Jos A. Bank
  • Bailey’s Fine Jewelry
  • Harris Teeter

Heading Downtown for some Shopping in Raleigh NC

We drew a comparison above to the classic open-air Shopping in Raleigh NC to simpler times and smaller, downtown settings. Well, almost everyone loves this type of “retro” shopping. So, why not enjoy the modern-day downtown Raleigh shopping?

Downtown Raleigh

Some legendary and iconic stores with the locals certainly await in the downtown area of the “City of Oaks.” Seeking clothing and accessories bearing the name of the city and items unique to Raleigh? Unique gift ideas, handmade crafts, and home decor? Even a perfect-fitting pair of jeans, maybe?

All of those things are easily found when Shopping in Raleigh NC. In actuality, there are so many unique shops downtown, we will have a follow-up post focused solely on these amazing “one-of-a-kind” boutiques and shops. However, our first two entries, there also are some larger more familiar stores in this setting as well. These are bullet pointed below.

  • Kimbrell’s of Raleigh
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Publix
  • Wilson’s Outdoor Equipment
  • Videri Chocolate Factory

Shopping in Raleigh NC: Moving to the Malls

In the following weeks and months to come, we will have more posts on Shopping in Raleigh NC. For one of these future articles, we already said we will look closer at all the unique and “one-of-a-kind” downtown shops. Likewise, we will also lead you to several of the areas most popular malls. These also have many unique stores and shops as opposed to just the usual names you’d see at this type shopping center.

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Photo Credit: Visit Raleigh

best-new-restaurants-in-raleigh-knightdale station

Our top “rookie” Raleigh restaurant listings for 2020 continue with five more establishments. Each of these opened in the face of adversity the past year. Starting up a new business in the highly competitive restaurant scene in the Raleigh area is tough in any year. Some in the food industry have not been able to survive after many successful years do to the recent restrictions. Thus, we urge you to check out these fantastic food and service establishments that opened in 2020. These are our remaining Best New Restaurants in Raleigh from 2020.

In the previous post, we cover four of the Best New Restaurants in Raleigh that technically, well, they aren’t in Raleigh. But, they are located in the immediate surrounding area of Raleigh, including your new hometown of Knightdale. In this second post, however, we stay in North Carolina’s capital city, which only is a few minutes still from your new home at Knightdale Station. That being said, each of these new establishments brings something unique “to the table,” and are worth a stop to see what made them so successful while many were not this past year.

From Burgers to Plant-Based: the Best New Restaurants in Raleigh Cover all the Bases

You will see as you read through this post that each of our final five Best New Restaurants in Raleigh has something a bit different to offer from the next. In these first two, we cover, the opposites couldn’t be further apart, as one is a take on the classic “burger and hotdog joint.” On the contrary, the second restaurant is one that is focused on being “plant-based.”

Hightop Burgers, 2330 Bale Street, Raleigh

Even though the year 2020 was like none before it for the restaurant business, sometimes a classic just works. The first of our Best New Restaurants in Raleigh came with a game plan that if done right is a true American original, the “burger joint.” Bringing with it thoughts of days gone by, waitresses on roller skates, drive-in service, and the like, Hightop Burgers is a true throwback. Good old-fashioned “smash” burgers, fries, shakes, sodas just like you remember, and if you don’t remember, you’ll be delighted to try.

Good Day Good Night, 603 West Morgan Street, Raleigh

Ok, so this may be the opposite of classic. But, it is exactly what people are clamoring for and loving in the current day. So, half dozen of one and six of another, or to each its own, as they say. Now, Good Day, Good Night makes our Best New Restaurants in Raleigh list based on its “plant-forward” menu. Likewise, its for the addition of high-quality proteins. Always supporting local businesses, check out their Dirt List. This is a rotating offering of some of the freshest locally grown produce. A great location at the Origin Hotel in Raleigh’s downtown area. A great bar featuring signature cocktails. Its just seems this place will see continued success. Especially once they’re able to some bigger crowds as well.

Two More Familiar Specialties Done Different and Done Right at the Best New Restaurants in. Raleigh

We have had burgers, BBQ, breweries, and even breakfast in our first post and beyond. Now, neither of these Best New Restaurants in Raleigh are particularly known for their one particular item that starts with a “B” however, we can keep that theme going if we utilize the next entrant’s name and a favorite order on the menu at entry number two. This being said, next up is another place known for their brews, and what goes better with a few brews than pizza?

Bowstring Pizza and Brewyard, 1930 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh

Yeah, we could’ve taken the easy way out on the whole “letter B”thing and used “Brewyard,” but either way, it works. Another thing that certainly “works” for the next among our Best New Restaurants in Raleigh is the ability to make a delicious pizza pie. This revamped 100-plus-year-old former Gulf Oil station/garage in Raleigh’s “Five Points” neighborhood became an immediate hit in 2020. A distance-friendly hangout and bar area underneath the “bowstring-trusse” type ceiling that was most popular in the 1920’s creates an atmosphere as fun and amazing as the great pizza and tasty drinks themselves at Bowstring.

Otra Vez, 3201 Edwards Mill Road, Raleigh

Okay, so the final of our Best New Restaurants in Raleigh is Otra Vez. At, this establishment was described as a Midwestern-inspired kitchen. It was also said to be influenced by Mexican, American, and Puerto Rican cuisine. So, the “B” we went for was a burrito at this Mexican inspired establishment. However, anyone who has ever given it a taste may call for that “B” to represent “burger. ” Especially if the “B” is Otra Vez’s famous burger topped with roasted Hatch chili. Well, all “B’s” aside, be sure to experience the many tasty drink options at Otra Vez, too.

With a Successful 2020 in the Rear-View, the Sky is the Limit for the Best New Restaurants in Raleigh

We started this two-post series, we went into detail about the difficulties that many businesses went through in the calendar year of 2020. This was no truer in any type of business than the food and restaurant industry. The fact that the nine Best New Raleigh Restaurants we introduce in these two posts not only succeeded but started up and opened for the first time speaks volumes to the type of establishment all of these are. Not only does this speak to the taste, quality, and service that makes a restaurant succeed, but under the circumstances, it says a lot about the owner’s desire to succeed as well.

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2020, a year that most will try their very best to forget. The uncertainty that swept across America and the entire globe for that matter was that like we haven’t seen prior in our lifetimes. Masks being worn, “stay-at-home” orders, and a truly difficult stretch for many business owners. But, when things are difficult, some good things can still emerge. Locally here in the immediate surrounding area from your new home in Knightdale, some of these “good things” were new places to eat, which not only survived but thrived during these hard times. Thus, in this two-post series, we will look at the Best New Raleigh Restaurants that opened their doors for the first time in the year 2020.

Just to be clear, when we say the Best New Raleigh Restaurants, we are not just talking within city limits. as with many of our blog posts, we actually mean the surrounding Raleigh and Triangle area, which includes many beautiful small towns and suburbs. Being that you just made the move to the Knightdale Station neighborhood, you call one of the fastest-growing Raleigh suburbs home. Likewise, so does the first entry on our list. Consequently, several others just outside of Raleigh were also worthy of recognition for a great 2020 debut.

Best New Raleigh Restaurants: The Surrounding Area

To reiterate what we were saying in the previous paragraph, we represent the Raleigh area as a whole in our listings. Thus, the first four of our Best New Raleigh Restaurants that opened their doors in 2020 are outside of the state capital. However, regardless of their physical address, these are all worthy of a visit to support new local businesses and of course to enjoy their amazing food.

Prime BBQ, 403 Knightdale Station Run, Knightdale

Hey, we might as well start as close to home as possible, right? After a delayed opening due to the announcement of the entire COVID situation, Prime BBQ and its owner, champion BBQ pitmaster, Christopher Prieto finally were able to give area residents a taste of their award-winning eats. With restrictions and limits, not to mention social distancing Prime BBQ faced any hurdle in its way and overcame them. A blend of Texas, Kansas City, and North Carolina BBQ, once the doors opened, there was no doubt this was one of the Best New Raleigh Restaurants in 2020. Take your pick, brisket, ribs, pulled pork, or sausages. Any way you choose, Prime will surely deliver the goods.

Daybreak, 154 East Chatham Street, Cary

Equally, as much as Raleigh has earned countless accolades in the past decade or so, the town of Cary has been honored. No question a huge landing spot and a huge factor in making the Raleigh area one of the country’s fastest rising, Cary is filled with many great, unique dining establishments. The next of our Best New Raleigh Restaurants is in downtown Cary and offers a great breakfast and more. Daybreak specializes in made to order omelets, fluffy and delicious pancakes, and made from scratch biscuits. However, Daybreak isn’t just there for the breakfast though. They also offer one of the area’s most extensive “taco menus” for lunchtime, as well as many gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Local Breweries Earn Spot Among Best New Raleigh Restaurants 

Continuing to keep our Best New Raleigh Restaurants listing “outside” of Raleigh, we next look at two amazing breweries that opened during the tumulus times that were 2020. Keeping with our first two entrants, these two establishments both are located just to the East of Raleigh in two more of the area’s fast-rising towns.

Norse Brewing Company, 203 Brooks Street, Wake Forest

Not only does Norse Brewing Company feature a great selection of the newest craft beer releases, but they also offer a menu like no other in the area. The food at this entry in our Best New Raleigh Restaurants is best described as Scandinavian with a southern twist! Of course, they do have an incredible burger and sandwich menu, but they also urge customers to “tap into their inner-Viking” with entries such as pork tenderloin, pub steak, and cedar plank salmon. A few Norse craft brews, cider, mead, or a variety of Valhalla cocktails are sure to help you bring out the Viking, too.

Bearded Bee Brewing, 20 East Campen Street, Wendell 

The last of our Best New Raleigh Restaurants we will cover in this post is the Bearded Bee Brewing Company. Another town “on the rise” in Eastern NC, Wendell is the neighboring town to your new hometown, Knightdale. The name is more than just catchy at this brewery though, as brewing Bee owners support honeybees and local beekeepers. While the “restaurant” portion of this entrant is its revolving door of food trucks, the beauty of this restored, classic building in downtown Wendell is something to be seen. Add in a few seasons or a nice IPA and you have a recipe for success for a long time to come.

Up Next: Into the Big City!!!

So, we have our first four Best New Raleigh Restaurants for 2020 in the books. None of the four listed actually have a Raleigh address, but in our follow up, “part two” post, that will all change. Regardless, as we showed in this post, there are plenty of “area” establishments that opened their doors this past year. Likewise, despite of all obstacles before them, each of these restaurants rose above and beyond in their “rookie” season. We honestly can’t wait to see where they go as they get in a year.

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There are many benefits to moving to your new home in Knightdale and more specifically the Raleigh area. Your family decisions to call Knightdale Station your new home. In doing so, you get the great small town community perks of Knightdale. But as a bonus, you also have very close access to the many great amenities of Raleigh. None of these may be more important than the Raleigh Area Healthcare options. With the city hosting several of the best hospitals in the U.S…Rest assured good medical help is near by.

While the Raleigh Area Healthcare hospitals are too numerous to list all, the few that we do cover in detail are recognized nationwide in several areas. Likewise, each hospital has various areas they specialize in. This makes for a better probability that no matter the ailment or whatever comes your way, the great array Raleigh Area Healthcare facilities will have you covered.

The Top Raleigh Area Healthcare Facilities: U.S. News and World Report Ranks Best Hospitals in Raleigh/Durham 

As we have in prior posts, we refer to the U.S. News and World Report and their annual rankings and in-depth analysis as the main source for our look at Raleigh Area Healthcare. Evaluating both each hospital’s specialty areas as well as individual procedures and conditions, U.S. News and World Report is one of the most respected names in this type of research. That being said, on to our first Raleigh Area Healthcare Facility on the list.

1) Duke University Hospital – Durham

The number one ranked North Carolina hospital by U.S. News and World Report is Duke University. Duke ranks in 20 separate specialty area are in the Top 50 nationally for their excellence in Raleigh Area Healthcare. Originally opened in 1930, Duke has set new standards not just in Raleigh Area Healthcare, but on a worldwide platform. The facility has broken new ground in areas such as weight loss, cancer, cardiology, and orthopedics just to name a few. Duke University Hospital is only 41 minutes (40 miles) from Knightdale Station. It is in Durham, at 2301 Erwin Road.

In addition to US News and World Report naming them as the number one hospital in “Raleigh/Durham,” Duke is also number one for the entire state of NC.

2) University of North Carolina (UNC) Hospitals- Chapel Hill

Now, how many regions, especially surrounding one city, can boast two groups of hospitals that both are among the nation’s best. Well, Raleigh Area Healthcare is that good, because the UNC Hospitals at Chapel Hill is ranked second behind Duke. However, just like Duke, the UNC hospitals rank nationally in 10 different specialties according to U.S. News and World Report. They are long known as an innovator in pediatric medicine. The UNC hospitals are the Raleigh Area Healthcare specialists that often set the standards for children’s health care nationwide. The UNC Hospitals, at 101 Manning Drive in Chapel Hill are only 47 minutes (41.2 miles) from your new home at Knightdale Station.

Just as we note above with Duke, UNC was not only ranks #2 for the local area. The UNC Hospitals are also the number two hospital in the entire state.

3) UNC Rex Hospital- Raleigh

The number three entrant for Raleigh Area Healthcare facilities is also ranks statewide as the fifth top hospital according to the US News and World Report rankings. This a more general medical and surgical facility than the previous two we have above. UNC Rex receives a very high ranking for procedures and surgeries related to cancer, heart and cardiological conditions, orthopedics, pulmonary/lung issues, and others. 

UNC Rex Hospital is only 26 minutes (18.7 miles) from Knightdale Station, at 4420 Lake Boone Trail in Raleigh.

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Since settling into your new home in Knightdale at the Knightdale Station new home community, you have seen and been told of your share of local traditions. Of all the seasons and all the holidays though, there may be none with as many traditions for NC residents as at the current time of year, surrounding Christmas. Thus, in this post, we will look at several unique, and what some may say are wacky North Carolina Holiday Traditions.

Now, don’t get us wrong, the many traditions and dedication to upholding them are one of the many endearing things and qualities of North Carolinians. Consequently, when we say “unique” or “wacky,” we mean that in a very positive way. Sure, everyone outs up a tree and hangs a wreath each year for Christmas and if that’s the extent of your traditions, that is fine. But, for many across the “Tar Heel State,” some or all of our North Carolina Holiday Traditions are a huge part of making a special time of year even more personal and special.

North Carolina Holiday Traditions: The Events We Must Attend

Once again, lets quickly preface the Christmas rituals that are to follow. Many, if not all of these activities and items are also enjoyed in many places outside of NC. However, in NC, when the calendar passes Thanksgiving, we see weeks that lead up to Christmas. This is when the North Carolina Holiday Traditions featured below take on a serious role in the holidays.

Driving the Whole Family Around Neighborhoods to Look at the Lights…or the Entire Town?!?

You know you did it, and you know you always wanted to do it. What, you may ask? Well, it’s simple, whether waiting for your father to get home from work and trying to talk him into it or actually having plans to visit a specific “known” lights display,” Christmas lights are a huge part of North Carolina Holiday Traditions. As were noted in our last blog post, there are actually many great holiday light displays set up annually just for the purpose of a “drive-thru” type display. Regardless if its drive-thru, driving by, or on foot, going to view colorful and creative light displays throughout the holiday season is an annual guarantee.

As if it couldn’t get any bigger a North Carolina Holiday Traditions than browsing through the amazingly lit neighborhoods and soaking in the twinkling lights. It can. You see, another North Carolina Holiday Tradition goes just a step beyond going through a neighborhood or two to see the lights. This tradition is a visit to what is known as “Christmas Town, USA.” Yes, that is a real town. Known most of the year as McAdenville, this place literally transforms into the perfect “winter wonderland.” What once seemed to be a bit of a secret has slowly become an annual destination for those big on the North Carolina Holiday Traditions. From the looks of the glistening lights and the faint sounds of carols, it seems they thrive in being just that.

Strange Traditions Brought in from Elsewhere

Now just because it has been adopted among North Carolina Holiday Traditions, doesn’t mean it necessarily started there. This would be the case with our next two North Carolina Holiday Traditions. Neither originated here in the U.S., however, both have certainly been adopted and enjoyed come holiday time in NC.

Moravian Cookies

They’ve grown to become a major part of North Carolina Holiday Traditions. No, they aren’t the freshest or right out of the oven. It seems whether you like them or not, once you’ve had a taste of these crispy wafers in a variety of flavors, they are just good enough to be really hard to put down. Now, Moravian Cookies are not the only part of Moravian culture tied in with the Christmas season. However, given that it’s Christmas time, its undeniable that these cookies are North Carolina Holiday Traditions. Thus, why not give them a try? They could be a treat or they could be a gift. Regardless, the one thing they surely are is one of our wacky, North Carolina Holiday Traditions.


Once again, I’m fairly certain that when the name of the colorful and blinking lights that NC residents have been slathering all over is Spanish for a fleet, as in a fleet of ships. However, in modern times here in NC, especially around Christmas, you can drop the term flotilla, and everyone has a vision of the lighted and decorated, awesome boats that could lead to them becoming a tradition of your own.

Basically, the decorating of the boats each year is truly amazing. There is even a Wrightsville Beach Holiday Flotilla that kicks off the holiday season with the spectacularly lit boats. So, even though flotilla stems from the Spanish language, once we adapt and are open-minded, the awesome lighting up of the boats and ensuing parade around the water, leaves an impression from the beauty and yet another slightly odd North Carolina Holiday Tradition to in some way uphold.

More North Carolina Holiday Traditions: “We Can Do it by Ourselves”

For our final three North Carolina Holiday Traditions, residents of our state “do it themselves.” Not that these are “selfish acts, per see. But, they are contrary to the many holiday events we share as a community. Likewise each activity here is somewhat of a solo project.

Cutting Down our Own Christmas Tree

Once upon a time, I believe that cutting down one’s own Christmas tree was a holiday tradition everywhere. From the tallest of the pines to that poor, little tree that Charlie Brown and Linus “loved” back to life in the Peanuts annual holiday special, we all cut our own down. Well, somewhere along the way, tradition or not, it appears most people basically got lazy or took the easier and less messy route of an artificial tree.

Not in North Carolina we didn’t. Loading up the family in the car all bundled up. Fully prepared with the correct saw that you will be taking the tree down with. Happily striding over as you’ve found the perfect tree. These are all Christmas memories and traditions that those with a “fake ” tree don’t get to enjoy. Now unlike the earlier referral to some traditions in NC being wacky, this North Carolina Holiday Tradition is one that can’t help reminding me of simpler times and the happiness of the holidays growing up. Ok…where’s my saw…

“Professionally” Built Gingerbread Houses

Yep, you are reading that headline right, and that is really a thing. After the initial surprise wears off, it’s not as though every single person is going “architect” on making amazing gingerbread home neighborhoods. However, some NC natives do. Likewise, for those who have these skills and do compete and consider this among their North Carolina Holiday Traditions, I must admit, they are incredibly impressive work when done.

The most famous display of these incredible homes is by the Grove Park in Asheville. This is where the National Gingerbread House Competition takes place…(yes, that is a thing, too.) The competition is fierce each Christmas season, and winning homes stay on display throughout December. In all honesty, these gingerbread homes are more often than not true works of art. All things considered, call it a “wacky” tradition if you will. But it’s still a pretty cool activity to close out our list of North Carolina Holiday Traditions.

North Carolina Holiday Traditions: You Could be Next!

So, sure these North Carolina Holiday Traditions, may not be the most conventional. Likewise, they may not come from a family that even has any holiday traditions what so ever. But call them quirky if you want. Say they are odd if you’d like to. But don’t knock the North Carolina Holiday Traditions. Just because you don’t practice them, give it some time, who knows, you just might.

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holiday-lights-in-Raleigh-Knighdalel Station

To say that 2020 has been a strange year and deferred in many ways from what we all have grown to consider normal would be a huge understatement. However, in spite of the ups and downs throughout the past months, one thing we are sure you’ve noticed since relocating to your new home in Knightdale is the local outpouring of holiday spirit. Whether looking around your new neighborhood at Knightdale Station or taking a short drive around Raleigh and the surrounding area, the gorgeous sounds, and sights of the season are out in full display. Below we will list for you several places for you and the whole family to enjoy Holiday Lights in Raleigh and the surrounding area, to help you all start feeling and sharing in the Christmas cheer.

Several of the Holiday Lights in Raleigh attractions are located directly in the city. There are a few, however, of the surrounding smaller towns that also “get into the spirit” and also feature a spectacular array of lights and holiday decor for your viewing pleasure, too. 

Holiday Lights in Raleigh: The Lights are Pretty in the Capital City

Raleigh and its surrounding area, as we are sure you’ve come to notice takes its community spirit and their holidays pretty seriously. Thus, with your move to Knightdale, you are right in the middle of that community, and especially come Christmas time, that spirit of the season is easy to catch. All of the Holiday Lights in Raleigh events listed here are within 15 miles or 25 minutes of your front doorstep at Knightdale Station. Thus, you and your entire family are in a prime location for all of the magic of the holiday season any night that you choose.

The following Holiday Lights in Raleigh displays, and events are located within Raleigh city limits.

The Lights of North Hills, 4160 Main Street, Raleigh

This is actually the debut season for this first entry among our Holiday Lights in Raleigh events. Called, The Lights of North Hills. this is a spectacular 30-minute outdoor light show. The event begins at 6:00 p.m. on Main Street in the North Hills district of Raleigh. It will run every half hour until 10:00 p.m. In addition to the amazing holiday display, you can also get out early and shop at some of the most unique shops and retail stores, around. There are nearly 100 retail stores in the North Hills neighborhood. This will make it easy to shop and choose while avoiding those those last-minute gifts. 

NOTE: The Lights of North Hills will ONLY be running two more nights, Thursday, December 10 and Friday, December 11, so if you have one show to pick this weekend, this is one you don’t want to miss!

Drive Time/Distance from Knightdale Station: 18 minutes, 11.5 miles

Downtown Raleigh Illuminate Art Walk, 21 West Hargett Street, Raleigh

Probably the most unique of our Holiday Lights in Raleigh spectaculars is the Downtown Illuminate Art Walk. This “trail” is best to set out upon with a group of friends or family and starts at 21 West Hargett Street downtown. What makes the “walk” unique, is you follow the map to and from 18 different downtown Raleigh locations. At each stop, some type of “light-based” art is featured in different downtown storefronts. The walk is not too far for any age to endure, and truly embodies the community spirit and holiday spirit in one great event. The Illuminate Art Walk is viewable any time after dark and will be displayed at all locations every night until January 8.

Drive Time/Distance from Knightdale Station: 21 minutes, 10.8 miles

Nights of Lights at Dorothea Dix Park, 2105 Umstead Drive, Raleigh 

This incredible show is destined to become one of the true highlights and traditions of the Christmas season. This Holiday Lights in Raleigh event will debut on December 16 and run through New Year’s Eve. This is a “drive-thru” set up for “Nights of Lights.”Hence, you drive the 1.3-mile route through the open fields, rolling hills, and towering oaks. All the while, along that path, are illuminated trees, beautiful light displays, and local art installations. Behind all this is iconic Raleigh skyline as a backdrop through the trees. This Holiday Lights in Raleigh event is one that tickets must be purchased for and it is just $15 per vehicle, with 8 passengers allowed in each.

Drive Time/Distance from Knightdale Station: 21 minutes, 15.3 miles

Fieldstream Farm Festival of Lights, 8008 Old Stage Road, Raleigh

This is unquestionably the “biggest” of our annual Holiday Lights in Raleigh events. This wonderful display features the 500-footlong, breathtaking “Tunnel of Lights.” This makes it one of the longest holiday light tunnels in the world. In addition, other “lit” displays include a 20-foot-tall Santa Claus riding his bicycle. That’s not all though for good ol’ St. Nick at the Fieldstream Farm. On the contrary, there is an enormous 40 foot-tall Santa greeting you with a wave and a hello, too. These few displays are honestly not even a fraction of the whole show you will see, but this drive-thru experience is one you truly should take advantage of. Like the Nights of Knights above, this is a “pay to enter” event. It costs $20 per car, and you can have eight passengers per vehicle. This Holiday Lights in Raleigh event will run until December 31.                                       

Drive Time/Distance from Knightdale Station: 23 minutes, 15.3 miles

Holiday Lights in Raleigh: A Couple Surrounding Towns Get in on the Fun

Just because Raleigh is the “capital city,” doesn’t mean that some of its smaller surrounding towns don’t have awesome Holiday Lightsin Raleigh. In fact, our last two additions to the events listings are the closest of any to your new home at Knightdale Station. Both are neighboring towns of Knightdale, so for our final two destinations, we bring you the Christmas spirit (in lights) direct from Wendell and Wake Forest.

Lake Myra Christmas Lights, 10 Cypress Street, Wendell 

Just about anyone in Knightdale is familiar with our neighboring town of Wendell. This display may be held in a “smaller town.” However, this is one of the largest holiday light displays on the entire East Coast. This Holiday Lights in Raleigh special event is entering its twenty-second year . Amazingly, its still spreading the seasonal cheer and is one of the favorite, family-friendly holiday attractions around. This is also a “drive-thru” type event. Take a cruise through and marvel at the dancing and glowing 400,000-plus lights at this event. The lights how itself, choreographed by local legend, Don Williams is animated to sync up with all of your favorite holiday tunes. This event is also nightly and runs until December 31.

Drive Time/Distance from Knightdale Station: 10 minutes, 6.6 miles

Piper Lights, 725 Fixit Shop Road, Wake Forest 

Now, to our neighbors bordering the other side of Knightdale in Wake Forest. This next Holiday Lights in Raleigh event has been an area tradition for over three decades. This seven-acre light display connects yards together. It even jumps across a pond. Piper Lights has earned national recognition, too. This was in 2016 as winners in ABC television’s “Great Christmas Light Fight.” This all family-run event is also nightly and runs until January 1.

Drive Time/Distance from Knightdale Station: 10 minutes, 6.7 miles

Holiday Lights in Raleigh are Keeping Traditions Alive at a Point When We All Need it Most

As we noted at the top of the page, this has been a pretty strange and unfamiliar year for most. This seems to make the holiday season and the usual cheer that surrounds it even more special this Christmas. Most of these shows are running for a few more weeks. Since you are so close at Knightdale Station, you and the family can with a little planning hit basically every one of these shows.

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You have taken your time on this long and detailed search for where you and your loved ones were going to call home. Repeatedly as you did your research, one city and area continued to show up as the ideal. You are not alone in “discovering” the state capital of North Carolina and its surrounding Triangle area. As a matter of fact, by choosing a new home in Knightdale, you and your family are right in the middle of this popular family location. With your new house in the Knightdale Station new home community, you are only about 10 minutes from downtown Raleigh. Now, in this post, we will take a closer look at exactly why there are so many Families Moving to Raleigh NC?

Easy access to the beaches and mountains of NC from a centralized location? Sure, that’s a selling a point. Great schools and good home pricing? Those are both great reasons too. Large areas of green space, trails, and tons of outdoor recreation? These are all solid reasons. However, below you will see listed five reasons that are not only responsible for Families Moving to Raleigh NC, but they are fairly unique to the city as well.

Five Reasons Behind Families Moving to Raleigh NC

1)Raleigh Area is Unmatched for Great Healthcare

You have to admit this one is important and is something weighed in on by Families Moving to NC. The Raleigh “Triangle” area is an international epicenter for health care and research. They have staff and specialists at WakeMed, Duke University Medical, and University of NC hospitals respected and renowned worldwide. 

The hospitals mentioned rank among some of the best the U.S. has to offer and are regularly mentioned among the top medical facilities in the nation.

2) Families Moving to Raleigh NC for the Plentiful Job Market

There is the chance that with Families Moving to Raleigh NC everyone involved already has their employment lined up. However, in many other cases, one parent may have been moved for their company and a spouse will be looking for work. Regardless of the situation, the Raleigh area ranks nationally as one of the top places to start a business or find a job. 

The largest industries in the Raleigh area include education and health care, and the high -tech companies are also abundant too. Many career opportunities await in a vast array of fields of work. Also, if you are getting on the path to a new career, you are not alone among Families Moving to Raleigh NC, as you will see in our next entry.

3) Great Higher Education Options and Several of Nation’s Top Colleges Are in the Raleigh Area

As we mentioned above, Families Moving to Raleigh NC not only have a rich and bustling job market. They also have several of the finest colleges in the country either within minutes of Raleigh. Choices of study for you or your children are nearly endless with North Carolina State in Raleigh excelling in engineering, agriculture, and biology. Duke University in neighboring Durham is known for its school of medicine. Likewise, UNC-Chapel Hill offers business, government, law, and public health. With nearly 20 colleges, universities, or two-year schools in Raleigh, it makes for the highest concentration of Ph.D.’s in one area in the entire U.S.

4) “Hungry” Families Moving to Raleigh NC Will be Excited by the Fantastic Dining Options

You name the type of restaurant of food you are feeling like and there will be no disappointment in Raleigh. The city has some of the best dining options anywhere in the country. You can get any food you like, boasting all menu types, from straight Carolina BBQ to vegetarian and vegan fare. It could take Families Moving to Raleigh NC a literal lifetime to sample and try all of the incredible culinary choices in Raleigh…but hey you’re moving here right? Why not give it a try?

5) Play Ball! and Hockey…and Football…Basketball, Just About Everything, Actually!

The Raleigh area is central to some of the greatest sports action in the country, too. Given the aforementioned colleges, there are great rivalries both in basketball and football played at the college level. If Families Moving to Raleigh NC are hockey fans, they have again come to the. right place. The Carolina Hurricanes, National Hockey League franchise actually calls Raleigh its home. Several minor league baseball teams from Class A through Triple-A play in the Raleigh/Triangle area as well. Likewise, there are several pro soccer options for Families Moving to Raleigh NC also.

By making the choice to be in the Raleigh area, you can’t get closer than Knightdale Station. You are 10 minutes from downtown Raleigh at Knightdale Station. However, Families Moving to Raleigh NC  also get the small-town charm synonymous with the area. 

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