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“Shamrock Shuck” Returns for 4th Consecutive Year at Oak City Brewing Company

oak-city-brewing-company-Knightdale Station

Located adjacent to Knightdale Station Park, just minutes from your home at the Knightdale Station new home community, Oak City Brewing Company will for the fourth consecutive year again be celebrating the “luck of the Irish,” as part of their annual Shamrock  Shuck event on Saturday, March 16. The 4thannual Oak City Brewing Company Shamrock […]

Thales Academy Knightdale Open House and 2019-20 Registration…at the Station!!!

Thales-Academy-Knightdale-Knightdale Station

Located right in the heart of the  Knightdale Station new home community and preparing for another banner year of growth and prosperity among our student base for the upcoming 2019-20 school year, Thales Academy Knightdale will host an open house for grades Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade. The 2019-20 Registration/Open House at Thales Academy Knightdale will begin at […]

Cupid Run Returning to Kick Off Knightdale Holiday Events for 2019…at the Station

Knighdale-Holiday-Events-Knightdale Station

In the same vein as the numerous Knightdale Holiday Events held at Knightdale Station that have become tradition, the town’s parks and recreation department will be hosting their second annual Valentine’s Day themed, five kilometer “Cupid Run,”  Saturday, February 9. Based upon the fantastic response and turnout from the community at the inaugural Cupid Run […]

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Getting “Cooler”…at the Station: Wake County Board of Commissioners Approves Funding for Knightdale Splash Park for Spring 2019

This past Monday, December 3, the Wake County Board of Commissioners (WCBOC) met and approved the awarding of over $550,000 in construction contracts, as well as giving their approval on all project funding in  what will certainly help the children in the area to “stay cool” all summer long, as construction will begin next month […]

Celebrate a Happy 3rd Birthday with Oak City Knightdale Brewery

Oak-City-Knightdale-Brewery-Knightdale Station

On Sunday, January 6, just a few steps from your new dream home at Knightdale Station, there will be a “birthday” celebration, commemorating the third year of operation for our neighbors at the Oak City Knightdale Brewery. On their official website at,  it is recalled that the Oak City Knightdale Brewery originally opened its doors […]