What makes a town one that becomes heralded as “on the rise?” What are the factors that make a certain city so desirable that they see more youthful, educated, families want to move there? Well, to take one specific town that fits these type descriptions, you need to look no further than to the residents Living in Knightdale.

In today’s age of digital real estate marketing, we see many municipalities receiving all types of accolades. Yes, those Living in Knightdale are no stranger to their town receiving this type of recognition. However, in these types of rankings or listings, many publications can be swayed by many things ranging from advertising dollars spent to the publication being located near or in an “honored” municipality. As the local resident Living in Knightdale can attest, this is not the case with their hometown. In this two-part series of blog posts, we look at actual numbers and statistics in this very post, you will get a better picture of why Living in Knightdale truly is living in a town on the rise!

A Younger and Smarter Community in Knightdale

The “rankings and accolades” some towns receive, may in the case of some cities be somewhat of a generalization. In what we will be showing is one common and consistent thread to this article, generalizations need not apply when speaking of Living in Knightdale. The actual statistics and numbers support and show factually that the town of Knightdale is one that is overall both younger and more educated than most.

Most of the numbers to be shown in this post can be traced back to the town of Knightdale’s “2035 Comprehensive Plan.” This document, released originally in August of 2018 basically is a collaborative effort to not only provide a look at the current reasoning behind the town flourishing but also to set measures in place to see those Living in Knightdale continue to see growth and positive improvement to the community in all areas heading into the future.

So, what exactly makes a town or city “younger,” you ask? That’s actually pretty easily explained, but if you have never heard the said explanation, it could also be missed. Consequently, the average overall age of residents Living in Knightdale is what makes it younger. Directly below are statistics showing that about 40 percent of those Living in Knightdale are in the 24-49-year-old age bracket.

Average Median Age of Residents of Knightdale

  • 24-49 year olds- 39.9 percent
  • 5-17 year olds- 20.1 percent
  • 50-64 tear oilds- 17.2 percent
  • Over 65 years old- 8.7 percent
  • Ages 8-24- 7.3 percent
  • Younger than 5 Years old– 6.8 percent

The town of Knightdale can lay claim to having a “youthful” outlook on things. Likewise, they have a pretty young overall age demographic. The actual average median age currently in Knightdale 34.2 years old. This is considerably underneath the 36.7-year-old median age across the state of North Carolina, putting those Living in Knightdale on average as two and a half years younger than those across the state.

In addition to spelling out what makes a town “young,” we would be remiss to not explain likewise how a town or city is considered more “educated” or for headline purposes, “smarter” than another. Much like providing the median age, the same Town of Knightdale “comprehensive plan” provides exact statistics to show the overall “Educational Attainment” of those in the Knightdale community.

Educational Attainment of Town of Knightdale Residents

  • 4 Year-Bachelor’s Degree from College- 28.8 percent
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent that Have Attended Some College- 20.3 percent
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent with No College– 19.5 percent
  • Some Type of Graduate Degree on top of their Bachelor’s- 12.5 percent
  • 2 Year-associate degree following Earning a High School Diploma or Equivalent- 9.6 percent
  • Finished Before Grade 9- 4.8 percent
  • Attended High School But Did Not Finish, Thus Finished Between Grades 9-12- 4.4 percent

Aspiring Young Families, Students, and Professionals Choose Living in Knightdale

To summarize, in this post, we looked at the younger demographic and why they are choosing the Wake County town as home.

More than 58 percent of residents are under 40 years old. Likewise, we took a look at the high rate of residents who have considerable educational attainment. In this area, over 90 percent of residents 25 and older earned a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Of those residents, 30 percent of the people Living in Knightdale have an associate degree or have attended some college. More impressive, 41 percent of Knightdale residents in this age range has a bachelor’s degree or higher. To see more on why so many people are choosing Knightdale as home, be sure to see the follow-up post to this one, here in our blog/news section at To view the extensive research and full “Knightdale Next : 2035 Comprehensive Plan” document, visit For information, including currently available homes for sale at Knightdale Station new home community, visit

Prime-BBQ-Knightdale-Knightdale Station

Owner, Chris Prietos first announcement for his Prime Barbecue Knightdale restaurant opening was set for late March. Originally a Texas native, Prieto never could have saw what would lie ahead. However, he has remained patient and focused. Then, once allowed to, he has worked through restrictions and uncertainty caused by the events of the past three months and his delicious hand crafted BBQ style is already a hit among local residents.

A “Slow Open” Yet a “Successful Open” for Prime Barbecue Knightdale

Fast forward a few months, and the original opening for Prime Barbecue Knightdale had switched to April 18. But, with so many obstacles to overcome during the pandemic, the “pit master,” had to again push back opening day. Remaining focused, anticipation finally became reality, as on May 5, Prime Barbecue Knightdale opened for pre-order pickup business. The local response to the long-awaited arrival of Prime was fantastic. Then, on May 23, they began servicing walk up, take-out orders at the 403 Knightdale Station Run location.

“All considered, things have been great,” Owner Chris Prieto explained to us earlier this week. “The whole Knightdale community has been so graceful during all that has been going on.” “Because of how we do what we do, it has been extremely difficult to serve during this time. Their has been some anxious times for me because I have two main items that are essential, customer service and food quality.” He continues to explain. “It is hard with our food to be fast. See, our pre-order service has been successful, but again the people of Knightdale have shown grace, patience, and understanding.”

Chris further explains, “When they arrive for their pre-order they wait here 15 minutes because we do not compromise quality and the food.” Prieto adds, “But the community understands and we are literally selling out of food everyday. We have a very dedicated staff, and I have spent a lifetime barbecuing, and there may be a slight wait, but we will continue delivering the food the way we always do and the way the people like it.”

Despite Invariables Prime Barbecue Knightdale Does Not Compromise Quality

“Our food is all hand crafted, there is no prepackaged stuff like at a fast food place, or something,” Prieto said in the conversation we had earlier this week. “So, for me, in some ways, it has been extremely difficult to start up and serve the customers during this time. It is all the invariables that make it difficult,” he went on explaining. ” The easy part is servicing the people and delivering the quality that we always do. That part is built. in”

Once you’ve had a taste, you will realize that Prime Barbecue Knightdale is not your average barbecue. This can be accredited to the passion and desire of Prieto as he sought not just to open a restaurant, but to ” find the soul of barbecue,” which it seems apparent that he has found.

Dating all the way back to his childhood, Prieto showed an interest in the world of barbecue. Noted at, his passion put him on a “personal quest to perfect the art and science of slow-smoked meats.” Arguably the biggest winner in Prieto’s “personal quest” is the residents of Knightdale, who can now finally taste the “barbecue excellence” in what is undeniably Prieto’s own personal and signature style.

Prime BBQ offers an array of mouth watering meats and sides.

Tough Times? No Problem, PRIME is Still a “Sell Out”

“Like I said, its really just the invariables that have made it tough.” Prieto goes on, “Opening during this time of COVID honestly will have made us stronger. You know, if we can survive through this and just stay true to serving the people and serving the best quality, that’s what we are going to do.”

“We know the prices are higher right now due to demand, but we always give the customer the best prices that we can. He adds, “The market will come back down and when it does s will prices, but our BBQ is hand crafted, hand seasoned, and hand trimmed. We will not compromise our quality and the community understands and has shown grace and support.”

“We are selling 1,000 pounds of meat every weekday and 1,200 on weekends.” Preito explains, “We are doing the quality and food the way the people want and like I mentioned, we are selling out of meat every single day”

Chris Prieto

What’s On the Menu and What are Customers Saying about Prime Barbecue Knightdale?

“Wow, is all I can say,” gushes one reviewer who had a chance to give Prime Barbecue Knightdale a try since its recent opening. ” You haven’t had BBQ until you’ve tried Prime,” the reviewer continued. “These guys are absolute pros with service to match. Food is a cut above; this is NOT your typical BBQ shack.” This satisfied (and assumed to be very full) customer concluded his initial thoughts, urging people to hurry, and “Run, don’t walk,” in concluding his complimentary review.

As far as their menu goes, Prime Barbecue Knightdale is a barbecue lover’s fantasy land. The new restaurant in Knightdale, NC starts off with its “Smoked Meats,’ which sell by the half-pound, to go. The selection of smoked meats includes Beef Brisket, Pork Ribs, Homemade Sausage, Pulled Pork, or Turkey Breast. Each of these choices is available by the half-pound, . Likewise, they can be bought in “Meat Plates.” The “Plates” give you a choice of one, two, or three of these selections. The meat options come with two of Prime’s incredible side dishes as well.

Sandwiches featuring these same meat options available too. Likewise, you can get fresh salads, baked potatoes, and Prime’s unique desserts as well. For those seeking a challenge, Prieto has developed the “Full Nelson.” Named after Chris’ father, Nelson, this monster of a sandwich piles sliced beef rib, pork sausage, pickled onions, and coleslaw high on a fresh roll. “Only one person has ever finished the whole thing,” Prieto bragged to the News and Observer in an article touting the pending opening of the new restaurant in Knightdale NC.

Why Knightdale? A Love for the Community and a Vehicle to Bring National Attention

Prieto has made national TV appearances on shows including “Chopped Grill Masters,” “Man Fire Food,” and “America’s BBQ Pitmasters.” “Fox and Friends,” “BBQ Documentary,” “The Cradle of ‘Cue,” and “700 Club,” have also featured Chris’ BBQ. So an obvious question with such national recognition and respect, Why Knightdale?

“We just love this town,” Chris began in his explanation. I knew the Knightdale community would support us and now, its just a matter of us bringing some national attention to the town.” The owner of Prime Barbecue Knightdale goes on. “Many people, myself and my family included have been choosing smaller town and destinations for vacation spots. They seek things such as our unique, crafted BBQ while also taking in the history and nostalgia of the older towns.”

Prieto goes on to speak of the difference between Knightdale and other possible historic destinations. “There is a difference between visiting this town and other historic places. Many of these older destinations are nostalgic, but with many once you get there it is almost like, ‘we are 100 years old, and we are going to always stay that way’. But with Knightdale, there is the history, but there is also a future. Its has the nostalgia and history, yet it also is modern.” He concludes, “Knightdale has the opportunity for advancement and you can just see people coming here and thinking, ‘wow, I could move my family here.”

Prime Barbecue Knightdale Bringing National Appeal

As noted, on May 25 Prime Barbecue Knightdale began taking walk-up orders at its Knightdale Station Square location. This is the next step in the new restaurant in Knightdale to fully open. Now, they simply wait for business to return to normal across the state. There currently sets a tent under the patio area in front of the restaurant. This is where walk-ups can place their orders. It is worth noting that currently, the restaurant is only accepting card payments.

Since continuing with the “slow open” on May 25, Prime Barbecue Knightdale opens at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday-Saturday. Sound advice tells you to get out to Prime as early as possible. This is because despite opening at 11, they only stay open until that day’s food has sold out.

“Like I said, we fell in love with this town, it’s why we came here,” Prieto says in closing. “We love the people, the leadership, the neighbors, everything about it! The community has been great, it’s now just getting that national recognition here.” He finishes,”We want people nationally to recognize and enjoy the history of Knightdale, too.”

For more information on this new restaurant in Knightdale, NC visit, or call 919-373-8067.

For information on the Knightdale Station new home community, of which Prime BBQ is located adjacent too, visit

New-Homes-in-Knightdale-McKee 10th-Anniversary

The story is one we’ve told a few times. Yet, it remains one worth telling again. Taking a step back in time to 2014, Preston Development Company begins its search for the perfect builder team for Knightdale’s first master-planned community. Preston finally selected just three names from the numerous reputable and talented Raleigh area builders. This community, of course, is Knightdale Station. Comparatively, there was no surprise that one of those three teams selected to build New Homes in Knightdale was McKee Homes.

The skilled builders at Mckee Homes are offering some great incentives until April 30.

In this post, we detail the incredible New Homes in Knightdale that are “move-in-ready” from McKee Homes…at the Station! It is a follow up to our previous blog entry in which we detailed McKee’s 10th Anniversary Incentive.

Despite the current circumstances and restrictions, we are all facing, you can still view model homes at Knightdale Station. You must, however, call to arrange for an appointment at 919-926-5576.

To see our previous blog entry on McKee Homes’ Anniversary Incentive at Knightdale Station, follow the link below.

Knightdale Station- News and Events- “Get “Ready-to-Move-In” with McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion… at the Station”

The gorgeous living area at 717 Twin Star Lane. is both beautiful and roomy

The Potter Craftsman “KS”- 717 Twin Star Lane- $429, 900

The first “move-in-ready” McKee offering among our New Homes in Knightdale is in the Central Station section. This amazing and grand five-bedroom home is listed at just $429, 900. In addition to five bedrooms, this 3,637 square foot plan (which is exclusive to Knightdale Station) also has three and a half bathrooms.

The “Potter Craftsman “KS,” as mentioned was a floor plan developed by McKee Homes specifically for the Knightdale Station neighborhood. Thus, the early stated five bedrooms can become six if you desire, as there is a bonus room perfect for that or most any use you’d wish. This home also boasts a partial back fence, that can be completed upon request. Regardless, with a look at some of the extras and features of this home in the list below, we think all will agree that this is a spectacular home!

Features at 717 Twin Star Lane include:

  • Spectacular 2-Story Foyer with Balcony Overlook
  • All-Quartz Countertops
  • Butler’s Pantry
  • Two Dining Rooms!
  • Spacious and large rooms and layout of the entire home and Wide cased openings
  • Main level/first-floor master suite
  • Huge laundry room and area
  • Pocket Office
  • Covered front and back porch
  • Back Patio area
  • Two-Car Garage

The Biltmore II Craftsman “KS”- 705 Twin Star Lane- $ 397,436

The McKee Homes team at Knightdale Station has been hard at work to deliver beautiful homes

In what you will notice as a trend, this is another of McKee’s New Homes in Knightdale with the letters “KS” at the end of the plan’s name. Like the above home at 717 Twin Star Lane, those letters stand for Knightdale Station and are floor plans exclusively developed for just this community. Concurrently, the Biltmore II Craftsman KS may be slightly smaller than our first home, but still perfectly laid out for entertaining in a four-bedroom, 2.5 bath home. 

This spotlight home among our New Homes in Knightdale is 2,629 square feet and is also in the Central Station section of Knightdale Station. Comparatively once again, you will have the option with this of our New Homes in Knightdale to have three bedrooms upstairs or use one as some type of bonus room. One other comparison we think all will agree with is that this too is an amazing home!

Features at 705 Twin Star Lane include:

  • Main level/first-floor master suite
  • Sunroom off of the master suite
  • Stunning two-story foyer
  • Spacious formal dining room
  • Wide-open family area with large center island
  • Great room opens/flows into the breakfast room
  • Laundry or Mud Room
  • Upstairs Second Family Room
  • Large Central Upstairs Loft
  • Covered back porch

The Nelson II Craftsman “KS”- 604 Gold Coast Drive- $392,227

Shown is the double vanity in the bathroom attached to the “owner/master bedroom suite at 717 Twin Star Lane

The third and final of our spectacular New Homes in Knightdale finds us again in the Central Station neighborhood. Being slightly smaller and having a price just below the first two New Homes in Knightdale we looked at this McKee floor plan is also a “KS” exclusive! With four bedrooms and 2.5 baths, this incredible home is 2,350 square feet and is priced at $392,227.

The “Nelson II Craftsman KS” model, much like each of the New Homes in Knightdale we are looking at, is loaded with great features and extras. In addition to the aforementioned four bedrooms, this house has an unfinished third floor that could be used as another bedroom in the future.

Features at 604 Gold Coast Drive include:

  • Large stone columned front porch
  • Convenient main/first-floor study
  • Formal Dining Room opens into Great Room and Kitchen
  • Granite Countertops
  • Tile Backsplash
  • Center Kitchen Island and Separate Breakfast Room
  • Family Room opens to Back Porch
  • Luxurious Upstairs Master Suite
  • Covered Back Porch

McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Celebration Incentives Available…On These New Homes in Knightdale!

All new Whirlpool kitchen appliances are available through McKees 10th Anniversary incentives.

As if the awesome features and each of these three New Homes in Knightdale are not impressive enough, McKee Homes is “sweetening the deal.” To explain, McKee Homes is currently offering free incentives until April 30, which these homes are eligible for.

The incentives are a “thank you” of sorts to the customers from McKee Homes, as they celebrate their 10th anniversary of being in business. The 10-year Anniversary incentives are:

  • Up to $5,000 towards your closing costs
  • A “Move-In Package” that includes the following brand-new Whirlpool appliances
  • Refrigerator (WRS315SDHM)
  • Washer (WTW4855HW)
  • Dryer (WED4950HW)

You Can Still Come to See These New Homes in Knightdale…Make an Appointment and Come See Them …at the Station

As briefly touched on in the beginning of this post, you can still view model homes at Knightdale Station. You must, however, call to arrange for an appointment at 919-926-5576.

To see more detail on these or any other New Homes in Knightdale at Knightdale Station visit


Thales Academy Knightdale announced recently that they will be expanding. The independent school, which is one of several across North Carolina in the Thales college preparatory network has to this point only been for Pre-K- Grade 5 at the Knightdale Station location. However, as first revealed on April 7, the school will be accepting students for Junior High School, grades 6 and 7 in the 2020-21 school year. They will then add 8th grade in the following 2021-22 school year.

Locker use will be one of the new responsibilities at Thales Academy Knightdale upon their expansion.

Thales Academy Knightdale Administrator Weighs in on Addition of Junior High Students

The administrator at the Thales Academy Knightdale location, which is in the Knightdale Station community, is Hilary Herman-Pagliolo. She spoke on the day of this big announcement to Carolina Parent magazine. In that interview, Ms. Herman-Pagiolo said as follows. 

 “Our sixth, seventh and eventually eighth-grade students enjoy developmentally appropriate older student responsibilities and privileges.” She continues detailing the “privileges spoke of to include, “locker use, an eight period school day with class changes, and iPads for use on classwork and homework.”

She explains the great opportunity each individual child gets in the Thales network. She adds. “They also benefit from a predictable, secure environment and valuable leadership opportunities.” She concludes as follows. “We are thrilled to be growing into a full Pre-K-8 school to provide this positive, expanded educational experience for our students.”

The kids, as they move into the Thales’ middle school curriculum will utilize their iPad or table-style device for several activities and some homework.

Additional thoughts on Expansion from Raleigh Thales Administration

Much like Ms. Herman-Pagliolo, the Thales Academy Raleigh Administrator, Heather Brame, seemed thrilled to be a part of the expansion announcement. Ms. Brame also spoke with Carolina Parent, expressing similar feelings as those shown by her Knightdale counterpart.

Directing her comments to the magazine towards parents of current Thales’ students, Ms. Brame began. “We are excited to be expanding our campus to allow for continued growth and stability for our families … through students’ formative middle school years.” She adds, “The Thales Academy junior high Classical Curriculum is designed to naturally build upon our elementary Direct Instruction foundation.”

She also discusses how the Thales curriculum aids the children as they mature through the system. Brame points out how older students develop independence and critical thinking skills. She concludes, “To be able to offer this full progression for our students in a familiar and secure environment provides such value to their continued success as they mature.”

For further news on the Thales Academy expansion, visit their official website here. Likewise, for all the latest on the Knightdale Station new home community visit

Knightdale-Walking-Trails-Mingo Park

Choosing the Knightdale Station new home community puts you right in the middle of many outdoor options right in the neighborhood. In this series of posts, we will look at some options not too far from the community. These options are the Knightdale Walking Trails that can be enjoyed in town.

There are four scenic walking trails located under two miles from your new home at Knightdale Station.

There is a beautiful walking trail attached right in your neighborhood to Knightdale Station Park. However, in this first post in our series, there are several others that we will educate you on. In this the article, we will familiarize you with the choices of Knightdale Walking Trails that you can find and enjoy while soaking in the scenery and atmosphere of the town all under 2 miles from your new home.

As stated above, we are aware that at Knightdale Station, you have many on-site amenities and outdoor activities to choose from. Eventually, a things return to normal, we will touch on all of these. However, as we currently have seen the Town of Knightdale close all playgrounds for safety reasons, there are still ways to be outside, at a distance and enjoy a walk, run, or just some fresh air. We will in this piece introduce you to these areas. Several of these trails are not even a mile away from your new home at Knightdale Station.

Now, all that awaits is for you to lace up those sneakers and head towards the trails…

Knightdale Walking Trails

  • Harper Parks and Trails 
  • Knightdale Community Park and Trails
  • Environmental Park and Trails 
  • Mingo Creek Park and Trails

Harper Park and Trails, 209 Main Street, Knightdale

Whether on foot or bike, the Knightdale trails provide a peaceful and serene outlet to exercise and fresh air.

Originally named in honor of Eugene Harper, Knightdale’s longest-serving mayor of all time, this is Harper Park. Living in the Knightdale Station neighborhood puts you just up the street from this beautiful area.

Harper is a four-acre neighborhood park, with many outdoor amenities to enjoy. Just like Knightdale Station, Harper Park also connects to more Knightdale Walking Trails. The Harper pathways are very conveniently and scenically shaded by trees and woods. There are over two acres of wooded trails at this location.  

Harper Park and Trails are under a mile away from Knightdale Station (0.8 miles)

Knightdale Community Park and Trails, 1137 Old Knight Road, Knightdale

Knightdale Community Park normally hosts high school, recreation league, and youth athletics/sporting events. The complex includes 4 lighted ball fields that these type events take place on. 

Located directly beside Knightdale High School, Community Park is open from dusk until dawn. The Knightdale Walking Trails that connect to this park offer a serene and beautiful setting for a walk.

Knightdale Community Park and Trails are under a mile away from Knightdale Station. (0.9 miles)

Shown is an overhead shot of the Knightdale Community Park and Trails which set under 1.5 miles from Knightdale Station

Environmental Park and Trails, 1388 North Smithfield Road, Knightdale

Much like Community Park, Knightdale’s Environmental Park is symbolic of the youth sports and activities that are normally going on almost year-round. Beautiful public art accompanies the 1/3 mile of paved Knightdale Walking Trails at this location. The park is accessible from either the side near Town Hall or the library. 

Adding to the Knightdale walking Trails at this location is a boardwalk. This circles past a pond with benches, overlooks, and two picnic shelters.

Knightdale Environmental Park and trails are only 1.3 miles from Knightdale Station.

Mingo Creek Park and Trails, 100 Parkside Commons Drive, Knightdale

The view at Knightdale’s Environmental Park and Trails is often breathtaking

Connected to Mingo Creek Park is some of the town’s most gorgeous scenery. Surrounding nearly four miles of Knightdale Walking Trails at this spot are spectacular wetlands and hardwood forests. 

Similar to Environmental Park, these Knightdale Walking Trails also feature a wooden boardwalk section. Mingo Creek Park itself sets on an 8.2-acre site and an entry point to the Mingo Creek Trail. This trail will connect you to about 30 miles of local greenways. This includes Raleigh’s Neuse River Greenway Trail and many other breathtaking areas.

Mingo Creek Park and Trails are only 1.8 miles from Knightdale Station.

A Breath of Air and the Scenery of Knightdale Walking Trails Await

These Knightdale Walking Trails are a beautiful and peaceful way to enjoy the outdoors by oneself. In a time when things are being regulated to keep things as safe as possible, these areas provide outdoor space and activity that you can still enjoy. Plus, each is within two miles of your new home at Knightdale Station.

To see new homes available now in the Knightdale Station master-planned community, go to the “New Homes” page at


When initial plans were set into place for the groundbreaking at Knightdale Station, Preston Development Company sought out the most trusted names in the home builder field. When their search was completed they came up with three of the most respected and innovative teams in the area. One of these teams is McKee Homes, who are currently celebrating their 10th anniversary. Consequently, if you planned to build or buy a new home, now is the perfect time to do so. This is because you can take advantage of the McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion at Knightdale Station.

There are many beautiful Mckee Homes that are “ready-to-move-in” at Knightdale Station.

10 Years of McKee Homes: Building Trust, Relationships and Quality Homes

Since first opening their doors a decade ago, McKee Homes has focused on the same mission statement to deliver the highest quality homes, while giving the client a hands-on and enjoyable experience throughout the building process. According to, that mission statement reads as follows. ” McKee Homes has highly skilled team members dedicated to creating the best home building and buying experience possible in Eastern North Carolina. 

One of the many things that have kept McKee Homes as one of the most desired home builders in the Triangle area has been their attention to detail, no matter how big or small. Keeping the customer abreast of each of these details and every single step of their building and construction has helped them form an unmatched bond between builder and client. Thus, it comes as no surprise that in celebrating a decade of McKee they would introduce the Knightdale Station 10th Anniversary Promotion.

Thinking of Taking Advantage of the Knightdale Station 10th Anniversary Promotion from McKee? Don’t Take Our Word for It…

As part of their 10th anniversary promotion, Mckee Homes is giving buyers new Whirlpool appliances.

The builder and customer relationship we speak of is no question the main factor in offering the Knightdale Station 10th Anniversary Promotion. But, rather than us tell you how the customer feels about working with the McKee team, we figured that we could let them tell you instead. An actual McKee homeowner, speaks of the working relationship between builder and buyer. She speaks very highly of her experience.

“We picked our floor plan, color scheme, and upgrades,” the customer stated. “We had a special request for certain out of the norm options (outlet in the ceiling for projector). They worked hard and finished our house almost 3 months ahead of schedule.”

In conclusion to summarize her “McKee experience,” this client continued. “McKee Homes has been very easy to work with. Any issue that has risen they have addressed, and either resolved or are in the process of resolving.” She adds, “They value their homebuyers’ opinions and try to make building/buying a home as easy as possible.”

“Building Life-Changing Moments,” to Celebrate a Decade of Unmatched Quality

This is another gorgeous McKee-built home…at the Station.

As discussed earlier, McKee Homes opened for business and began changing the game in the Raleigh home builder market in 2010. Fast forward to the present and they continue to deliver “life-changing moments.” The most recent way they are doing so is with the McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion. 

The promotion is a way of thanking the loyal McKee customer. Thus, for the remainder of March and all of April, the company will be offering the McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion. So, now is a perfect time for building or buying a McKee home at Knightdale Station.

The McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion at Knightdale Station includes the following.

  • Up to $5,000 towards your closing costs
  • A “Move-In Package” that includes the following brand-new Whirlpool appliances
  • Refrigerator (WRS315SDHM)
  • Washer (WTW4855HW)
  • Dryer (WED4950HW)

Sign up today at to find out more about this promotion. Also check their to see which available homes at Knightdale Station can save you the most money. The McKee Homes 10th Anniversary Promotion ends on April 30, 2020. All homes must be contracted on or before this date for eligibility. To see the ready-to-move-in-McKee Homes currently available at Knightdale station, visit

Bonus-Room-Choices-Knightdale Station

In this the final installment of our three-part series on Bonus Room Choices, we will take a look at four more possibilities to fill that empty space in your new dream home at Knightdale Station. We have detailed eight possible uses for your bonus room in the first two articles of this series and as noted above, will touch on four more Bonus Room Choices in this piece as well. 

To view the previous two bonus room posts, follow the links below.

Bonus Room Ideas: Plenty of Options for Your Extra Space– Knightdale Station Blog- Feb. 6, 2020

A Little Imagination and Creativity Goes a Long Way with Bonus Room Options– Knightdale Station Blog- March 12, 2020

Now that you have reviewed and are thinking of all those great possibilities: here are four more!!! To start, we will look to appeal to the “creative one (s)” under your roof.

The library, or personal study is a bonus room option that can help for quiet reading, research, and studying.

Bonus Room Choices for the “Rock Star” in Your Home!

In our “bonus room” series, we’ve discussed options for exercise, art, the children, and even a kitchenette. However, the next of our Bonus Room Choices will appeal to the resident musician under your roof. Yes, this suggestion is to turn that space into a “Music Room.”

The possibilities for this are practically endless, depending on what type of musician you are. Fill the room with instruments, music stands, amplifiers, speakers, and stereo equipment and you are on your way. Adding some music-themed decor and some “sound absorbing” items to the room to keep the sound from reverberating throughout the house can complete the room, and now all that awaits is the sweet sounds that will no doubt come from within the room.

Shhhh! Keep it “Quiet” with your own Library/Reading Room

A bonus bedroom, if done correctly can make a visitor feel right at home.

We move from the amplified and “rockin'” sounds of a music room to an area of silence and serenity in the next of our “Bonus Room Choices.” It’s always a good idea to encourage your young ones to read, and especially coupling this with a member of the family who is enthusiastic about their books, turning your extra space into a reading room or library is another great suggestion from the folks at Nader’s. 

Making this a comfortable and quiet space can be accomplished quite simply actually. Seating can be whatever is your preferred method. Maybe include some fun, comfortable seats for the kids such as bean bag chairs? Add in bright lighting to go along with your book and magazine collection, and you are on your way to “home librarian” status.

Are you Ready for It? An Actual Bonus “Bedroom!”

I would have to say that when someone first begins the process of building a new home or makes a purchase and there is a bonus room that this would be the most common thought for its usage. A spare bedroom. The reasons for this choice are obvious. Visiting family, friends, your children’s friends for “sleep-overs.” All great reasons to choose this from our Bonus Room Choices and make it an extra bedroom.

A nice, comfortable bed with clean sheets and blankets are a must for the spare bedroom. Likewise, in this clean and tidy space, we have detailed the “make them feel at home” in previous blogs, so maybe a small table and some type of seating as well. The guest or extra bedroom can be a big stress reliever whether you have planned visitors or last-minute surprise guests.

What’s More Important than Your Work? A Home Office Can Keep you on Top of Your Game.

The “rock-n-roller” in the house would no doubt love a Music Room.

This is our final suggestion in our three-part series on Bonus Room Choices. (In no particular order of importance, the choice is ALL yours!) But when it comes to the importance of “what you do” in everyday life, the thought of turning that extra room into a home office seems to make a lot of sense. Whether it is a place that you can get work done at home or simply a quiet area to pay your bills and such, a home office is a space that most can benefit from having.

The addition of a computer and desk can bring this option from our Bonus Room Choices to the “next level.” Filing cabinets to keep your records, a bookshelf, and a comfortable desk chair and you are on your way to a great home workspace. Don’t forget to stock up on pens and paper and to “clock in and out” when you arrive and leave (Just kidding about clocking in…this is your home, remember!!!)

All Bonus Room Choices Aside…the Choice is All Yours!

While we have used some suggestions from the experts at Nader’s and combined their thoughts with ours, the usage of your bonus room is a choice that is really all up to you. With the 12 different Bonus Room Choices we have offered up, we aim to give you some ideas to expand upon. 

However, once you’ve found your ideal home plan (or home) at the Knightdale Station new home community, what you use a bonus room for is one that you can address as quickly as you like or take your time with. For more information on new homes available at Knightdale Station, visit


Thanks to some creative thinking and the overall desire to deliver for the kids on Easter, it was just announced that the Easter Bunny will be in town for Easter in Knightdale! Well technically, the beloved bunny will be delivering his Easter Eggs across town on Thursday, April 9 between 9:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Easter in Knightdale: The “Bunny Hop Parade” is Coming to Your Neighborhood or Street

The Easter Bunny (shown at the 2016 Knightdale Easter Event) will be coming to a neighborhood near you in Knightdale on Thursday morning! (Photo by: Town of Knightdale)

Continuing to stay in accordance with social distancing regulations, the Easter Bunny will be riding in a Knightale Town Parks and Recreation vehicle on this “hop” across town. These travels will also bring a little bit of Easter in Knightdale tradition with it, forming a mini “Bunny Hop Parade.” 

Their route will take the Easter holiday icon down First Ave., starting from Harper Park and the Knightdale Police Department and Fire Departments will guide the Bunny’s route. 

The route is scheduled to let the bunny provide smiles to the kids for Easter in Knightdale as they will visiit in and out of 15 different stops and subdivisions. The first delivery and part of the parade route will pass through Knightdale Station. (See below for scheduled times.)

Remember to Stay Safe and Follow all Guidelines During the “Bunny Hop Parade”

Though this year the kids will be practicing social distancing, the Easter Bunny and Town of Knightdale will still be providing smiles on Thursday, April 9 (Photo by: Town of Knightdale)

Many questions and uncertainty have surrounded residents here at Knightdale Station and across the U.S. during the recent situation across our country. Crowded stores, social distancing, and even panic has become pretty common in the past month. 

While it has been difficult to keep a distance from family and friends, there is no question that it is safest even for the upcoming holiday. While normally those celebrating Easter in Knightdale would have big family ‘get togethers,” it has been advised against large crowds. Likewise, the kids would usually be anticipating the annual Easter Egg hunting, this too would normally see large groups gathering together.

All this being said, please remember that safety in this time is of utmost importance. Thus, remember to explain to the children the following. We all need to honor Governor Cooper’s social distancing orders. That being said, during the Easter in Knightdale “parade” the Easter Bunny can not stop. Likewise, the bunny can only wave at the children. They will drive slowly so all the kids can also wave and receive the “special deliveries.. To announce the arrival of the Easter Bunny, the police and fire vehicles will accordingly hit their sirens and horns.

The Town of Knightdale is doing their best to bring some “Easter smiles” to the residents this Thursday morning! (Photo by: Town of Knightdale)

Make a Few Memories and Provide a Few Smiles

Again, to stress this point, the Town of Knightdale has opted to bring this Easter in Knightdale event to you and your neighborhood for you and your children to enjoy. Please explain to the children that “the Easter Bunny has to get back home to deliver eggs to as many different children as possible.”

Thus, this planned Easter in Knightdale “parade” will allow a little normalcy for the children in town. I think we all can agree that a few smiles and some normalcy is welcome! No, this may not be the usual Easter in Knightdale egg hunt and festivities. But under the circumstances, to put this together for the community and make some children happy is very admirable.

Below is a list of estimates for the time of arrival in each neighborhood. These times do depend on traffic and other variables.

Scheduled “Bunny Hop Parade” Route for Thursday, April 9, 2020

  • 9:15 a.m.- Knightdale Station – Silverliner, Carolinian, Sunland, Heartland Flyer, Twin Star, Silver Comet
  • 9:35 a.m. – Emerald Point – Aquamarine, Gem, Zircon
  • 9:45 a.m. – Beaver Dam – Knollcrest, Allendown, Hinton View, Hope Valley
  • 9:55 a.m. – Edenburghs Keep – Edenburghs Keep, Clematis, Cassia
  • 10:00 a.m. – Pebblebrook – Pebblebrook, Maplewood, Village, Sugar
  • 10:15 a.m. – McKnight Road
  • 10:15 a.m. – Lauren’s Way – Widewaters, Delta River, Beddingfield, Pine Acres, Trailstream, Riverbirch, Oak Crest
  • 10:40 a.m. – Princeton Manor – Princeton View, Peachtree Town
  • 10:50 a.m. – Mingo Creek – Mingo Bluff
  • 11:20 a.m. – Cheswick – Ranchester, Hauser Lake, Lena
  • 11:30 a.m. – Churchill – Churchhill Glen, Twin Spires, Sunday Silence, Old Rosebud
  • 11:40 a.m. – Glenmere off Smithfield Road – Poplar Summit, Spruce Pine, Highland Ridge
  • 11:45 a.m. – Glenmere off Fayetteville Road – Cedar Pond
  • 12:00 p.m. – Flowers Road to Kelly Meadows Road
  • 12:10 p.m. – Sycamore to Second Street
  • 12:20 p.m. – Carrington Woods – Crosstie, Balaster, St. John, Southhampton, Brookfield, Carrington
  • End at Harper Park

For further information on this special Easter in Knightdale event, visit the Town off Knightdale website at You can also email Recreation Program Supervisor, Susie Paschal at

Bonus-Room-Options-Knightdale Station

Continuing on with the second of our three-part series on Bonus Room Options, we look at four more possibilities to turn that extra space in your home into one of the best rooms in the house. We again utilize suggestions from the experts at and will look at four more ways that you can add a specific area to explore your personal interests…no matter what those may be. Following this article, we will look at our final four Bonus Room Options, in the next posting to our blog.

No Excuses: Bonus Room Options to Increase Strength and Stamina Right at Home

Strength and stamina through whatever type workout equipment you like in you “home gym” bonus room.

How many of us are always thinking, “I’ve got to get myself in shape?” It sure is easy to find an excuse, however, to not go to the local gym. Am I right? Well, with the next of our Bonus Room Options, there are no more excuses about commuting or not liking to work out at the gym. This is because next on our Bonus Room Options is a home gym.

Now, no one expects a “state-of-the-art” professional athletics team workout facility in your spare room. By a home gym, this idea from our Bonus Room Options can cater to your needs. You may opt for a treadmill or some type of cardio machine. Possibly you would include weights. Other ideas may include mats for yoga. Regardless, whatever you choose, your home gym can be as much or little as you choose. The addition of a mirror on the wall, a television, and a fan or two to keep it cool in your “home gym,” is all you need to get that exercise and put your bonus space to great use, too.

From a “Work” Out to “Play” Time: Bonus Room Options for the Kids!

A little creativity as shown in this and the photo at top, can lead to a great “Play Room” for the kids.

Ok, so the next of our Bonus Room Options is one that could solve a problem that any young family can relate to. That problem would be clutter…and not just any clutter. Toys, stuffed animals, games, books, and so on…are you following me yet? That’s right, this option is for the little ones, and with a little creativity, your bonus room can be their fun, new playroom.

It is certainly not strange for families with young children to have a designated room for toys and such. As a matter of fact, just ask anyone who has repeatedly stepped on a LEGO their thoughts on this! For one, you keep the clutter that came from your kids in just one room here. Plus, you can also make them a pretty fun room to reflect the things they enjoy most with the decoration here. Most importantly is in when having company over, you can simply keep the door shut. Thus, that mess of toys that you dread picking up again is out of sight.

Color and Creativity Await with the Next Option

A few pieces to hang on the wall, an easel and supplies can turn the room into a studio

Time to let those “creative juices” flow with our next entry from the Bonus Room Options. This can be a room that is enjoyed by all ages of members of your household, as you turn the room into an art studio. Again, like the “home gym” spoken of earlier, you can go as “in” or as simple as you’d like on this one…the choice is yours!

That being said, with the addition of a few easels, some storage-type units to store art supplies that can be used in the “studio.” Now, an art studio is going to have its “messy moments,” so one option is to replace the floor with a linoleum or vinyl type that looks good and cleans easy. Once again, the possibilities are endless with this project for our Bonus Room Options and would be used not only for leisurely painting or art you work on, but also for the kids’ school projects and the like, too.

A “Twist” on the Bonus Room idea Takes a “Dirty” Turn

This next of our Bonus Room Options is one I’d recommend in a space that there either is or could be a sink, as it could be used in many helpful ways. As a gesture to your resident “green thumb,” or if you simply have an interest in plants or gardening, this option would be a “green” or “gardening” room.

What is a “green” or “gardening” room you ask? Well, it is what it sounds like. It’s a place to complete gardening tasks. Its a room to repot your plants without the need for transporting them for spot to spot. Keep all your gardening tools (soil, pots, spades, etc.) on hand in this room as well. Likewise, utilize that sink to rinse fresh fruits and veggies you pick or to make a centerpiece with your fresh-grown flowers.

Whether You opt to Rest Up, Get Loud, or Just Get Some Work Done. We’ve Got More Ideas From Which You can Choose!

Our next blog post will be the final one in this series on Bonus Room Options. In that piece, we will discuss and detail our final four Bonus Room options. Much like those in this article, there are an array of different choices depending on personal tastes. In our third and final piece, we will look at ideas for a musician, a “book worm, “ or a visitor!

To see more of our Bonus Room Options, you can visit the previous article from our blog at Likewise take a detailed look at these bonus room suggestions and more, visit


Whether it’s a sunny day and a stroll through the nearby park or walking trails. It could be all the great family events, social gatherings or restaurant options. Likewise, it might just be how much you love your new home in Knightdale at the Knightdale Station neighborhood. Regardless, it is hard to deny a  look around at residents seems to see one constant, a big smile. Thus, it is as no surprise to residents in town that Knightdale is in the Top 10 rankings for Happiest City in NC.

Happiest-City-in-NC-Knightdale Station

The warm, sunny weather and beautiful scenery at spots like Mingo Creek Trail factor into Knightdale being a “Happy City.”

Who Decides the Happiest City in NC?

The experts at have been compiling rankings and studies such as this one for the past seven years. At their official site, they describe themselves as follow. HomeSnacks combines recent data from the Census, FBI, OpenStreetMaps, and dozens of other sources into studies to help you understand what it’s like to live in different communities across the country. “We have been professionally ranking cities, neighborhoods, counties, and states across America for over seven years.” They continue, “Our research takes into account the unique aspects of what it means to live in a particular location.” Concluding, the article states, “We crunch a complicated set of data points to rank cities in fun and interesting ways.”

A high percentage of happily married couples was another of the criteria which Knightdale scores highly in.

What Makes Somewhere the Happiest City in NC?

In the analysis process by, there is set criteria to research and calculate for each of their study. “To rank the happiest places in North Carolina,” Homesnack blogger, Nick Johnson explains. “We had to determine what criteria makes people happy.”  “It isn’t a stretch to assume that happy people earn great salaries, are relatively stress free,” Johnson continues. “They have a stable home life and live where the weather is nice.” Johnson added, “So we scraped the internet for those criteria, and it spit out the answer.”

“We threw a lot of criteria at this one to get the best, most complete results possible.” Johnson goes on, “Using FBI crime data, the government census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Sperling’s Best Places, and Twitter, this is the criteria we used.” (See below)

  • Percentage of residents with a college degree
  • Average commute times
  • Employment rates
  • Cost of living
  • Percent of homeowners
  • Sunny days
  • Percent of married couples
  • Crime rate


The high percentage of homeowners at Knightdale Station and across town also factor into the overall happiness.

Why Exactly is Knightdale so “Happy?”

In the Homesnacks detailed research, it shows all municipalities and their rank in all of the above areas. Incredibly, with nearly 100 cities and towns ranked, Knightdale place in the upper 50 percent in every single category. Even more amazing is that in six of the nine areas judges, Knightdale was in the top twenty.

These areas that played a major factor in Knightdale placing as sixth Happiest City in NC are as follows. The town’s low cost of living and coupled high average median household income is sure residents happy. Likewise, a very low unemployment and divorce rate both scored high for Knightdale in the poll. Another area Knightdale scored well in was “sunny days,” as according to official statistics the sun shines brightly over 65 percent of the time in Knightdale.

With all of the incredible amenities and events at the Knightdale Station new home neighborhood, it is easy to be happy. To see more on the Happiest Cities in NC listings, visit For information on the great new homes available at the “happiest” community in town, Knightdale Station, visit