“The Tar-heel State”

For short, North Carolina, or NC, is situated in a humid subtropical climate zone and is a southeastern state on the Atlantic seacoast. The average summer highs are around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, while the winter lows can dip into the teens or even single digits. Snow can occur in the mountains, but it is not a regular occurrence. Tornadoes are rare, but they have been known to happen a few times each year.

It is located next to South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. It is known for its seacoast, and the sizeable six-mile bridge between NC and SC called the “Myrtle Beach Skyway.” Many tourists go to Myrtle Beach each year for vacation.

North Carolina is known as the “Tar Heel State” because of the large production of tar, pitch, and turpentine from pine trees in the early days. Charlotte is its largest city and was once the site of the Continental Congress; North Carolina was also the 12th state to ratify the US Constitution.

NC is divided into 100 counties governed by municipalities, the largest of which is Charlotte (population 600K). NC also has a total of 100 cities, and many people live in small towns.

NC’s major exports are textiles, wood pulp, chemicals, and tobacco. Its major industries include banking, biomedical technology, and research.

The state bird is a cardinal; the state flower a dogwood. NC has one official state song, “The Old North State,” which also serves as the anthem for the US state of North Carolina.

The state motto is “Esse quam videri” (to be rather than to seem).

Capital City

The capital and largest city of NC is Raleigh.

The Charlotte area is the largest in population, followed by the Piedmont Triad region, including Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point. In total, there are about 10 million people in NC today.

NC is also home to many universities, including:

North Carolina State in Raleigh,

Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem,

Duke University in Durham, NC

UNC-Chapel Hill, in Chapel Hill, NC


North Carolina is known for its history and universities (Duke, North Carolina – Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University), beaches, and southern culture. Many tourists visit NC each year to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking the Appalachian Mountains, Beaches along the Outer Banks, or going on a shopping spree in Charlotte.

The state is primarily known as the largest exporter of textiles, wood pulp, chemicals, and tobacco, among other things. Its major industries consist of banking, biotech research, and various other science-related fields.

North Carolina also has an extensive food industry and is known for hog farming, soybean production, and wineries throughout the state.

NC has 100 counties and 100 cities, each having its elected mayor and governing bodies.

North Carolina is divided into six regions.

Coastal Plains, Inner Piedmont, Outer Piedmont, Sandhills & Southeastern Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, and Research Triangle.


North Carolina has a lot to offer. Visitors can go hiking, surfing, take river trips, ride horses and do so much more while enjoying the beauty of North Carolina’s nature at its finest. You could be comfy in your rented cabin, or you could “rough it” with no everyday conveniences while camping in a tent. You could also catch some local sports action at the ballpark.

North Carolina’s cities are fun to explore, too. From historic buildings and museums to unique festivals and restaurants, North Carolina has so much to offer visitors. You could go shopping in the largest mall in the southeast US or just window shop along Fayetteville Street.

You could ride horses in the open fields of the state’s western horse country, or you could ride a bike through any one of North Carolina’s trails.

There are so many great things about North Carolina to see and do, whether it’s visiting a historic mansion in a significant city or going on a river trip in a national scenic waterway.

A little history on block parties

In America, block parties first emerged as a way for neighbors to socialize during the 1920s and were later used as a protest prohibition by young adults in many states across the country. However, today it’s a great way to get together family and friends, especially in an outdoor or indoor setting. Hosting a block party isn’t just for summer. November is also an ideal time to host it.

For many families, it can be hard to get everyone’s busy schedules together, so making it more straightforward by hosting an outdoor block party instead of going out is an excellent way for people who live close by to come together and have fun!

Here are some November block party ideas and tips on successful and fun outdoor November block party ideas for families: 

  • First, find out if your neighborhood association has any rules or regulations about holding a block party. – Bring your family together and have a build a gingerbread house contest. Take lots of pictures and see who can make the best one.
  • Wrap up warm and have an outdoor bonfire! Get the adults to bring marshmallows for s’mores while you roast them on sticks over the fire.
  • Make it seasonally appropriate by having a fun apple picking game set up instead of an apple bobbing game. This is safer, less messy than playing with water so try it out if you don’t want germs and mud everywhere!
  • Get friends and family together and go on a hayride. A hayride is excellent for the fall, as you’ll see all the leaves changing color. If it’s not safe to leave where you live because of weather or other reasons, why not ask nearby families if they want to come over instead?
  • Put up some outdoor lights, so your block party looks festive! You can use fairy lights, which are less messy than ordinary balloons if it starts raining. No one wants mud everywhere!
  • Make use of November’s natural harvest color palette. Use fresh produce as decoration, especially apples, oranges, lemons, strawberries, carrots, and pumpkins.
  • Hang leaves from the trees with yarn and paint pumpkins and gourds. Use corn stalk fodder to decorate with ribbons and bows.
  • How about hosting a food festival? Ask people to bring their favorite recipes and then have them compete against each other in a judges’ vote. The winner gets bragging rights, and there doesn’t need to be an actual prize if no one wants anything in return.
  • Get everyone together and have a pick your pumpkin patch in the middle of your block! Picking pumpkins is a seasonal idea, but why not paint pumpkins orange to go with the theme if you’re feeling artistic?
  • Have popcorn, candy apples, caramel apples, too, if you’re feeling incredibly decadent. Or serve cookies your guests have brought to get together! -If you live near a corn maze or pumpkin patch, go.
  • Finally, try having a costume party. Halloween just happened, so there’s no pressure to wear anything fancy. Just wear what you would wear on any old day!
  • Serve pumpkin-flavored drinks or desserts, even better if you have real pumpkins at home to bake in them! Here are some nonalcoholic November drink recipes to choose from or serve whipped cocktails! ( hot-cocktails)
  • Have a chili cook-off. 

Have a sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie, bake-off, or pie-eating contest. (classic-pie-recipes)

November games: 

  • Set up hay bales for kids where they can jump in them like trampolines!
  • Have a contest such as who can build the best November scarecrow. (https://www.thebudgetdecorator.com/diy-decor-how-to-make-a-scarecrow/)
  • Set up bean bag toss and more November lawn games, like Giant Jenga, horseshoes, cornhole, or table soccer. 
  • Set up a harvest dash or a relay race in your finest autumn garb! Maybe a fun gourd ring-toss or gourd bowling; the possibilities are endless.

Plan a bonfire or small fireworks show (where permitted). A perfect way to end your November block party or set up a photo booth and get pictures of everyone together in front of your beautiful fall scenery! Don’t forget to make some memories!

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Thanksgiving is here! Pumpkin Pie and all the fixings are the beginning of that beautiful time of year when the whole family likes to get together and spend lots of time in the kitchen preparing food and enjoying each other’s company. 

So, let’s start this guide with some fundamental yet essential things you should know before hosting the holidays for your friends or family.

1) Set a budget – This isn’t just for Thanksgiving, but for any holiday gathering you host during the season. Making last-minute purchases because you ran out of material can be costly and stressful if money is not appropriately planned, so remember to create a realistic budget and stick to it. If something unplanned happens, that’s what credit cards are for! Just kidding… try to avoid using your credit card as much as possible.

2) Create a guest list – This is a crucial step that should not be overlooked! So, let’s remember, not everyone will be able to attend, and it’s best to know the numbers going in because the last thing anyone wants to do is have people be disappointed. After all, there isn’t enough food for them to enjoy. I recommend sending out an email or text blast asking if they are available before creating the list, so you know who will attend before getting started on your menu. Also, this gives those who have dietary restrictions time to alert you of what they can eat, so there aren’t any awkward moments when they show up.

3) Menu planning – Once you know how many people are coming, consider their ages and tastes when creating the menu. It’s best to go with something well tested and created by you or someone who knows your kitchen. You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen all day trying new recipes because everyone loves it! Also, double-check your pantry before planning anything further because you may already have everything you need.

4) Prepare– This is where things get real…the prep work starts today! Make a list of what needs to be done for each meal and assign specific tasks and if possible, enlist the help of some loyal family members; if not, make sure you schedule time for activities on your own like watching Christmas movies and playing board games (hehe).

5) Clean – Cleaning while everyone else is having fun seems like an awful idea, but it helps keep your sanity. This is a great thing to do, and it will make you feel better knowing that your house is somewhat presentable during company hours. You certainly don’t want to earn the reputation as the “messy” hostess so take care of issues before people arrive.

6) Don’t apologize for lack of space – If you live in a tiny apartment with no storage space, don’t apologize for not having enough table room or counter space because everyone understands. They understand that maybe it would be helpful by bringing something extra or clearing up after themselves (usually)… but you should never feel bad about yourself! It is about them coming together to celebrate holidays, not what you can provide them with.

7) Set up your decor – If you have some time to kill before guests arrive, set up your decorations! What a perfect opportunity to show off your taste and style. Everyone has one thing they do differently when decorating for holidays, whether it’s putting out unique dishes or using glittery candles.

8) Socialize – You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen all night because everyone is mingling with each other; make sure you join in on the fun!! I like to cook while people are talking, so if someone wants me for something specific, I can get it done without sticking my head in the oven (ha). Let them help, but don’t let them over… trust me, this will end badly, and you’ll be caught in the middle of a food fight (again, ha).

9) Clean up. You can finally breathe now that everyone has gone home… maybe. Did you forget to tidy up the living room? Don’t panic!! Just do it as soon as possible so next time you don’t have to rush around at 1:00 am after spending 12 hours cooking and cleaning. Also, consider that your guests may leave early or wake up super late because we all know those people who never want to go! 

10) Socializing and clean-up tips for hosting holiday festivities: 1. Don’t feel obligated to cook every component yourself– enlist help from your friends, family members, and even neighbors. 2. Assign tasks to your helpers – this way, everyone can feel involved, and no one will complain that they didn’t get to help (that’s the worst). 3. Hire take-out or delivered pizza if you’re really in a bind; it is perfectly acceptable, especially after cooking for 12+ hours straight! 4. Don’t let them overhelp because not everyone knows how to cook well (see my last point)!!

11) Repeat next year – If you had fun, try hosting again next year! 

These tips show that there are ways to make hosting work better for everyone, including you. Just follow these steps and your holidays should be much more enjoyable than you are used to!

12) Celebrate responsibly – Don’t let your hostess skills turn into a total disaster. Make sure you monitor yourself and how much you’re drinking because not only is it the holidays, but it’s also cold outside, which makes everyone want to drink more! Be aware of any guests that may have over-consumed alcohol, and make sure they don’t drive home by having them spend the night or arranging for a ride if needed.

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Do you and your family enjoy relaxing outside? Whether enjoying a fun day out on the water, having a picnic in the park, or just sitting around taking in the beautiful weather this time of year, there is an excellent way to turn up the relaxation factor!

We are talking about heading out for a drive and taking in some fantastic sights, including waterfalls. There are so many beautiful falls hidden throughout North Carolina that we know you will fall in love with.

So I hope that this article will give you some helpful information on several different waterfalls within North Carolina we think everyone will fall in love with and will want to visit very soon, especially with the Autumn season upon us and cool weather. Some of these may be closer than others, but all of them would make great day trips, and each one is worth a visit.

Before getting into the list of waterfalls, you will need a little background information to know where they are located and give them context for those who have never been before – but we promise it is not as much as you think! Don’t be afraid to navigate directly to each one by clicking on the title or thumbnail images throughout this article. Then read on below for what you should expect from each fall, along with our favorite memories from visiting. Even if your famous falls are not listed here, please share in a comment at the end since there are so many more waiting just beyond our scope!

Best Waterfall Memories:

This past summer, we visited three different waterfalls that all had their unique beauty and feeling. The first was Falls Lake. It was our first time calling, and the falls are impressive in that there are carvings of animals around the falls, including a turtle, snake, frog, and fish on one side. This added to its beauty since you could not only see them up close but also from afar on the bridge if looking out over the water or while walking on top of it. The second was High Rock Tower at High Rock Park, which is incredible because it may be just a waterfall to some, but with climbing opportunities, this waterfall is multi-faceted – who wouldn’t love that?!

Lastly, we visited Linville Falls in Pisgah Forest! There were several different levels to these falls, which made for exciting exploring and great photo opportunities.

Waterfalls Near Raleigh & Cary:

There are so many beautiful waterfalls within a short drive from Raleigh! One of the closest and most popular is Crabtree Falls (and Crabtree Creek Recreation Park). It’s only about 46 miles (30 minutes), and you can find directions and tons of information at http://www.visitcrabtreefalls.com/.

There you’ll find information about hiking trails that range from super easy to moderate difficulty – something for everyone! If climbing isn’t your thing, there’s also an overlook – exquisite during the fall months (covered in our blog post about traveling through NC)! This particular waterfall is easy to get to and an excellent place to spend the day with your family and friends.

Waterfalls in North Carolina: Crabtree Falls (and the park) we just mentioned; however, many other waterfalls can be found throughout our fine state!

One example that we have not visited but are dying to see this year is Sliding Rock near Brevard. It’s about 51 miles from Fuquay Varina, but countless individuals have recommended it, so it must be worth the trip! They say if you want to get wet, slide down on top of one of these rocks. If you look online, you’ll find people snapping pictures while sliding, so it seems like a fantastic time!

Waterfall Locations:

Falls Lake can be found about an hour east of Raleigh. This particular waterfall is easily accessible with a vast amount of beauty to behold—this information was shared by many friends and family who have visited before. We were told by many friends and family members who have visited before it’s worth the trip!

Waterfall Location: Crabtree Creek Recreation Park near Raleigh, North Carolina second location is Crabtree Creek Recreation Park, where Crabtree Falls is located nearby to each other via hiking trails along Crabtree Creek…more details are at http://www.visitcrabtreefalls.com/.

Our last locations are High Rock Tower at High Rock Park near Apex, NC; Panthertown Valley in Cashiers, NC; and Linville Gorge Wilderness Area near Linville Falls, NC.

Waterfall Location: Crabtree Creek Recreation Park near Raleigh, North Carolina.

As we briefly mentioned before, each trail surrounding Crabtree Falls is unique in its way. Whether it’s a simple walk along the creek or a hike up to the top of the falls, trails for all ages and skill levels, one trail that also has some incredible scenery en route is from Thomas Brooks Park approximately 1 mile from Crabtree Falls, which leads to another waterfall called Triple Falls – this trail is listed as moderate due to its steep uphill climb so it may be a bit more difficult for those not used to an incline – but worth it!

Waterfall Location: High Rock Tower near Apex, NC, is a beautiful location for climbing and enjoying the great outdoors. It’s located along John’s River, and even though waterfalls surround you, there are also miles of trails for hiking and exploring! You can find out more about this incredible place at http://www.highrockpark.org/.

Waterfall Location: Panthertown Valley bordering Cashiers, NC, is an incredible place to hike, especially since they always have special events throughout the year! There are several different hiking trails here, so you’ll never get tired of seeing all that this park has to offer.

The best place to see waterfalls near Raleigh is the famous Glen Falls in Hooker Creek, located just south of Seven Springs, NC. What makes these falls so special? Well, other than being incredibly beautiful, they are one of only two sets of free-falling waterfalls east of the Rocky Mountains. They are perhaps most known for their unique shape that kindles images of long tresses tumbling over rock cliffs into peaceful pools at their feet. The entire area benefits from a lush rainforest setting and is surrounded by spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountains. Glen Falls Trailhead is located just off Hooker Creek Road, a short drive south of Seven Springs.

Waterfall Location: Linville Gorge Wilderness Area near Linville Falls, NC, is a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy camping, fishing, and hiking through some of the area’s most untouched natural beauty. There are many waterfalls to see here, including Moore Cove with its 45-foot drop at the base of towering granite cliffs; Hawksbill Crag; Table Rock; Little Table Rock; Plunge Basin; Jones Gap with its 20 footfalls on Jones Creek (all within an easy hike);

North falls (a favorite) with a 100-foot drop into a deep blue pool and Little Green Mountain with 80 footfalls. If these aren’t enough to satisfy your waterfall cravings, there are many others in the area as well!

Waterfall Location: High Rock Park near Apex, NC, is a fantastic park for exploring, whether on land or by water. There are many different activities here, including camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and even climbing rocks! A unique feature at this location is Rocktop Tower which offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains – it’s entirely possible that if you make this hike during the fall season, you’ll be greeted with incredible views of changing leaves. For more information, visit http://www.hcfrp.

So lace up those boots, grab those backpacks and head out on an adventure!

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With all the tradition we have touched upon in the first two posts, here in our third, we will reach the top five Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh. These have at the least been a part of the community for over six decades. Yet, amazingly enough, these staples of the Raleigh area have evolved with time. Sure, you still get the same great tastes and food that first brought people in decades ago. However, as they say, some things get better with time. For these top five Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh, that would appear to be the case.

When you look here at the five Oldest Raleigh NC Restaurants, you have to consider how incredible it is that they have stood as long as they have. Not only to stay open, but to change with the times, or in some cases not changing, is the formula that has drawn consistent business. Either way, when you talk about serving a community for in the neighborhood of 80 years all the way through to upwards of a century, you have something special going on. That word, special, is probably the best to describe all of our entries to these oldest Raleigh NC Restaurants posts. This would especially be true for the top five below as we wrap up our look at how the past meets the future just miles away from your new home at Knightdale Station.

The Five Oldest Standing Raleigh NC Restaurants

 5. Toot-N-Tell Family Restaurant- 903 West Garner Road, Garner, NC (Opened in 1946)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 14.1 miles)

This is yet another classic establishment that specializes in what most would call Southern hospitality. Into its eighth decade of serving the best assortment of traditional southern fare, Toot-N-Tell Family Restaurant is Garner NC’s entry to The Oldest Raleigh NC Restaurants.

This longtime establishment serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Likewise, the buffet options that they offer are unlike any in the area. They are famous for the fried chicken and chitterlings as well as the down-home authentic family service. 

 4. The Roast Grill- 7 South West Street, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1940)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 11.0 miles)

This is known affectionately as a “beloved hole-in-the-wall” and a “no-frills” stop that has been that way since 1940. Unfortunately, this place is so old school it accepts cash only and has a bar seating only ten people. It does have a small extra room that seats some more patron. However, The Roast Grill is usually a safe bet to fill up either way. Thus, with 80-plus years under the belt, you can be sure this is a “gimme” for being near the top of any “oldest” Raleigh NC Restaurants listing ever. 

This hot dog-only joint prides itself on not only having the delicious items they do serve on their famous franks. They also provide themselves with not offering ketchup, fries, chips, cheese, mayo, kraut, relish, coffee, or sweet tea. Confused? Don’t be as for over 80 years; they have loaded the Raleigh area up on homemade chili, their signature coleslaw (made with no mayo), mustard, and hand-chopped onions. A great place to socialize, especially with the owner. Stop in and say hi to “Hot Dog George” Poniros at the grill, and maybe you’ll hear tales of his family and grandparents who initially opened the “Roast” way back in 1940. 

3. Clyde Cooper’s BBQ- 327 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1938)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 14.2 miles)

When someone says BBQ and someone says Raleigh NC restaurants, inevitably, someone will mention one name. That name? Clyde Cooper. Incredibly entering its ninth decade of serving up the standard NC BBQ in 2018, this Raleigh institution is just as quick to sell out of their delicious ‘cue as they were at any point since the late 1930s. 

The classic stainless steel counter gives Clyde Cooper’s visitors an up-close look at “the pit.” It’s here that the BBQ magic is created, and the finished shoulders come out like clockwork. What is the best in BBQ at Clyde’s? A better question may be, what isn’t? You can always try a plate of chopped barbecue or some fried chicken. Never underestimate the delicious collards at this classic Raleigh stop. Like some dessert? Whether you do or don’t, be sure and grab some of the homemade banana pudding. Do not forget to wash it all down with what else but delicious sweet tea.

 2. Mecca Restaurant- 13 East Martin Street, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1930)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 14.3 miles)

Reaching our final two oldest standing Raleigh NC Restaurants, we see our first establishments open over 90 years. The Mecca Restaurant, while temporarily closed, will be reopened and still sets just a few blocks from the state capital building as always. Many in political circles joke that you haven’t made it in Raleigh politics yet if you aren’t known by name at the Mecca!

Past the politics, though, is one of the most iconic looks of our Raleigh NC Restaurants. The classic two-story design with its well-known green and pink neon sign bears its name at some 25 feet high down the front of the building. But it’s not just the look or the friendly feel that’s been keeping them coming back for almost a century. It’s the food. For one, they are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner six days a week. Second, their famous Glorified Jumbo Burger is to die for. Likewise, with their classic blue-plate specials and so much more. Here’s to hoping we see that glowing green and pink well into their next century of business.

 1. Shorty’s Famous Hot Dogs- 214 South White Street, Wake Forest, NC (Opened in 1916)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 16.6 miles)

Just outside of Raleigh, in the town of Wake Forest lies the oldest of our Raleigh NC Restaurants. For 106 years, Shorty’s Famous Hot Dog’s has been the go-to and a hangout for generation after generation. Originally this was a movie theatre that began selling snacks. It expanded to include a second room which still stands today with billiard tables and other classic memorabilia. But the true draw to this Triangle classic is the “dogs.”

Bright red and served on a steamed bun is how Shorty’s has always “served ‘em up.” The popular choice has always been “all the way.” What is that you ask? Well, start with their famous chili. Add freshly chopped onion and some mustard and there you have a simple but delicious combination that has worked for over a century. They also have their staple crinkle cut cheese fries and as many of these iconic Raleigh NC Restaurants do, a classic take on sweet tea to wash it all down. Shorty’s has amazing stayed in the same family as ownership has passed down for four generations to current owner Chris Joyner. The other thing that Shorty’s has kept was that line out the door for the lunchtime rush.

The Oldest Standing Raleigh NC Restaurants are Standing Strong and Waiting Your Company

Throughout all of the 15 Oldest Raleigh NC Restaurants we have touched upon there is not a one that has not impressively stood the test of time. That being said, it would seem time is on your side. For what? Well to travel the short drive from your new home at Knightdale Station and check out each and all of these establishments when you have the chance. Speaking of chance, once you do try them, there is a good chance you will be a repeat customer like the other locals have for anywhere between 40 and in one case, over 100 years. 

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We walked through the first five of our top 15 Oldest Raleigh NC Restaurants in the previous post. In this the second of our three-part series, we will move forward and, in doing so, take a step back. So, here we give you a look moving along to our next five oldest and traditional spots to eat in the “Oak City.” Conveniently for you, all of these fine establishments are just a short distance from your new home at Knightdale Station. With the time they’ve been satisfying hunger and bringing folks together, it’s safe to say you have plenty of time to plan and get out to check these classic stops out.

So, as we move along we continue taking you to the most iconic Raleigh eateries. Here we dive face first (or fork first) into these classic establishments. These Raleigh NC Restaurants have all stood as staples of the social fiber of this great city and the surrounding area for at least 60 and as many as 75 years. So there is good chance they will be around for quite some time to come

Moving Through the 1960’s and Back to the 50’s

10. Char-Grill- 618 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1960)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 14.2 miles)

Yes, we know that there are quite a few locations around the Triangle area for Char-Grill in the current day. However, the original site we speak of makes our top ten Oldest Raleigh NC Restaurants listing. All locals are pretty familiar with its classic look and location at 618 Hillsborough Street. It all started there.

Char-Grill became an area favorite behind its delicious, signature hamburger steaks and fries. But its humble beginnings came in 1960 when owner Bruce Garner built this iconic cinder block building which only served take-out. Its popularity has grown to include ten Raleigh area locations in the past 60-plus years. Their late-night hours (open until 2:00 a.m.) n Friday and Saturday at the Hillsborough Street location have long been a hit. With excellent prices and the same great food that started it all six decades ago, Char-Grill is a safe bet to be around Raleigh for a long time to come.

 9. Ashworth’s Drugs- 105 West Chatham Street, Cary, NC (Opened in 1957)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 23.3 miles)

This iconic pharmacy/soda shop/hot dog joint has been a Raleigh area favorite for 65 years as of this year. Set in Cary, NC, this is a no-brainer when we think of legendary Raleigh NC Restaurants. Still a full functioning pharmacy today, Ashworth’s likewise has seen their soda shop, and lunch counter grow to serve and please generation after generation.

With a menu chocked full of Southern staples, it’s no doubt people have enjoyed this true throwback year after year. Longtime favorites have included pimento cheese sandwiches, homemade chicken salad, and their iconic neon red Jesse Jones hot dogs. Of course, don’t forget their soda shop with freshly squeezed orangeades, milkshakes, sundaes, and more.

8. State Farmer’s Market Restaurant- 1240 Farmers Market Drive, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1955)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 14.8 miles)

Although there is a cloudy early history, it is believed this famous entry in our Raleigh NC Restaurants first opened in 1955. Regardless, the farm-fresh taste of Southern goodness has grown to become one of the most popular stops in town. It simply grew too big for its original location, which is when it moved to the location you have all come to know since 1991.

The State Farmer’s Market Restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, using the freshest local products in all dishes. It’s a good idea to come early for weekend breakfast, though. You can always count on their signature hotcakes, grits, chicken and waffles, omelets, country ham, and much more. Just like all the others among our Oldest Raleigh NC Restaurants, you can also count on this classic being around for a long, long time.

 7. The Player’s Retreat- 105 Oberlin Road, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1951)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 16.2 miles)

To long-time customers, this is just known by its initials “PR.” But now in its 70th year of operation, Players’ Retreat is just as it always was. “PR” has been part dive bar, part college sports bar, and part neighborhood gathering spot since 1951. It sets on the edge of the NC State campus, and one walk inside will scream red and white and may even “howl’ Wolfpack pride.

The Players Retreat has long been known for its extensive Scotch and Wine listings. Likewise, the simple yet delicious menu has kept its regulars coming back for more. Whether it’s their house-ground burgers or their signature sides like the famous pasta salad, this go-to “lunch, and a ballgame has them always coming back for more. With ample outdoor seating and a loyal late-night crowd, too, The “PR” after all these years is still “A-OK” in the “Oak City!” 

 6. Watkins Grill- 1625 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1947)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 11.8 miles) 

The year 2022 will mark the 75th anniversary of Watkins Grill, serving up what many have long felt is the best breakfast in town. But how does one become one of the top five Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh and stay relevant for over seven decades? Well, how about opening at 5:00 am on Monday-Saturday? Add to that their famous grits, corned beef hash, omelets, biscuits and gravy, and more. Then, toss in all the diner classics once lunchtime approaches. 

This family-owned Raleigh institution first opened its doors in 1947. It continues to be the greasy spoon favorite whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Burgers, roast pork, BBQ chicken, and so much more. This family-owned gem is unmistakenly the epitome of Southern cooking and Southern charm. For the past three-quarters of a century, they have been proud of it, and it seems they will be for as long as they would like to. 

The Oldest Raleigh NC Restaurants the Five Longest Standing “Oak City” Eateries

This brings us well into the Top Ten and beyond in our walk through the Oldest Raleigh NC Restaurants. In the upcoming third and final installment of this series will bring us to the five longest-standing Raleigh area establishments. As we mentioned earlier in the post, the one great convenience you are afforded is close vicinity to your new home. All of these are under 25 miles from the Knightdale Station new home neighborhood. So, as long as these establishments have stood, it is safe to say they will be a part of the Triangle area’s culture for a long time to come, and they will be waiting for you to join in the tradition.

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There is something to be said for tradition. Likewise, for a business in any genre to stand the test of time and remain relevant. This especially holds true in as competitive an industry as the food and beverage world. That being said, just a short drive from your new home at Knightdale Station is a city steeped in history and tradition. That city is Raleigh, and its food scene boasts some of the most celebrated eateries that have stood the test of time. Some of these establishments have been local favorites for over a century. So, in this the first of a three-part series, we will look at The Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh NC.

Now, when we talk of the Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh, we would be remiss when honoring these long-standing businesses if we didn’t actually cover the Raleigh “area.” This will include the places that are both in or directly surrounding the “Capital City.” This way, we can tip our collective cap to these long, storied establishments. Likewise, in doing so, we can tell you where you can taste the tradition of the Raleigh area, just a short drive away from Knightdale Station. In this first post of the series, we will look at five of the Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh NC, in chronological order. Thus, in our third and final post, we will get to the actual five eateries that have stood and remained popular the longest.

The Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh NC: Still Cooking Over Four and Five Decades In!

The first five Raleigh are eateries we will cover have been opened for a minimum of 45 years. If that is not impressive enough, each of these remains incredibly popular and has become almost a thing of legend. So, counting up from the most recently open to the longest-standing, here are the numbers 15-11 Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh NC.

15. Irregardless Café and Catering- 901 West Morgan Street, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1975)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 11.7 miles)

February 4, 1975. Irregardless Café’s chef, Arthur Gordon, opened what would be a first in Raleigh. It would be the first of many times in the over four and a half decades in business that this innovator would be way ahead of the curve. It was then that this entry to the Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh NC introduced an all-vegetarian menu. Today that may seem passe, but in a town full of burger, hot dog, and steak joints in the mid-’70s, this was unheard of. Sure, Irregardless has grown to include seafood in the late ’70s, poultry in the late 80s, and even some red meat by the ’90s. But, today, well into its fifth decade of business, they have a 120 seat dining room you can often find near capacity for brunch, lunch, and dinner. So this Raleigh original doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

14. Mitch’s Tavern- 2426 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1974)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 15.4 miles)

A classic set “under the stairs.” That’s Mitch’s Tavern, set right on Hillsborough Street in the heart of the NC State community. While temporarily they are closed, you can rest assured Mitch’s will be back soon and in the same form that always kept us coming back for 45-plus years. A former student at NC State, Mitch Hazouri, is the owner and this cozy entry to our Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh NC is actually quite famous. See, this was the spot used for the bar scenes in the 1988 movie Bull Durham. But on top of the fame, it’s the house-made soups, chili, gumbo, and more that have kept business thriving since the mid-’70s.

13. Jerry’s Grill- 813 East Whitaker Mill Road, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1968)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 11.9 miles)

Another beloved breakfast and lunch joint makes our Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh NC listing here. Jerry’s Grill is a known and loved eatery based on home cooking for over 50 years in Raleigh. Whether it’s the eggs, pancakes, burgers, hot dogs, or the owner-recommended “Blue Rock” sandwich, you just can’t go wrong at this legendary spot. Just to be up on tradition, if you’re going with their classic hot dog, go “all the way.” This means served with mustard, onion, chili, and slaw…five decades of customers can’t all be wrong, right?

12. Amedeo’s Italian Restaurant- 3905 Western Boulevard, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1963)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 17.9 miles)

Richard “Amedeo” DiAngelis came to NC by way of Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1954 to attend school and play football. Several years after graduating, he noticed a lack of sub and hoagie options in the “Oak City” and set out to change that. Then in 1963, he opened up shop and never looked back. This entrant on the Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh NC has certainly expanded the menu from cheesesteaks and hoagies. Now transitioned into a full-fledged Italian restaurant, Amedeos’s is a gathering place. A place for families and friends to meet for a great meal. It’s been that way for nearly sixty years and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

11. Angus Barn- 9401 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC (Opened in 1960)

(Distance from Knightdale Station: 23.6 miles) 

Maybe Raleigh’s most famous restaurant is the Angus Barn. First, opening in 1960 one look on the walls in the “Barn” can show you its popularity. There you find the assortment of celebrities, sports stars, and notables that have been through for a meal. Today, Angus barn is a 275-seat steakhouse that has served over 13 million customers. It has 650-capacity and seems to always be full. Between their unique and extensive wine list. and the signature 20-foot tall tree in the restaurant center, the Angus Barn figures to remain a staple of fine dining, fun, family, and friends for many more years to come.

The Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh NC Roll Into the Top Ten

In our next post on the Oldest Restaurants in Raleigh NC, we will move into the top ten. Now, these listed above are all certainly a big part of the tradition of the city. However, the follow-up post will look even deeper into the past at restaurants. Some we will look at have been in Raleigh between sixty and over seventy years.  For you, the recent move to the Knightdale Station neighborhood puts you close to all of these. Now, sure these restaurants are all a part of Raleigh tradition. However, they are close enough to you that they may be worth starting your own tradition.

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KNIGHTDALE, N.C., Sept. 21, 2021 Source: (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Toll Brothers, the nation’s leading builder of luxury homes, today announced its newest single family home community: Knightdale Station located in Wake County, N.C.

Knightdale Station will feature 55 single-family homes offering 4-5 bedrooms, 3.5-4.5 baths, and two- or three-car garages. Homes will range from 3,187 to 3,611 square feet. These beautiful homes offer the very best of luxury living with top-of-the-line finishes, new modern floor plans, and meticulously-crafted details. Pricing is starting in the mid-$500,000s.

Homeowners at Knightdale Station will enjoy the beauty of nature right outside their door with numerous greenways and walking trails to explore. Residents will immerse themselves in a social and active lifestyle centered around Knightdale Station Park and the YMCA, which includes a dog park, athletic fields, walking trails, a playground, and outdoor amphitheater, and more. Thales Academy, a Pre-K through 12th grade college preparatory school, is also located within the community offering great school options for homeowners.

Knightdale Station is conveniently located on Business 64 (Knightdale Boulevard) and offers easy access to I-540 for an easy commute to the Research Triangle Park and Downtown Raleigh.

“There is a high demand for homeownership within the town of Knightdale and we are excited to announce this beautiful new community of single-family homes offered at an attractive price point to fit more home buyers’ needs,” said David A. Kelly, Division President of Toll Brothers in North Carolina.

Toll Brothers offers numerous picturesque communities throughout the Wake County area, including Castleberry Estates, Willow Hills, Cottages at Brier Creek, Addison Pond, and Jordan Pointe. For more information about Toll Brothers and its luxury communities throughout Wake County, visit TollBrothers.com/Raleigh.

About Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers, Inc., a FORTUNE 500 Company, is the nation’s leading builder of luxury homes. The Company was founded over 50 years ago in 1967 and became a public company in 1986. Its common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “TOL.” The Company serves first-time, move-up, empty-nester, active-adult, and second-home buyers, as well as urban and suburban renters. Toll Brothers builds in 24 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington, as well as in the District of Columbia. The Company operates its own architectural, engineering, mortgage, title, land development, golf course development, smart home technology, and landscape subsidiaries. The Company also operates its own lumber distribution, house component assembly, and manufacturing operations.

2021 marks the 10th year Toll Brothers has been named to FORTUNE magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies® list. Toll Brothers has also been honored as Builder of the Year by Builder magazine and is the first two-time recipient of Builder of the Year by Professional Builder magazine. For more information visit TollBrothers.com.

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It’s BACK!!! With the previous year in the rearview mirror and the cancellation of the planned 5th annual Knightdale Oak and Smoke Festival, many were left to wonder about the event’s future. But Knightdale’s first craft brewery, located adjacent to the Knightdale Station’s new home community, Oak City Brewing Company, has announced and is bringing the community’s favorite gathering of BBQ, Bluegrass, and Brews back; for a fifth installment!

The ‘Shrine of Swine” at Knightdale Oak and Smoke Festival

This year, the return of the Knightdale Oak and Smoke Festival will take place on Saturday, October 9, from noon until 8:00 p.m. This years’ event, our friends at Oak City Brewing Company team up with the Redneck BBQ Lab to deliver what they have planned to be a “beer chugging, BBQ slinging, and banjo picking good time.” On the official event page, they detail the tasty work of Redneck BBQ Lab and their delicious brand of smokey goodness as follows. 

“For all you pulled pork lovers out there, the ‘shrine of swine’ will be on full display during the entire event. That’s right; the entire field will be fill with smoke and sweet smells of sizzling pork that will be sure to leave you drooling.”

You can purchase tickets in advance for the out-of-this-world pulled pork sandwiches from the whole hog that will undoubtedly go fast. They will serve sandwiches in intervals on the lawn throughout the Knightdale Oak and Smoke Festival, between noon, 3:00, and 6:00. You must redeem the tickets purchased for the corresponding time frame in which you bought them for. 

Redneck BBQ Lab BBQ and Oak City Brew Tickets 

There will be two tickets you can purchase for the excellent Redneck BBQ Lab pork at the Knightdale Oak and Smoke Festival. The prices and comes with each are as follows:

  • Regular ticket: $8 (6 oz. pulled pork sandwich with slaw and chips)
  • VIP ticket: $14 (6 oz. pulled pork sandwich with slaw and chips, one cold brew, an event koozie, specialty glass)

It’s Not All Smoke and BBQ at the Knightdale Oak and Smoke Festival 

As hard as it is even to fathom, maybe you are not a fan of Redneck BBQ Lab and delicious, mouth-watering BBQ? In that case, never fear; there will still be plenty of great tastes on hand to enjoy other than the “smokey” variety. Obviously, the first and foremost provider of flavor and refreshment at the Knightdale Oak and Smoke Festival is Oak City Brewing Company and its delicious craft brews. 

What you use those refreshing beverages to wash down, though, is your choice. Poblano’s Taco’s and More will be on hand with their popular Mexican fare, as well Fired Up Pizza & BBQ, if you want a slice or two. But, if it’s the sweets you desire, say no more, as Not Just Icing will also be at the Knightdale Oak and Smoke Festival, dishing out ice cream, cupcakes, and more.

From Pig Pickin’ to Finger Pickin’: Don’t Forget the Tunes

If there is more room you seek at the Knightdale Oak and Smoke Festival, there are tent spaces available, but they must be purchased. However, to enjoy the sweet strummin’ and quick pickin’ bluegrass sounds that have become synonymous with the Knightdale Oak and Smoke Festival, you may just want to stay on your feet and dance. If you do like a spot to relax those bones in between acts, it is encouraged to bring fold-out chairs or blankets to sit on. 

The lineup for live music will be one that any familiar with local bluegrass enthusiast and will boast three different acts. The schedule for music at the Oak and Smoke Festival includes:

  • Coddle Creek 12 – 2 PM
  • Shannon Baker & Sometime Soon 3 – 5 PM
  • The Hey Brothers 6 – 8 PM

In addition to all of these great events, of course, Oak City Brewing Company will be serving their always impressive array of brews throughout the event. With over 20 different brews to choose from, the indoor Tap House and the outdoor Brew House are serving all day.

Throughout the calendar year, the Oak City Brewing Company has many significant events like the Oak and Smoke Festival. Being located literally “on top” of the Knightdale Station new home community, it is a perfect spot to enjoy friends and fun close to home.

For more information on upcoming events at Oak City Brewing Co., visit their website here. Likewise, for all the latest events at Knightdale Station, go to knightdalestation.com.


After two previous posts and navigating through the Top Ten Raleigh Food Trucks to this point, we come to our third and final installment in this series. Here we will list the top three after looking at what customers felt of any of the area food trucks and whether they were either good enough or, in some cases, bad enough to leave reviews for. We have documented numbers ten through four in our previous two posts. Many of these and the top three we will introduce below, you can find right at the park in the Knightdale Station new home community during either their weekly food truck events or at the many special gatherings that take place there. Regardless, all ten and especially these top trucks are ones you will want to seek out and have a taste of sometime soon.

How Did We Arrive at the Top Three of All Raleigh Food Trucks 

Well, it’s been a journey across these past two posts, that’s for sure. However, just to explain, in case you have not seen the articles preceding this one, we wanted to review our ranking protocol. In actuality, it is straightforward; we based our listing on the reviews and scores of actual customers. Thus, we included any Raleigh Food Trucks that received at least 25 customer feedback items at yelp.com. We will also leave the talking and explanation to you and your actual reviews in this final installment. So, without further adieu, here are the top three Raleigh Food Trucks according to you!!!

3. Kahlovera Street Tacos

Many people equate the food truck in general to tacos and Mexican fare. Maybe this is because before the big boom with Raleigh Food Trucks and across the nation, it did seem that there were an awful lot of “taco trucks,” and though there is a wider variety these days, there still are. Anyhow, as you will see, tacos are going to be an ongoing theme here in our following two entries, starting with Kahlovera Street Tacos, usually located off Miami Boulevard in Durham. 

To speak to the overall taste and experience at our number three entry among Raleigh Food Trucks, we turn to the public and the following Yelp review. They begin, “Oh My TACO!!!. I was lured here after seeing amazing photos of the tacos. They reminded me of taco trucks in Southern California, where I call home, and Kahlovera delivered! I would call them “luxury taco-truck tacos.” In closing, she said, “I shall be returning to Kahlovera!”

2. Gym Tacos

“The Five stars are legit,” begins one happy yelp reviewer when discussing the number two entrant on our top Raleigh Food Trucks. They explain their lofty words about Gym Tacos, which can usually be found set up at 220 East Six Forks Road in Valero’s parking lot says the following. “Everything I beyond tasty. Fresh.  The sauces are SPICY. We ordered a variety of tacos and a burrito! The chicken was fresh, grilled, and the corn tacos are homemade.”

Another recent reviewer may have summed the Gym Taco experience up even more emphatically by saying this. “Best tacos I’ve had in years! So good you’ll want so many that they negate going to the gym! But unlike skipping the gym, you won’t regret Gym Tacos!”


For number one entry on our Raleigh Food Trucks listings, we once again come back to a Triangle area “classic,” Cockadoodlemoo. This truck can be seen at some of the most significant events and is always somewhere around town, offering one of the best varieties of food of any food truck anywhere. Whether it is their ribs or wings. Pulled Pork or Angus Beef brisket.  Their crispy Brussel sprouts or crispy mac and cheese or any of their weekly specials, they don’t have the highest customer reviews of all Raleigh Food Trucks for no reason; it’s because their food is out-of-this-world.

To summarize the top billing, they are receiving the number one of all Raleigh Food Trucks; we turn to a recent, obviously happy customer. “This was honestly one of the best meals I’ve eaten in a long time! I stumbled across their truck on the NC State campus and decided to give them a try for lunch.” 

The reviewer adds, “I got the Pull-Thru Burger cooked medium and the side of mac and cheese. WOW! So tasty, the burger was cooked perfectly. The Mac and Cheese were crispy on the outside but perfectly creamy and tender on the inside. One final reviewer also hit the proverbial nail right on the head, in closing, saying this about Cockadoodlemoo. 

“The food was amazing. The Brussel sprouts and crispy mac and cheese WOWWWWW! The service was quick and friendly. HIGHLY recommend eating from this truck when you can!!!

The Best Raleigh Food Trucks: Do Yourself a Favor, Try ‘Em All

So this wraps up our journey through the top ten Raleigh Food Trucks. Now, as we have reminded you throughout this series, many of these at different times you can enjoy right at the Knightdale station new home community, at either their Food Truck Tuesday or Thursday events, or the many town special gatherings at the park. But, no matter if it’s in your new neighborhood, in passing when out and about, or specifically going to seek them out, you will want to do yourself and your taste buds a favor and seek out these amazing food trucks. You may disagree with where or which trucks are ranked; however, we are confident that any of the ten you visit will not disappoint.

For more information on the Knightdale station new home community, visit knightdalestation.com.