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Town of Knightdale Family Events “Coming Soon” to Knightdale Station

knightdale-family-events- Knightdale Station

Area residents know that “spring is in the air” and summer is near with the start of the Knightdale Family Events. To continue our series of articles, we will focus on a major factor in your decision to seek a new home in Knightdale at Knightdale Station from that opening sentence…family. “Spring into Summer” with […]


Living in Knightdale NC: Where Outdoor Living is as easy as a ‘Walk in the Park”

knightdale-mingo-creek-park-Knightdale Station

Continuing our series on Living in Knightdale NC, this installment will focus on “Outdoor Living.” We will ‘walk’ through each of the Knightdale NC parks and trails. Achieving the active lifestyle you desire is easy, and yet another reason supporting your decision to seek out new homes in Knightdale NC. In opting for the new […]


Knightdale Station Amenities: Captavation…at the Station!

Knightdale-station-amenities-knightdale station

You’ve followed our series of posts in support of you and your family searching for new homes in Knightdale NC. That search would obviously lead to the spectacular new homes at the Knightdale Station community. However, in this post, we will introduce you to the incredible, on-site, Knightdale Station Amenities. We think you’ll agree that […]