There are not many residents at the Knightdale Station new home community that don’t look forward to Summer. For that matter, nearly anyone residing across the state of North Carolina enjoys the warm and sunny weather of the season. Under normal circumstances the options for “what to do” in Knightdale and across NC on a summer’s day are plentiful. However, we all can agree that the Summer of 2020 has seen anything but “normal circumstances.” These circumstances are obviously due to the continued threat of the coronavirus across both the U.S. and the world as a whole. Thus, in this post, we will look at options in Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID that you can still enjoy without worry.

Sure, many of us have for sure had our patience tested with all the regulations and restrictions put in place during this time. Opinions certainly vary on the severity of what exactly is going on as well. This post will discuss why outdoor activities should be a part of you and your family’s schedule. Likewise, we will look at which Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID are available right here in your new hometown of Knightdale.

Many Safe Outdoor Activities are Nearby Knightdale Station.

The items from the paragraph above are pretty common knowledge through the current situation. However, there are still many Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID that you can enjoy. Likewise, luckily for you, the choice was made to live in Knightdale. Thus, your new residence at Knightdale Station puts you in close proximity to countless outdoor, fun, family activities.

What Would be Considered Low-Risk Activities and Ways for Me to Move?

When you are thinking Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID, always remember the basic guidelines. Doing this will often lead you to the safest and lowest risk things to do. We all have been made well aware of the social distancing and six feet of separation. These are very easy regulations to follow given the vast amount of greenspace, parks, trails, and other options here in Knightdale.

Thus, whether in your neighborhood, at a park, or wherever, just keep that in mind. Several of the most popular ways to get around in summer can still be done even with social distancing. Many, you already were a good distance from other, actually. For example, each of the following are Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID.

  • Walking, running and hiking
  • Rollerblading and biking
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Golfing
  • Kayaking, boating and sailing
  • Fitness classes, held outside, that allow distance

Those are all activities that from a “distance” will get you “up and moving.” Below, are actual social activities that are pretty low risk if done responsibly.

Safe Outdoor Activities during COVID

Picnics- Whether you order take out or make and pack food from home this is an easy one to stay safe. Set out blankets, head to your favorite park, get your space and soak in the day.

Drive-In Movies-This concept may take on forms other than movies as the pandemic continues. Very easy to keep your distance, and on top of the safety factor, a cool, throwback to when drive-ins were all the rage to see a movie at.

Farmers Markets- Given the booths and close proximity to vendors in this setting, a mask would be advisable. However, this is another great “normal” summer activity that with the simple addition of a mask makes it even safer.

House Party or Gatherings with Friends- Keep the handshakes and “hugs” to a minimum and give each other your 6 feet. Plan out some fun games or activities that you can play from a distance. Friends are another thing a lot of people miss during this pandemic. Never underestimate the power of a conversation with a true friend. It can lift the spirits and even help in the most difficult of times. Just remember to keep that 6-foot distance!

Many of these great summer activities can be enjoyed right here on site at Knightdale Station. Between the activities scheduled at Knightdale Station park and all the green space to enjoy on your own the possibilities await. For more information on the parks, and more a Knightdale Station, visit

Photo Credit: Town of Knightdale


With ten previous entries spanning two posts, we now arrive at our “final four” 2020 Bathroom Trends. Fittingly, we see in these last choices some trends returning to fashion, while some are more futuristic in nature.

Much as with the first two posts in our 2020 Bathroom Trends series, here we get an updated look at some things that once were popular but had seen their demand wane. Well, as they say, “what is old can be new again,” and this list certainly is proof of that. Thus, without further ado, here are the remaining four entries of our 2020 Bathroom Trends.

When it Comes to Style, Let’s Talk “Industrial Style”

Gold and brass hardware and fixtures have been making a comeback.

So admittedly, this is one of our 2020 Bathroom Trends that may not be for everybody. However, the popularity of industrial style sinks and vanities has seen enough of an upswing recently among those building and remodeling to warrant its inclusion.

For one, the industrial style sink and vanities allow for many finish and accent possibilities. Thus, with this included in your new-look bathroom, whether your preference is metal, wood, or tile, this is for sure a popular way to make a “bathroom statement!”

A “Golden” Comeback in 2020 Bathroom Trends

“Don’t call it a comeback,” is a popular lyric repeated over the years, however in this case, let’s call it just that. Gold fixtures have made a return in 2020 Bathroom Trends and from the looks of things, there is no slowing down the gold and brass shades we are seeing for the immediate future at least. 

Gold and brass seem to be on everything in the bathroom recently. Sinks, Toilets, and almost any fixtures can be found sporting that shiny classic tone. In actuality, if you look at it from a sense of accenting or blending the room, there is not much that can’t pair, color-wise with this traditional metallic look. So, lets “call this a comeback,” and hope gold and brass are here to stay.

Your New Bathroom Goes Back…to the Future!

Ok, maybe not literally, but you get the point! Our bathrooms in 2020, and all rooms across the house have moved in a “high-tech” direction. The luxury of using technology to improve the bathroom experience is making for a more luxurious bathroom altogether.

So, what exactly are these high-tech features, you ask? Well, there are several that we will list below for you so you can more easily see some of technology’s influence on our 2020 Bathroom Trends listing.

Listed are some of the more popular bathroom trends that are technology influenced.

  • Smart Toilets- with features such as seat warmers, automatic lid openers, deodorizers, and more.
  • Smart Showers- set temperature, timer, and have your shower start automatically whenever need it to
  • Blue Tooth Speaker Systems- why not rock out to your favorite tunes or set a more soothing atmosphere if you prefer?
  • Voice Activated Features- taking the phrase “just say the word” to whole new extreme!
  • Automatic Sinks- Motion activation makes for a more sanitary experience, not to mention convenience.
  • Mini-Fridge- with everything else listed here, who knows, you may get hungry or thirsty in your new bathroom.

The Bathroom Color of Choice in 2020 is also Back…in Black!

As we alluded to in part two of our three-part series, Gray has seen a decline and is no longer the “go to” shade in the bathroom. However, first, we spoke of accents or colors that “pop” being used to brighten things up. But, the most popular color or shade in our 2020 Bathroom Trends is black.

Darker tones in the bathroom has been a trend on the rise for some time now, in actuality. The rise in popularity of black has been spread out from light fixtures, vanities, mirrors, matte finishes, and just about anything else you could list. So, when it comes to building or remodeling in 2020, don’t be “afraid of the dark,” and by all means feel free to go “back in black.”

For more information on these four trends and all of the others discussed in our three-part series, click here. For more information on the Knightdale Station new home community, visit


After detailing our first five 2020 New Bathroom Trends in our last post, we can take away several observations. Moving along in this, the second of three posts on this years’ popular trends these things seem to remain constant with choices made regarding bathroom decor and features. 

For one, it appears that a “plain” color or white as the main color is no longer popular among New Bathroom Trends. Likewise, space has become a major “want” among those building new or remodeling a bathroom. This extra storage feature can be achieved in many ways. We will see more of both of these as we dive headfirst back into our 2020 New Bathroom Trends below.

“Don’t Make us Blush,” Pink Shaded Abound in New Bathroom Trends

Pink has made a big surge among new trends in the bathroom in 2020.

As briefly touched on above, color in either large or tasteful splashes seems to be overtaking the more plain bathroom walls of the past. One such color in 2020 gaining popularity among New Bathroom Trends in some shade is pink.

Whether people are looking for a “pop” or a full wall color, several shades of pink are prominent among New bathroom Trends. Blush is actually one of the top bathroom colors overall in 2020. Likewise, the “rose gold” that gains popularity as an iPhone color is making its way to the bathroom. Faucets, hardware, and even bathtubs are seeing this shade grow in volume. The expectation is that both shades of pink will continue to see an increase throughout the year.

Sticking with Colors that Just Seem to “Pop!”

We continue with our 2020 New Bathroom Trends and we continue to move away from the plain whites and even from tones of gray. But, in a case we are seeing these as a base color, they are mainly with a “pop.” This includes colors that many look to in “setting a mood,” and they, like pink before them, at least for the time being appear to be here to stay.

Our colors that “pop” the bathroom mainly appear to be greens and blues. As we just mentioned, these colors are known to set a specific mood. So, when looking for New Bathroom Trends to increase relaxation levels, it is a blue that is seeing an increase. Consequently, green has the effect of bringing out a sense of nature or wellness. Other colors obviously affect those building or remodeling a bathroom as well. Again the main constant here is color and feel free to “pop” your restroom as you see fit.

“I’m Thinking of New Bathroom Trends…Please Give me Some ‘Space’…”

In the opening paragraphs of this our second of three posts on New Bathroom Trends, we discussed a pair of popular additions. Color, which we have been explaining to this point, and the second trend, “space.”

I think all can agree that nothing good comes from an overcrowded, messy cabinet area of the bathroom. Thus, our next option among New bathroom Trends is the inclusion of compact storage space. Open areas, cabinets, shelves, or whatever is your preference. Having this type of space helps keep down on clutter, and the less clutter the lower the stress level in many cases.

“Is That an Accent? Why, Yes, Yes it Is…”

Ok, we got through “color,” and we moved past “space,” so where does that leave us with our New Bathroom Trends for 2020? Well, not so fast, as we move on to the return of wood accents in your bathroom.

We had said earlier that gray is certainly on the decrease when it comes to the bathroom and actually the home as a whole. So, this trend coupled with the “plain” colors opens the door for the next of our New Bathroom Trends, wood accents. Getting back to the term “pop,” various shades and types of wood can provide that “pop,” with your blues and greens, and the like coloring your bathroom. Plus, this provides not only the “pop,” but also a classic and traditional look only achievable with the addition of wood.

New Bathroom Trends Seeing all Types of Tile Patterns and Shapes

Our final entry among our second New Bathroom Trends post will have us looking at patterns and shapes. More specifically, we revisit an old bathroom favorite, tile.

A resurgence has been reported among our 2020 New Bathroom Trends, and that return is by tile. These, however, aren’t your “grandma’s tiles,” on the contrary, we are looking at new designs, patterns, colors, and textures. Likewise, these tiles are not unique to just a floor, as backsplashes, shower walls and even ceilings are helping make tile make our New Bathroom Trends list.

Next We Go Industrial, Vintage, Dark, and Into the Future with New Bathroom Trends

In our next and final of three post on New Bathroom Trends, we will look at the final four popular choices we are seeing in the bathroom for 2020. Just as with ve tlised here and prior to this, these trends focus on the usage of different colors and shades and of course technology. 

To see more on these New Bathroom Trends and those listed ion our previous post, follow this link. To read more on the first master-planned community in town, Knightdale Station, visit


In this series of posts, we will focus on one room in the house that truly screams out “You,” the bathroom. It is certainly no new trend to put a personal touch on a bathroom. As a matter of fact, in recent years, this is possibly the room on a new home or through remodeling that is given the most personality. Not to leave you out on what is current, in this three-part series, we take a look at the most popular 2020 Bathroom Design Trends.

Whether, you are in the process of building a new home at the Knightdale Station new home community or looking to remodel, these 2020 Bathroom Design Trends are all worth your attention. Even if your heart is set on your own plan, there is almost for sure an idea or two here that could add to your perfect room.

A Blast from the Past: Wallpaper Has Returned in a Big Way

Yes, you are reading that right…and we must ask if you were not aware of the “return of wallpaper,” where have you been? This first of our 2020 Bathroom Design Trends is not exactly the wallpapering that you remember, however. 

Many are opting to use the bathroom as the spot to “brighten up” with wallpaper. This is because this entrant in our 2020 Bathroom Design Trends list has been one of bold and colorful patterns. Wallpaper in 2020 is easier to install with many types available in “peel and stick” form with no glue needed. So, feel free to let your bright ideas flow freely in the bathroom with your wallpaper selections.

“Bulk Be Gone, ” Float into the Next Choice Among 2020 Bathroom Design Trends

We all know what it looks like. The thickness and bulk of bathroom vanities can for sure interrupt the flow of your room. Well, with the next suggestion of our 2020 Bathroom Design Trends, you can get back that flow and to do so, make those vanities “float.”

Yes, floating bathroom vanities have been a well-known and utilized part of contemporary bathroom design. However, with the ability to visually take away that “bulkiness” and with plenty of other storage options, the sleek look of floating bathroom vanities is one of our 2020 Bathroom Design Trends that can “float” your bathroom to the next level.

“Warm Up” to Our 2020 Bathroom Design Trends

Some people are just warm by nature. Others, though, are the type to wear big fuzzy slippers and wrap in a blanket in a moment’s notice. If you fit among the latter of those two, you will be interested in this next entry on our 2020 Bathroom Trends list.

We all know that early morning, cold bathroom floor feeling. Whether you have tile, concrete, vinyl, or whatever, you know it can get cold. However, next among our trends is “underfloor heating systems.” As technology has become more and more a “thing” in design trends, this is one that has taken off. In addition to a toasty warm bathroom, these type systems also help reduce noise levels and eliminate air currents which can spread dust.

Mirror, Mirror…Wait, That Mirror Does What?!?!

Moving along in our part one of three posts devoted to 2020 Bathroom Design Trends and we once again take a look “in the mirror.” Unlike the above “floating” suggestion, here we visit asymmetrical and advanced mirrors to “smarten” up the room.

By “smartening” up the mirrors, you can basically let your creativity and imagination run wild. Lighting, anti-fog features, smart touch, or USB charging availability are just a few of the options with this listing on our 2020 Bathroom Design Trends. Likewise, unique shapes and sized mirrors can also add some life to your bathroom.

Big, Open, and Comfy Make the 2020 Bathroom Design Trends List

The fifth and final entrant in “part one” of our series on 2020 Bathroom Design Trends is all about the showers and tubs. As you probably know, the sizes of bathrooms on average continue to grow, giving you more space. What better to fill that space than bigger bathtubs or more open showers?

Plainly put, the bigger the bathtub, the more relaxation area for you. Where better to kick back and relax, than your nice, new bathtub. Likewise, larger and open shower areas, while they may lack in privacy, make for a more spacious and convenient bathroom overall.

Up Next: Colors, Textures, and Space

In the follow-up post to this, we will look at five more popular 2020 Bathroom Design Trends that you may want to give consideration. As we said above, these suggestions may be ones you want to use in a remodel attempt. Consequently, you may also find you’d like to implement these ideas during the building of your new home. Regardless, we will continue with this series in hopes to help you arrive at your dream bathroom. 

If you want to see more on these 2020 Bathroom Design Trends, follow this link. For more on the homes currently available in the Knightdale Station new home community, visit


In realizing that so much has changed in our everyday lives since the arrival of the COVID-19 virus, we realize that normal is no longer normal. But, with some hard work and dedication to the youth and our community, and some cooperation we can bring you as normal as possible. Thus, although we have some new protocol to follow CDC guidelines, the YMCA Knightdale Station Summer Camps will still go on as usual. 

Many children fondly anticipate the end of a school year and the upcoming YMCA Knightdale Station Summer Camps that follow. With the pandemic forcing homeschooling, the anticipation of the children has to be at an all-time high this summer. But with uncertainty in the air, there also must have been doubting about any camps taking place. Once again, however, the YMCA at Knightdale Station Summer Camps are taking place and all the details, new and old are right here below.

The “Y” is in the Knightdale Station new home community at 494 Knightdale Station Run. They are offering two camps this Summer and they are as follows:

  • Camp Blazing Trails (Through August 7)
  • Camp Knightdale (Through August 14) 

Procedures and Protocol Changes for 2020 YMCA Knightdale Station Summer Camps under CDC and Local Directives

All necessary safety precautions will be taken to ensure a healthy and fun week of YMCA summer camp.

Anyone familiar with YMCA Knightdale Station Summer Camps knows that once our days begin, we form groups referred to at camp as “huddles.” Now with the recent pandemic and more specifically social distancing guidelines, there are changes to be compliant in these areas. Thus, below are the new guidelines in place regarding the “huddles” at YMCA Knightdale Station Summer Camps.

  • YMCA Knightdale Station Summer Camps will operate with a 10 to 1 staff to child ratio
  • Two huddles (or a maximum of 25 total people) can gather in the same room as long as you main Tain social distancing requirements. (These are the standard 6 feet apart guidelines.)
  • Huddles can only interact with their assigned “partner” huddle. This does not mean one individual; it means that one “huddle” or group is with another “huddle or group. Anyone in these two entities can interact, but only with people inside if the assigned huddles.
  • Campers must stay with their assigned huddles and with their counselor and rotate to activities.

Modifications to Summer Camp Activities

Obviously, there are other changes with the YMCA Knightdale Station Summer Camps that will need to be addressed also. However, one thing that will not change is the fun-filled activities and memories created during our time together.  

That being said, there will also be modifications to our activities with respect to social distancing guidelines, too. For the peace of mind of our great parents out there, listed below are the guidelines for our activities:

  • No sharing equipment of any type, between any two people. Also, we have eliminated any large group play.
  • Activities will focus on an individual. The campers will still remain in their huddles with assigned counselors. But, activities with in the groups will have a more individual focus.
  • Campers will be outdoors or in open, well-ventilated areas and will practice social distancing.
  • Our daily assemblies and lunchtimes will respect social distancing guidelines. 
  • Due to state and local guidelines, we are not able to go on field trips or transport campers to pools that are not located on-site at the YMCA Knightdale station Summer Camps.

Creating a Safe and Healthy Environment Every Day at YMCA Knightdale Station

To ease the minds of parents and children alike, there are many basic ways that the YMCA Knightdale Station staff will help provide a healthy environment. Each following rule will be followed by all campers, which will go a long way to all staying safe.

  • Upon arrival, campers will wash their hands. Also, they will wash their hands before and after lunch, before and after going outside and at other times during the day as needed.
  • The YMCA staff will include disinfecting high-touch, high-traffic areas daily.
  • Activity areas will have cleaning done in between group sessions.
  • All campers over the age of 11 are required to wear face masks when they are unable to maintain a 6-foot distance from others. No exceptions.
  • The YMCA will provide a face mask type covering piece, called “fun buffs.” Kids can use these fabric tubular face cover as a mask. These will be handed out to campers on the first day of camp.

For more information on these two camps and any affiliated programs at YMCA Knightdale Station or any area YMCA, visit To see more on the Knightdale Station new home community, visit


For the past several months, we all have had some trying times to face and try to rise above and overcome. Many businesses have had to make hard decisions as to the immediate and long-term futures of their company’s. This holds for food service or beverage distributors two-fold. Certainly, falling within those classifications, our neighbors and friends at the Oak City Brewing Company have tried to implement methods to appease their loyal customers and keep their business afloat during the time of the pandemic. 

Suddenly Everything Changed…

Special cans were created for personal, curbside orders Oak City Brewing Company.

For just a moment think back. It is the second week of this past March. For Oak City Brewing Company, they are preparing for one of the biggest events of their year. St. Patrick’s Day approaches and that weekend was to be the “Shamrock Shuck” event. Then as the worries and uncertainty mounted, they opted to cancel their signature event as the early stages of what would become unchartered territory for not just the owners at Oak City Brewing Company, but for the entire United States as a whole.

Within a week of the Oak City Brewing Company’s in-house decision to cancel their huge event on account of wanting to be sure their customers were safe; government regulations would be issued. As we all are now aware, these regulations almost four months later are in some form being applied to how businesses are being run.

A Look Back at the History of Oak City Brewing Company

Longtime friends, Blake Cone and Matt Keeler often imagined and even discussed one day opening their own brewery. These initial talks, while at the time not over the top serious, would eventually lead to what is now Oak City Brewing Company. As these talks between longtime pals over a few beers became more serious the two began developing a business plan.

As part of their “stepping it up” in regard to making their dream a reality a location was necessary. After carefully going over their options, looking at prospective budgets, and even brewing initially out of their own garages, the pair settled on a location. That location was the beautiful downtown Knightdale spot that the brewery now calls home.

With much dedication and hard work, not to mention a huge level of risk, Cone and Keeler would quit their jobs in early 2015. This was to put all focus on their dream. That focus and dedication paid off in full on January 2, 2016, when the doors were open for business at Oak City Brewing Company.

Oak City Brewing Company Adds to the Traditions of Knightdale

Since their 2016 opening, Oak City Brewing Company has not only taken part in the town of Knightdale’s traditions, but they created several new ones of their own.

Oak City Brewing Company “Shamrock Shuck

As we mention above, the Oak City Brewing Company created an annual St. Patrick’s Day themed event, the “Shamrock Shuck.” Held annually on the nearest weekend to the Irish holiday, this has become a favorite among local residents. Featuring authentic Irish music, food trucks, an oyster roast, and of course beer, the Shamrock Shuck would have seen its fifth annual event this past March if not for the pandemic.

Makers Market” Christmas Shopping Event

Taking full advantage of their great location, adjacent to Knightdale Station Park at 616 North First Avenue, this has become Knightdale holiday tradition. The “Maker’s Market” takes place late each November. It also features the obligatory live music, food trucks, and beer synonymous with Oak City Brewing Company. However, this holiday event truly shows the company’s community spirit. In addition to the items listed above, the Makers Market also brings out 40 local vendors and allows residents to get a jump start on Christmas shopping. Not only do the attendees get a fun day to enjoy shopping, but with all vending coming from the local area, they also support the area business community in doing so.

Oak and Smoke Festival

Yet another great fall-time tradition from Oak City Brewing Company began in 20162. This is the Oak and Smoke Festival, which takes place in October. This is a huge BBQ competition that allows backyard “smokers” and pros alike to have their delicious work sampled and judged. Likewise, this Oak City Brewing Company “fall classic” features live music and their own great brews, too. Food trucks again come out in full force for this event. Likewise, at the Oak and Smoke, though, the company rents tent space to the competitors and attendees, making for a unique atmosphere for the October festival.

Moving Past a Pandemic: What Now for Oak City?

The crew at Oak City has been hard at work since the very beginning of the recent pandemic. They continue to try and appease their public and have since March when restrictions began.

Oak City has kept a constant schedule of food trucks on location. This has been despite their own profits seeing a dip, for the regular customer. The trucks continue their “curbside service” in accordance with the regulations laid out initially on March 17.

Then, finally after much brainstorming, on May 10, the brewery made Oak City brews available once again. Customers were taught to pre-order the brews of their choice online and then pick them up curbside. Each order was made available a business day after the order..

Finally, Oak City was able to re-open in a limited capacity on May 31. With the space to spread tables out they have done all they can to get their product to their customers. Given the down time, your support in ordering from them helps now as much as ever.

To see more information on Oak City Brewing Company, visit To see more on the Knightdale Station new home community, visit


In our second post of this series, we document the climb by the town of Knightdale becoming NC’s Fastest Rising City. Our initial post, from this series, looked at the youth and educational achievements of Knightdale residents as a whole.

(To view that first article, click here)

Moving along, we will look at a few other areas that are “pointing” potential relocation prospects toward Knightdale. Both location and a strong opportunity to earn as high an annual income as possible are major factors as we continue in our explanation of how and why Knightdale has become NC’s Fastest Rising City.

Just How Fast is NC’s Fastest Rising City Making its Climb?

In reaching for data to support Knightdale’s status as NC’s Fastest Rising City, we once again referred to the Town of Knightdale’s’ official “Knightdale Next: 2035 Comprehensive Plan” document.

This document, which is chocked full of statistics, plans, and so much more was utilized to both show the growth which the town is experiencing and give examples as to why it has maintained that steady growth. Likewise, the “Comprehensive Plan” also shows a prospective future resident how much on average a household in Knightdale earns on an annual basis.

The Town of Knightdale has seen a stead flow of young professionals and families come to town on an annual basis.

Median Household Income: How Much is the Average Residence Bringing Home Annually?

One such statistic that certainly would be of interest to anyone planning a major move or relocation involves gaining the knowledge of the type of income that is possible. Looking back at the Median Household Income for Knightdale, the document provided by the town itself shows both a grouping of how much employees do make and which percentage of them makes what.

Median Household Income of Residents in Knightdale as of 2017

The most recent calculations show the annual averages for the calendar year of 2017. Below are the Median Household Income figures for those calling Knightdale home during that time.

  • 25K- 49,999- 27.0 percent
  • 50K- 74,999- 20.4 percent
  • 75K- 99,999- 16.7 percent
  • 100K- 149,999- 16.5 percent

How Many New Faces Make Knightdale NC’s Fastest Growing City?

This past Fall we covered more recent study, which named the town NC’s Fastest Growing City. Likewise, our initial post in this series, noted how accolades such as this can be earned. We also told how in some cases accolades are given out and don’t have facts to back up the “award.” Well, in Knightdale’s case, the numbers DO support the recognition. This was in a Wake Weekly newspaper article reported on its growth just prior to our article from September of 2019.

Before the Wake Weekly statistics given, we look at the numbers from the “Comprehensive Report.” These stats on NC’s Fastest Growing City explain that Knightdale enjoys strong and very consistent population growth in the past several years especially.

The report goes on to show the incredibly fast growth for the town of Knightdale. This sees a more rapid climb for Knightdale than average numbers for county, state, or nationwide. It goes on to detail that the report covers all 553 incorporated municipalities in the state of North Carolina. The results show population in Knightdale grew faster than 98 percent of those polled. This would include an average over the previous five years of 545 new residents coming into NC’s Fastest Growing City annually.

Town of Knightdale’s Population for 2017

  • 15,849 total residents
  • 55.8 percent (8,844 residents) are female
  • 44.2 percent (7,005 residents) are male

The Wake Weekly newspaper article, initially dubbed Knightdale as NC’s Fastest Growing City. In this piece penned by reporter, Shawn Taylor it gave the population figures for Knightdale. However, Taylor’s numbers were for a full year after those above. In his article, he also spoke with longtime town resident and current Mayor, James Roberson, getting his thoughts on the title NC’s Fastest Growing City.

The Wake Weekly piece reports the town’s population spiked another full 10 percent. This put its 2018 total at 17,400 residents. Consequently, in 2017, the Comprehensive Report placed Knightdale near the Top 10 for population growth. Then in 2018, the population jump reported actually positioned Knightdale

In that Wake Weekly article was Mayor Roberson’s analysis of the 2018 population spike. Also, he speaks of where he sees this heading for the future. Of course you know Roberson is town’s top elected official. But, also as a 25-plus year Knightdale resident, Roberson voices his opinion. “I can see Knightdale in the next 15 and 20 years being one of these municipalities of 30,000 or more people.”

Youth, Smarts, Money? What Else Could Knightdale Have to Offer in a Move to Town

In our next post, we will continue to break down the “Knightdale Next: 2035 Comprehensive Plan” document. This will cover another huge drawing card for NC’s Fastest Growing City is its optimal location. The Town of Knightdale has direct routes and access to major cities and landmarks in North Carolina. Also, it gives you convenient access and reasonable commute time to major east coast U.S. cities. Thus, many feel Knightdale is an ideal relocation spot. This and other statistics will be in the final installment of this series.

For more information on all things going on in the town of Knightdale, visit their official website at To see the incredible homes that are available now at the town’s most sought after community, Knightdale Station, visit


What makes a town one that becomes heralded as “on the rise?” What are the factors that make a certain city so desirable that they see more youthful, educated, families want to move there? Well, to take one specific town that fits these type descriptions, you need to look no further than to the residents Living in Knightdale.

In today’s age of digital real estate marketing, we see many municipalities receiving all types of accolades. Yes, those Living in Knightdale are no stranger to their town receiving this type of recognition. However, in these types of rankings or listings, many publications can be swayed by many things ranging from advertising dollars spent to the publication being located near or in an “honored” municipality. As the local resident Living in Knightdale can attest, this is not the case with their hometown. In this two-part series of blog posts, we look at actual numbers and statistics in this very post, you will get a better picture of why Living in Knightdale truly is living in a town on the rise!

A Younger and Smarter Community in Knightdale

The “rankings and accolades” some towns receive, may in the case of some cities be somewhat of a generalization. In what we will be showing is one common and consistent thread to this article, generalizations need not apply when speaking of Living in Knightdale. The actual statistics and numbers support and show factually that the town of Knightdale is one that is overall both younger and more educated than most.

Most of the numbers to be shown in this post can be traced back to the town of Knightdale’s “2035 Comprehensive Plan.” This document, released originally in August of 2018 basically is a collaborative effort to not only provide a look at the current reasoning behind the town flourishing but also to set measures in place to see those Living in Knightdale continue to see growth and positive improvement to the community in all areas heading into the future.

So, what exactly makes a town or city “younger,” you ask? That’s actually pretty easily explained, but if you have never heard the said explanation, it could also be missed. Consequently, the average overall age of residents Living in Knightdale is what makes it younger. Directly below are statistics showing that about 40 percent of those Living in Knightdale are in the 24-49-year-old age bracket.

Average Median Age of Residents of Knightdale

  • 24-49 year olds- 39.9 percent
  • 5-17 year olds- 20.1 percent
  • 50-64 tear oilds- 17.2 percent
  • Over 65 years old- 8.7 percent
  • Ages 8-24- 7.3 percent
  • Younger than 5 Years old– 6.8 percent

The town of Knightdale can lay claim to having a “youthful” outlook on things. Likewise, they have a pretty young overall age demographic. The actual average median age currently in Knightdale 34.2 years old. This is considerably underneath the 36.7-year-old median age across the state of North Carolina, putting those Living in Knightdale on average as two and a half years younger than those across the state.

In addition to spelling out what makes a town “young,” we would be remiss to not explain likewise how a town or city is considered more “educated” or for headline purposes, “smarter” than another. Much like providing the median age, the same Town of Knightdale “comprehensive plan” provides exact statistics to show the overall “Educational Attainment” of those in the Knightdale community.

Educational Attainment of Town of Knightdale Residents

  • 4 Year-Bachelor’s Degree from College- 28.8 percent
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent that Have Attended Some College- 20.3 percent
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent with No College– 19.5 percent
  • Some Type of Graduate Degree on top of their Bachelor’s- 12.5 percent
  • 2 Year-associate degree following Earning a High School Diploma or Equivalent- 9.6 percent
  • Finished Before Grade 9- 4.8 percent
  • Attended High School But Did Not Finish, Thus Finished Between Grades 9-12- 4.4 percent

Aspiring Young Families, Students, and Professionals Choose Living in Knightdale

To summarize, in this post, we looked at the younger demographic and why they are choosing the Wake County town as home.

More than 58 percent of residents are under 40 years old. Likewise, we took a look at the high rate of residents who have considerable educational attainment. In this area, over 90 percent of residents 25 and older earned a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Of those residents, 30 percent of the people Living in Knightdale have an associate degree or have attended some college. More impressive, 41 percent of Knightdale residents in this age range has a bachelor’s degree or higher. To see more on why so many people are choosing Knightdale as home, be sure to see the follow-up post to this one, here in our blog/news section at To view the extensive research and full “Knightdale Next : 2035 Comprehensive Plan” document, visit For information, including currently available homes for sale at Knightdale Station new home community, visit

Prime-BBQ-Knightdale-Knightdale Station

Owner, Chris Prietos first announcement for his Prime Barbecue Knightdale restaurant opening was set for late March. Originally a Texas native, Prieto never could have saw what would lie ahead. However, he has remained patient and focused. Then, once allowed to, he has worked through restrictions and uncertainty caused by the events of the past three months and his delicious hand crafted BBQ style is already a hit among local residents.

A “Slow Open” Yet a “Successful Open” for Prime Barbecue Knightdale

Fast forward a few months, and the original opening for Prime Barbecue Knightdale had switched to April 18. But, with so many obstacles to overcome during the pandemic, the “pit master,” had to again push back opening day. Remaining focused, anticipation finally became reality, as on May 5, Prime Barbecue Knightdale opened for pre-order pickup business. The local response to the long-awaited arrival of Prime was fantastic. Then, on May 23, they began servicing walk up, take-out orders at the 403 Knightdale Station Run location.

“All considered, things have been great,” Owner Chris Prieto explained to us earlier this week. “The whole Knightdale community has been so graceful during all that has been going on.” “Because of how we do what we do, it has been extremely difficult to serve during this time. Their has been some anxious times for me because I have two main items that are essential, customer service and food quality.” He continues to explain. “It is hard with our food to be fast. See, our pre-order service has been successful, but again the people of Knightdale have shown grace, patience, and understanding.”

Chris further explains, “When they arrive for their pre-order they wait here 15 minutes because we do not compromise quality and the food.” Prieto adds, “But the community understands and we are literally selling out of food everyday. We have a very dedicated staff, and I have spent a lifetime barbecuing, and there may be a slight wait, but we will continue delivering the food the way we always do and the way the people like it.”

Despite Invariables Prime Barbecue Knightdale Does Not Compromise Quality

“Our food is all hand crafted, there is no prepackaged stuff like at a fast food place, or something,” Prieto said in the conversation we had earlier this week. “So, for me, in some ways, it has been extremely difficult to start up and serve the customers during this time. It is all the invariables that make it difficult,” he went on explaining. ” The easy part is servicing the people and delivering the quality that we always do. That part is built. in”

Once you’ve had a taste, you will realize that Prime Barbecue Knightdale is not your average barbecue. This can be accredited to the passion and desire of Prieto as he sought not just to open a restaurant, but to ” find the soul of barbecue,” which it seems apparent that he has found.

Dating all the way back to his childhood, Prieto showed an interest in the world of barbecue. Noted at, his passion put him on a “personal quest to perfect the art and science of slow-smoked meats.” Arguably the biggest winner in Prieto’s “personal quest” is the residents of Knightdale, who can now finally taste the “barbecue excellence” in what is undeniably Prieto’s own personal and signature style.

Prime BBQ offers an array of mouth watering meats and sides.

Tough Times? No Problem, PRIME is Still a “Sell Out”

“Like I said, its really just the invariables that have made it tough.” Prieto goes on, “Opening during this time of COVID honestly will have made us stronger. You know, if we can survive through this and just stay true to serving the people and serving the best quality, that’s what we are going to do.”

“We know the prices are higher right now due to demand, but we always give the customer the best prices that we can. He adds, “The market will come back down and when it does s will prices, but our BBQ is hand crafted, hand seasoned, and hand trimmed. We will not compromise our quality and the community understands and has shown grace and support.”

“We are selling 1,000 pounds of meat every weekday and 1,200 on weekends.” Preito explains, “We are doing the quality and food the way the people want and like I mentioned, we are selling out of meat every single day”

Chris Prieto

What’s On the Menu and What are Customers Saying about Prime Barbecue Knightdale?

“Wow, is all I can say,” gushes one reviewer who had a chance to give Prime Barbecue Knightdale a try since its recent opening. ” You haven’t had BBQ until you’ve tried Prime,” the reviewer continued. “These guys are absolute pros with service to match. Food is a cut above; this is NOT your typical BBQ shack.” This satisfied (and assumed to be very full) customer concluded his initial thoughts, urging people to hurry, and “Run, don’t walk,” in concluding his complimentary review.

As far as their menu goes, Prime Barbecue Knightdale is a barbecue lover’s fantasy land. The new restaurant in Knightdale, NC starts off with its “Smoked Meats,’ which sell by the half-pound, to go. The selection of smoked meats includes Beef Brisket, Pork Ribs, Homemade Sausage, Pulled Pork, or Turkey Breast. Each of these choices is available by the half-pound, . Likewise, they can be bought in “Meat Plates.” The “Plates” give you a choice of one, two, or three of these selections. The meat options come with two of Prime’s incredible side dishes as well.

Sandwiches featuring these same meat options available too. Likewise, you can get fresh salads, baked potatoes, and Prime’s unique desserts as well. For those seeking a challenge, Prieto has developed the “Full Nelson.” Named after Chris’ father, Nelson, this monster of a sandwich piles sliced beef rib, pork sausage, pickled onions, and coleslaw high on a fresh roll. “Only one person has ever finished the whole thing,” Prieto bragged to the News and Observer in an article touting the pending opening of the new restaurant in Knightdale NC.

Why Knightdale? A Love for the Community and a Vehicle to Bring National Attention

Prieto has made national TV appearances on shows including “Chopped Grill Masters,” “Man Fire Food,” and “America’s BBQ Pitmasters.” “Fox and Friends,” “BBQ Documentary,” “The Cradle of ‘Cue,” and “700 Club,” have also featured Chris’ BBQ. So an obvious question with such national recognition and respect, Why Knightdale?

“We just love this town,” Chris began in his explanation. I knew the Knightdale community would support us and now, its just a matter of us bringing some national attention to the town.” The owner of Prime Barbecue Knightdale goes on. “Many people, myself and my family included have been choosing smaller town and destinations for vacation spots. They seek things such as our unique, crafted BBQ while also taking in the history and nostalgia of the older towns.”

Prieto goes on to speak of the difference between Knightdale and other possible historic destinations. “There is a difference between visiting this town and other historic places. Many of these older destinations are nostalgic, but with many once you get there it is almost like, ‘we are 100 years old, and we are going to always stay that way’. But with Knightdale, there is the history, but there is also a future. Its has the nostalgia and history, yet it also is modern.” He concludes, “Knightdale has the opportunity for advancement and you can just see people coming here and thinking, ‘wow, I could move my family here.”

Prime Barbecue Knightdale Bringing National Appeal

As noted, on May 25 Prime Barbecue Knightdale began taking walk-up orders at its Knightdale Station Square location. This is the next step in the new restaurant in Knightdale to fully open. Now, they simply wait for business to return to normal across the state. There currently sets a tent under the patio area in front of the restaurant. This is where walk-ups can place their orders. It is worth noting that currently, the restaurant is only accepting card payments.

Since continuing with the “slow open” on May 25, Prime Barbecue Knightdale opens at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday-Saturday. Sound advice tells you to get out to Prime as early as possible. This is because despite opening at 11, they only stay open until that day’s food has sold out.

“Like I said, we fell in love with this town, it’s why we came here,” Prieto says in closing. “We love the people, the leadership, the neighbors, everything about it! The community has been great, it’s now just getting that national recognition here.” He finishes,”We want people nationally to recognize and enjoy the history of Knightdale, too.”

For more information on this new restaurant in Knightdale, NC visit, or call 919-373-8067.

For information on the Knightdale Station new home community, of which Prime BBQ is located adjacent too, visit

New-Homes-in-Knightdale-McKee 10th-Anniversary

The story is one we’ve told a few times. Yet, it remains one worth telling again. Taking a step back in time to 2014, Preston Development Company begins its search for the perfect builder team for Knightdale’s first master-planned community. Preston finally selected just three names from the numerous reputable and talented Raleigh area builders. This community, of course, is Knightdale Station. Comparatively, there was no surprise that one of those three teams selected to build New Homes in Knightdale was McKee Homes.

The skilled builders at Mckee Homes are offering some great incentives until April 30.

In this post, we detail the incredible New Homes in Knightdale that are “move-in-ready” from McKee Homes…at the Station! It is a follow up to our previous blog entry in which we detailed McKee’s 10th Anniversary Incentive.

Despite the current circumstances and restrictions, we are all facing, you can still view model homes at Knightdale Station. You must, however, call to arrange for an appointment at 919-926-5576.

To see our previous blog entry on McKee Homes’ Anniversary Incentive at Knightdale Station, follow the link below.

Knightdale Station- News and Events- “Get “Ready-to-Move-In” with McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion… at the Station”

The gorgeous living area at 717 Twin Star Lane. is both beautiful and roomy

The Potter Craftsman “KS”- 717 Twin Star Lane- $429, 900

The first “move-in-ready” McKee offering among our New Homes in Knightdale is in the Central Station section. This amazing and grand five-bedroom home is listed at just $429, 900. In addition to five bedrooms, this 3,637 square foot plan (which is exclusive to Knightdale Station) also has three and a half bathrooms.

The “Potter Craftsman “KS,” as mentioned was a floor plan developed by McKee Homes specifically for the Knightdale Station neighborhood. Thus, the early stated five bedrooms can become six if you desire, as there is a bonus room perfect for that or most any use you’d wish. This home also boasts a partial back fence, that can be completed upon request. Regardless, with a look at some of the extras and features of this home in the list below, we think all will agree that this is a spectacular home!

Features at 717 Twin Star Lane include:

  • Spectacular 2-Story Foyer with Balcony Overlook
  • All-Quartz Countertops
  • Butler’s Pantry
  • Two Dining Rooms!
  • Spacious and large rooms and layout of the entire home and Wide cased openings
  • Main level/first-floor master suite
  • Huge laundry room and area
  • Pocket Office
  • Covered front and back porch
  • Back Patio area
  • Two-Car Garage

The Biltmore II Craftsman “KS”- 705 Twin Star Lane- $ 397,436

The McKee Homes team at Knightdale Station has been hard at work to deliver beautiful homes

In what you will notice as a trend, this is another of McKee’s New Homes in Knightdale with the letters “KS” at the end of the plan’s name. Like the above home at 717 Twin Star Lane, those letters stand for Knightdale Station and are floor plans exclusively developed for just this community. Concurrently, the Biltmore II Craftsman KS may be slightly smaller than our first home, but still perfectly laid out for entertaining in a four-bedroom, 2.5 bath home. 

This spotlight home among our New Homes in Knightdale is 2,629 square feet and is also in the Central Station section of Knightdale Station. Comparatively once again, you will have the option with this of our New Homes in Knightdale to have three bedrooms upstairs or use one as some type of bonus room. One other comparison we think all will agree with is that this too is an amazing home!

Features at 705 Twin Star Lane include:

  • Main level/first-floor master suite
  • Sunroom off of the master suite
  • Stunning two-story foyer
  • Spacious formal dining room
  • Wide-open family area with large center island
  • Great room opens/flows into the breakfast room
  • Laundry or Mud Room
  • Upstairs Second Family Room
  • Large Central Upstairs Loft
  • Covered back porch

The Nelson II Craftsman “KS”- 604 Gold Coast Drive- $392,227

Shown is the double vanity in the bathroom attached to the “owner/master bedroom suite at 717 Twin Star Lane

The third and final of our spectacular New Homes in Knightdale finds us again in the Central Station neighborhood. Being slightly smaller and having a price just below the first two New Homes in Knightdale we looked at this McKee floor plan is also a “KS” exclusive! With four bedrooms and 2.5 baths, this incredible home is 2,350 square feet and is priced at $392,227.

The “Nelson II Craftsman KS” model, much like each of the New Homes in Knightdale we are looking at, is loaded with great features and extras. In addition to the aforementioned four bedrooms, this house has an unfinished third floor that could be used as another bedroom in the future.

Features at 604 Gold Coast Drive include:

  • Large stone columned front porch
  • Convenient main/first-floor study
  • Formal Dining Room opens into Great Room and Kitchen
  • Granite Countertops
  • Tile Backsplash
  • Center Kitchen Island and Separate Breakfast Room
  • Family Room opens to Back Porch
  • Luxurious Upstairs Master Suite
  • Covered Back Porch

McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Celebration Incentives Available…On These New Homes in Knightdale!

All new Whirlpool kitchen appliances are available through McKees 10th Anniversary incentives.

As if the awesome features and each of these three New Homes in Knightdale are not impressive enough, McKee Homes is “sweetening the deal.” To explain, McKee Homes is currently offering free incentives until April 30, which these homes are eligible for.

The incentives are a “thank you” of sorts to the customers from McKee Homes, as they celebrate their 10th anniversary of being in business. The 10-year Anniversary incentives are:

  • Up to $5,000 towards your closing costs
  • A “Move-In Package” that includes the following brand-new Whirlpool appliances
  • Refrigerator (WRS315SDHM)
  • Washer (WTW4855HW)
  • Dryer (WED4950HW)

You Can Still Come to See These New Homes in Knightdale…Make an Appointment and Come See Them …at the Station

As briefly touched on in the beginning of this post, you can still view model homes at Knightdale Station. You must, however, call to arrange for an appointment at 919-926-5576.

To see more detail on these or any other New Homes in Knightdale at Knightdale Station visit